Monday 30 November 2015


I saw a recent poster.
It said...
'A bad attitude is like a flat tire.
You ain't going anywhere unless you change it!'


It made me think about my own 'attitude'
We all have one.. whether it's considered good or bad is dependant on the situation I think... perhaps

Growing up, my attitude was fun, inquisitive, fun ( did I say that already?) open
Adolescence?.. rebellious, cheeky, fun, focussed, ambitious ( is that an attitude?)

Now?.. it varies.
But I try to avoid having .. 'a bad attitude'
It's not an attractive trait
Whenever i'm faced with a bad attitude ( even if it be my own) it brings out the worst in me...
Don't ask me what it is but I actually imagine myself providing at least one side of the face with a decent, slap

They say what annoys us is what we suppress in ourselves

Maybe.. maybe not

For me personally, I like the old adage, 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you..'

Attitudes can change. We can adopt a better one at any time if needs be
alternatively, life can batter a good attitude to pieces if one is not strong

Yes.. attitude
Are our lives a reflection of our attitude, in the same way its said that our homes reflect what we value? ( not sure how true that is)

A bad attitude is like a sugar cravin
You know you're better off not succumbing to it.. but there are times when it just feels so damn good.

Attitude forecast today - cool n easy ( for now)
Afternoon attitude forecast - hmmm...edgy, hot, but steady
Evening forecast - fun n flighty

Friday 27 November 2015

Omawumi Hello - Adele Cover

As you may have noticed, I have scoured the airways for the numerous Adele 'Hello' covers, and have showcased the ones I've enjoyed the most, and
whilst I'm sure there will be more to come.. (Christopher Martin or Romain Virgo?) I'll end my 'Adele cover showcase' with Nigerian singer Omawumi.
I've chosen this version as it really showcases (in my opinion) her versatility.
Omawumi is equally at home with Nigerian high-life/afro-beat track (see below) as she is with a ballad.
Nice one girl

Tuesday 24 November 2015

Is europe... a sinking ship

With so much talk about about boats filled with 'immigrants'. I do sometimes wonder... If the holy grail of Europe..isn't a bit of an illusion.

Still. I understand.
If you feel pursecuted in your home land..cant find work, your freedoms are suppressed..or your country is at visible war...then who wouldn't want to leave?.
And those who want to, 'should' (in a perfect world perhaps) have every right.

The world is a much 'smaller' place. We have the ability to connect with people miles away, over lands and seas... And that's a good thing. Globalization shouldn't just be a perk of the wealthy.

But...we have issue's.

We seem to struggle to get along.
Europe, has its own problems.
We are fortunate indeed in the main, but for's no picnic.
And to be fair...not 'everyone'...wants to come here.

It seems to me that what the world needs, are good 'world leaders'. Good governance..Job' policies and opportunities... absence of war.
Then home... Can feel like a safe haven.. and you can be proud to fly your flag ( not just during the Olympics!)...and be at peace...wherever in the world you live...

To outgrow yourself...not just your jeans size...

Another HTC post. I still haven't worked out how to post there won't be any!.

A friend of mine noticed I hadn't posted for awhile. Well, I haven't said much anyway. That's because...I've been thinking, and been a bit occupied in the evenings of late.

Anyway. I haven't felt much like posting about the news, as its been a bit depressing. Apart from.. the Mr ugly competition in Zimbabwe which is quite funny. So yes. I'll post on that, once im back on my laptop.

What did interest me today was an article I read about outgrowing yourself. It made me wonder.. can we ever really outgrow ourselves?.. or do we simply grow. It's possible to tire of things .. things we do.. our own behavioural patterns.. even our taste in things can alter. But again.. is that outgrowing, or just change?.

There are lots of things I don't do as much as I used to..for no other reason perhaps than I'm doing some thing else.

So... Have you 'outgrown' yourself lately.

If there was one thing you could change about yourself..what would it be?

If you succeeded in the change..would it make you happier?

If so...what's stopping you?

If there was one immediate thing I could change (and I can) it would be my ability to procrastinate..when considering taking action. Ironically!

However, I tend to think that every preceeded by a thought, and that we often don't credit the importance of thinking enough. can overthink.. Well..I can anyway.
At times.

One thought I had recently is that comments we make to others.. often say more about ourselves..than the comment/s itself. We can truly learn about people.... who they really are...If we listen to what they have to say

Tuesday 10 November 2015

Words before bed

From once source, yet so different
Our thoughts and opinions may differ
Yes, often they do
What brings us joy..makes us smile
The things that motivate us
And that which dulls our passions

I like metropolitan ice cream..
Do you?...
I'm not a fan of chocolate cake..
But cheesecake I adore
It's true

What you want from me... I may not have to give
But to ask, fairs better than to attempt telepathy

Maybe..I will have it tomorrow

What you want for me, may not necessarily be what I want for myself
..and I'm okay with that

The way you see me, may not necessarily be the way I see myself..
I can accept that

What you think I should have, be entitled to, or want
Is not as important as what I think I should have, be entitled to or want
I cannot dream your dream...And visa versa

If great minds think alike.. does the same hold true of the not so great?

I wonder about beauty, and how it's measured.

I wonder if the pen really is mightier than the sword. If words more powerful than silence

Who I know myself to be, you may never accept

I'm okay with that too

The me that is unknown.. never try to claim knowledge of it.. it will always remain elusive, and somewhat out of reach..

Perhaps..even to me
The unknown can never be known

There is great diversity across the African continent
On my street...
Great diversity worldwide
Yet the majority of this.. we may never really see

I guess

Night x.

Sunday 8 November 2015

Things life coaches should or shouldn't say... ft Naakmusiq Ft. Professor - Not Guilty

No.2. #Shouldn't

'I know I said we had 30mins.. but if we can wrap this up in 10 I'd really appreciate it. Cheers.'

have a great evening x

Who are the black hebrew Israelites?.. any why were they shouting at my friend?...

To be honest .. I'm not sure
seem to take aspects of rastafarian ideology... but not all..

example google images

Regardless of that

her encounter did kinda make me laugh though... mainly because it was her.. and if you knew her too.. you'd know why...
Apparently.. she was walking past this particular group, and heard them calling women b*****s and h**s.. (based on the dress styles of rnb and pop culture it seems)

Personally.. I would have kept walking.. but noooooo.. not Ms L
She stopped and.. commented
Very quickly they went for her verbally.. called her a 'cougar' ?! lol.. and one ended up shouting at her....."how many d**ks have you had.. how many d**ks have you had..."
exasperated she replied to him... "how many d**ks have YOUhad"...
cheeky thng

But he stopped talking.
The argument that occurred was that a woman should be silent in the presence of a man, and much much more
maybe that's why I had feminism on my mind today.. who knows..

but often....

You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar

Weekend WOW Factor: Sierra Leone - EBOLA FREE!

Feminists... a confusing bunch. Perhaps then im more of a traditionalist than i thought..

A traditionalist...yes I many ways
Someone asked me once if I'm a feminist. I couldn't actually give a straight answer to that

Because, although I believe that us women should be given equal rights, and should not be treated less than a man due to gender, I also feel that women and men are different. not just in biological make up. but that there are fundamental differences.
Personally speaking..
I quite like the idea of cooking, cleaning and 'playing house' so to speak, (yet still pursue my dreams/ambitions...)whilst a man works hard to bring in the money...and take out the bins!..wash the car..clean the yard..fix stuff around the house!

I like alpha males... Yet can get frustrated with all the 'maness'

Go figure.
The female mind...or is it mind

I also like being treated 'like a lady' having doors held open, and chairs being pulled out for me to seat my not so ample but ample enough ..butt.
Understand my moods can be affected by my hormones and shower me with love

Oh...and the occasional bunch of flowers

Gasp...I know.

Playing house, I must add is a luxuary I've never actually been able to afford.. hard working juggling woman that I am...but I know.. I like it.

These are not feminist desires are they... No, I dont think so..

However, to state the obvious..we are a diverse bunch. The differences within the sexes may be more vast than between.

I just know what I like.
Yet... To some, I may come across as a total feminist..with predominantly European values.
It's all relative..
And environmental.

Ps..I'm not cooking today. Someone else can do it..seriously..what the heck do they take me for..:)

Good morning x

Saturday 7 November 2015


What is it exactly?...
I was pondering on this just this morning.

Is it being able to respond appropriately to life challenges. Is is selflessness or knowing that things aren't all about you?. Is it how we communicate?. It's true that the things I liked at the main, I still like. My passions and interests haven't changed, yet in many ways. . I have. Perhaps maturity is experience, and having the confidence to think for yourself..and be yourself. That said, perhaps maturity is about knowing yourself, and being true to that. Maturity in that sense equals authenticity. Or...truth.

I've had some interesting dating experiences that I care not to repeat and could put possibly put down to immaturity and inexperience, having said that...some fun was had.

Maybe then, like love, maturity is never needing to ask what it is. It needs not defining, yet unlike love.. no declaration.
E.g we tend not to shout..."I'm mature!"... But you may state..."I'm in love!"
True or false.. it is what it is.

Perhaps, like the tide, it comes and goes, and is situational.

It can be age rated..but not always
It's a fickle beast
Perhaps that's why I prefer the word
To thine own self be true... Is a karmic experience.
I hope
Yes , hope springs eternal.

Have a great day!
It's raining here in London.. but very warm...sweet

Ps..HTC posts getting easier...

Thursday 5 November 2015

Emmerson - Sallay

It's the final countdown...

Sierra Leone is simply days away from being declared Ebola free.
All being well
so what next...

It's my hope that investors will return, work will begin again, and the country will see significant improvements in all areas of development.
For some, the country was known for its civil war.. more recently .. Ebola

But the war is long gone, and Ebola will also.. in time.. become a distant memory... although not for those who have suffered the most.

I hope that more people will visit the country.
I really do.
Sure there are pros and cons to Tourism.. and one of the nice things about Sierra Leone is that it's not 'overrun' with tourists!..

But tourism can generate greater income for the country

For those of who who have thought about visiting, there are lots of guest houses and hotels in Freetown

For those of you who seek 5* luxury, you can try Radisson Blu Mammy Yoko Hotel in Freetown
I didn't stay there but I did pop in on my 1st night for drinks and to chill, and it really is very nice

For others seeking a guest house. Drop me a line an I'll check one out for you

Teknomiles - Duro

Lovely melody

Good morningx

Wednesday 4 November 2015

Monday 2 November 2015

Exco Levi - Wedding day


Mighty Oaks from little acorns grow... ft Jah Vinci - Kings Highway

Hey!!... do you remember just yesterday I wrote about a little 'Nigerian' shop just up the road from me?
Well... that 'little shop' isn't so little anymore!..

I was astounded today as I approached the shop to see bright light...wide aisles... and a brand new supermarket sign.
I only wrote about the shop yesterday...
They have expanded

'Agbos.. something something is the name.. a nice blue and white store sign
It feels great to see the development of this small business

Little acorns and all that...
Big ambitions no doubt...



Jah Vinci is fast becoming one of my favourite singers...
Solid track no doubt. heavy on the bass.. interesting arrangement.. nice backing vocals, excellent production
Great.. love him

Sunday 1 November 2015

Does culture impact on business?

Can do.
Still in bed btw..

There's a 'Nigerian' shop up the road from me. least I think it's a shop. It's looks more like a front room at times, with homework being done, tv being watched, hair being cut, and food being cooked. Men's also a cab service btw Lol.
Anyway. The only people I ever see in this shop are Nigerian. (Mainly men.. and few in's a small space to be fair). Every time I pass it I wonder how a shop can sustain itself if it only caters for mates and family. (I assume artistic license).To be fair.. on Chatsworth rd there are a few shops like that. Shops (cafe style) that seem to cater for and to thier own 'tribes'.
Culture my opinion impact on all that we do.

I kinda like that little shop though... Making use of every square inch.

On Culture.. from a different space...

I've never posted anything unless I'm seated in a particular my front room. Until now. I'm chilling.. in my bed.
(and I'm posting from my phone)
So , this may, or may not work. goes.

"People travel, and take their culture with them".-S.Lewis

Lewis is a friend of mine. She made that comment when I said I intended to teach Mr K to cook.
"Good luck with that" she said. And the quote followed.
She's not wrong. But .. often times we have the misconception that countries have 1 homogeneous culture. When African culture Is discussed its often forgotten that Africa is a continent made up of 54 countries. Each country posessing numerous cultures, and tribes. Region by region, cultures change.. house by house also. Here in the UK many refer to British culture.. or Britishness as is the term these days. Life in London differs to life outside of London. We've heard of the north south divide, that aside I can assure you that my own street inhabits numerous cultures.

I grew up with Carribean parents, whose own culture was a mix of African, Irish, and English. Carribean culture is often described as creolized. Yet outside of my home, the culture was what was then the dominant culture. English.
The boy next door was Turkish, across the road..Jamaican.
When I think of culture I think of it as a way of life .Or the way in which we order or organize ourselves into groupings which we feel ..helps us get by, and helps us make sense of the world.
There are some cultural practices which I abhore.. or the correct term in all honesty may simply be... I don't understand.
Yet, for works.
Culture is sometimes used as an excuse for things which may have no place in today's world. I'm thinking here of oppresive practices, mistreatment of women.. that kinda thing.
But.. this post is not to judge, simply to rethink that...teaching anyone to cook will be met with enthusiasm.'d I do?

A Sarkodie feature: New Guy

Quote - "I will not be perfect.. but I'm trying my best" - Sarkodie -

Weekend WOW Factor - Who do you think you are? - and various random thoughts

Pan-African ( people ask me often what it is.. they can google it.. then get back to me)

fast google search says....
relating to all people of African birth or descent

Wiki search?

Pan-Africanism is an ideology and movement that encourages the solidarity of Africans worldwide.[1] It is based on the belief that unity is vital to economic, social, and political progress and aims to "unify and uplift" people of African descent.[2] The ideology asserts that the fate of all African peoples and countries are intertwined. At its core Pan-Africanism is "a belief that African peoples, both on the continent and in the diaspora, share not merely a common history, but a common destiny"


"The struggle for African continental union and socialism may be hampered by the enemy WITHIN, - those who declare their support for the revolution and at the same time, by devious means, serve and promote the interests of imperialists and neo-colonialists."
- Kwame Nkruma -

Didn't I do well...

I woke up this morning and headed for the kitchen, only to be met by a sink filled with dishes to be washed.
So I said to Ti

"Ti.. how many women were in this house last night..?" as he struggled to remember I thought I'd help him out... "about 5!".
..."and you mean to tell me, with all those women in the house and the dishes aren't washed?!?
Ti said..
Oh.. so should one of the women have done it then??"..
" should I have rounded them all up?"..

( nice one Ti.. however.. In case you're wondering... I did them)


Who do you think you are

A friend of my completed a genetic genealogy test, and after an initial result of native indian a more detailed check matched her with the Balanta Tribe from Guinea Bissau

Balanta women

( I just like this pic alot..Bijago warrior dancer of guinea )

Anyway.. I've decided to do mine. Apparently It takes a few months, but I'll let you know the outcome. I've been told so many many times, I look like a Fulani.. Personally speaking..I cant tell...
I think it's the shape of face and long arms and legs.. perhaps.

Lets check out some pretty Fula women and see shall we.... :)

More often than not, people think I'm from Senegal,or Gambia, sometimes Sierra Leone
What a laugh I'll have if it comes back tracing my lineage to Norway!.. ha...not a chance!


I prefer this Ice prince to the slightly 'Americanised' version
Nice tune... and.. nice car


November 8th will be significant for Sierra Leone as they approach thier long awaited.. EBOLA FREE declaration