Sunday 8 November 2015

Feminists... a confusing bunch. Perhaps then im more of a traditionalist than i thought..

A traditionalist...yes I many ways
Someone asked me once if I'm a feminist. I couldn't actually give a straight answer to that

Because, although I believe that us women should be given equal rights, and should not be treated less than a man due to gender, I also feel that women and men are different. not just in biological make up. but that there are fundamental differences.
Personally speaking..
I quite like the idea of cooking, cleaning and 'playing house' so to speak, (yet still pursue my dreams/ambitions...)whilst a man works hard to bring in the money...and take out the bins!..wash the car..clean the yard..fix stuff around the house!

I like alpha males... Yet can get frustrated with all the 'maness'

Go figure.
The female mind...or is it mind

I also like being treated 'like a lady' having doors held open, and chairs being pulled out for me to seat my not so ample but ample enough ..butt.
Understand my moods can be affected by my hormones and shower me with love

Oh...and the occasional bunch of flowers

Gasp...I know.

Playing house, I must add is a luxuary I've never actually been able to afford.. hard working juggling woman that I am...but I know.. I like it.

These are not feminist desires are they... No, I dont think so..

However, to state the obvious..we are a diverse bunch. The differences within the sexes may be more vast than between.

I just know what I like.
Yet... To some, I may come across as a total feminist..with predominantly European values.
It's all relative..
And environmental.

Ps..I'm not cooking today. Someone else can do it..seriously..what the heck do they take me for..:)

Good morning x


  1. Hmm slight gender stereotyping here! :D A lot of men like to cook and play house too. I always say there are male and female traits but those traits can be found in any gender.

    ... and yes I think you can be a feminist and still like to receive a bunch of flowers. Some men like to get flowers too you know, I'm not one of them, but they are out there. Feminism is all about equality, for ALL genders, and that's it.

  2. Yes...when it comes to gender I can be the queen of stereptyping. I like your last line a lot..nicely said

    1. Yes, plus remember Joe I ran out of gender studies at uni..switched after just 1 class!.. maybe if I had stayed I wouldn't stereotype so darn much... :)

    2. Well I didn't study the subject either, but gender studies are obviously close to my heart. :)

  3. You can like all those things and still be a feminist so long as you don't take the position that ALL women must make those choices in life. Feminism is really about choice -- that women should have the same choices open to them as men (and vice versa) rather than being regimented into a mandated way of thinking, being and living. However a woman chooses to live her life is her business so long as it is not dictated to her.

    1. I was going to comment essentially what you wrote, Debra! I couldn't have said it as well!

    2. Equal rights, equal opportunity, the choice to follow the path that speaks to me, that's feminism in my mind, Dawna. The door thing is silly, I've got to say. Like you, I enjoy having a man open a door for me. As for me, if I see anyone who could use some help with a door, I open it. I have a feeling you're the say way! All I want in this world is to be free to be me!

  4. I really like that explanation Debra. Helps me to make sense of it all x