Tuesday 24 November 2015

To outgrow yourself...not just your jeans size...

Another HTC post. I still haven't worked out how to post links..so there won't be any!.

A friend of mine noticed I hadn't posted for awhile. Well, I haven't said much anyway. That's because...I've been thinking, and been a bit occupied in the evenings of late.

Anyway. I haven't felt much like posting about the news, as its been a bit depressing. Apart from.. the Mr ugly competition in Zimbabwe which is quite funny. So yes. I'll post on that, once im back on my laptop.

What did interest me today was an article I read about outgrowing yourself. It made me wonder.. can we ever really outgrow ourselves?.. or do we simply grow. It's possible to tire of things .. things we do.. our own behavioural patterns.. even our taste in things can alter. But again.. is that outgrowing, or just change?.

There are lots of things I don't do as much as I used to..for no other reason perhaps than I'm doing some thing else.

So... Have you 'outgrown' yourself lately.

If there was one thing you could change about yourself..what would it be?

If you succeeded in the change..would it make you happier?

If so...what's stopping you?

If there was one immediate thing I could change (and I can) it would be my ability to procrastinate..when considering taking action. Ironically!

However, I tend to think that every action..is preceeded by a thought, and that we often don't credit the importance of thinking enough. but...you can overthink.. Well..I can anyway.
At times.

One thought I had recently is that comments we make to others.. often say more about ourselves..than the comment/s itself. We can truly learn about people.... who they really are...If we listen to what they have to say

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  1. If i could change something about myself it would be to stop having sugar cravings, and to stop being so lazy-finding excuses for not working out as hard as I should.

    great post.