Saturday 28 February 2015

Love is...





and worth it

Happy Saturday x

* Cartoonist Kim Casali - Sourced Google Images*

What's on YouTube for Mugabe's Birthday bash

So much fuss about Robert Mugabe's birthday bash.
Some people are outraged that Elephant Lion, and Buffalo is reportedly on the menu.. Why?
Only a vegetarian can have a legitimate complaint about that as far as I'm concerned

This reporter is a little angry. What a horrible and unflattering introduction...

I was about to skip until I heard him accuse Robert Mugabe of 'stealing land'!
Whose land did he steal?
I need to re-read the history of anti colonial struggle in Zimbabwe perhaps
...or maybe he does! least What's Up Africa has a cheeky funny bone
Yes.. he's very cheeky this one.. the girl is funny.. love the singing:)

Happy 91st to you

Friday 27 February 2015

Why steal phones?

Thank god it's Friday
I'm glad about it.
Its been a busy week and I'm definitely ready for rest and relaxation

Something caught my attention on the local news today, and it was that 'we the public' need to be careful when using our phones in public, as incidents of phone theft / robbery has gone up.
This, ( below) is a very reasonably priced Mobile phone [click]
.. and this is why there is absolutely no excuse for phone theft.
.. anyone desperate for a mobile phone can pretty much get one.
It may not be a 'smart phone'
but its' a phone.

To steal a phone from another in this day and age appears to have little to do with a genuine need to make a call or send a text.
It's deplorable
I guess those who steal mobile phones, do so to sell them at a profit. But again it' s not really cool is it.
and we cant complain about the system, if we 'ourselves' are guilty of behaving just as badly...

I remember someone put it this way once.. 'using your phone in public is like standing on the street waving £500+ around'
Me being me, I think someone should be able to do so if they want to, and not have it taken from them.. but that's me being naive. . I know.

It's a chicken a egg situation
Bottom line.. we are the system.. we all play a role in it
If we don't want to be stolen from.. we shouldn't really steal

I appreciate that there may sometimes be genuine reasons for needing to do so...
but that's a separate discussion entirely


Do you remember when we made our calls in one of these?
I used to run to the end of the road, and around a corner.. wait on the wall if occupied, in anticipation and eagerness
In hindsite, making a call was a bit of an event

Do you remember these?
Often seated on a 'phone table' in a hall...
who knew then, that technology would evolve to what it is now..
it's quite an achievement really
cant say I feel the same about phone theft..

Wednesday 25 February 2015

MP's earnings

Lots of people have second jobs.
For many, a second job is required to raise the family income to a level which will keep the family's heads above water.
We're often told that the largest group of new benefit claimants are those in work.
They are known as the in work poor.
The 'In work poor' silence the notion that the poor ( in the UK) are lazy.

For those with second jobs, there is no such thing as a work life balance. or .. in many cases.. savings.
They work these second jobs because they have to, and the resulting impact is minimal time remaining for thier loved ones.

It's incomparable with the current... 'should MP's have a second job ' saga.

A UK MP'S salary is £67,060.
Whether you like your MP or not.
Whether they respond to your letters or not
Whether you feel fairly represented or not ...
That's the wage.
In addition, they are entitled to MP's expenses.
In the main.. I think its a fair wage [click]

However....many people, earning much less, are not paid a fair wage.
0 contract hours appear like the devil in a blue dress
They are unpopular, but offer a glimmer of hope to those seeking employment.
A days pay here, a weeks pay there, a month...
0 contract hours offer little in the way of security, but a great deal in the way of stress

For many of our MP's, being an MP is lucrative. They are able to charge for speaking engagements ( if they possess that talent) , run businesses, enjoy a second or third job, with little fear of keeping 'head above water'
Those in that position need not fret the small stuff

The question of whether or not an MP should exploit thier position, is a bit of a red herring
I say give them £100,000 per annum if you see fit.. it doesn't bother me
The real issue, as I see it, is what can be done to make this a fairer society.

and with that in mind....are they a help to the process, or a hindrance

have a good night x

*Google Images*

Stunnah Gee ft. Davido - Dengeme

Did you know... Fela Kuti's star sign was Libra

Chopstix - Number 1 - ft Shaydee ,Cynthia Morgan & Yung L

Cynthia Morgan - I'm Taken & Kuchi Kuchi

Rayce - Jack Sparrow, Igbedu

Happy Wednesday all x

Tuesday 24 February 2015

Ryme Minista - Heart Mind & Soul

Ghost - Searching

I haven't heard from this artist for a very long time.
A nice song.. and the Britjam riddim has certainly grown on me. Good to hear him

West Ham fan boards train without hasstle

I don't support West Ham
I support Arsenal
But this was a little amusing....

"...For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbours, and laugh at them in our turn?" - Pride & Prejudice
Great line

Monday 23 February 2015

Blood & Fire - A political history of Jamaica

This is an old documentary but I've never seen it before.
An interesting watch if you have time.. and an interest

Mc Galaxy - Iyaya Eh

Wizkid - Amin

'God' loves everyone. Even the people we may not like

The only thing i have a problem with....

...Is the amount of dolls on that shelf, and those scary looking clowns
the whole place is screaming.. de-clutter de-clutter- de-clutterr

Seriously this woman is an ex UKIP MP. A Politician.
and you know how much I love my Politicians :)
I must do.. I can't seem to stop talking about them!
She is apparently an independent councilor now.
The key word ... independant lol

So, she begins her tale by stating that she knows there is no way she can be a racist, then goes on to reveal she is
What karma from a past life could possibly cause this woman to have a problem with people she refers to as...'negroes'?
She wonders what is in her psyche, causing her to feel that way..... hmmm..shall I assist her?.....okay...
it's....white supremacy dumbass

This woman is old -old- old -skool racist. It feels like I'm watching a relic of the past. New skool racists don't operate like that . New skool racists have far more finesse.. panache. You gotta be sharp with 'new skool racism'. It can blind side you.
Old skool racists push black commuters off trains and chant silly chants.
New skool racists would subtly convince the person they have no right to take the train in the 1st place.
Sadly, I suspect there are many people who share her views.
Her mate summed it up well when she stated ...'this is ridiculous'.
The only thing I don't really believe her on, is when she says she doesn't know why. I suspect she knows why, but to state her reasons could be deeply embarrassing offensive and nasty.

Her description of negroid features is as limiting as her vocabulary

I didn't watch the documentary. I just came across this news feature on my phone last night. But I will say this...
The entire thing feels like I witnessed a private conversation that was not intended to be made public.
She spoke honestly.

Happy Monday

Monday already
No worries, one day closer

Seems a couple of our UK politicians read my blog and decided to get lively.. ( I joke.. this just seems like a 'well timed' reveal)
HSBC boss has a Swiss bank account for his bonuses.. lol.. can I have one? Awww go on... what if I say I like swiss rolls? [click]

I didn't watch the Oscars, and only found out last night what Birdman is about ( sounds like a good film)
Lupita looked nice.. need to check out some more outfits!
Oh , and well done to Common & John Legend also for their song Glory. ironically, neither's best song.
Still, they wear a suit well those guys

Please tell me .. was that Afroman seated behind Leonardo clapping at the end of their speech?
Tell me it wasn't was it!?.. if it yo neck Leonardo

Monday!!!! good morning all x
Now go make your money

Still sleeping?... here you go :)

Spotlight on Masicka - Trouble, Grandfather Say, Heaven, Brave x Truth, Money & Deso me deh

*warning - explicit lyrical and visual content - scene of animal slaughter.. yikes*
video director...!?

well matched combination with Konshens

Masicka.. babyface assasin.. and contender for the dancehall crown

Sunday 22 February 2015

Election year pt2 - + Elephant Man again...

So far.. no politicians have knocked on my door to promote their party values, no campaigners..
lazy arses. lol.... don't they want my vote?
I suspect they'll wait until 2 weeks, or a week before polling day to come knocking, all smiles
Perhaps they feel they no longer have to work to retain a borough like mine...
well.....i'm sure it will hot up in time
It is politics after all

I think about stories I've heard about elections in other parts of the world.. the free rice ( food) , gifts, whatever.....
Hey.. UK people .. you ever wonder... where are our treats??

here's a question.. are freebies a bribe.. or just clever marketing?

Elephant man is funny..

probably best known initially for ....

Twerk oil......

Election year?! - Elephant Man - Do The Right Thing, Chi Ching Ching Ft Beenie Man & Popcaan - Way Up, SQB - Piss go sleep

I'm waiting for the UK's general election campaign to become interesting.
there's little to blog about it.
It's as boring as F**k
Legal but immoral tax avoidance by big business, rich donors of political parties ( somebody's got to fund them) unemployed to work for free....what else...?
We're missing some big characters in politics, with really strong passionate, well informed, and polarizing opinions.
best thing Miliband can do is bring back Prescott. there's a reason for that [click]
Both major parties are bland, bland , bland ( they often like to say things in 3's politicians :))

Tax avoidance we're often told by the powers that be, is theft.
For example, when those on low incomes make a mistake and over-claim on 'benefits' whilst working ( or something like that - even if the error is simply a bureaucratic administrative one) they are often shown lack of sympathy and understanding. Sometimes the outcome is a prison sentence.

Ironically, the only people that seem to have a problem paying tax is those who can afford it most.
I don't mind paying tax... and I certainly wouldn't mind paying if I were a millionaire or even a billionaire. heck double my current wage and I still wouldn't mind.
Why should I?
Tax assists others. It helps those in need, ...pays for public services, and stops the country descending into an immoral hell. We all benefit at the end of the day.
To coin a phrase.. 'we're all in this together'
But we're not really are we....

Yes, the aim of business is to provide a service and make profit..
But the rich should not avoid tax.
and politicians should not facilitate that process.

Yes UK politics is boring right now... in the meantime... This video made me smile

Nice to see Beenie Man ( plus a guest appearance from Konshens:)

Nesbeth - Taste Victory

Nesbeth is a new artist to me. I know little about him, but I quite like this song. It has an ease about it both musically, and in the lyrical delivery, which makes me think that hes probably been singing/performing for some time. perhaps yet to make a breakthrough.
An uplifting track.. what's not to like

Good morning all x
Sun is shining..

Saturday 21 February 2015

LXG - Beef Dae Roast

Saturday throwback: Kevin Lyttle - Turn me on

ft Spragga Benz

Busy Signal ft Bounty Killer - Summn a guh gwan

In search of missing Ebola funds

About 25bn le are reportedly unaccounted for from Sierra Leone's Ebola fund.

This was the findings from an independent auditors report which seemingly limited its investigation to a 5mth period. Some may see the findings as a damming reflection of the all too common tale of 'political corruption across Africa', but, I've given it some thought, and in truth, I don't.. entirely. Perhaps, this report . and its findings , will actually be a blessing in disguise.

Firstly, to be clear, the report focuses on money which has been raised internally, and is not money recieved from International donors, or government grant aid IMF etc.
For more information [click]

"The report by Sierra Leone’s auditor general looked at 84 billion leones (£12m) the government set aside for fighting the virus from the start of the outbreak last May until October 2014. The money came primarily from institutions and individuals donating from mostly within Sierra Leone, and from tax revenue.It did not include money donated by the UN, international government aid or assistance from NGOs".

However, that does not necessarily mean that all of that money can be accounted for either. International aid could have been siphoned off elsewhere also.

On a positive note, I think it's a good thing that the report was compiled, and that the country is attempting to be transparent. I think it's a good thing that those suspected are being investigated.
a bad day for them for sure, but potentially, a good day for the country and the people.... potentially.

What we don't need, is a witch hunt.
It's possible that some individuals, if found guilty of mishandling government funds may have been completely innocent of such practice in the past, equally, its possible that others, if found guilty are 'old hands'... corruption specialists who perhaps , so accustomed to this practice, became over confident got cocky, and got sloppy.
for example.. who on earth pays public funds into a private bank account?
I'm no accountant, but that will raise even my eyebrows.

The association of African politician = corruption really needs to change.
It's damaging internally and internationally.
...besides.. they are not all corrupt
and corruption isn't an issue for Africa alone. It's worldwide.

Sierra Leone does need a make over, better PR, and once Ebola is truly under control, much work is required to create that paradigm shift in the hearts and minds of the many when considering the country, its people, its leadership, and its potential.

I will say this.
The Ebola crisis caught everybody unawares. What was experienced, was an 'unplanned for' crisis. It's possible that the crisis could have been tackled with less money, if the change required was also cultural. But there was no time to play guessing games.
However, there is no doubt in my mind that investment in the countries health services and infrastructure is needed, and that was the case long before Ebola came calling.

So why do people steal from those who need it most?

People steal for numerous reasons.
In incidents of corruption, I feel those guilty should be made to pay the money back , but the focus should not necessarily be one of punishment. What would be more useful, would be to find out why..

because 'everyone else does it'?
wages are too low?
Fear ?
Loss of hope?
lack of faith? ( that things will ever change in thier rmidst and a belief that the dog eat dog culture is firmly entrenched)

It's essential to establish the causes, and revise that culture of selfishness that does appear to be in the driving seat.

Perhaps it wouldn't matter so much if the country wasn't ranked among the poorest in the world. Perhaps it wouldn't matter so much if the majority of the countries citizens were well catered for , and felt positive about thier access to opportunities. But it does matter.

It matters even more because there are more PHds seated around the cabinet of Sierra Leone than right here in Westminister.
These are very intelligent people.

On my way to work yesterday I thought of the *old Caribbean saying of crabs in a barrel. ( a Caribbean saying in that it's mentioned alot)

A crab in a barrel with clamber over all the other crabs to escape.
The crab will claw his way to the top.
Unlike an ant.

Ants in a barrel will usually form an orderly line, and work together to get out. No panic. They are family.

Perhaps, we need to be more like ants.. and less like crabs

Remember this though. Internationally, people steal from Sierra Leone all the time. it may be contractual, it may be legal, but is it moral?. perhaps we need to name those names, and perhaps that needs to change also.

*Google Images *

Friday 20 February 2015

Dexta Daps - Morning Love, Pretty Nicky, & Scared to Love

Busy Signal - What If

Naomi's Walk - TGIF

London Fashion Week begins, and to celebrate, here's my favourite model
It's Naomi.
I love to watch Naomi walk as I love to watch Fally dance!

Happy Friday all x

hmm some nice outfits.. even now

Fashion Against Ebola

Did someone mention Fally?
Red hat and blue trainers... now that's style
Not sure how long this vid will be up, but I must say, his dancers are great too

Thursday 19 February 2015

If Ray J was a girl...

It's possible that 'her' story would have been met with far more revulsion and outrage,than it has been. The statistics of violence against women by men would have been recounted, and sympathy heaped upon her, with little outside of anger and disgust towards her male attacker and abuser.

But Ray J is not a woman or a girl. Ray J is a man.

A singer, in fact. Brandy's RnB singing younger brother


It was reported that Ray J's girlfriend beat him so badly that she cracked his ribs, busted his lip, and tore one of his knee ligaments.
It has been reported that she has since been charged with domestic abuse and battery

Ray J

It's my hope that people will be as saddened and as disgusted with her attack as they would be if her name was.. Chris Brown.
I've been told many times that domestic violence against men is rife but under, and even unreported, due to the stigma that the men may feel, and society's attitudes. I'll be honest... there was a time that I myself shrugged off the phenomena.. reluctant was I to believe it.
But sadly, women do beat men too.
Even with names as pretty as Princess Love

Male violence is a problem for sure and it remains true that it is women who are predominantly the victims of this crime.....but that being said, perhaps we need a revised conversation on domestic violence

The couple, during 'happier times

If you were in any doubt as to how disgusting violence against women can be, look at this guy
It's Afroman.. singer/rapper of... 'Because I got high ' fame
Remember that song? no?... good for you...
Was he high at this point?... It's hard to tell, but I'm not sure who's gonna book him after this..

Wednesday 18 February 2015

Dancehall Sings Riddim ft Demarco, I-Octane, Konshens, Bugle

Had to feature Demarco

I - Octane



Christopher Martin - Turn Me On. Tell Me

If a President can't kiss his wife in public. who can?

There has been a minor furore concerning the public display of affection the president of Malawi ( who I know little about) gave to his wife.
He tongue kissed her.
Me.. being the kissing expert that I am, will conclude that it was in fact, a very poor kiss ( sorry sir) ... but well done to him, for giving it a go.
The tentative appearance of tongue has me unsure of whether or not he wanted his tongue out, or was simply caught unawares.
We need more of this perhaps.
Yes, I think more African Presidents should show that loving side of themselves. People need to see romance...( in addition to getting food, jobs, shelter, clean water, education, sanitation, access to health services, electricity) . It's true... what we need not is to read of a sordid sex scandal.

Kiss connoisseurs will tell you that a peck involves no tongue.
The tongue should not really emerge until due pressure has been exerted on lips, ( preferably the bottom) and arousal has taken place. Too much tongue too quick is a turn off
It's interesting to me that it's a scandal at all. The innocence of it is sweet.

here's an excerpt...
'As others scrutinized photos or replayed the video of the kiss, they argued that the kiss itself was alright but that the use of the presidential tongue in kissing for television was the real issue at hand. They argued that using ones tongue to kiss ones wife was not befitting for the highest office in the land '[ click for more on the story ]

All in all.. I think it was cute.
They should give him a break.. It was Valentines day after all...

For anyone who needs the practice....
here's ....

How to French Kiss

Cast no spells - and let Albinos live

I used to read my horoscope alot.
I'm a Libran. I say it often, as I can relate to the things that are said about Libra women.
Some of us wear lucky pants, or have a good luck charm
How many of us pray? (with health and strength possibly being the most prayerful payer of all.
Those of us who believe... will say that prayer works.
it offers comfort, if nothing else.

How many of us will see those practices s as a form of witchcraft?
No many I'm sure
but some... may.
and there is an argument to back such a viewpoint

As far as I am concerned, there is a clear difference between the reading of a horoscope, a good luck charm, or prayer, and the killing of a human being for thier body parts to be used for potions/spells.
That. Is witchcraft.
When I speak of body parts, I'm thinking of albinos.

I have an even greater empathy for people with albinism after watching the film 'White Shadow' last year.
I had heard about the ritual kidnapping and killings of albinos across parts of South Africa initially, for some time now, and find it very disturbing
Witchcraft may be as old as dust but I'm no fan of it.

I find it worrying that anyone should seek to cause harm to another using witchcraft, or place their fate in the hands of witch doctors, in the hope that thier lives will improve.
It disturbs me that some parents ( often fathers) will sell thier children's parts.

To be clear, I understand people seeking to aid or enhance their chances or good fortune... but not to harm others.
Evil spells, are just that.. evil

Witch doctors have their place in certain cultures I'm sure
But unregulated it's a free for all
Those responsible for kidnapping albinos should be punished for such crimes, because that's what they are.. crimes.

If they must practice, why do they not simply use herbs
and leave humans and animals out of the mix [ture].

I'm not disputing that thier are those among us who may have a 'gift'.
Some people are clairvoyant, visionary's or whatever name you wish to give them.

But what is taking place in places like Tanzania is simply a business.
It's the trade in human flesh./ The manipulation of one vulnerable person to another - even more vulnerable

So you can imagine how I feel about anyone turning to Witchcraft to aid thier chances of re-election..
I'm trying to figure out if these 'election tactics' are the actions of the desperate, the hopeful, or the just plain lazy..
It's a real shame
What would a witch doctor ( guilty of this practice) do.. if they had an albino child, whom they loved dearly. Seriously, what would they do
Please, leave them be, let them live
They are people just like you.

Ne-Yo. ft Charisse Mills - Integrity

Monday 16 February 2015

Teddy A ft Timaya – Feeling The Boy

I've missed Timaya
Can you hear why.... :)

Reekado Banks - Katapot

'Let love and faithfulness never leave you... bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart ' - Proverbs 3:3

'A wise man’s heart guides his mouth, and his lips promote instruction. Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones' - Proverbs 16:23-24.

Ne-Yo ft T.I - One More

The fall of Robert Mugabe

What the memes of Robert Mugabe's fall showcased, is that either...

There are many who are longing to see him fall...

or...some people have got way too much time on thier hands.. :)

Or.. some among us enjoy treating our elders with contempt...

One thing's for sure.. the world still holds a fascination with this old freedom fighter
and to be honest.. I am one of them.

There are some who argue that at 90, ( soon to be 91 later this month) his team can no longer deny he is aging and his health is not what it once was. I have read reports arguing that the 'African strong man' image is unhelpful to the continent, especially as many countries endure a culture that sees many leaders wanting to cling on to power at all costs.
So they say.
Listen up..
Everyone loves power.
I know of no leader who will readily give up power if they didn't have to ( remember Thatcher's tears?)
Often I believe that many leaders harbour a real fear that should they relinquish power, thier successor will undo many many years of hard work, or will lead the country into an unfavourable direction
Listen up

The best leaders plan for thier secession
( but historically the best African leaders have been denied that opportunity.. resulting in coups and chaos)
A leader shouldn't wait for that...
Think just how amazingly reassuring it must be to know that when you step away from the podium.. your words and vision can continue to an even greater height.. if you've prepared others well enough

Mugabe's a fighter
Current Chairman of the African Union and still going strong.
Those waiting for the fall of Robert Mugabe really need to chill
Remember why he fought for what he fought for
Sure he wasn't the only one..
but somebody had to

What is the link?..

...between Charlie Hebdo ( the magazine) and Jews?

Is there a link?
I'm trying to figure out why the Jewish store was targeted on that day in Paris, and why Jewish 'communities' are reportedly worried about the possibility of increasing attacks .

Maybe I'm missing something.

But I do feel that there tends to be huge gaps in the ways stories are reported these days.

It feels as though we may all have to don our Inspector Clouseau hats to get to the full story

Does anyone know?
Perhaps it very obvious.. so obvious I can't see it

Feel free to shed some light

Ne-Yo - Congratulations

How you all doing?

Well.. that's one Valentines day I will never forget.
It was for sure, a lovely day.
Not often am I stuck for words but happens :)
It was indeed (and will always remain) extra special

On another note- happy birthday to my mum who is 80 today.
I asked how it felt to be 80
She said she felt grateful, as there was a time considering all she's been through that she never thought she would make it this far

Wednesday 11 February 2015

Jah Bouks -- Never Really Know

Uncle Charlie - Unforgetable

Labour's Pink Campaign Bus

I don't have a problem with the Labour Party's Pink campaign Bus.
It's attractive.
I don't find it patronizing at all.

I think that all too often, women who want to be taken seriously..( and which women doesn't - lets be honest) ... tend to feel an element of pressure to de-sexualize themselves. Find an unflattering, and an as 'conservative as possible suit', and erase any overt evidence of that female gender... 'man up'
Find a top that flattens the breast area, and a skirt that flattens the butt.

Is a pink Bus stereotyping women?.. maybe , maybe not..
There are women.. ( like me ) .. who quite like Pink.
and quite frankly...we deserve to be catered for dammit!.

Politics will be a turn off to many women, as many women have children, and the hours are often unsociable and not child or family friendly at all. We need a more honest discussion with regards to gender, and the differences that exist between men and women. It's easier for men to immerse themselves in thier careers, and the male dominated arena of politics, because more often than not they have a wife at home, cooking dinner, and taking care of the children.
I will refrain from saying that the men who walk the corridors of Westminister think they are the dogs nuts.. and believe they know it all. ( which is a turn off.. unlike a Pink Bus!)
Even if it were true.. I wouldn't say it :)

So just what's wrong with a pink bus?
Imagine if it smells good too!

You see.. that's what wrong with politics.
That creative flair is missing. Some of us want more style, more panache.
Cha...we women want nice things!.
Yes .. ALL of us.
.. and we are fed up trying to pretend otherwise.

You know what?
beer tastes like fart most of the time
we like to sit in the passenger seat of a nice car
we care about our friends and family
we may talk too much on the phone ( but if people actually listened 'real time' maybe that wouldn't be the case!)
housework sucks shite but we do it anyway
we want romance
we have a love hate relationship with politics
and a pink bust oops I mean Bus.. wont convince us to vote, if we've decided against it
Just how easy do you think we are?..
ermm .. any juice on that bus? snacks?.. yeah everyone like free snacks.. free smoke alarm?, mugs?.. perfume samples?
We can't be bought !!

I see the Bus says woman to woman
That's nice
But if you really want the involvement of women, you don't wait until election year to focus your efforts.
Or would you?

What's interesting is what many people think a woman , or women, may bring to the table; Care, understanding , patience, .. all these wonderful qualities.. sugar and spice and all things nice..
That's what little girls are made of.. right?

let me tell you... some women are harder than men
e.g A woman needs to be made of strong stuff to be able to cut off the clitoris of another woman. that's deep.
yep.. Women are very diverse..

Tuesday 10 February 2015

on being Mrs Kamara

Roll on Friday. ( day off- busy day)
Roll on April ( Graduation ceremony)
Roll on May ( tbc)
Roll on July Aug ( Away)
Roll on September ( birthday month)
most of all roll on Saturday!

We're so ready for our day on Saturday. My head hurts a bit now, what with one thing or another,( externals mainly) but i'm ready.
I will say this, my fiance is solid as a rock. If he's stressed he's not telling...and that's helping to keep me calm right now.
Our ceremony will be officiated by the Imam, who will bless us both etc. and will make sure we've both fully considered the serious nature of our undertaking.
I find that reassuring.
and who couldn't use a blessing?
the rest of the ceremony although traditional in his Culture is new to me. I get it though, it's straightforward and I like.

You know Culture and Identity is my thing right?
Well, I've been coming to terms with the new aspects of my own Identity, which requires that I expand in my thinking, and in my love. My identity has shifted a great deal in many ways, but interestingly, it's worth noting.. its construction is not a passive process.
Identity is not something which is exclusively done to us or we're stuck with.. it's something we can, and do, create, and recreate.. as many times as we see fit.

On Love

I remember having one child, and wondering (on discovering I was to have another) if I would have enough love to go around.
Well.. come the hour come the day, it was without question. the love was there, and required no coaxing.
..and again with my 3rd.
One thing I've come to learn about love is that we often place limitations on it's capacity...its ability... then wonder why it fails to' live up' to our expectations. We doubt it's power like we doubt our gods.

Loving my fiance has been, and is the easiest thing in the world for me.
It fills me with joy
plus almost overnight, I have an even larger family, many new friends to meet, and two boys to hug. That I have enough love to go around is a question I need not ask.
I know I do. It's simple.
My willingness to share and experience love is I hope, what keeps it ever present in my life
and I'm thankful.
To love can be scary
For sure
But what scares me more is its absence.
Don't believe me?
watch the news.

The theme of this years AU summit was; The “Year of Women’s Empowerment and Development towards Africa’s Agenda 2063”
Womens Empowerment must simply be assumed by women. Taken.
But like most things... it begins in the mind.

Checking out some Nigerian election campaign songs

The Nigerian elections have been postponed and will no longer take place this Saturday. [click]
There is no denying that security is an issue, so I can understand the reasons, But I can't quite under how the delay will change the current situation in Nigeria with regards to Boko Haram

It is stated that the elections will now take place in March. In that time the powers that be are hoping to make significant gains in the fight against Boko Haram, but I fear that is somewhat unrealistic, given the fact that there is no evidence to suggest they are making inroads.

Anyway, my post isn't really about the delay..rather it's about the ways in which politicians draft in musicians to aid thier election campaigns.
Ahh yes...the power of music is such that songs ( and melodies) can have a significant impact on the way people think, feel and act.
...On how they vote.
Having said that. A song cannot simply erase years of poor governance, leadership or management In fact, a song implying 'all is well', could actually annoy the heck out of people who no longer believe in the policies of a particular party, or that the party has any serious intentions of addressing the needs of the people.

I have listened to them both, and both are nice songs. Very credible, well produced, and heartfelt.
Olamides song however, probably has the edge, as he taps into a common thread that tends to work in elections... and that is....
'The change we want'.

People who are fed up with the status quo, will be able to relate to that sentiment easily. The song is a great song for an opposition party.
Unfortunately *sigh*.. Nigeria has bigger problems than working out which party has the best song
If only life was that simple huh
I tell you what I think is simple, and should never be underestimated.
People tend to vote for the guy they like the most
Whether that person is the best person for the job or not.

Are we not all.. a little bit weird?

Janyl Shares has a post today entitled 'I admit It I am weird'
I saw it and it made me think.

If my post tonight is somewhat inarticulate I apologise in advance, . I haven't really slept properly for two days ( stomach cramps.. wow.. painful) and I'm a little mixed up in the cranium department as a result. ( that's my story and i'm sticking to it).

I have come to the conclusion that I am what I could call.... Unconventional. perhaps.
Some people will 'get' me, others don't/wont.
I felt a bit under siege today.
I have to come to terms with the fact that the number of people who truly understand me may be limited.
and... that's okay.

You see, I thought to myself...imagine how boring life would be if we all thought the same thing, held the same beliefs. Yes, It would be very boring indeed... and just how would we grow?
Yet today, for a brief moment, I felt a little insecure, a little out on a limb.. a little .. different.

But what today taught me is.. yes to some.. I may be weird.
But equally, to others.. I am not.
The lesson for me is to not be swayed by public opinion, and simply dare to be


On another matter.. Ti shows his love by buying me Tai sweet chilli crisps.
I think hes felt a bit sorry for me lately , or something
I keep telling him i'm tryna get fit..
but he keeps buying them
... and I keep eating them
It's my way of saying love you too son.
If my arse ever gets too big for my pants, i'll simply blame him
call him a weird 'feeder'
I'll enjoy my new arse for two months..
then get to working it off!

Sunday 8 February 2015

AFCON 2015 Winners: Cote d’Ivoire!!!. Kings of Africa

M.anifest - Forget Dem

Kicking off in a few hours time... it's the Africa Cup of Nations Final

It's almost over.. and it has been great..
Good luck to both teams


M.anifest one Ghana's finest rappers.. says me.

Friday 6 February 2015

and it's under the duvet I go

I went for my dress fitting today and the dress is beautiful.
In fact, I almost don't feel beautiful enough for the dress.
So now I'm miserable.
My dress is too beautiful for me
shame that.
Other than feeling tired, and emotionally drained :) I can't explain my sudden low mood
As I surveyed the evidence...I wasn't happy with myself.
All I could see .. was flaws.
It could be hormones, as I'm not often like that

I think i'll have an early night, and think of nothing. Get to the business of feeling better , as its been a bit of a rough week.
I don't think I'll be looking very different tomorrow but by the time I collect my dress next week, I hope to feel it.
I need to work on it
I'm determined to...
and definitely work on feeling a lot less stressed
I mentioned feeling a bit stressed to someone in passing today
they looked at me oddly..
'What have you got to be stressed about'.. they said ( it wasn't really a question.. I could tell by the tone)

You know.. I really just wanted to t'ump them down after that, , but we were in public lol!
and it was cold, and to do that I would have had to take my hands out my pocket..
and it would have hurt my hand anyway
Long story short .. I didn't thump anybody.
It was imagined.
Thier rubbishing of my feelings didn't help my mood
.No worries.. duvet it is

Have a lovely weekend all x

Mavado - Ghetto Bible - A little dancehall for Friday

I was intrigued by the title.

I've lost count of the number of songs by Jamaican dance hall artists that tackle the subject of badmind, disloyal freinds, and jealousy.
Whilst these are world issues, it's clear that there are possibly deeper reasons for that.
Some lyrics are fantasy lyrics..
But I fear these are not
What's unfortunate is that they don't seem to have yet worked out that if poorer communities refrained from fighting each other, it's possible that thier quality of life could improve. At the very least the could organise themselves to present a strong case to thier leaders, who undoubtedly exploit them as and when they are of use.
Election time.

My 'favourite' 'badmind' song lol!... Is ......Badmind fi the Year

I don't think another is needed.
" even if dem say mi badmind.. a ketch mi ketch it cause nuff bwoy born with it "...
It's funny, and he's too cute that I Octaine


Injured or not , I suspect Gyan may feel abit like this - this morning

aka = Smug
I'm sure he has a dance for it

By the time the 3rd goal went in, I went to bed.
TV off.
Well done to Ghana but cha.. i'm quite sad about that to be honest.
I'll get over it.
It's a new day, and the final will be a great one.

Some Ghana fans had to seek refuge on the pitch apparently.
Equaltorial Guinea fans were not happy. Unsurprisingly.

It was a messy kind of game, with quite alot of foul play from Ghana I thought

But maybe I'm being biased...
well... they're through to the finals..
..and I will love them again

Well done Ghana!
always kinda cool

Wednesday 4 February 2015

AFCON 2015 Update..

1st Finalists are - Cote d'ivoire!
Sad to see DR Congo go :(
So.. it will be either Ghana or Equatorial Guinea to face them
I'm rooting for ( surprisingly) Equatorial Guinea

But something tells me it may be a Ghana Ivory Coast final.
.. and Ivory Coast are looking good

They said it so well. A few mid week quotes on life and love

One day perhaps ..

...African people at home, abroad, and across the diaspora will begin to realize that they are truly one people
That more unites, than divides them
I hope that they will continue to question antiquated ideas about who they can or cannot be in relation to each other
That they begin to recognize the colonial voice when it begins to raise up from within... and silence it.
That it's okay.. to like each other.

One day perhaps, more black African's will visit places like the Caribbean and visa versa.
It never ceases to amaze me just how many who consider themselves 'African'.. only know Jamaica.
Errrm Hello!.. Jamaica is not the only Island!....
I guess that many may know of Bob Marley
..of Rasta
..of weed.
For some reason, they seem to know very little else.
Only by venturing to these lands perhaps will things become clearer and history begin to make sense beyond the page
To see adaptations of each others customs, being lived in another space
Re awaken the senses
heal the rifts

Anyway, If you speak not of African unity, if you struggle or are uncomfortable with then can you speak of world unity?
You know what I mean?
One day perhaps we will find peace, especially as many have known war for so long

Reggae Revival - Janet Kay Imagine that

This was (is) a great lovers rock tune by Janet Kay

Flavour ft. Fally Ipupa - Kwarikwa [Remix]

A little Fally for the senses..
Fally is my 'learn French' inspiration..nowt else lol!
Awaiting his new material for 2015

The 'stupidest men' in 'Africa' ?

Are these two men, possibly...the 'stupidest men in Africa'?
Unfortunately, whilst it may make for a nifty post title.. I fear - they are not.
I suspect, there are a great many men... vying for that title, and who would make worthy contenders.
Today however, I have set my sights on these two.
Today, the title , goes to them.
Salva Kiir & Riek Machar.

After years of fighting the predominantly Arab dominated north of the country, South Sudan gained their independence in 2011. Thus becoming Africa's ( and the world’s) newest nation.
Just two years later, South Sudan descended into utter chaos.

The President, Salva Kiir, (on the left) sacked his deputy Riek Machar, ( on the right) after suspecting ‘ foul play’
The President, is an ethnic Dinka – and a member of the country's largest ethnic group, His ( ex ) deputy Riek Machar, is an ethnic Nuer - the second largest ethnic group.
This is why some people, rightly or wrongly see this dispute as an ethnic dispute.
This often happens in African countries experiencing conflict.
Conflicts are quickly consigned to the bin of ethnic difference.

So, despite mass killings, increased ‘ethnic conflict’, and IDP’s ( over 1.4 million in mid 2014) these two men cannot find it within themselves to sign a power sharing agreement.
Salva Kiir has stated in interview, that he will not share power with Riek.
I can understand his fear.
There’s a lot of water under that bridge now… not to mention human lives wasted.

I can also understand Riek’s frustration at perhaps having to serve under ( or alongside) a President who he may feel is incompetent, or lacking in whatever he feels it takes to develop the country, in perhaps, the way he would like.
They have, however, signed a ceasefire agreement last Sunday in Ethiopia’s capital; Addis Abba. Yippee....But apparently, they have done this 6 times before. groan.

I’m glad, but I will not compliment them for doing what they should have done long ago. ( and stuck to)
and it really is too early to celebrate.

It would be fair to assume that they really don’t like each other.

..and it would seem that they're both quite happy for their citizens to hate each other also.
Both men appear to have forgotten why they wanted independence in the 1st place, in fact I’m wondering why myself!.
I thought it was to free themselves from the oppressive yolk of the North.

Seriously? Anyone fighting for or on behalf of these two men really needs to stop - take stock and stop.
Think about who they are fighting for.
Because at present, these two, are looking like the two of the stupidest and most selfish men in 'Africa'.

The fighters are worth more than that, deserve better than that.
There's an old saying.. and it goes something like this...
"in the kingdom of the blind.. the one eyed man is King.."
.. and these two are riding that donkey til the end..
to be fair, it's not just them..
Any leader who stands in the way of the progression of their own people, is that one eyed man, and that one eyed man's reign rests on keeping his ( or her) people ( metaphorically ) blind.

Ironically, under questioning they both tend to say that they're not responsible for the fighting, but if that were true, why would their signing of a ceasefire agreement, make any difference?

South Sudan is also home to refugees originally from C.A.R, D.R.C and Ethiopia

Yes, these two wound me up today.


UNHR - South Sudan
IDMC( Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre) - South Sudan
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The Guardian - Freed Child Soldiers