Wednesday 27 February 2019

Tuesday 26 February 2019

Senegal Elect Sall for 2nd Term.. Naija still Counting

Over the weekend elections took place in Senegal, and President Macky Sall won his second and final term in office.
Elections and results, all in a days work.

...and I've been counting votes via Channels TV, as they trickle in, state by state as the Nigerian election results, an election which will be remembered for many reasons, are yet to reveal the winner.

Well we know some winners and losers already, and Channels is quite informative with great guests and analysis.

Senate President Saraki, lost his seat, probably the biggest fish so far to lose out

When President Buhari warned ballot snatchers pre election, I thought it was a joke... yet despite the warning, there was numerous ballot box snatching on the day, ballot box burning, and violence.

Quietly, and 'humbly' in Senegal, President Macky Sall silenced his main political rival with a jail term citing corruption, and out of the initial 87 presidential hopefuls, only 5 met the requirements.

Nigeria had about 73 on the ballot, with some only gaining 1 vote ( possibly their own) heehee
.. not to mention those who dropped out at the last minute

Anytime INEC take a break, so do I... it's a long process, Nigerias just so big!. Approximately 36 states to get through and only 12 state results read out so far. The smaller parties in the main haven't done too badly ... at least YPP ( Kingsley Moghalu) and AAC.

Observers are saying that even if the young parties had formed a coalition, their numbers would still not have been a match to the hundreds of thousands gained by APC and PDP.
It's a red and green show

Senator Dino the entertainer won his seat.... too much drama to wave goodbye to!
Dino stays!

Hmmmm... needs snacks for this

Buhari and wife vote
and Buhari checks out exactly WHO she voted for .. heeehee

Don't worry sir, I'm sure you got her vote...

Well done to the INEC chairman, he certainly has stamina to endure overseeing the slow reading of all results, state by state

Saturday 23 February 2019

Weekend WOW Factor: Labour Don Finish

Where do I start.
Thank god for the likes of Chuka Umunna and Co for brining a little light relief to the hamster wheel of Brexit negotiations.

I won't bore you with that... other than to say that the joy of disagreement is clearly proving more tantalising to some minsters, than reaching an actual agreement.
We ladies love foreplay... but come on now
Enough already!

Anyway, here's the thing.
Labour don finish.
Has the Labour Party ever had a more disappointing leader than the current leader?
Neil Kinnock was often ridiculed, but despite most of us coming to the realisation that he wouldn't be winning a general election, he was a likeable man.
Even I can usually find something beautiful in a person, but there is just something about Jeremy Corbyn that just doesn't - feel- right.

Firstly socilaism in its pure form is an out of date concept that simply will not appeal to the voting masses.
It won't work.
Regardless.... that's not my gripe.
The question to ask is does Labour have a strong and authentic leader?.
Consider this...
How can you have a dominant, relevant, and credible opposition party , that fails to gain the upper hand when the government in power is on its knees?
The Labour Party where really handed a gift, have had a chance to appeal to the public as a viable alternative, but have not.
The leadership.

Now I've got that off my chest, the funniest thing was Chuka and co 'breaking free' from the Labour Party, to form an 'independent party'...
Has he been following politics in Nigeria or something.... perhaps chatting to a family member or two via Glow..? thinking he too can 'take it back'

Well... erm,... no actually
Chuka cites one reason for his dissatisfaction with the Labour Party and labour leader in particular is the failure of the party to deal with alledged anti semitism....
so..... years of racist abuse slung at his colleagues such as Diane Abbot could pass him by huh...
Chuka put himself up to lead the party not so long ago
At that time, he was popular across the party.... what did he do when put under a little journalistic heat?..
he stepped down...

Chuka and Co can go....start whatever party they want... they are free now to do so
Jeremy Corbyn feels the defectors should resign from their positions, forcing a bi election in their respective areas.. and he has a point.. even if just the one

...will they?
I doubt it

*What the hell is a centre left social democrat*

The man just ruining good

Labour does have very credible MP's...
I respect the likes of David Lammy, Dawn Butler... and others, even my own MP is a really lovely lady

But without a new party don't think Labour don?
Interestingly, David now speaks with the arrogant confidence usually referred to as little more than white privilege
This is a man who has simply decided to be and speak his truth..
Perhaps only now, does he feel he is secure enough to do so...

Guardian Podcast ft David Lammy in Interview

I respect people who have the confidence to speak truth even without the cushion of an abundance of money in the bank Oxbridge degree and certain social circles... but I understand better, those who don't
Sometimes it's wise to wait.. sometimes it's essential for survival


On socialism

On Marx

Weekend WOW Factor : Nigeria Election Day : Sowore wins his Polling Unit

Some said he could never, and would never so much as win in his local area.
Too inconsequential...
Well, he did.
Congratulations on your achievement Sowore!

Ondo State Results;
AAC 208,
APC 82
PDP 11

Counting continues across the country

all great journeys start with a single step

Sunday 17 February 2019

Buhari The Fulani

I believe President Buhari had good intentions when he was elected back in 2015
I think he may have underestimated the rot around him, and although he made the best possible choices in his eyes, he has been let down by his cabinet also.

I suspect Buhari is a stubborn man.
Only a stubborn man could come back time and time again to run for presidency at his age, even after having been military head of state previously in his younger years.

But, if anything happened to Buhari , I would feel really sad about it.

He's a bit like my dad

Buhari, the man from Daura, who has led Nigeria, not once, but twice.

Respect is due to him.
He has made many errors, errors of judgement also, but he's human

Recently, he has displayed signs of being forgetful whilst on stage at campaign rallies
.. and some have used that to mock him, and go on and on and on, about his health.

The vultures who 'attack' Buhari for his human 'failings' should have enough decency and respect and know that.... kindness, not bullying, is probably the most humain offering.
But I know... vultures do not survive that way

Whilst the stumbling technocrats aka INEC sort themselves out ( to be fair no one should be burning down INEC offices and getting away with it!) it's a chance for the electorate to chill, and reflect.

Pundits say this election is in the hands of the youths.

I don't believe this is a two horse race..... but if it was, Buhari would be my choice.

Although Buhari has never publicly declared his assets, his image ( unlike Atiku) is not tainted by corruption, and he has retained a calm humble elegant aura, that inspires.

President Buhari has often been criticised for favouring 'his' Fulani people from the north for top jobs , yet the irony is, the most under developed states in Nigeria, ( even if the most beautiful can be found there) are in the North.

So..... it's the very 'Northerners' who so many complain are running the country, who suffer the most

Does that make sense?
If Buhari really is as tribalistic as some say, most if not all of the benefits and development should be felt by Northerners... and the rest simply fall on the back burner... but that's not the case.

Poorest States in Nigeria


The distrust and dislike of Fulani's increased since the herder/farmer conflict. In a country so reliant on, and capable of eating every inch of the Fulani herdsmen's cows.. I can't understand why people cannot see that this issue is economic, and not ethnic.

help them graze

Fulani's tend to be nomadic, cows need to graze...and over 99.9% of the population believe they 'need' to eat cow meat, skin, and bones, and intestines... ( sorry vegetarians)
So it should be a perfect pairing...

Yet...the situation is so bad that they are now seen as terrorists in the same vein as Boko Haram ( also in the North)


Putting aside the younger candidates for a moment who as you know I've been championing/promoting.... ( so to speak)
Atiku is nothing like Buhari outside of the fact they are both older, male, and muslim..

Buhari, love him or not, is an elder statesman
Atiku... (a hugely successful businessman with 2 wives, and wonderfully wealthy.. beautiful beautiful) an elder.

Sunday Selection - Chris Martin, Dexta Daps - Push Back & I Octane

Signs of Life

The sun in shining.... the air warming up, and after weeks since I sowed grass seeds ( out of season) the grass is beginning to grow..

They lived through the snow and the cold snap to emerge...
I wasn't sure how they'd do but I was hopeful they would be ok..

It's starting to feel like Spring already..

Friday 15 February 2019

Breaking News - Nigerian Election Postponed....

INEC in late night talks.

Weekend WOW Factor - Salute to the African Action Congress (AAC) 2019

Ahmed Buhari

Previously a member of the PDP, became the Presidential candidate of the SNP, quit the SNP party at the last minute and has become a member of the APC, endorsing Buhari for a 2nd term.

Surely both he and the SNP have messed up their political credibility...
another party to join the ranks of the ACPN .


Interview at approx 12:55



I like Kingsley Moghalu.. but he has wasted time with last minute coalition talks with Fela Duratoye.
With so many wanting the top job, it will be hard for a coalition to work. Obi tried with PACT, and PACT quickly ate itself.


Saturday is a big day..

Firstly....It's my mums birthday !! yay!

Secondly, It's also Election Day in Nigeria...yay!

and it's also the birthday of the man that has disrupted Nigerian politics .. Omoyele Sowore... yay!

Omoyele has proven himself the smartest outsider of the bunch
He kept away from squabbling coalitions.. and knowing and believing in his vision...simply formed his own party.

I've followed his campaign from the beginning, watch his updates each day, and it's been a fascinating to witness the rise of his party - the African Action Congress (AAC)

with VP dr Rabiu

He was laughed at and called inconsequential, yet he has proven himself to be one of the most visionary and passionate African leaders to emerge from Nigeria for some time.
He does what he says he will do
No selling out, no retreat.. no surrender

One thing I've noticed about Sowore is that he surrounds himself with incredibly intellegent and capable people. His inner circle, the likes of dr Malcom Fayibi and his VP dr Rafai are both impressive men of character, and both seem like genuinely decent people.
Sowore is unusual. His non ethnically biased sentiments resonate very well with people across the board, he has a good sense of humour and despite his 'youthful arrogance' at times, has the ability to stay humble, make mistakes and be transparent.

His young party did their homework , and alongside their supporters have worked tirelessly.

Well done to them!
Regardless of whether or not he gets his desired result on Saturday, he has won many hearts and minds, and if they continue on this trajectory, his party looks set to become one of the most capable and effective parties in Nigeria.
We witness history in the making.

There will be those, who no mater what, simply won't vote for him
and the reasons will vary.
..some may just not like him
..some benefit from the country as it is
..others are addicted to complaining, and perhaps don't believe change is possible from a dominant party to a smaller party
...and there are others who still don't know of his party

People may be hoping Atiku's wealth will trickle down to them

Buhari remains strong and steadfast... but has had a hard time of late

regardless.... for those who desire change

(sorry cute Peter Obi)

There is another option...

Click here for AAC videos

There are just so many memorable updates from AAC.

Our Time with Sowore - Watch on Youtube

Kiribo welcomes home their son

gotta luv you guys.. good luck and all the best for tomorrow..x

Tuesday 12 February 2019

Teni - Uyo Meyo

What is ADOS?

ADOS ( American Descendants of Slavery) is a movement in the U.S which has been gaining traction - that seeks to protect and pursue the rights of African Americans. They seek to differentiate from African immigrants Caribbean Immigrants, and pretty much all other minority immigrants, partly because many A.A's feel they have not been fully accepted into American Society and never will be, and also feel they are not fully accepted into African societies either.
Basically, a people taken from a land, used, and left adrift, without land.

The divisions that exist between indigenous Africans and African American Africans, Africans in the Caribbean and even UK, exists as a result of slavery and colonialism, and an on-going colonial mentality.

Despite the fact that most people know the history, little has been don't to transcend the ignorance that exists between people with this shared history and biological lineage.

What many African American supporters of ADOS feel is that other minority group travel to the US , enjoy the privileges that they have fought for; the right to be considered human, to be educated, to not be lynched, to date who they want... the right to vote, yet despite this, African immigrants travel to the U.S, enjoy the privileges that they made possible, and treat them with distain, and ironically, do not accept them if they in turn decide to return to Africa.

There is a communication problem
Possibly because history is written by the victors. Who knows...

I think it would be fair for descendants of the slave trade to be exempt from having to pay for visas to travel an African country, and should also be afforded citizenship and additional rights should they desire it. Why?

Because it remains the home of their fore-parents, their birthright and their heritage.

It's ok to cry at the steps of the door of no return, whether at Gore Island in Senegal or Elmina's Castle in Ghana, or any other human cargo departure point, across the continent, but tears mean nothing if it is not accompanied by demonstrable acts of love and understanding.

Another discussion for the AU, who already struggle to manage conflict, refugees, and internally displaced people
Pam africanism is not dead, but there's little understanding of what it means.

ADOS is a conversation to be had, but could end up being a continuation of the type divide and rule used by colonisers in the past. It seems to be coming from a place of pain, whereas we should now be coming from a place of love.
African Americans haven't had it easy. They want to be treated fairly. It's a conversation of Identity.
It always surprises me that so many Africans head to America.. I'm biased perhaps, but I prefer the UK.. even with it's issues.


Search for Uhuru

Some Countries Across Africa - Really Just Need More Builders..

The manufacturing Industry in the UK took a back seat to the service industry and as a result, we became a nation of consumers and servers.
Not enough builders.
We still have them thank god.. but I noticed a shift..

Trades are essential in every society.
I have huge admiration for builders.. seriously I do. I watched each night as I passed by the building of Tottenham Hotspur's new football stadium.

They worked through the night.
I watched what was initially a pile of rubble, become what it is now. Bit by bit.

It has always amazed me that people have the ability to construct huge structures that we enjoy ( I'm an Arsenal fan btw) ...without perhaps giving much thought to the fact that the structures were designed and constructed by regular (but very talented) people.

I say that to say this

Much of the development that Africa needs, and the sustainment of that development, really is in the hands of the people.. literally.
There is a huge emphasis on boy children in particular, to be educated and go to University, and whilst that is an honourable thing.. Africa really could use more builders.
At the very least... people willing to paint..

With an investment in trades such as carpenters etc, Sub Saharan Africa in particular would be less reliant on entering into agreements that benefit them short term, yet they pay for long term

Again, there is nothing wrong with entering into international development agreements, however, much of the time, they are thwart with problems.

e.g, China can build roads, but if there are little or no skilled local labour available to maintain those roads, the reliance on those who build the the roads, will be an everlasting one.

The fascination with lawyers and doctors may be understandable, as they are credible professions, but often those lawyers doctors and academics leave their country of origin for greener pasture.
Understandably, they want to get paid, and have a better life

When I look at some of the structures across parts of Africa they could use a lick of paint. Just a little paint could brighten the lives of many and transform an area. The willingness to do so however, must be there.
and it's something local people can do for themselves.

Look at this beautiful green!....

If every community had just a few tradespeople among them, could you imagine the improvements that could be made?
The roads, the homes, the environment...

If every community felt able to take care of their local areas, they would see that they really do have the ability to affect change.

So , perhaps if your son or daughter is not as academic as you may like him or her to be, there is every chance they could become the plumber, the bricklayer, the painter, the plasterer, the carpenter, the electrician, the gas engineer, that you crave. Not only helping you to maintain your property, but that of your neighbours, bringing in, more often than not, the income you may be hoping the acamenic degree will bring them.

You know a country is serious when they invest in, train, and value the tradespeople among them.

Sometimes it's the simplest things we overlook.

Tradesmen Day



Gonna finish prepping dinner too .. enjoying my day off x

Monday 11 February 2019

Tekno - Yur Luv

The AU Summit

Anytime I see Malcom Webb he looks as though he's about to cry
I'm guessing he's an empath... Awww.. it's not easy reporting
His recent interview with Kabila is worth a watch

Anyway, I mentioned the AU earlier and it turns out the summit has begun.. yay

Glad they'll be focusing on internally displaced people and refugees
I'm optimistic

African Reparations - An Improbable Mission?

I've never really given much thought to the debate around reparations.

Anyway, I was watching Oshay Duke Jackson's Channel and came across this debate, which sparked my interest.

There are some interesting views on display ( funny in parts) but what's most interesting perhaps is the conflicting views, which are food for thought.
If you're easily offended, probably pass on this one - the language used in places may put some off ,but if you can look beyond that, and have an open mindset it's actually worth a listen

The discussion on reparations ( African American focus) mainly starts at approximately 1:03

I'm still on the fence with this one, as it's a complex issue, made more complex when you consider that many say that there were African leaders at the time who were also culpable. What is the African Unions opinion on this?

However, as compensation has been paid to holocaust survivors and their families at approximately $560 million and rising, and given that compensation was paid to slave /plaintation owners for 'loss of earnings' at the end of the trade, it's not surprising that many feel the same consideration should be made to African survivors of what was a most terrible time in our history also, the effects of which remain today.


Ok well... you might want to grab your popcorn for this one, it escalates quickly.....didn't see it coming.. funny as heck :) Watch [here]

I watched the 1st 2 episodes of the series Africa with Ade Adepitan last night, and it's a really great watch
I've a lot of respect for the tenacity of this man, it's fascinating to watch. It's on BBC2 Sundays.

Happy Monday x
Time to continue sanding down...decorating prep



The west’s wealth is based on slavery. Reparations should be paid - Kehinde Andrews

Reparation UK Vid

Sunday 10 February 2019

Alaine - Better Life

Weekend WOW Factor - Closing Debates

Mallam Adamu Adamu. Education Minister...

...graduated from University with a bachelor's degree in Accounting,and has a master's degree in Journalism from Columbia University's School of Journalism, and presides over a population where 60 million Nigerians are unable to read or write, and over 11 million children are out of school
In a population of just under 200million, one would think it would be considered a national crisis in the making...


Consider this...

Approximately 4% of Nigeria's population is between 55 - 64yrs, and just 4% are over 65

The largest demographic of Nigeria's population is under 30years old.

Yet this is not reflected in the leadership, and also raises questions of the quality of life beyond 30.

So, considering these factors, in the run up to the election, we have heard from individuals who have presented very plausible intelligent , and credible cases as to why they should be given the chance to lead the country towards a better future.
Without using stomach infrastructure (bribes), many have taken to the streets to engage the population across the states in a bid to educate individuals politically, and reassure them , that they could aspire, to a better future

Despite this, thousands continue to turn out to celebrate the two main parties.

Many students who have been interviewed on a number of platforms seem clueless about the rising smaller parties, which is a poor reflection on the university lecturers at this time.

To be fair, not everyone is interested in politics, but I would have thought that social and political ideologies and values would have become a part of a persons personal development as an adult.
At he very least , most if not all Nigerians should be against corruption, and nepotism especially if they are the ones most impacted, with limited access to job opportunities, poor infrastructure, and social services..

It's alleged that those who attend the larger rallies are paid. It's hard to imagine that they are paid, more that they are simply unwilling or unable to understand they they have any power at all to affect change. Also, many will follow the crowd
Yes, Groupthink

Change is never easy.
Come Feb 16th, the country will elect the leadership they want.. and will get as a result.. the leader they deserve.

Anyway, I'm just enjoying , and observing...

Sowore has the political passion and spirit of Fela. He has utilised some old school community development community organising principles, and with his grassroots campaigning has impressed with his fundraising ability also.
Spending years in the diaspora ( America in his case) like so many visionary African leaders before him, has benefitted him.
He has the ability to think putting aside ethnic affiliations, gender and age.
He is bold in his thinking, yet some in the media say he's too blunt to be a leader.
Surely, speaking frankly and honestly to people, many of whom are illiterate, is better that writing lengthy manifestos they will never, or can never, read.
Yes his party has a manifesto, but It's the ability to bring the words from the page and into a tangible place that matters most.

Promises that the larger parties make now, should be questioned by the people.. why? because they have been given a chance and failed to deliver.
At least if you vote for them, hold them accountable.

Marcus Garvey said that 'without vision... the people perish...'

Even if the smaller parties are not successful, if they are genuine, they should not give up
Marcus has a message, Lumumba had a message, Marley had a message.. and the message will remain

The best leaders create leaders.. and if the lesser known parties continue to build the minds of the people, the message will get through.. one day.
,, and lets hope if they are successful, they don't become the very thing they oppose now.

Let's see how this pans out

( as you can see, I've been enjoying this election:)

Don't worry... less than a week remaining x

Nigeria Demographics Profile 2018

Saturday 9 February 2019

Weekend WOW Factor - Oby Speaks Out

Woyo ... the ACPN's u-turn on their own political values will come back to bite them

What a shame. They wanted her foreign contacts?? heehee...
Well done anyway Oby.
ACPN presented themselves as a 3rd force - but have made themselves look like a bunch of hungry opportunists with no real intention of doing right by the people. Imagine... someone asked 'why Dr Oby is aligning herself with these yam sellers...' kinda funny now
that seems unfair to yam sellers :)

Countdown to the 16th!...

Kizz Daniel...what a voice.
So much talent
Cute vid...

Friday 8 February 2019

Theatre Night...Stop & Search I went to see a play last night..

Same venue as the play New Nigerians.. Arcola Theatre. The venue is really intimate, and great setting for an audience to really immerse themselves in the play

I had a front row seat.

The play itself is called Stop & Search.. but isn't about what you may think ( at least what I initially thought) The play begins with a car ride, which was so simply performed yet so effective. I was really impressed with how with minimal props can take an audience on a journey.

An English guy had picked up a guy (from an African country) and together, the strangers travelled towards the border. Both had a story, and it was enthralling.

I really enjoyed the contrasting cultures and accents, and the way the humanity of the pair unfolded, and their differences began to blur and dissipate.

There were many twists and turns to the plot with a cast of 5. (Four men , one lady..who was very beautiful)

Anyway, it's showing until tomorrow, (9th)

Great night out.. see it if you can, but if you can't... and you're a Londoner...keep an eye on what's on at Arcola

Well done to the cast crew and the writer

Wednesday 6 February 2019

Thee Legacy - Wena Wedwa

2Baba - Oyi

Midweek Workouts?

This is my Kettlebell

help.. it's so heavy!!
For some reason I thought as it was so red and pretty it would be easy

I'm not impressed with my one effort so far. I only managed about 3!

Apparently the recommended weight for a woman beginner is 8kg, or between 8kg - 12kg.

I'll try again, but have to really be bit more focussed and committed, give myself time instead of thinking I'll be a pro after just one try

Maybe I was being lazy, but I'm determined to get to grips with this pretty bell!

I'll try it to music :)

This isn't bad at all... Mavins have made a pretty nice reggae track...
Nice one!

Over to Ghana... and who else loves Bisa's voice..?
Sefa too :)


Two of my favourites here.. Bisa & M.anifest....sweet:)

Sunday 3 February 2019

Little Miss World

I watched a video about leggy seedlings and had no idea what the person was talking about.... until now

My seedlings shot up super tall with not much body!

I'll try save a few but most I think will be lost
Nevermind.. I have more seeds left, and as the weather's improving I'm sure it'll be fine

I may invest in a small greenhouse that will be able to provide the light and warmth that they need, as inside they're getting baked by my central heating whenever it's on... and it's a bit dark

Anyway.... I'm off grocery shopping , bit late but better late than never..

Little Miss is off to Ghana this week, and has amazed me with her knowledge of countries and country flags
Seriously.. all African countries and worldwide

Happy Sunday x

Saturday 2 February 2019

Congo Dandies

It's often said that the suit doesn't make the man... but these Congo dandies.. may disagree

Can just imagine their wives saying... 'yes dear, you look fine.. but perhaps if you took as much care to sweep up that pile of rubbish around us, the place would look just as nice as you' heehee:)

There is beauty everywhere x

Nice pic

Weekend WOW Factor - Life Love n Politics

I just love these sweet smelling bath bombs! weekend shopping treat :)

We've been lucky in that no gridlocked roads. Lots of road works here and there, but patience is key
...made easier listening to this track

Burna Boy!

I really enjoyed this Presidential debate... I think the moderator was excellent... go girl!

I remember after the VP debate.. an observer said that Peter Obi's voice was unfortunate.. said that you should know if a man was talking..

...funny stuff, but here is VP hopeful Peter Obi, alongside somewhat notorious Presidential Candidate, Atiku

Unlike those laughing and gushing guys that interviewed Buhari.. this lady really did hold their feet to the fire
these two are pros though.. they remained calm throughout...
I quite like Peter Obi.. so hey.. leave his voice alone...

Prof Wole Soyinka looks set to announce his backing of Kingsley Moghalu, and Kingsley and Fela are now working together ( really?) Presidential candidate Omoyele Sowore ran the Lagos marathon today.. I think it's his 7th or even 8th marathon now. Well he did 10k today but that's a achievement especially as he's been so busy campaigning
well done to him!

It's all going on ..

PDP...can you believe the bench gave way on them....?
Shaky ground ... or poor infrastructure...:)
What a thing..

Love these two...awwww... Simi & Adekunle Gold
...Currently enjoying their honeymoon

Enjoy x