Tuesday 31 July 2018

Recognising August 1st

The 1st August should be a recognised national holiday to enable Africans in the diaspora to reflect on their position in society, the work of past leaders, and the very many emancipation struggles, and... well.. who wouldn't like a day off huh?

Anyway, Ive never marched.
but I respect those who do.
I've simply not resolved within myself whether it's effective in bringing about change. I guess it can be, but the reparations march ( in my ignorance. I confess) I don't quite get.

I understand the concept of reparations but it's not clear to me how these reparations can be made possible, or clear about what form it could take
I also believe it's a conversation that should not be had in isolation of the very many African countries of which we hail from.

Let's say for example, that my fore-parents were leaders in their own right, captured sold, names and titles removed from them.
perhaps we should be saying , we want our land and our titles back!.

Why is no-one saying that?
Perhaps because we simply cannot prove it?

Maybe, but the trade was a trade in which the content did not benefit from, but were also party to, even if to a lesser extent.

So.. instead of marching to Downing Street , why not take the case to the African Union?

Just a thought

What exactly, do we want?!.

Enjoy the child within

Love children
and love this quote


been enjoying this album immensely

Post Mugabe Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe await the results of an election that for the 1st time ever didn't feature Robert Mugabe.
Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa went to school with a guy I know, not that I could gain any info :), as he was in the year above. him, funny really, but it's clear that there is a desire for change and younger leaders are emerging, pushing ahead confidently

What I wonder is what happened to Grace Mugabe?. I thought she herself was seeking to lead the country . but all is silent her end, and her name wasn't on the ballot.
Robert Mugabe himself still possibly feeling aggrieved, has said he will support the opposition, and not the party he led to an independent Zimbabwe.
Imagine that!

Well, he didn't prime and mentor a leader, and perhaps he really should have

Some of these guys should go and visit state schools and see it as an honour to speak to to students there also. Whilst it may be an honour to speak at these elite institutions, they are just that, elite, and they perhaps should remember, that leaders can emerge from anywhere.
If they allow.

That would be my question to aspiring African leaders.. why don't they?
Then they wonder why they sometimes struggle to connect with the masses.

He speaks well tho

We await

Friday 20 July 2018

Its the little things

This song plays alot on Heart radio. If I'm up late, that's often what I'm tuned in to.
I like nostalgic tracks
Somedays, a song sticks in my mind, and I end up sining it over and over.

Todays a bit like that.

I'm actually having an early night...enjoying the sun going down as I lay in my bed enjoying the slight cool breeze.
sweet little things, that matter most

Monday 16 July 2018


Korede Bello - 2geda

Why Nigerians Love Money for Votes

Despite calls against corruption , despite complaints about bad governorship and leadership

People are still collecting cash for votes
"Come sharply to the Governors Office"

This is why words alone will not change a thing. Many of these people are illiterate in their own languages, in fact they can't cook and eat words... and so have no time for constitutions or reading about policies.

Many have no access to the internet, or simply no time or desire to use it.

So what can be done to prevent the same type of leaders being elected time and time again into power, only to eat the money for development and ignore the needs of the people.

Surely the people must now take responsibility.

too easily bought perhaps?
If Nigeria back in the day could easily see their own kin into slavery we should be accustomed to this love of things by now
Yet easily said right?. If you have no money and someone starts giving it away for free, who wouldn't take?. Your integrity won't fill your empty stomach..

However, leaders with true integrity will need to find a way to re-educate and feed at the same time. Re-educate and do, whether in power or not. Volunteers and NGOs providing training on building community civil society would be a good start

Colonial tactics are still working well across the continent. We learned them well...
too bad

Sunday 15 July 2018

France - FIFA World Cup Winners 2018

France brought it home!!. A decisive win against a determined Croatia, and France celebrates.

I'm very happy for them

Fresh from his visit to the Shrine in Lagos perhaps President Macron sprinkled some Fela magic over the team, and didn't they do well.

France, a former colonial power across several African countries has had an almost zero tolerance to difference, a slightly oppressive attitude to anyone deemed foreign whether it be due to the colour of their skin, or religion. and they have paid a heavy price for it.

Perhaps things will be different under President Macron.

After granting citizenship to the hero 'Spiderman, and his trips to the continent, France presented a team almost entirely African, ( ok, perhaps not entirely but you get my drift)
At a time when citizenship, identity and belonging , are high on the worlds agenda, the World Cup was won by a team of African migrants,

..and their fellow county-men working together.


Well done France.. you deserve it1

Adekunle Gold - Pablo Alakori

Sporting final day. Wimbledon and the World Cup

Produced by the wonderful artist Simi, who also provides some backing vocals. her voice is quite distinctive.
catchy guitar riff and it doesn't get much sweeter
The song itself is about a young man (Pablo Alakori) who tried to con others out of money via Twitter, but was not successful

Some feel the song is slightly unfair. They say that the only time we chastise, is when a thief fails, it is then that we know their name.
If, or when he succeeds we celebrate him ( and his spoils) in one way or another.

The moral of modern day corruption for some is... don't get caught.
Adekunle says build, work your way up. coming from nothing will not stop you, do the best that you can, don't con others, contribute, be of service, make your way.. Abeg

Saturday 14 July 2018

Friday 13 July 2018

Tuesday 10 July 2018

Who's Watching the Match?

Hoping for a France England Final
Come on France!

“Ç'est Magnifique!!”

Brexit meltdown

The government in is meltdown, is probably the sentiment those who have recently resigned from this repost want su to think.
Personally speaking, who cares, we still have a conservative government and with no election pending little will change.
The government is not In meltdown, these guys are just showcasing and exercising their privilege, at worst... at best integrity.

Who cares?

If PM Teressa May thought that Jeremy Hunt would make a great Foreign Secretary, why did she give to Boris Johnson in the 1st place?
There's a saying that you keep your friends close, and your enemies closer, yet Boris was neither friend or foe to May, he is simply a man on a mission.
A well connected, privilege white English male. If you don't know the rules you cant play the game and win.
He quit.... his post... as Foreign secretary, and why wouldn't he, if it's not the job that he wants.
I doubt he will need to claim JSA :)

Many eyebrows are raised at Boris's initial appointment to the post, and this is why we simply can't talk our politics too seriously


England play Croatia tomorrow and hopes are high.
England especially has had an identity crisis for some time, and it's hoped that a win will bring about a sense of renewed pride in Britishness ( that nobody seems to be able to agree on)
The leave campaign played on that identity crisis, and highlighted immigration and the need to be free to govern our own lands reasons to exit the EU.
It worked, yet hasn't ( yet) produced the results people were hoping for. In fact, most have no idea of the intricacy resulting in such a move.
If those who voted leave thought their sense of identity would be restored immediately were wrong. In reality, the frustration has seen a rise is hate crimes overt racism and brutishness.
The upper lip has loosened.

So an England win may restore a sense of English pride
How ironic that the sense of pride is being made possible by the immigrant, or 'foreign' players. Would it even be possible without them?
I listened to an interview on LBC and a caller said he hopes England lose simply because he has a problem with the black players.
He was scoffed at of course, but truth is, whether England win or not, you can rest assured that it will be players like Kane who are truly celebrated, and the narrative on immigration and migration will not change

Too bad, as homes across the country regardless of ethnicity will be rooting for these guys.

Lets enjoy the game for what it is... hope for the best, and see what happens

Love Languages

What women want
I've heard it said many times that women don't know what they want, that they're moody and constantly changing.
That if they're fat, they want to be slim, if they're slim, they want to be fat
and whilst there may be some true in that, It's my belief that deep down, women know exactly what they want.

Once a woman matures emotionally and is in touch with her inner self, the struggle is not in the 'not knowing', but the accepting.

It's being confident enough to want what you want even if your desire/s do not fit with what is expected, or sits outside the norms of the society in which we live.

The same can be said of a man.
Men and women are not that different in that regard

What irks us or cares trauma, is the internal and external conflict that ensues when or if we deny ourselves, or external pressures are great.

Whilst knowing what we want is important, it's perhaps they 'why' that matters even more
The intention behind our wants or desires
One question to ask is, is our desire rooted in love, or fear?.
Some say to love is to give or to serve, yet to love is also having the humility to receive and be served also.
Balance is crucial.

Perhaps key to all this, is the desire to be understood, and to understand
This can take time or can occur rather quickly, but it's the ability to communicate which paves the way to understanding.
The ability to communicate our needs is a skill worth acquiring, however, It varies depending on our upbringing and socialisation, also... our gender.
Some say women tend to be better communicators of emotions than men, as emotions are seen as a feminine trait, but it's changing.

Knowing and understanding our love language is actually quite helpful. I took this quiz and apparently mine is quality time. I've never given it much thought before and I'm sure I'm probably 'bi-lingual' in that regard , but... it came out as the highest in my case

To find out your own love language try this Quiz

Saturday 7 July 2018

I guess it really is Summer

It was too hot to sleep in... can you believe it
Happy Saturday x

I Absolutely love he flow of this track.
Excellent Wande

Tuesday 3 July 2018

Sunny Days and Warm Nights

What a match!. Ti braved it... put aside past hurt and actually got up to face the penalties with me. Pure joy, phew.. this World Cup.
The boys have nerves of steel.

Need to relax after that emotional roller coaster


Had a lovely lunch the other day. Took myself out to enjoy central London for a hot minute

It was very peaceful

A bit of calm, to watch the world go by

Well done the England Team

Come on England!!!

Yeah I said it.. gosh I can't watch anymore
Ti cant take the England team, been heartbroken too may times.. he's gone to bed lol!
Come on guys, why the fans always gotta go through it!!