Tuesday 31 July 2018

Post Mugabe Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe await the results of an election that for the 1st time ever didn't feature Robert Mugabe.
Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa went to school with a guy I know, not that I could gain any info :), as he was in the year above. him, funny really, but it's clear that there is a desire for change and younger leaders are emerging, pushing ahead confidently

What I wonder is what happened to Grace Mugabe?. I thought she herself was seeking to lead the country . but all is silent her end, and her name wasn't on the ballot.
Robert Mugabe himself still possibly feeling aggrieved, has said he will support the opposition, and not the party he led to an independent Zimbabwe.
Imagine that!

Well, he didn't prime and mentor a leader, and perhaps he really should have

Some of these guys should go and visit state schools and see it as an honour to speak to to students there also. Whilst it may be an honour to speak at these elite institutions, they are just that, elite, and they perhaps should remember, that leaders can emerge from anywhere.
If they allow.

That would be my question to aspiring African leaders.. why don't they?
Then they wonder why they sometimes struggle to connect with the masses.

He speaks well tho

We await

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