Tuesday 28 June 2016

Flavour ft M.I. & Phyno - Wiser

Britain's Identity Crisis ( how very British!) ft Flavour & Selebobo- Mmege Mmege

Does anybody know what's going on?
If so let me know please...
It's all quite bizarre

Britain votes to leave the EU
PM announces his resignation
George Osborne will not stand in Tory leadership contest ( against Boris?!... no way, besides... I wouldn't be surprised if they discussed and agreed it anyway)
Boris is now quite unpopular among IN voters
England loses against Iceland! and the England team manager resigns
Pound has fallen ( apparently)
...as long as it lands in my purse im okay :)
Nigel Farage continues to insult EU leaders to their faces
Asked about the rise in racist incidents his advice to the culprits is.. 'behave yourselves'..
Oh yeah .. there has been a reported rise in overt racism
As I write this at this very moment there is a very large protest outside parliament ( pro EU campaigners)
The Labour party is in turmoil with 80% of the shadow cabinet resigning (rude)
The Labour leader lost the vote of 'no confidence'
No outright leader to replace him but he refuses to resign anyway
'Scotland' is pissed off with England

Someone told me that they now see the British flag as a symbol of racism (you know that person was very young right)

This is beginning to resemble something which has been carefully orchestrated
Modern day Shakespeare where art thou..

As i read recently
'relax people.. nothing is under control!'
Yet somehow.. i believe it just may be.

Prior to this and even now, hardly anyone really knew much about the EU
Very few regular folk are economists and even they didn't seem to know much
Regular folk.. being asked to vote on something they know little about is like asking me to select the England football team for a major tournament
Chale..I'm looking forward to when this is all sorted out

For the past few years 'Britishness' has been high on the political agenda
what is it, why we need it , lets promote it
Few had the ability to define it
Well...something tells me that will become much clearer soon

So...why did so many people apparently vote to leave?.
Who knows... but failure to invest in communities is definitely proving to be a mistake, as ( EU aside) people often fear what they don't know.
Cultural Ignorance..
We live in a culturally diverse world where cultural ignorance appears to be the order of the day
Multiculturalism without integration?

Me? chale, nuh disturb me abeg...i'm watching 'love your garden'
..whilst simultaneously dreaming of a plane ticket to a beautiful place I've never seen before
and of course... enjoying Flavour

Here's a random fact:
I was a Brownie and later a Girl Guide.
I was a better Brownie than Guide, as my Brownie uniform had loads of badges, I earned very few as a guide.
I guess the uniform really wasn't cute enough to motivate me :)

NB - I'm soooo thinking of quitting the Labour party. I'm not exactly politically active and they irritate the backside outa me no end.

Monday 27 June 2016

For me - Turbulence

Can you sing a song all day?
I can...

oh baby
you love me
I love you too
hey baby
hey you love me
oh i love you too

and It was written in the stars
look now here you are
and every night I hoped and prayed
that somewhere out there
Is someone made for me

Written in the stars
look now here you are
and every night I hope and pray
somewhere out there
someone made for me.."

Turbulence sang a very special song here
"For me"

Good luck England x

Reggae Vibes Riddim Medley - Sizzla, Lutan Fyah, Delus and more...

Ahh..bless up Delus

Sunday 26 June 2016

Remembering Delus

My condolences must go out to Konshens whose brother Delus (who I thought was great) is reported to have committed suicide.
News that shocked many in the industry.
When reports first came out I didn't believe them at first, then report after report continued to emerge. Gosh.
RIP Delus

I love this song Konshens, and may you all, you, family and friends stay blessed and strong at this difficult time


Featuring Delus, Konshens, Christopher Martin and more

"No retreat no surrender"

A pass - Gamululu ft. Konshens

Ugandan artist A Pass meet Konshens from JA

Wednesday 22 June 2016

The EU. Sophie's choice for non European Europeans

That must be it..
The night before the biggest referendum in the UK outside of a general election and I still don't give a flying f**k
I dont know, but Sophie's choice.. springs to mind

John Barnes.. oh dear.
What is it with some footballers? They've experienced playing across Europe yet sound so fond of the union
.. and I like Rio

Sophie's choice: A Description:
A dilemma (Greek: δίλημμα "double proposition") is a problem offering two possibilities, neither of which is unambiguously acceptable or preferable. One in this position has been traditionally described as "being on the horns of a dilemma", neither horn being comfortable. This is sometimes more colorfully described as "Finding oneself impaled upon the horns of a dilemma", referring to the sharp points of a bull's horns, equally uncomfortable (and dangerous).

I have on one side heard the views of a leave supporter , and on the other side, the views of a Remain supporter
The 'out' voter is doing so based on the overall ethos and ideology of the EU. The secrecy surrounding it, and the mass economic and global control of a highly lucrative org run by a selective group that very few people know.

The remain supporter is remembering the 'independent' Britain and harks back to a time of living in a very racist country with a prevalent small islander mentality with dreams of ruling the waves once more, or winning a world cup.
For her, the EU helps to keep the racist agenda in check
For her.


Sunday 19 June 2016

Bisa Kdei - Sweet

2ice Ft Uhuru - 2 Of Us

When to Harvest Potatoes.. for New Growers

I should have watched the video first

I really wasn't sure when to harvest my potatoes, so after weeks and weeks I decided I'd do it today

I was pleased to see I actually had potatoes!, but I was a little dismayed that many seemed waterlogged.
We've had a lot of rain so I thought perhaps I'd waited too long

Not many, I left a few behind

a little wash?

Yay .. potatoes!

then I watched the video and it's clear the best time to harvest is when they flower!

There you go
Now I know

If you're a first-timer like me, don't despair.. just know to wait until your plants flower.. and add extra soil also as that will help


Thursday 16 June 2016

Lutan Fyah - Lonesome Soldier & Jah9 - Brothers

Wizkid – Holiday

DMW ft. Davido, Mayorkun, Dremo & Ichaba - Back 2 Back

Reekado Banks - Standard

Should the England team be kicked out of Euro 2016 if fans don't behave

The behaviour of some of the England football fans has been disgraceful. For those of us Londoners I suspect it will bring back memories of the well known football hooligans that blighted the game for years.
( I was a bit young at the time and not fully interested but it was scary hearing about it)

The excuses made by some 'pundits' have been quite amusing. As if English football fans are not renowned for drunken behaviour. Not all of course, but many.
It's true that we've seen incidents of foolish racist behaviour from European football fans of the somewhat more obscure European countries, but when what's taking place off the pitch is getting more headlines that what's happening on the pitch you can only wonder of the impact it could have on the players.. when sorry, if they lose.:)

I'll have an eye on the game later as I do support the England team and want them to do well, but to address the question.... yes.
If the fans can't behave and the team gets kicked out of the tournament because of it, it will show that the hooliganism wont be tolerated... and they'll all have to come back home... ( Yippee..not)
It wont happen of course, but that's my take on it.

Go ole European Union

Soul- A new play by Roy Williams: A Review

Written by award winning playwright Roy Williams, Soul, tells the story of Marvin Gaye's rise to fame, and his subsequent decline.

The play itself focuses little on Gaye's music, in favour of exploring his personal relationships, most notably his mother, and his father.
With two of Gaye's real life sisters both acting and narrating throughout the play it does at times feel a little eerie.
That said, it's a nice touch of authenticity to have them both involved.

There are some stand out performances, both in Keenan Munn-Francis ( as the young Marvin and Leo Wringer as Marvin Gaye snr, yet in truth the entire cast were fantastic, with the choir also performing well, in the absence of Gaye songs.

Perhaps I was distracted by the constant eating by the couple beside me ( clearly very hungry), I'm not entirely sure, but something... was slightly missing.
There are some key insights, which definitely help you to piece together, if not understand what happened a little more, but there was something of the familiar about it, and that's the feeling I had throughout, even though I did learn a lot more about Marvin.

It's not unusual to hear of stars dysfunctional or difficult family dynamics, and this is hinted at very early on and continues throughout, although it's unclear whether Gaye's relationship with his mother ever truly became incetuous
His fathers indiscretions, womanizing, and cross dressing were all news to me... and at times humorous, other times upsetting. Yes, Marvin Gaye Snr did appear to be a bit of a tortured soul in many ways.. striving, but never quite cutting in ( in his own eyes).

I had hoped for more laughs, and definitely more music, but overall.. it's a very well crafted play, written by a very accomplished playwright.. make no mistake about that.
What I also found impressive was the set design, and the transition to and between scenes. Beautiful lighting and good use of real live footage of the times..

Marvin's music played during the interval, but the right songs in the play at the right moment , would have made it so much more outstanding.
This track for example.. was a joy to hear on the night

Mission accomplished Roy Williams - a great and thoughtful play.

Incidentally, the words What's going on do appear in the play... but not how or where you may expect...
Nicely done

Soul is showing at the Hackney Empire Theatre
Mare Street, London E8; from the 15th June 2016 - 3rd July 2016

Have a great day x

Monday 13 June 2016

Love is Everything

Hmmm, what to ponder today?.

Fine as an acronym was broken down to me this afternoon as;

A lovely customer decided to break it down for me.
He then went on to explain that whenever anyone just says 'fine' .. they usually..are not

Hmmmm... let me think on that a moment

He's right in the sense that we often use words with little thought. We take them for granted, although unknowing they can also reveal a great deal.

'Fine' is a throwaway word so to speak; a much better response could be blessed, thankful, happy or content. They are of course ideal states. For those keeping it real.. moody... is an option, along with anything else that may not sound so great but may be a true reflection of your feeling at the time
In truth, who really wants to hear the real deal.. apart from your nearest and dearest anyway?
'How are you?' is a courtesy card you deal. The response varies depending on the dealer.

Source D.Agard

Had a lovely day with my daughter and her beau today who really are great in so many ways

A nice chat, intelligent conversation, good food..
A joy to be with
Love is an amazing thing.. it really is everything. Great things come from love.

Music today is from Davido
I heard it on a video clip of a Nigerian kings arrival to the US, and it reminded me of summer last year
I loved it then.. and love it now

Source: D.Agard

Have a lovely evening


Jah Bouks Never Really Know- Luciano - Make a change/ Where are the hearts

Missed the show last night but it looks like it was a good one by all accounts
Respect to the artists

Love Luciano, real positive for years

"Where are the hearts.. that wanna do no wrong
where are the peaceful leaders gone
where are the the eyes that wanna see what's right
where are the leaders.. that make the people unite.."

Sunday 12 June 2016

Randy Valentine - Sorry (Reggae Cover)

I've got Emmerson on replay

Is that really his phone camera? If so the picture quality is amazing
I love this song so much, I know the harmonies and the bass line, just learning the lead vocal and been singing along every day :)
I have to buy the album

Having a quiet but musical and football Sunday
Laptop at the ready, weather's nice, sofa's nicer... overlook the garden with a glass of wine.
minimal attire ( sorry no pic)
What more can a girl need.....

Don't answer that

Yesterday was cool too

So me take me distance..

Happy Sunday x

Weekend WOW Factor: 'Witch Children Spirit Children and the Church.

I was invited to an Alumni event to speak to a group of students at Birkbeck University of London yesterday, and as a result met a fantastic group of people/ students, fellow graduates and staff.
Whilst I will take some time over the next few weeks to look into the other organisations/charities that were mentioned, today I decided to look at the belief in 'Witch Children'
A Masters graduate and representative from the Charity Afrikids informed us of the great work that they do.
In a quick chat at the end of the event, It was brought to my attention, the difference between what's known as 'Witch Children' and 'Spirit Children'.

I'm informed that 'Witch Children' are believed by some, to be possessed by evil spirits and perform deeds on their behalf, Spirit children are denounced as not even human
This reminded me in part of the Mami Wata belief, as it's commonly known in Sierra Leone.
Across Africa, there are different names used to describes what is in essence, the same, or a very similar practice or belief.

Some say you cannot effectively legislate against culture, that change must begin with a new understanding rather than an outright ban. or criminalization.

In comparison, many parts of the world where FGM campaigners have been working to stamp out the practice of 'cutting', they have conducted various approaches from talking to chiefs community leaders, doctors nurses etc, however, this, (despite now many countries placing a legal ban on the practice) is still be a difficult practice to halt.
However, what a ban achieves, is that it legitimises the campaign against, and it also provides some protection (not total) to campaigners. Equally, if a Fine or Prison sentence is a deterrent, then it may work on that level also.

Yet whilst in some quarters FGM may be passed off as a 'silly women's issue' this is not likely to be the case regarding the belief in 'witchery'. Politicians and chiefs alike appear fearful to interfere with this practice, despite it causing major issues in many african countries.
Tanzania have placed a ban on the practice after the horrific abuse of albinos, [click] but i've heard little outside of that.
For children branded witches or spirit children the situation is difficult indeed.
I met with a young lady a few weeks ago, who after having be cast aside by her family due to their belief that she was indeed an 'evil spirit' was still, as an adult struggling to come to terms with how she had been treated, and equally struggling to find the self confidence to believe in herself. despite being a beautiful and extremely articulate woman.
The old nursery rhyme 'sticks and stones may break your bones but words can never hurt'.. is Wrong

Words can hurt.

Whilst I'm conscious that my initial reactions and expressions may be coming from a place of relative or slightly eurocentric privilege, unlike some of my fellow pan africanists, I'm not afraid to say that not every african cultural practice... ( practiced by Africans across the globe, and the Caribbeans also) is 'good'. (a relative term I know).
I understand culture enough to recognise that cultural practices can and often do change. We are not stuck with them.. if we decide they no longer serve us.
Many argue that these beliefs go 'back to creation', or at the very least, hundreds of years prior to Christianity or Islam.
Prior to the European invasion enslavements and subsequent colonization of the majority of the continent

I understand; but can we also recognise when a practice is being used for ill?.
'With great power comes great responsibility' it's often said.. so irresponsible use of such 'great powers' should not be accepted, or embedded into a community disguised as tradition or culture.
Should it?
Unlike FGM which those in favour of believe 'elevates a woman', 'creates a woman'; there is no upside for the children branded Witches.

If the AU ever debate on the issue I would really like to read the transcripts.


In the video below, I do wonder whether the claim of 'evil witchery' is an excuse to get rid of children they no longer want around, or simply cant afford to feed.

This second video upset me greatly.
I was doing fine until I got to 39:15. Even after everything i'd seen and heard previously.
Seeing that little boy on the floor, and the little girl...was the saddest and most sickening thing I've seen in a while

The film film focuses on the practice of Kindoki in the Congo, and the impact the practice has on its church going diaspora communities especially in the UK
In watching this I wondered; where do we draw the line at Cultural spiritual belief and mental illness?

It's a serious issue across parts of Africa, and practiced.. more often than not, to cause harm to others.
Not for development
Not to eliminate poverty
Not to unify friends or neighbours

But to destroy.

Mix that practice with Christian or even Islamic beliefs (the more dominate religions) and you have a huge problem on your hands.
Sadly some parents will honestly take the steps they take out of 'love' and the honest desire to 'fix' their child, such is the strength and power of the belief

With community issues such as this taking place across the continent, is it any wonder that education, development, poverty alleviation, or pan africanism, tends to be slower to achieve, than one may desire

The film below looks at spirit child claims in northern Ghana
The Minister is very clear that things are being done, and for the purpose of the post it's also worth pointing out that these practices are being carried out in certain areas, and not necessarily widespread across the country.
( or the other countries mentioned in this post.)

On a lighter note, these guys look like they been watching starsky and hutch!


White Shadow

Saturday 11 June 2016

Head to Head - Do Arab men hate women?

"women internalise their subjugation.."
"women understand what they need to say [and do] in order to be accepted.."

Those statements are very revealing, certainly makes you wonder.

Europe: Is the Union over? - Head to Head

The Grand Marriage

A marriage should be treated with the utmost respect.
This film talks about the grand marriage being necessary for a man to reach high social status ( and respect). For the women, it's great source of pride, and also provides them with social status. Whilst I have my views on Polygamy, I'll save them for another post. Ultimately it is preferable to lying and cheating. Yet, believe it or not, there are men in polygamous marriages who still cheat, and indulge in affairs outside of that structure... so you tell me? What's it really about?.
Yes, will look at that in another post

Friday 10 June 2016

Emmerson - Survivor (Vibrance)

Serious artist this.
Salones No 1 artist on social commentary...definitely..
nice song

Click [here] for a bio

Thursday 9 June 2016

#Knighthood Style Corner

The EU blackout

So...I'm tuning in to the EU debate... 10mins in and all the lights go out
I step outside, neighbours out there asking if I have electric

We breath a sigh of relief and stop checking our keys for missing credit
The whole street is out
Total blackout

Hmmmm... what was said that we were not meant to hear?
Put it this way... we've not had a blackout for years

Biggest debate in the country and the lights go out.
tbh me nuh too trust certain ting again

Cha, debate's boring me anyway...
I'm off to bed

Gregory Isaacs

Sylvie's number 1, and to all at the diner - bless

Interview with Small Business Owner Sylvie at : The Caribbean Diner:

Ramadan aside :) for most of us, on an ordinary day, we know that we simply can't beat a good lunch.
For working people especially, unless you're bringing in food from home, more often than not, you want something healthy, hearty and tasty.
The Caribbean Diner, ticks those boxes.

Situated in Central Hackney, it's pretty easy to find, and offers a reasonable lunchtime special for those on a budget.

Operational since June 2014 it was time for a chat with Owner and Manager Sylvie.

It's always great to see women running businesses, and doing that which they love.
So just who is this uber busy woman on a mission, with a knack for producing tasty food?.

Sylvie's Fun Top 3!

On the menu.....

Caribbean Style Fried Fish

Jerk Chicken

Mixed Cabbage

and much more..

For more information: contact
Caribbean Diner
216 Graham Road
E8 1BP
Tel : 0208 533 3538

Sunday 5 June 2016

Vanessa Lee Bongo - Avenues

Loving the vid
I'll say nothing other than that black bag brings back memories lol! ( from a looong time ago folks)
Boom tune.. love you sis

a BIM rewind: - Best Kept Secret - Kelissa

I love this song!
Besides.. my page was looking somewhat dominated by men! lol!
Girls time now

Just because..

Interview with Reggae Dancehall Artist : Krazy B

There is no doubt that the Reggae dancehall arena is filled with talent... and sometimes.. controversy.
Dancehall artists are not known to shy away from difficult topics, whether they be life, love, politics or the daily hustle.
Artists tell the stories of people's lives; their hopes, dreams, struggles, fantasies; and somehow, they still manage to make us smile as they do so

Today I interviewed Reggae dancehall artist Krazy B live from JA

Krazy B; hello and welcome to Because it Matters!

"Blessed love!"

How's the weather in Jamaica right now?

"The weather is sunny and nice, but I'm working very hard in the studio these days."

What's the hot news at the moment?

"Crime is up!"

Have you always lived in Jamaica?

"I was born in Manchester Jamaica, then went to school in the United States; I live in Kingston now"

How did your music career begin?

"I started off as a rapper growing up in the US, I migrated to Jamaica to do music. I now have my own production company called Zig Ras Studio in Mandeville Jamaica. As a producer, I go by the name of Alvin Thomas CEO"

What type of music do you enjoy listening to?

"I like Dancehall music, Reggae, RnB and Rap music"

What do you think about the current call from several leading Reggae artists to ban slack lyrics and x-rated behaviour from the music?

"Well... I think that they should really leave dancehall alone, but the x rated,songs in dancehall is okay... that's just dancehall!"

How would you describe yourself?

"Well I'm humble, intelligent, full of music vybz ever since I was in primary school. I took music seriously about 18 years now"

Do you have any shows lined up?

"Couple of local shows around the inland"

What message do you have for your fans?

"To fans out there; always expect good clean music from me, positive uplifting songs, I love and respect everyone who is helping me to get my music out there in the world. Love and respect to you all...one love
Also, you can check out my new music video Flow"

How can fans contact you?

"For bookings please contact :1876,3669504"
Thank you very much Krazy B;
You Matter
Enjoy the sun!.

Knighthood. - Two Hours An A 1/2 Past 10 : A Review

The new video from alternative rap artists may raise an eyebrow or two.
Known for their quirky style, and equally quirky sense of humour, this is definitely a departure from that, in this somewhat more risque video.
12:30am ( as it's more commonly known) is still a pretty early night for many, but these two seem to have packed a lot in!.
Whilst this is certainly not my favourite offering from them, I'm in no doubt that their creatively will rise to the challenge time and time again, as they continue to establish their flow further.

Having the opportunity to speak to the band, I asked them if they felt that 'smoking' a rather dodgy looking pipe would alienate their fan base, or send out the wrong 'message'. In fact I was in full opinionated' flow, urging them to leave that kinda thing out, as they are 'clean' artists and that's what appeals to many.
Whilst they laughed at my reference to 'clean artists' they understood.
Thumbs up for creativity lyrical flow and videography, thumbs down for the dodgy looking binge drink fest.

I eagerly await the next offering from this Hackney based duo. Rising fast.
Check it out

Craig David x Big Narstie - When the Bassline Drops & One more time

UK garage.
I will confess, tends to be hit and miss for me at times. Yet every so often I tap in and find a few gems. This track for example is pretty cool. UK garage all the way.
'Bo Selector' really messed with Craig's image.. but Craig David is just so talented, he will always sound great.


"The Greatest"

We lost an Icon.
The news was greeted with worldwide sadness.
We all knew that Ali suffered for years with Parkinson's disease, an illness which is truly debilitating.
I watched my own father suffer at the hands of it, progressively worsening year after year. weakening the body, and no doubt the spirit, as the ability to do anything for oneself becomes almost impossible.

So, that said, when I heard the news, I wasn't surprised... sad to hear, but not surprised.
Ali was a beautiful man.
A great man.
A strong man.
A champion.
His strength of character during the civil rights movement, his conversion to Islam, all testimony of a man of integrity.
Not forgetting of course.. that he was a great athlete
As he would say.. 'the greatest'

Will we ever see the likes of these great men, these leaders.. ever again...
I don't know
Times have changed, people have changed
'Back in the day' the challenge was clear. people knew what they were fighting for, and against

It's far less clear cut.
Now the fight is often with an invisible enemy.. faceless corporations secret societies and the like
Which nevertheless have the power to control the masses, and create discord among mankind
Still, there is no doubting that Ali had something special


Rest in peace champ.. we loved you

Dexta Daps - F U

Still on a dancehall tip and currently in the UK.. Dexta Daps
For show info [click]

"my heart nar broke tru .. you.. f u"
Dexta Daps.. Spotlight please

Bounty Killer - Nuh Wah Know

Reports are that Bounty Killer was robbed at gunpoint recently.
We reach a turning point when popular artists are robbed or disrespected in any way.
Bounty Killer, always a 'voice of the people' poor people in particular.. robbed?
Sign of the times?, or unfortunate incident

If the reports are indeed true, fortunately it didn't escalate
It does appear to be the case that it's those you help the most, who often betray you fastest.
Politics, music, life.

Bounty Killer, poor peoples defender.. spotlight please...