Friday 30 September 2011

I couldn't resist this..Who in the Labour Party thought this would be a good idea!?!

Did they even rehearse?..
Harriett Harman ( who would have made a great party leader in my humble opinion!?!)looks so embarrassed.. every time I look at her she makes me laugh..
I watched this shambles on TV last night and couldn't believe it!!.. I really shouldn't be so harsh but bloomin nora!

Thursday 29 September 2011

Wednesday 28 September 2011

Ed Miliband's speech to Labour Party Conference 2011

For all you lovely people who were just so gutted to have missed it:) here it is, the Leader of the Labour Party delivers his speech, which will no doubt be analysed for days to come

Any thoughts?

Trials and trivia..

Are all trials in America held in public?
I only ask because I caught a glimpse of MJs trial last night, and it all seemed a bit unsettling ( which is to be expected I suppose) but there's a part of me that thinks maybe it should have been held in private.. hmmm
These pictures in the Guardian may give a sense of the intensity of it all
Trial pics

I wanted to write something funny about oxymoron's as I really love that word. I wondered if people could be oxymoron's, then realised that if someone says something like .. 'that man is a beast', or, 'that woman is a dog'.. these are oxymoron's right? ( I wanted to find more positive examples.. sorry folks:)
I have lazy evening brain after a hard days work:))

This may seem a bit anoraky but I'm in awe of this list
Celebrating the wonder of oxymorons


I'm trying to strike a balance between being hard and soft. I'm way too soft at times I think (I know) I remember the saying, people often take kindness for weakness. It's a balancing act, but important to get right none the less.
It's a fact that we teach people how to treat us in that if you don't set boundaries, others may set them for you.
How is that played out?
They may treat you unkindly for the fun of it.. simply because they can.. or take ( what Catherine Tate likes to describe as) 'farkinliberties':)

When I work with communities I have a lot of empathy. That goes without saying. Yet I also realise that it's important not to replace responsibility, with excuses

Sending lovely evening wishes to you allx

Us Girls..

Even if a million people were to say you're beautiful, why would we tend to only think of or remember the 1 who may not agree?

Did I ever tell you the story of the random stranger who wrote something on the back of a ticket and gave it to me as he walked off the train?
It said. You're beautiful.
I still have that ticket. It was the nicest ( and most original )thing anyone had ever done.
So when I don't feel pretty, I remember that. Does it make me feel better? Sometimes. It helps to cancel out the odd looks I get anyway.
My sister thinks I'm 'crazy'. maybe she's right.
On Friday I'll be 43. A 43 yrd old size 10(sometimes almost 12) 5ft 9 babe lolx

Most days I don't think I'm pretty or attractive as I do get strange looks.
Yet oddly enough.. I still think I'm quite hot and really like being me
What a mind f***

Am I rambling? I didn't get much sleep last night
Ok .. time to find a figure hugging t'shirt.. I'm off to work:D
Women huh..

Tuesday 27 September 2011

In black and white.. not just ink on paper

It's a funny old world.
Not much really changes. Not deep down.

I was reminded today of something Rory said when he commented on a recent post.. "I sometimes wish I’d been an accountant and had no interest in society :( it hurts the brain!"..'
I'll add to that Rory .. it hurts the heart as well:(


Until those who enjoy unequivocal privilege maintained through personal cultural and structural processes institutions and networks that are rooted in inequality and discrimination do more than acknowledge policies as merely ink on paper, there will be no change.
Until those who are witness to, and not in favour of such inequalities demand change, there will be no change.


I don't necessarily believe the saying; people see what they want to see
I do believe that for some, they just don't care.
If it works in your favour why change it right?
or..if the ship is unsteady, don't rock it

I had a poet friend. We were staying at a hotel in the Gambia as we were doing some shows there. Anyway, early one morning I went out and when I came back the big news was that she had punched a guy and chucked him in the pool.
Turns out, he had made a comment about not realising he would have to be around so many black people (in Africa) and had complained about it to the ( black ) staff
No body helped him out!
Whenever I think of her I remember that incident.

I suspect I have more enemies than friends. I can count my friends on one hand.. my enemies? who knows...smt!love 'em a waylol
I will say this though - a genuine friend is priceless. If you have a real friend, be a real friend, it's better than winning the lottery


I pray I never become that which I hate.

I pray I never become blind to the truth
Or incapable of feeling
I pray my heart continues to shed tears
feel love.. compassion
and that I continue to laugh
I pray I never intentionally mislead
or refuse to believe in the purity of time
In me
I pray the message of hope comes second to the reality of justice
I pray that those who are searching..
find what they're searching for
Mostly, right now..
I pray that Felix Dexter continues to tell this joke..

*'October... yeah it's 'Black History' month innit..
that's right..because as we all know..'black people waited 10mths before they decided to do anything of any real importance.. word has it, from Jan - Sep we lazed about .. did nothing then...'quick quick hurry up.. we got empires to build.. things to invent ery'ting!!..damn and blast.. why did we wait!?! so if your children ask you anything about black history in the month of November, tell them 'sorry... you gotta wait another year!!'..

* It's funny the way he tells it!!
but then, he's a very funny man
that was just my poor interpretation
Love ya Felix

Monday 26 September 2011

Ken Livingstone's speech to Labour Party Conference 2011 ...ahead of Londons Mayoral elections May 2012..

Bob Marley & the Wailers.. two classic albums..

As another week begins it seems fitting to serenade it with this song from Bob Marley & the Wailers

As albums go I think Survival may be my most loved Bob Marley & the Wailers album to date..


I just love the intro of Africa unite

Last but not least..

Sunday 25 September 2011

Happy Birthday Songs of Praise.. love a great hymn..

My mum has me so used to songs of praise on a's as standard as rice and peas.
Today is the 50th birthday of the show apparently.. so here are two nice hymns to enjoy over brunch:)

Marriage.. when vs why.. Life.. long vs short..

I’m tired of the phrase .. life is short.
Truth is, it can be short – but it can be long.
Yet, no-one hardly ever says ‘life is long’.
Maybe it’s because we sometimes waste time preoccupied by things that don’t matter. Maybe it’s because we sometimes lack direction and focus, which causes us to feel as though we’re going around in circles, as time charges ahead.

If you were being sentenced in court and the judge said ‘10yrs.. down you go!’ I don’t think you’d stand there thinking ‘oh that’s such a short time!’.
If I say life is short, pray let it be because I’m so busy enjoying time spent so much that I just can’t get enough..

Time is, whatever we make of it I guess..
How much time?.. well, who knows
No one knows when their time is up, when it’s up it’s up… and it’s those who are left behind that can utter that immortal phrase... depending on your age at the time of your demise:)

I try to 'live and be happy'. (sometimes I’m sad though. I’m multidimensional. can’t always be sure which one of my persona's will show uplolx) but in the main, I try not to get put off too much by weirdness directed my way for whatever reason.
I try to shake it off and carry on as normal.
I’m not a mind reader although sometimes…I think I’m pretty close.. trust me… freakishly closelolx
I know I waste time putting off doing things from time to time. I’m better now, but I have my lazy moments.

My ex asked me yesterday when I’m getting married.
I said.. ‘When I’m ready!’.
Which isn’t entirely true, but it stopped him yapping on!!lol
Truth is.. I don’t know
Truth is.. I don’t know if I’ll ever really be ‘ready’
There are times when I feel nervous about commitment
There are times when I feel quite rooted in it.
Thinking aloud.. I think I make a pretty cool girlfriend… and will possibly make a pretty cool wife ( sure.. why not!!)
Thinking aloud.. that’s just my opinion right?? yeah I hear y'!!
(well it's my opinion and I’m sticking with itx)

On one side I have people asking me when!?!.. on the other I have people asking me why!?!
'errr.. I dunno!?!'
For me personally.. if I do, It will be for what I consider to be the right reasons, with who I (and god) consider to be the right person.
It will not be because (reasons I’ve been told in the past)
'Time is running out', or... 'I’m trying to help someone’s immigration status, and I need the cashlol!!'
Etc etc..
It will only be because I love that person completely, and that person feels the same about me… So much so in fact, that getting married will feel like the most natural thing in the world.

Have a nice day
Happy SMSx

Saturday 24 September 2011

The music of James Taylor..

On cool quiet days as I ponder on life and look out at the garden.. the cool breeze calms me.. there's something about the music of James Taylor that catapults me far away.. I have liked JTs music for as far back as I can remember.. since I was a little girl I guess..
Today.. is one of those days..

ft the beautiful piano intro..

JT explains how he came up with the song..

Because I love it..

Beautiful day!..+Amazing Doctors seperate conjoined twins..

Another story that fascinated me in the week was that of the conjoined twins from Sudan.

Although conjoined twins have been separated before, this one held my attention because of where they were joined
I'm amazed every time I see the pictures, and even more so to see them separated.
Doctors/surgeons are absolutely amazing!
If you're not sure what I'm talking about.. you can check out the story here

It's such a beautiful day here in London today. The sun is shining and you could be forgiven for thinking it was Spring.

You really can't beat the simple things in life.
A nice day, nice company, pleasant conversation.
A stroll in the park, or the sweet sound of silence
A book, birdsong and the distant sound of children playing

Enjoy it while it lasts.. and enjoy your dayx

Friday 23 September 2011

Has time sped up?.. the week 'flew' by..x

Glad to see Friday.
Mulled over whether or not to write a poem or thoughts about bad apples, ended up with a cross between the two!
Trying to convince someone of that when they're really upset about something can be tough.. so usually I'll say whatever the person needs to hear at the time, like
'Shit..what a b******, or... scumbags, or whatever else may be appropriate!

Later, when they've calmed down and reflection kicks in the discourse will change... and it's all good!! it's all healthy!!


It's been an interesting week.
I went to a conference in Islington about the riots, enjoyed the speakers on the panel. No new issues were raised really, but the workshops that followed revealed just how important class is to some people. Or to be precise ( what I've now dubbed) 'The desperation of the 'middle classes'

The following day I had a discussion on whether or not the so called 'Lotto Lout' after winning all that cash) was middle class..
On realisation that neither one of us actually cared that much..we ended up having a good old laugh, then concluded that perhaps there are those of us who need not fret unnecessarily about that particular issue.. not here in the UK anyway!( A topic for discussion on a slow day!)


Completed an assignment (with the intention of coasting it) then felt bad all day that I did that... now I'm worried it's not good enough.. almost worried anyway:)

In the run up to my birthday ( which is the same as my lovely daughters) I think I'll treat myself to a glass of wine every day (or night) with my dinner.. or without lol!!!

A cab driver made me laugh in the week with what's possibly a very bad joke..
Whilst referring to the state of some unruly youths, he blamed the restrictions placed on parents who wish to 'discipline' their own child/children..'old skool stlye'

'They know their rights!!' he exclaimed..
No they don't.. I thought..
'Yes'.. he continued 'If you try and beat them they say they gonna call...errm
'Childline?' I tried to help him out
I realised that maybe he wasn't as familiar with Esther Rantzen as I was.. so I continued..
'Social services?'
'Yes!!!.. social services!!'
I was glad I could assist..
'Tell you what'.. he said.. 'Mine big now.. but anyhow dem did ever get outta han'...
I woulda just chop off one a dem arm and one leg!'.. both from the same side!!..
'That way.. dem cyarn go nowhere''...
I'm confused!?!.. my face said..
'Dem cyarn keep dem balance!!!'

He kissed his teeth

Yesir.. he had a unique sense of humour
Enjoy your eve lovey people TGIFx

Bad Apples..

Never let one bad apple convince you all apples are bad
This can apply to many things
But is usually a phrase attributed to people.
It's worth remembering whenever doubt creeps in
Doubt erodes trust
The sins of one
Does not the sins of many make

Let that bad apple go
where-ever bad apples go
Be you not convinced of their powers to mutate
or spread 'virus like' at break-neck speed

Once contained, they're harmless
Walk on by
No, never let one bad apple mislead you
All apples are not bad

Thursday 22 September 2011

Interesting audio slideshow in the guardian ..Faisal barbers.. in one of my fav spaces.. Harlesden..

Click here to view and listen..
Reflections after the riots

Shallow/Live it up John Legend..

Some people work really hard.
I really respect those people
Not because of the hardship they endure
but the dignity with which they endure it

Some people really love deeply
I really respect those people
Not because of their displays of affection
but for their ability to feel

Some people really give their all
I really respect those people
Not because of the effort they put in
but for their generosity of spirit

Some people know a great deal
I really respect those people
not because of the knowledge they posses
but for their hunger to know

Some people know very little
I really respect those people
Not for the little knowledge they posses
But for their ability to find contentment in it

These are the people who give us hope
Give us strength
Inspire us to live well
Encourage us to know
Remind us to be thankful
Cement us in gratitude
These are the people who nurture the soul
amuse the ego
Help us to recognise our goodness
Awaken us
So that we can be more
Much more
Than shallow

Live it up.. dedicated to all those who know..

Thought of the day..Rap.. + music in general

Most days I like to get ready in Ti's room.. by that I mean check the mirror ( unbelievable I know) and.. 'chat kwap':)

Sometimes I ask him what time he's got to be at college..that kind of thing.. Best time to catch him is in the a.m.. his mind is much clearer methinks!!
Anyway.. this I guess is one of the reasons I know his tunes etc..blah blah..

Well.. he plays music in the a.m and some of the lyrics on these tunes make me cringe..
I often say... Oh my god is that what you're listening too!! how can you listen to that??... would you play that around grandma?.. bet you wouldn't play that around grandma.. how can you play that around me??..

( He's older now so I feel a bit odd saying turn it off.. although.. it's been known!!.. I have my limits)

'How is that helping you' i'd ask.. .. 'what do you think that 's doing to your mind?.. and on and on I go.. ( like an old bat apparently) whilst in the background is graphic detail of one persons anatomy and what it may or may not be doing to another!!

Other times.. I say nothing. I just turn.. real slowly .. look at him and turn away.
Other times, I'd continue to look in the mirror shake my head and make a sound.. ehh ehhhhhh( bit like a buzzer!!)

Anyway. Ti is fine.
Fortunately this music has not turned him into a wild thug.

It made me wonder though , why so many of us think that rap .. and ganster rap in particular is partly to blame for the way some ( young black males in particular ) behave.. ( only when behaving badly of course.. no one ever thinks to ask those who 'behave well' what they listen too.. may be in for a shock')

I used to think this.. now I'm not so sure. I'm not so sure because I too ( I confess) have enjoyed rap over the years, and it hasn't made me want to do anything i wouldn't ordinarily do.
Yet, a recent article in the Voice featured filmmaker Menelik Shabazz. ( well respected filmmaker) He was saying he felt that the music genre 'Lovers Rock' makes people want to love, be more loving or show affection.
He may have a point.

Now..those of you who read my blog often, will know i often love a sweeping statement ( oh yes.. scrap it all up together and blam.. saves time:)!!)

And here is that statement.
Most of the women who listen to lovers rock are single , and most of the men ( of a certain generation) are philanderers, with several baby mothers, for whom they are not responsible for!..(ah yes..blam.. best one yet!!:D)

Just so you know.. this statement was born out of a few conversations.. with women mainly.. I didn't create it..

One conversation with a friend a while back was questioning whether or not lovers rock ( as nice as it is) keeps women's heads in the clouds, and men off scot- free!!

(*Just so you know.. I love my lovers rock kings and queens!!)

I could go on about music.. but my question is.. just how much does music influence us.. and does it depend on our age?.
e.g When I was young I listened to lots of roots , reality , pop, country.. By the time I listened to G rap I was much older.
However, I suspect the story of Caribbeans in the UK can be told and understood through music alone.. ( remember '13 dead?'.. 'Police officer' and much much more)..which kinda implies for me that music is an expression of the consciousness of the people..
Still.. I can't be sure.. music is creativity, and creativity can create anything.. worlds.. people..truth from fiction and fiction from truth..

Still back in time..'Regulate'..Warren G & Nate Dogg R.I.P Nate

Nate Dogg had one of the coolest voices in rap in my opinion.. ( suspect we all have our own particular favs... for those of us who enjoy that music)
I've had this on my phone for years and years.. hot tune
Hmmm.. what did happen to that phone.. Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!?!

Wednesday 21 September 2011

Snoop Dogg..back in time selection...

Soul Connection..

Where have you been?
Wandering aimlessly as I
Or with purpose
Knowing that eventually
You and me
Shall meet
As everything else fades to grey
Our reality is filled with the brightest
Colours shapes and sounds
My longing and your purpose
A connection to transcend time and space
Life’s purpose understood
Clarity reins
Soul Connection

Tuesday 20 September 2011

Thought of the day..truth & food waste

Truth is not necessarily found in the action but the reasons behind it.

I've been thinking about this on and off for awhile and think it can apply to most things.
Our actions can often mask other issues, providing a camouflage for the truth. Therefore our 'judgement' of a particular action experienced or witnessed can be altered quite significantly once the real truth is known.

How do you get to the truth?
It tends to reveal itself eventually.
I guess that's possibly another take on the old saying all that glitters.. or not being blinded by what you see.

Apparently the average person throws away about £680 in 'good' food every year.
We have become quite a wasteful nation that's for sure and I'm trying very hard not to waste food at home, but to buy what is needed and monitor. ( must be a right joy to live with :D)
Still, what seems odd is that not long ago I heard that about a third of adults in the UK are overweight or obese.(which implies to me that we're either eating too much.. or eating the wrong foods)

What they heck would happen if the obese third threw nothing away?

Monday 19 September 2011

A touch of class @ Hackney Empire ft Freddie Mcgregor

The show began with a touch of class warming up the crowd nicely...
After which Slim took the stage. Slim by name, slim by nature. A very funny man with some interesting tales of nosey neighbours and why he doesn’t like cats!

He was followed by Tippa Ire who entertained us with his 1980s hits of 'Hello darling and Ragamuffin'... plus a track from his new album 'stick to my roots'...a natural showman who has definetly not lost any of his cheeky charm over the years.

Felicity Ethnic had the crowd in the palm of her hand. Her sharp matter of fact delivery on why she’s looking for a man half her age was hilarious. All big belly men... sucked it in at that point I suspect.:))

Felix Dexter (a personal fav) had us laughing with his unique and truthful tales of slavery, racism, and the irony of it all... very cool dude, and very smart. When he reminded the crowd that only he now stood in the way of them seeing Freddie, ‘like a bad commercial’ I half expected jovial booing... but .. He was so funny the crowd lapped it up...

The Ruff Cutt Band took the stage and it was game on.
Nice to see some of my peeps doing their thing from the other side of the fence...
Bubblers and Bigger held the riddim tight on keys and Fish on Bass was cool and calm as ever.
Freddie walked on with a shy smile and the crowd went wild.
Hit after hit is how I’d describe it. He sang a wonderful acoustic version of Brandy whilst sitting on a monitor at the front of the stage.

Two great tributes to Dennis Brown, 'Here I come' & 'Revolution'...Made us remember that great man, and how we lost him so early.
I hoped he didn’t just do the commercial hits and longed for a more roots selection so I wasn’t disappointed when he sang 'Wine of Violence' & 'Africa here I come'...
A member of the crowd shouted out for 'Mr Fix it'... and he duly obliged...accapella style.
Freddie’s voice is beautiful... crystal clear and exactly as it is on record.

He introduced his daughter who was on backing vocals, and made us all laugh by humming a tune with her that turned out to be 'Eastenders', and then telling us how much he loved the show! ( nice touch)

For all reggae fans Freddie is a living legend
Despite his now white/grey hair, he moves like a man half his age or more..easily.
He sings from the heart, years of history with every note.
The star filled backdrop only served to remind us what a huge star Freddie actually, is, yet star or not, he’s one the most down to earth people you’re ever likely to meet
Freddie... we love you

He didn't sing this but it's another old classic for me..

Sunday 18 September 2011

Mikey thanks & praise this blessed Sunday

The male midlife crisis: A woman’s perspective..

Over the years the male midlife crisis has been associated with random purchases of leather jackets, old men dating women young enough to be their daughters, and the buying of a red Ferrari.

Not much has been said about what’s actually behind these seemingly peculiar actions other than a fear of growing old.
Not much has been said about feeling unsure of where they’re heading in life. Feeling as though they have not achieved all they had hoped, feeling as though they are running out of time to achieve their dreams. Feeling like a failure, especially if it appears that other men have achieved what they would have wanted for themselves. Feeling as though they have been left behind.

Not much is talked about in terms of financial stability, or the lack of it, Job security, or the lack of it, relationship, or lack of it. Then there are those who are battling with issues around sexuality, feeling as though they should perhaps have enough courage to come out, but still feel trapped in the fear of the unknown.
I’ve watched a few men battle with what appears to be the male mid life crisis and
Whilst it’s painful to watch someone experiencing inner turmoil, there’s another part of me that thinks... Pull yourself together.

For women it’s quite different. Women are bombarded with images, and expectations from day one. Women have to adjust who they are on a regular basis. Mother, daughter, friend, lover boss; women are expected to be soft and genteel, yet tough and durable. Women are accustomed to watching their bodies change over time, or as a result of life events, they have to be flexible with regards to work and income changes, they often shelve their dreams, to support their partners or families, are often overlooked, and underappreciated.
Women experience.. ‘Life Crisis’. It occurs at any age. When you’re young you worry about your looks. When you’re older you worry about your partner looking elsewhere.

So, any man experiencing such a crisis, my advice would be... talk to a woman. She knows!!.

Be yourself / perils of a married man..

I understand why some people pretend to be someone else when they meet a potential partner. They want to hide their flaws and showcase the nicer aspects of themselves.
Yet, I’m not really sure how much sense that makes because sooner or later, that person will find out.
They will discover the truth..the real you..the mask will slip and if it were all an act, the person standing before them will be as unfamiliar and unknown to them as a stranger.
They may even end up resenting, or disliking you for it, viewing your courtship as a series or lies...or deceit.

Therefore, I think the early dating stages should be a bit like the old game show ‘it’s a knockout’, where you try your best to ‘knock em out!!’ have ‘em running for the hills, with a series of undesirable qualities. Eg:
I’m lazy
‘I tell lies’
‘I’m a philanderer’
and so on..
The one left standing… wins

No seriously...

I’ve said before, only you can be you
If someone cannot accept that, then don’t waste time trying to change their mind
Move on... eventually, someone will

There are lots of reasons to avoid married men. Unless of course they are married to you!!

Here are a few

1. He will not be leaving his wife for you. Once you’ve accepted being a mistress, a mistress you shall stay. Why wont he leave?.. perhaps they have bought a house, or houses together, and their finances are now so intertwined that if he left he would not be able to afford to survive.. at least not live in the standard to which he’s become accustomed. Esp if they have children under 18. ( okay.. in a few cases the man has left.. but it’s very rare.. a bit like long summers in the UK)plus.. it's also possible, that he may actually.. err.. love his wife!!.

2. On special days.. like anniversaries, holidays, birthdays valentine etc.. he will be with his wife.. you will be alone

3. Regardless of how much ‘great sex’ you give him, he’ll enjoy it.. then still go back and do the same with his wife. ( As she's in his bed every night) Even if it’s better with you.. he accept whatever his wife has anyway, as he doesn’t have to leave his home for it, or be romantic to get it.

4. He will lie to you. There is no way he could really be honest with you , and not hurt your feelings( unless he's a really gifted communicator:).. and remember we are talking of man men + talking + emotions = 0!! lol

5. Your well being is of secondary importance. Even if he makes you feel like the only girl in the world… chance are, you’re one of many.. and as replaceable as a lightbulb)

6. Do you really want a man who cheats on his wife? I know men sometimes say they like variety etc, but quite often a cheating man is… *insecure.-selfish.-an ego maniac.-trying to hurt his wife ( or get back at her for some reason) greedy-undisciplined-manipulative-and in some cases.. (not very good in bed.. so needs the practice).

*just a few things I’ve picked up over the years in discussions.. don’t hate me guys:))
If you don’t agree feel free to let me know the real reasons..errr other than biology thanks..!! ( that’s a cop out)

To be fair I’m going to list a few reasons why for many women it works quite well

1. You don’t have to clean up his crap, wash his clothes or even cook for him

2. You can send him home if he gets on your nerves

3. You can have another boyfriend, and if that gets serious.. dump your married lover

4. You don’t have to be emotionally connected..keep it simple.

5. You don’t have to share your money with him

6. It’ll never get boring

7. You know he's an ass and wouldn't want to marry him anyway.. but he's an ass with occasional desirable skills:)

Happy SMSx

Friday 16 September 2011

London welcomes Freddie Mcgregor..:)

Sick feelings.. tough tactics.. and the christmas countdown..

As the weather fluctuates between hot and cold.. so does my temperature..*sick* I'm coming down with something that I really need to shake off over the coming days. Still, it's nice to wrap up warm and cosy and just watch something entertaining sometimes.

I've met some nice people this week, which has kept me ticking over, and am looking forward to the coming weeks/months.

A story that had me undecided this week was the story of a headteacher who sent home over 100 children on his 1st day at work for relatively 'minor' incidents..

The disciplining of students can be difficult for many reasons.. one being that some parents take offence to anyone other than them disciplining their child. I've heard cases of parents going into schools to argue with teachers, ( in front of their children) even if their child was in the wrong!

I'm not suggesting parents shouldn't challenge teachers who they feel have acted unfairly or inappropriately, but preferably in the right way.. with thought.. and not if the child/children have clearly misbehaved.

The reason I'm undecided on this headteachers actions was because he'd previously taught in prisons, and I wondered if perhaps he was confusing 'prison' with 'schools..:D

To be fair, from past observations, children do seem to respond very well to rules and discipline.
There's an old Caribbean saying.. 'Don't spare the rod and spoil the child!'..
Times change I know, but If I were to generalise, I'd say parents are much softer now than ever before.. and I'm not sure why..

Someone said to me recently that parents over compensate if they feel their child/children are missing out in other areas
in other words.. any guilt parents may feel are masked through the buying of gifts.. and extra freedoms.. hmmm not sure but I understand the point..


Saw my 1st Christmas advert today.. the countdown has begun..
Christmas is such a romantic time of year.. all those fairy lights and soppy music
Bring it on..

Busy Signal and Peter Morgan..getting that Friday feeling;)TGIFx

Thursday 15 September 2011

Help!!..curious banking...not sure I get it !?!.

In the banking industry - if traders invest badly and try to cover it with further investments ( hoping they will come good) that also fail to deliver resulting in the losses of millions or more.. does that make them a rogue trader, or is it that their investments have failed, and they were just unlucky?

From the little I'm picking up it seems that gambling investments seem commonplace in the industry..
When it works I suspect everyone celebrates, when it fails..
Put it this way.. I'm sure nobody wants to fail.. and would never deliberately lose money..

I fear it's not the individuals, but the entire culture which may need to change.. I doubt it ever will..too lucrative.. yes I suspect some traders are reckless.. but if recklessness is often rewarded the temptation will always be there..

If any of you are bankers feel free to enlighten me..

ft..R Spice / I -Octane/T Riley ( Broken Hearts Riddim)

Racism & homophobia in nursery and primary schools?

I've just finished watching a discussion on TV and apparently, there have been a large number of racist and homophobic incidents between children at nursery and primary school

Nursery and Primary School?
Speak to the parents I say

Whilst I know that kids can pick up so much from TV,. and other children also...
I think it's more likely what's being said at home..
I'd like to know what's being said at nursery to warrant this concern.. seriously.. the mind boggles..

Many of the children will be too young to really understand what they're saying, but in time they'll get it..and it could become part of their character and belief system if not nipped in the budd..
But if the parents are responsible...??

Skipping dogs.. (don't ask) see below:)

Growing up.. for a few years, one Christmas present for some member of my family included the Guinness Book of Records..
Haven't bought it for awhile and i'm sure there are lots of weird and 'wonderful' things but this made me laugh today

Wednesday 14 September 2011

Always puts me in a nice mood this song.. enjoy!!..who's that Chick??...

Conversations with Ti...

Glad that storm didn't affect us here. I was expecting a real hurricane.. covered up the garden furniture etc
Others weren't so lucky..
When I told my son about the pending storm, I explained that the last storm we had blew down trees etc..
I have a large tree in my garden..
He said 'Imagine if it blew down!'
I said 'If it blew down it would crash straight through my bedroom!'
'Yeah' he said.. 'an that'll be the end of you!
'Never mind' .. he assured me..'We'll plant a tree in your honour.. like Lucas did for his ex in eastenders'
'Trina?' I asked (I have a good memory at times)
'Yeah!'lol.. that's it..'who knows .. if you're lucky we may even plant a palm tree'
'Anyway.. off to college'
Glad to see my son is able to seperate fact from fiction - and that he knows I like palm trees!x


The private sector has not yet been able to provide the influx of jobs as predicted by the Govt.. unemployment is up with little signs of change.

I suspect before the year end there will be a Uturn on some key policies..
Something's gotta give...
Seems as if it's not just Ti that may need help seperating fact from fiction!!

*Why are adults such screw-ups?

My nephew came to visit yesterday as he often does, and as he was leaving he popped his head around the living room door to say goodnight ( I'd fallen asleep in front of the TV) and he asked me .. 'What do you think of this 2012 thing?' I thought he was talking about the Olympics.. but regardless I still asked .. 'What 2012 thing?'
'That the world is gonna end!'
'Who told you that?' I asked..
'Loads of's all over BB.. the net etc' he responded..
I noticed a look of sadness on his face, which is unusual as he's a very happy and content type of guy..
He went on to talk about the fact that he worries about his daughter's future ( she's about 18mths) what with the world being the way it is..

It annoyed me a bit...
I was annoyed because as adults we rob our young people of so much...
Adults can be real screw ups!!
Somewhere between our youth and adulthood many of us become assholes.. ruin what could be.. a pretty cool place.. we hurt each other, crush hopes, crush dreams, and enjoy the misery of others.. sure not all.. but a large enough number of people to have an impact.. and to have caused 'that look' on my nephews face..
Where, between the innocence of youth and adulthood, does the switch take place?

Sometimes with age comes .. a whole load of baggage, bitterness, and bullshit.
Who are these vampires, sucking the blood of humanity?

When he left he felt better.. thanked me for whatever it was I said. ( It was something positive - not sure of the details as I really was half asleep!!)
Took me awhile to get back to that 'place' though..
I watched BBC news 24 at approx 4am) and noticed a show called 'news day' (or something like that)where the anchorwoman is joined by a guy from Singapore..
Sign of the times I guess.. in time it'll be India - perhaps..
Anyway.. I've said to myself many times that most people are really good people deep down.. maybe it's so deep down that it's becoming even harder to see it, I don't know..
I always live in hope - and will give folk the benefit of the doubt as I would like for them to give me.. still...

Welcome to the world J.. you're all grown up now!

*yeah yeah not everyone I know..relax.. it's probably not you:).. if it is?.. come-on...sort it out!!!

Destiny - are you on the right path?...

Wow it's only been a few days but it feels like weeks since I've connected with you all.. I've missed you!.
I've been really tired over the past few days, falling asleep sometimes within minutes of sitting down after dinner. I think I've still been on holiday mode, so trying to adjust to being back at work has been tough.. ish. The news has been quite depressing of late so despite keeping up with it, I haven't wanted to discuss it too much.. So..what's depressing? unemployment figures, reality of gov policy, lack of respect/courtesy and human decency, crime, general malaise and discontent.
I can usually find humour in most things but among that lot?.. hmmmm not much!!.

Personally despite being tired I've been okay:)
Hope you have too!!

Here's a quick update...As my passion and excitement increases with matters regarding most things political, I've decided to join a political party.. It would be interesting to know what party you think I'll be joining based on what you know of me:)

To be honest it was slim pickings, but influencing my choice is .. core values.

So what do I intend to do with my membership?. Something definitely something.
Truth is, of late I've been doing things by instinct/gut feeling. By that I mean I feel drawn to certain thing's or certain people, and whilst I may not necessarily know why , I trust it'll lead me to where I need to be.. it'll be right.. and it'll be good.
Sometimes the feeling is strong.. other times not so strong. But it's' there, so I wont ignore it.
I've taken to calling it .. my path.
Destiny is a funny thing. We all have it, some believe in it completely, others don't. I believe we all have a journey, a particular path to follow.

Sometimes the noise around us, drowns out that which we need to hear. In some cases it's as if we need to re-train our ears to ensure we don't miss the important messages being sent us. Cryptic? .. maybe.
Spiritual? - definitely.

Still, I also believe that if there's a message we need to receive,.. it shall return to us time and time again.. until we hear it.. and follow through. some fail to grasp it.. and struggle in an almost spiritual wilderness.

There are many things I'm passionate I tell myself.. why not do them?
Nowhere is it written that you can only do one or two things at a time.
Living in the now, I'm happy to do whatever, get involved - try new things and enjoy the ride
Are you on the right path?

Sunday 11 September 2011

Nice prayer b4 bedtime... Da Professor..Words

Today has been quite a musical day..relaxed..a pleasant day

Batten down the hatches.. gales predicted for Monday..
Trying not to think or worry too much about things I need to do tomorrow, otherwise if I'm fortunate enough to see it.. I'd have worried about them twice!
An early night beckons methinks..not before being entertained by the X factor.. and anything else that may present itself.. hope you all had a good dayx

I -Octane selection..various mix

Make your relationship..everything you want it to be...

Possibly the quickest and easiest way to solve a problem is to acknowledge it, then discuss it, but most importantly, have an agreed preferred outcome.

I say this because I've lost count of the number of people who complain about their partners but never actually say anything to them
Sometimes it's fear that stops people from addressing what irks them!
Fear they'll upset the person
Fear they'll lose the person

But I think if someone cares about you and doesn't want to lose you as a friend , lover, partner.. etc...they'll hear you out, and be glad ( maybe not initially.. but with thought)you came to them..
Ultimately, if they walk away...
perhaps they didn't care (about you..and what you share)enough

My SMS post today is.. love the one you're with
It's easy to take someone for granted.. get complacent.. lazy..( thinking they'll always love you so why make the effort!)
Make the relationship you have be the one you want it to be..
If you have to work at it.. work at it

because to complain.. and do nothing.. solves nothing..
We have a choice.. to work it.. or leave it

pretty sure I'll still have a girly chat or two.. but if I have a problem.. I vow to deal with it directly... or walk away

You've no need to hide your distress.. or be alone
You can face it all... together...
Some men don't like to say I Love you.. ( struggle with showing emotion)some women want to hear it...
Whilst it's not necessary to say it all the time.. if your other half wants to hear it.. why not say it?.. but only if you really mean it

Happy SMSx

Did 9/11 change the world?

For the West it definitely re-wrote the script on heroes and villains...
The media created a new hate figure in a faith once regarded as relatively peaceful.
For the west Muslims became the ones to watch... and for a day or two Black Caribbean’s & Africans were off the radar.

Yet not completely.
The frenzy that gripped us all was one of fear and suspicion
For a lot of people the question was why?
Blair and Bush claimed they had the answer.

I remember the London bombings, and having to take the bus a few days later.
I sat opposite a black lady and at the next stop a fully robbed very tall traditional Muslim man got on... (With a rucksack can you believe it?) and sat down next to me.
I looked straight at the woman opposite me. My face must have said it all... and she got it...our eyes locked!!.. then.. we smiled at each other... because if anyone should know better... it should be us!!

I remember thinking how I wouldn't have looked twice at him before. I also remember wondering if he never watched the news, and how stupid and insensitive it was of him to be carrying a bloody rucksack!
Such is the power of the media

Britain has a problem in that it appears to support extremists in some countries... yet not others.

Then there are some who were force fed the notion that 1 man was responsible.
Almost overnight... it was right and good to be Christian... and anything else..evil and wrong.

Truth is... if the choice was to select either side? I’d leave them both.

The attacks on the world trade centre was one of unimaginable horror. As I watched it on TV like most people, it took awhile for the reality of what I was watching to sink in. I was at work when it happened, and I remember the sky went extremely dark... (Previously it was a nice clear day) I never understood that.. how bizzare

I checked the skies a lot after that... expectantly.
Of all the images that stuck in my mind over the days it was this one...

I remember thinking how brave he was... and wondering at the time if he'd ever get out alive...
Thankfully, I heard he made it out...

All the services were pushed to the limit that day, yet for some reason, it's the images of the firefighters that touch me the most...

A lot of wonderful innocent people lost their lives that day...
10yrs on... did Blair and Bush really have the answer, and if so... what was it?
Did 9/11 change the world?.. or simply uncover what was already there

My thoughts go out to those impacted on the most..
I'm a Londoner..just a regular London girl.. I suspect if I were American this post may be completely different
If 9/11 taught us anything.. surely it's that we need to live in peace.. with each other

Saturday 10 September 2011

Love Types..

Hey hetro ladies.. do you have a type?
A man that'll turn your head and make your heart feel right?
If you're not hetro it'll be a woman I guess
Although about that I know nothing.. I must confess.

I hear some women say they like dark skinned or black guys, light skinned guys..white guys..tall guys.. short guys..cute guys.. thick guys.. slim guys.. and bad guys.. smart guys and daft guys..serious guys and funny guys..

Me?.. I've never thought I actually have a type per-se
I can be seduced perhaps by fine eyes, and cute/boyish/macho men.

A friend of mine said I like arrogant guys.. as I had this odd crush on Alistair Campbell of all people
She asked me if I don't think he's slightly 'wicked?' ( she was thinking about the war)
'No!!'.. was my response.. ( I was thinking about something else!!)

Maybe it's the confidence thing.. or the power thing.. who knows..
attraction can be.. and is more often than not for me..indefinable
Obviously.. I don't go by looks alone.. it's the person/the character etc
and anyway I can honestly say I like different things about different people..

case in point...

Konshens.. ( nothing like Campbell)

I have a feeling though that my 'types' as she calls them do have something in common .. other than me..
So instead of types I think what I have developed is preferences...
Even with so many cute shorter men around I prefer tall men
I like funny guys but I prefer serious men/solitary men( but not moody!!) ( who have a sense of humour)
Young guys are hot but I prefer older men.. or young old guys

Confusing??.. that's attraction!

Ooh so many preference that I wont go into now..
But the thing with a preference is it's fluid.. it can change.. and does depending on the individual/s
So whenever a woman says to me she has a type, whilst chatting I usually ask certain questions and hey presto...before you know it.. she didn't really have a type at all!!.. at least she's usually not as rigid as she initially thought she was
There are some things that are not debatabe though .. like respect.. kindness..
love..loyalty etc

* giggles*.. this is such a girly indulgent post:))
Bet you guys are rolling your eyes.. ( pretty sure you have similar convos from time to time:)!!)err.. just maybe not as often.. err maybe after football??
Happy Saturdayx

Beach Front & Sweet Corn Riddim mix.. Saturday music treat..

Friday 9 September 2011

Friday music selection.. Chris Martin & Konshens..

Proposing the American jobs Act

Britain and America may potentially have two very different approaches to addressing their respective economies..
An impressive investment proposal from the Americans
UK austerity measures...
Time for a U-turn from us?

This speech should secure Obama a second term

One glass of red.. & it's thank you angels

Met a friend for drinks after work today.
Most people who know me would say I don't drink. Which in the main is true... but if I choose to, I'll take a sip or two for 'Auld lang syne'.

So, sip I did.. sipped and chatted away.. and I tell you now.. it's a prayer and two invisible angels that brought me
and that folks.. is one of the the main reasons I refrain..

I think it's worse if i'm tired.. constitution is low.. defenses weakened..
Now.. I'm soooo chilled.. slightly tipsy.. cheekily it's a good job I'm home :))

It's been a very busy week and now it's time to unwind.. enjoy two and a half men ( the TV show that is:) and what's left of my Friday eve...

Hey.. it really is true.. when your children grow up you really can enjoy late nights again!!! yay
Tell you what though.. I hate feeling tipsy.. hate feeling like I'm not in control.. If I'm home and not too far from my bed it's not so bad..
So I'm thinking that I may pass completely in future... ( coward that I am lol) we'll see
Nice time though... it's good to talk

Keep your head up

Money worries
Lover worries
Major worries
Minor worries
Take it one day at a time
Never leaving hope behind
Just keep your head up
Never give up

You cry inside
Feel you've died inside
Can't find a friend
To talk awhile
You hate the postman
Hate the phone
Want the world to leave you alone
You can run
But you can't hide
From yourself
You must decide
To recognise you're not alone
There are others out there
In the same boat
So chill
Be done will thy will
Just keep your head up
Never give up

Thursday 8 September 2011

Interview with Professor Rich Banks..Author

Came across this interview with the Author Rich Banks on interracial dating. How racism affects the marriage prospects of Black Women, and rather than wait, should consider dating outside racial lines. It's also stated that they are still less likely to, than males.

Available on the blog/forum/online magazine/forum Beyond Black & White
Discussing compatibility and colour

The Banks biography

Studies were carried out in the U.S..
There are some interesting points being discussed.. may be a little difficult to decipher in places.. and I'll confess I didn't hear til the end, but what I did hear was interesting enough for me to share..

Discrimination affects so much more than some may realise.. it's never limited to just the individual
Sounds like he got a lot of stick in the U.S..
Gosh.. my book shopping list is growing!!
Will read and comment at a later date..

Nas & Damien Marley..Leaders.. plus bonus tracks..

Damien Marley & Nas.. Road to Zion...

Easy skanking..Bob Marley

The wonderful world of Oz...

I’ve never really thought about the story much, but today I thought how we travel down our own yellow brick roads...and meet the same characters, time and time again...

The Tinman – thinks he has no heart/until made aware of it
The Scarecrow – thinks he has no brain/until made aware of it
The Cowardly lion – thinks he has no courage/ until made aware of it
The Winged Monkeys – deceivers who you really need to stay away from!
And then you have the Wizards – those we perceive as having knowledge and powers way beyond our capabilities – who turn out to be regular folk, with little more than an ability to present an image of an all powerful all conquering hero, in order to mask their own insecurities, pain and humanity

Just so you know.. in the real world of Oz the characters can be male or female:)..

Of all the characters, the winged monkeys despite appearances may actually present the least danger.
You know where you stand with them. Get too close and they’ll finish you off!!
With the others it’s not so clear cut...

You may think someone will thank you for making them aware they have a heart, a brain, or courage, but if it means they then have to use it… they may not thank you at all..!!
They may actually end up resenting you
Just as the wizard may… for revealing those all consuming frailties that may have remained safely hidden for years...
Yet like Dorothy…
All that I need is in my power... right here... right now..with me... you too!!!
Must remember that next time I take a stroll down that yellow brick road:)

Tough times dont last tough people do..

Was a phrase that sprang to my mind this morning..
I went on google to try to find out where it originated from, but other than it being a quote in some movie starring Gregory Peck - the most significant source seems to be a New York Times bestseller, written by Robert. H. Schuller.

If you've read it.. feel free to write a quick review.. if not.. I'll try purchase a copy over the coming weeks and offer a summary.

It's cold outside. I've messed up the heal on my nice new boots..( should never have walked to work in them!!) but still.. a new day..

Good morning and have a nice day whatever you're up to!!

Welcome Autumn.

Wednesday 7 September 2011

Captains log.. stardate 7-9-11

Anyone who reads my blog often,or has followed over the months may now realise that the Captains log usually contains something more personal or emotional than usual..
So.. cover your ears if needs be, but sometimes, I find that putting things on paper.. sending it into orbit.. helps me to make sense.. of the senseless...

Today was Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
and I'm not sure why.
It's not my hormones.. no I can rule that out.. so I'm searching for the answer to why, today, I wrestled with the devil.. and lost.
No. I'm not being honest. If I were being honest I would say I know exactly why I felt that way.. my frustration is not knowing what to do about it, not being sure about it..

I remember reading a book called the the value in the valley by Iyanla Vanzant, many many years ago.. all about managing the trials and tribulations of life. Apparently there is value to be found.. the valley. I remember another, 'A course in miracles'.. good book.. need to read it again though.. you be honest.. the list goes on..
Yet there are times when none of it matters.( odd statement to make on a blog which states the opposite!!) but there are times when miracles are scarce.. and there's very little value in the valley, as it's been drained dry!!

There are times when it's best to get out, and stay out of that valley or die trying.

My task now is to work out what matters... what really matters.. to me

Sometimes, I don't even like to think.. thinking should come with a caution sign.. but this is me... and it's what I do...!!

I have good days, and bad days.
In fact, I am, I think, living a parallel life.
Absolutely everything and nothing matters to me.. which could either be the truth or a lie. A lie told to myself to protect my other self... who possibly, couldn't give a shite anyway ..

I'm not materialistic but I miss having a car.
I'm not materialistic but i want to own several houses
I'm not materialistic but I want to be stinking rich.
and sure.. I can be happy without these things, but I'd prefer to be happy with them.

I know all that stuff's not the most important, but It's like chess.. and if you play chess you know you're more likely to win with certain pieces still in play, positioned correctly.. they give you options /choices/and control over the game
Funny..I felt closer 10years ago.. don't know why..
Already we're approaching the 10th anniversary of 9/11..

I remember 9/11 like it was yesterday, and know exactly what i was doing and what was happening in my life at that time. I smiled more.. i think:) size 8-10 roughly.. bit on the skinny side maybe
I really should be grateful. 9/11 devastated the lives of many people, and the war that followed is still raging today

Yet I'm a restless and wounded spirit today..and most days if I dig deep enough
I think maybe if I silence that voice.. which is possibly the voice of my true desires.. I should feel better tomorrow..

Only thing is, it's getting harder to suppress.. my parallel lives/parallel persons are beginning to merge.. and it's not an easy process.
Sometimes there are no words to express.. none that heal a particular pain, or lighten a particular darkness

It's ethereal, transient, moves like the sun, a wave.. you ride it, not fight it..
Next time i battle that dragon.. I'll win
I guess it matters right?
F*** it
I'm off to bedx

Nice tribute to Sugar Minott.. Tarrus Riley..Good thing going

West Pines riddim..ft Vybz Kartel.. Konshens..

Did Vybz say women wont leave him alone , and you're 'gonna have to share' him? :)
Gotta love artists..
He 'gi dem one touch an tell them fi jus' gwarn'..:O lol

Retro Food?

I cooked corn beef for the kids early last year ( or it may have been the year before..) and it stunk the house down!
I'm not sure the corn beef now is the same corn beef of old..
(Never Again.. well not if I can help it!!)

I actually don't eat meat!.. for some reason my children wanted to eat it..
Maybe because they heard my mum say she used to make it for us
Oddly enough.. they liked it :O??

Apparently Rectro food is making a 'comeback'. To be honest for many .. it never even left let's face it..
What some call Rectro food however is simply .. home cooking..

At a time when about a third of all adults is over weight, due to diet and lack of exercise, I'd say it's probably best to revert to 'recto food' if it means less junk food and less processed food.

At first I thought it wasn't the governments place to tell people what to eat.. if folk are overweight it's down to them..
but I realise that may not be the case.. the food industry have packed our foods with 'hidden salts and sugars' ( and god know what else!!) and the govt can put a stop to that..

Romain in love

Interesting divisions in Jamaican Society:)
I do like this vid though.. did you spot my singer crush??:)

Sunday 4 September 2011

Trust Darling..

I know myself pretty well.
I also know that I find it quite difficult to trust people
put it this way, I will... I but eventually.. tentatively.. mindfully.. and most importantly.. hopefully!

It's an effort for me..but it's an effort that I try to make, because I believe the benefits are worth it, and despite my fears I know I have to give a little.
So I do. Do I get my fingers burnt.. yes!.. do I risk, or experience disappointment.. hell yeah!

There are lots of reasons why I 'kinda'find it difficult to trust, but I wont go into that now. Maybe I'll share that in another post.

The reason I thought about trust is because Alistair Darling has published his memoirs.. where he very candidly talks about his relationship with our ex P.M Gordon Brown, and the financial crisis, and how awful and dysfunctional an experience it had been.

Mr Darling ( who has a fine head of hair- and has always reminded me of Troy!.. Thunderbird)was on Andrew Marr show discussing it, and ended the interview by saying he's 'not interested in living in the past!'

This for me is another example of why you can take what many politicians say ( when they're in power) with a pinch of salt.
The fact that he wasn't honest at the time, makes me think he should just keep bloody schtum now!

I will confess, I'm quite interested in reading it though
But arrrr.. can you take anyone at face value anymore?

I think what I'll do in future when someone says something to me is stop and say.. Okay... do you really mean that or are you just trying to be polite!?!
Do you really mean that or are you trying to avoid confrontation!?!
Do you really mean that or are you taking the P!?!
Do you really mean that or are you trying to deceive me!?!

Either that, or I may just respond with a sweet but curt.. 'F*** off'
e.g 'Hey D would you like a cup of tea?'
D... 'F off!'

That may get me into unnecessary drama though.. so I suspect I'll just smile sweetly and let it go through one ear and out the other:)

A friend of mine has started chanting!!... Chanting!?!..just to stay centred!?!.. and detached from the liars, deceivers and ne'er do wells?..I asked her if she'd just watched ' what's love got to do with it?( The Tina Turner movie) she said no... she just needs to 'stop cursing her husband out!!'

I'm not chanting.
No. i'm not there yet.

Who do you trust?
Does it take a while for you too?
Or have you deceided not to trust anyone.. ever:)

*Anyway..Waterstones.. here I come!!
Then there's Cheries, Tony's, Sarah's.. Did Gordon publish his memoirs already?
hmmm maybe I better wait til payday!

Make me smile

You make me smile
Through lousy days
Summer haze
Minor irritations that escalate
From dawn to dusk
a thought or two
Of us
Is just enough
to turn my day

For you I know
Will always be
Just enough
For a girl like me
To want to stay
Not up and leave
In us I do

You make me smile
Yet now and then
You are the reason
That I don’t
The reason
That I wont
Even try
To see the funny side
That lasts not even a little while
Despite myself
Despite my wealth
My emotional
I confess
that you
Make me smile

Happy SMSx

Friday 2 September 2011

Aloe Vera - miracle plant?

I've been told many times over the years that one of the best plants to grow and have at home is an Aloe plant. I have a very small one that I really need to take care of if I'm to reap any benefits.

I just wondered if any of you have or use the plant, and if so , what you use it for?

A song for Friday.. thankful Friday..

I think this is one of the most amazing 3min films I've seen in a long time.. don't know who directed this vid but..(i'm almost lots for words)

Captures so much.. jolts your emotions and the song carries you along effortlessly
Sad and beautiful!! probably more sad than beautiful but there's beauty in sadness too

Thursday 1 September 2011

Welcome September.. thanks for the late summer sun!

Well it's fair to say we had a nice day. I found an icing writing kit that made that task a lot quicker. I know it's not very neat, but I've never mastered that particular skill like others I know!.. still I did my best as always:).

A very happy young man got to open his presents ( skateboard helmet's too small!!).. still.. that 'd' on the side of his headphones mean the world, and he loved his auntie's/uncle/ and cousin's gifts very much!!.. thank you !!!

I decided this time not to part cook the chicken ( on the stove)but to be brave and really go for it and put it straight on the BB..
We quickly realised that it's not as straight forward as we thought.. by the time the chicken had cooked through.. it was seriously 'charred'.. like 'charred to the max' as in burnt!

Still... they say it tasted nice underneath!

Finally.. time for cake..
I didn't notice that i'd bought joke candles which Ti couldn't blow out,to the point fire alarm went off.. no worries.. I usually use it as a cooking timer anyway :D!!

Some quick thinking.. a bowl of water later and all was well..

time to chill.. work tomo:)
Hello September..x

Kanye & Jay Z- Otis