Tuesday 10 July 2018

Love Languages

What women want
I've heard it said many times that women don't know what they want, that they're moody and constantly changing.
That if they're fat, they want to be slim, if they're slim, they want to be fat
and whilst there may be some true in that, It's my belief that deep down, women know exactly what they want.

Once a woman matures emotionally and is in touch with her inner self, the struggle is not in the 'not knowing', but the accepting.

It's being confident enough to want what you want even if your desire/s do not fit with what is expected, or sits outside the norms of the society in which we live.

The same can be said of a man.
Men and women are not that different in that regard

What irks us or cares trauma, is the internal and external conflict that ensues when or if we deny ourselves, or external pressures are great.

Whilst knowing what we want is important, it's perhaps they 'why' that matters even more
The intention behind our wants or desires
One question to ask is, is our desire rooted in love, or fear?.
Some say to love is to give or to serve, yet to love is also having the humility to receive and be served also.
Balance is crucial.

Perhaps key to all this, is the desire to be understood, and to understand
This can take time or can occur rather quickly, but it's the ability to communicate which paves the way to understanding.
The ability to communicate our needs is a skill worth acquiring, however, It varies depending on our upbringing and socialisation, also... our gender.
Some say women tend to be better communicators of emotions than men, as emotions are seen as a feminine trait, but it's changing.

Knowing and understanding our love language is actually quite helpful. I took this quiz and apparently mine is quality time. I've never given it much thought before and I'm sure I'm probably 'bi-lingual' in that regard , but... it came out as the highest in my case

To find out your own love language try this Quiz

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