Wednesday 25 March 2015

Black Motion ft XOLI M -Rainbow

Is there a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow?...
Do you believe in guardian angels?....

*I like 3 Shredded Wheat

Prime Minister David Cameron caused a 'stir' this week when he claimed if he and his party were the successors at this years UK general election, he would not seek to serve a 3rd term
Seriously.. anybody care.. other than his wife?
anybody give a - backside?

He likened serving a third term to eating 3 Shredded Wheat,

"Terms are like Shredded Wheat - two are wonderful but three might just be too many.".. [click]

Errm no.. it's YOU who's too much. The Wheat are just fine thanks. :)

Prime Minister David Cameron ( right) .. in his kitchen.. 'dissin' Shredded Wheat.. is nothing safe? heehee

* When there's really no other serial to choose from

Will it be General Buhari who is lucky this time round? It's up to you Nigeria - ft Brymo - Down

You can't fight fire with fire... and not expect to get burned .. eventually

This Saturday, 28th April, Nigerians will go to the polls to vote the the man ( or woman) they want as President of their country, and it's being viewed as one of the tightest contests in recent election history.
The contest resides between the current president Goodluck Jonathan, and his main challenger General Muhammadu Buhari.

One thing about General Buhari is.. he really does- not- give- up easily[click]
Defeated 3 times in previous elections, he's back again.. and this time.. may just be his time... ( again)
You see, General Buhari has had 'his time' before.
The general ruled Nigeria between December 1984 to August 1985,. and is known for his 'War against Indiscipline'
Others state that he is known and remembered, for human rights abuses. [click]

Buhari is a Muslim from the north of the country, and many will feel that if anyone can make inroads in the fight against Boko Haram... it is him

For many, current President , Goodluck Jonathan is increasingly being viewed as a weak leader, presiding over one of Nigeria's most corruptible presidential cabinets, and the mis-management of government funds [click]

I'm not agist but Buhari is old.

'Who you calling old...'

Does that matter?... well, perhaps not [click]

If Nigeria vote for him on Saturday it will be a crushing blow for Goodluck Jonathan, but he would only have himself to blame.
If the country vote him out, it will be because they have had enough of the current state of affairs
To vote for an aging leader they've had before.. says a great deal

Those who have benefited from Jonathan's time in power may be edgy... perhaps..
but should just count thier loot and give thanks.
They made hay.. while the sun shone... it's time perhaps, to give others a chance.. to eat bread

Nigeria desperately needs a strong leader to deal with the problems the country faces.
From the outside looking in, I'm not sure the best approach with regards to insurgents is to fight fire with fire.. but I'm no ex- army general

"If anything goes wrong, I will take responsibility.. and I will fix it. THAT IS WHAT IT MEANS TO LEAD!" - Buhari campaign Slogan

Girls guide to voting says....

General Buhari has a gap between his teeth like me.. that's cool. We have that in common.
...but he looks scary - like he'd tell me off something fierce if I burnt the Fufu or something... that's not cool.

President Goodluck Jonathan may have a sweeter, softer face... but a girl likes a man who can take control of a poor situation .. and sort it

I've no crystal ball or anything
... but It's possible that Jonathan's luck has simply run out.

South Sudan need an Election

With the most recent peace agreement called off, is it right to extend Salvir Kiir's presidency by 3yrs? [click]
There will be no 'democratic' elections in June, and my question is..if not then... when?.

If the reason for the postponement is fighting and instability..
...and one possible solution is to give people the chance to vote for thier leader...

Why not have the vote.
They may argue that to do so, could put even more lives at risk and increase the intensity of the fighting...
But they have broken every ceasefire agreement anyway.[click]

To be honest I'm not convinced that either man should be in power.
Neither should be content with the current situation, and war being conducted in their names.
...That they are unable ( or unwilling) to curb the violence is a worrying sign. It's irresponsible

To be a leader when war rages on in your lands is a real test of your power and influence over your people.. not to mention your ethics, morals and values

Sunday 22 March 2015

Nandi Mngoma - Goodtimes, In my skin, & Skhanda Love with K.O

Bisa Kdei ft Castro - Vamijo ( come let's go)

Bisa has a beautiful voice. I can easily listen to him over and over
Nice combination with the late Castro
I have no translation but it makes me feel a certain way

Radio 4 Interview - Trevor Phillips former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Do you think we've become over sensitive with regards to talking about race?.
Do we need to become accustomed to giving and taking offence.. in order to reach a better level of understanding?
I think we skirt around the issue of what racism really is

I know that black people tend to be more prone to experiencing oppression, exploitation, disadvantage and suffering than any other group of people - across the world
But yes, It has evolved somewhat.
We should try not to confuse xenophobia with racism though
It was mentioned in a discussion this morning that 'the future lies in falling in love with each other and making babies'...
Good luck with that.. it hasn't worked so far..
..or has it?

My song of the day - Sarkodie Ft. Mugeez- Old School Love

Hot Hot hot.. I love it

Good morning x

..'what else'.....

Saturday 21 March 2015

Harrysong - Ofeshe & Kolombo

'Na so you dey chop'?!... LOL!!!!

Women in Politics ( Focus Nigeria) - Dr Sarah Jibrin - Professor Remi Sonaiya

Special advisor to the President on Ethics and values..
That sounds like an amazing job.. certainly not to be sniffed at!

I had never hear of Sarah Jubril before..

How can one measure her effectiveness, or rather, the effectiveness of such a role.. 0 corruption?...etc

and below....the only female candidate currently standing in the Nigerian Elections...

very poor link.. Is she sitting in the dark?.. was there a blackout?...Jeesh..

I'm a little surprised to hear that there is only one woman standing for presidency in Nigeria. Perhaps a woman could really sort Nigeria out.

Maybe .. maybe not

I used to be encouraged and inspired by the thought of women leaders. yet now, I'm not so sure.
We have women leaders.
..and the world's still a mess.
I'm actually convinced that gender makes little difference if women in power simply reinforce the male agenda. Often women ( in power) become just like the men ( at thier worst)

Here in the UK, we offer lip service to equality for women. To be honest, we haven't even worked out what that means. International Women's day is not a Public Holiday here, and passes with little meaning.
In addition, I honestly believe that working women should be granted an addition 5 days leave with full pay. I can't tell you how many times I've had to struggle into work during my time of the month, in pain and in discomfort... spending money hand over fist.

Men don't have to worry about that.
Men do not menstruate
Keep calm feminists but I have to tell you....women and men are very different..
..and as such, we have different needs.

Every working women should be granted an additional weeks leave in recognition of that fact. In addition, ... women later on in life have to deal with hot flushes associated with menopause. I've witnessed a woman go through that at work, and it's not funny.
I walked into an office at a previous work place once, and nearly froze to death. The window was wide open, the fan was blazing and it was winter!
I didn't know what what going on. I just thought she was being an awkward cow because she knew I liked the heat!

If we were really serious about recognizing women's issues,as we claim to be she would have been able to take some time off.
but no.

We battle on .. regardless.
Women working in HR should be championing this. But they're not

My sister's an HR specialist. I'm gonna bend her ear... alot.
Sure women are brilliant. but let's not overlook the little things.

Christine Lagarde, talks about wanting to end poverty in developing countries ( hocked up to the eyeballs in debt they simply cannot afford to turn down) .
then in the same breath will tell you the IMF is a business, a bank.

last time I looked she was a woman.

Ethics and values is a huge deal.
...get that right and we're on our way ...

Kcee, Harrysong, Iyanya - Feel It

Cute :)

I was wondering if they'd ever get to the top of those stairs ( as much as I enjoyed watching each sexy step..heehee) ... I wont spoil it for you

Yemi Alade - Temperature

Good morning. x
It''s a housework and study day
Yippee..loving this
.. have a great day

DR. Yosef Ben Jochannan

ABS Celebrates the Life of a Great Man and Legendary Scholar, Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan (Dec. 31, 1918 – March 19, 2015)

Friday 20 March 2015

Timi Dakolo - Iyawo Mi

I know when he's missing me much
He's quieter
His voice softer
He's sweet and uncontrollably romantic
He's not trying to be
So he's cool about it
He just is
It's his way

and anyway..
He tells me so
I'm reminded often why I love him
I miss him too
I tell him so also
So we wait as the days tick by
and they do
before you know it I will be by his side, and he by mine

That's pretty much it

Have a nice evening and a lovely weekend x.

HennyKnightz - 14 Means The Genesis. #IamKnighthood

Ti's new vid. Knighthood Society
Nelis Fitzgerald is post apocalyptic Hackney

It's Happiness Day!

Today is the UN International Day of Happiness [click]

"I wish everyone around the world a very happy International Day of Happiness! The pursuit of happiness is serious business. Happiness for the entire human family is one of the main goals of the United Nations. "

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

So what makes you happy?
Lots of things make me happy

Good food
Meeting lovely people
Having a new and extended family
Being in love
Kissing etc
Buying clothes
Having a tidy home
ditto.. then add garden
When I come home from work and Ti has hoovered and done the dishes and stuff...
A good book
The good book/s :)
Belief in God
Being able to pay my bills
Being healthy
Being creative
Davido's dimples
Fally dancing
Luton Fyah's lyrics
All the singers and musicians I feature on this blog
BBQ in the garden
My love for Sierra Leone
Apple Crumble ( home made)
Spending time with those I love
.. in fact...lots of things

I love what ban Ki Moon says ( above)
'The pursuit of happiness is serious business'...
It is,
I wish you all a wonderful day of happiness. We all deserve to have joy in our lives. x

The Sun the Earth and the Moon

The big news this morning is the Solar Eclipse [click]

Apparently what we will see here in London is a partial eclipse.
This brought my attention to the fact that we rarely see stars in the Sky in London anymore. I couldn't tell you the last time I've seen anything twinkling in the sky that wasn't airplane lights. So.. if you live in a part of the world where the Sky's are clear enough to see stars at night.. (without needing specialist equipment ).. you are very fortunate with that.

The last time that I remember the sky becoming oddly dark in the day here in London, I was on the steps at a previous work place...I went inside and saw people gathered around a computer. The twin towers had come down. #true.

As as Libran, I will confess that I really like when things are in alignment. So welcome eclipse, we look forward to ( possibly not) seeing you.
Have a great day all, eclipse or not, wherever you are in the world x

What it may mean in astrology

Asa - Eye Adaba

'Ojumo ti mo ojumo ti momini ile yi o
It is day break/morning has broken for me in this house

Ojumo ti mo.. mo ri re o
Morning has broken, it is well with me

Ojumo ti mo ojumo ti momini ile yi o
It is day break/morning has broken for me in this house

Ojumo ti mo.. mo ri re o
Morning has broken it is well with me

Eye adaba eye adaba
The dove, the dove

Eye adaba ti fo lokeloke
The dove that flies high in the sky

Wa a balemi o
Come land on me

Ojumo ti mo.. mo ri re o
Morning has broken, it is well with me

Ojumo ti mo ojumo ti momini ile yi o
It is day break/morning has broken for me in this house

Ojumo ti mo.. mo ri re o
Morning has broken, it is well with me

repeats, then

E wi kin gbo se
So say so I can hear

Eye adaba eye eee
The dove

Eye adaba ti fo lokeloke loke ode orun
The dove that flies high near heaven

Wa ba le mi o o...Ojumo ti mo mo ri re o
Come land on me, morning has broken and it is well with me (my soul)

- Google search translation -

Thursday 19 March 2015

Bez -There's a Fire

Bez - More You - Say - Zuciya Daya

Brymo - 1 Pound

Brymo is an amazing artist with a great voice.
He has carved his own spot.

I woke up this morning and the light bulb had blown in my bathroom. I realized just how much I take having electricity for granted.
I can easily replace the lightbulb.
for others.. not so easy

As I walked home yesterday two grown men had 'words'.. one was so afraid he tripped over his own feet!. shortly after I passed them, they began fighting. I stopped and watched. I was a little afraid.
I'm glad someone parted them.
I have lived in the UK all my life. there are many benefits to that. and in the main I like it.. I appreciate it..I know it. yet my desire to live elsewhere is strong.
I love my job, my family. So who knows
My souls desire and all that...

Perhaps my yearning will be quenched by simply taking some time off....sleeping in, then doing some gardening in the warm air, whilst listening to some good music
that and a kiss....
Feel free to send me one
Then again perhaps it will not.

hmm.. I really don't know what to wear this morning....

Good morning all x
Good morning Brymo ! Don.

P-Square - Personally & Beautiful Onyinye

Still loving this track ...

and this...

That love thing....

I'm missing Mr K very much right now
So i'm having to distract myself in a million ways... well.. tying to anyways..
But I don't want to distract myself, really, so I'm feeling a little resentment to the distractions ( does that make sense)
Having said that I'm so busy currently that my feelings are not being given much of a chance to 'land'.. they're just hovering in the ethos at the moment.. but at some point... they will hit their target.

The current situation in Salone is a little unsettling. It's reported that there is due to be another 3 day lock down due to a rise in Ebola cases again, and the political situation is tense as the President has now 'officially' sacked his Vice President. [click]

President Koroma

I tend to sympathise with the 'underdog' usually, so I'm feeling a little sad about the situation .
I don't think it's an easy situation for anyone.. (either side) to be honest.
I feel that the timing wasn't great as the VP is still in the 21 day quarantine period and as a result can't seemingly do ,much about it.
Some argue that the sacking is unconstitutional, but I think the President does have the powers to sack him.. the parts of the constitution that I've read would imply so.
But I'm not that familiar with it so I could be wrong [click]

Vice President Sam Sumana

I don't agree with the sacking on the grounds that he sought asylum.. mainly because he'd already been expelled.. and if he did seek asylum that doesn't mean he neglected his VP duties.. he simply relocated - no?
Anyway, I'm sure it will be sorted one way or another

I listened to this interview with him ( below) prior to the official sacking, ( try and ignore the noise interference ) ....interesting

Interview begins at 2.13 - thanks to Bakarr King Conteh
One comment that Bakarr made near the end of his own opinion section was that the opposition party have no leader.. quote ' so they all up in APC business' end-quote :)

He is right when he says the focus needs to be on combating Ebola right now.,. but the pot has already boiled over on this .. so can't be ignored
Anyway I really do miss Mr K
did I say that already...
need my husband

Wednesday 18 March 2015

For the love of God...

Sometimes I wonder how many people would still love God, if there were not a perceived reward for doing so
No promise of wealth, no promise of anything, no glory, no praise, no heaven, no well done or good job.... nothin'

How many of us would still love god then....

Perhaps we need an incentive .. for everything

Perhaps we need an incentive to love.. so we have hate
An incentive for peace, so we have.... war

Perhaps we are simply hard wired to only recognise pleasure.. through a shadow or threat of.....pain

A friend of mine used to really like Creflo Dollar.
I'll be honest.. his name concerned me.

Anyway, the news that the multi millionaire preacher Creflo Dollar had reportedly asked his congregation to buy him a $65m private jet disgusted me. [click]
Apparently, the old private Jet was no longer fit for purpose

Church members were asked to donate around $300 each to make it happen.
Apparently the accompanying video asking for the money was removed from his website amidst outrage.

Creflo's World Changers Church International is what we here may refer to as a 'Superchurch'
It's no secret that these churches have grown significantly and have amassed great wealth.
The loyal followers Christians who attend these churches seem to be under the impression that the wealth will trickle down to them. This laissez-faire approach to worship appears to render the faithful seemingly unaware that it is they who collectively have amassed the wealth in the 1st place, often by pledging 10% of their earnings, donations and more.

I'm all for giving, I think it's a good thing.
I'm not all for manipulators.
I feel uneasy about the exploitation of those who give ( when they can barely afford to) purely in the hope that thier prayers will be answered.
I'm no longer as naive as to believe that there is such a thing as a totally altruistic act.
But it's a nice goal and a great intention

So after much deliberation I thought.. well... 'they' ...are adults. if they believe in him.. then leave them be

After all, one man's meat, is another man's poison I guess.
But still , this is me you're talking to
So I'm sorry but, he's still going on my 'Wall of Shame'.

Buy your own Jet.. for the love of god. Don't be a blood sucking bastard, You have enough money.

'Christians' sure are different these days... or are they?

Christopher Martin - Steppin Razor

Kabaka Pyramid - Change This World

Lutan Fyah - Cyah Gwaan (To Rhatid

Monday 16 March 2015

Morgan Heritage - Perform and Done

Peetah Morgan's voice is so cool
This track is a slow burner ( *wink* ahem... not the Ed Balls variety - heehee)
It's crying out for Kymani Marley.. oh gosh.. please find him, and.. remix please :)

Did you know...

That our ex P.M Tony Blair was still Middle East Peace Envoy? [click]
Apparently as peace envoy, his role was never to bring peace to the middle east
I love Politics :)

Can you believe he has had that (apparently unpaid) role for 8 yrs already

' Mr Blair has allegedly recognised that a frontline role is no longer possible as criticism mounts of his sprawling business interests and poor relations with the Palestinian Authority, according to insiders'. [click for full article]

My song of the day - Alaine - Kiss

What about free speech Elton John?

It's reported that designers Dolce and Gabbana have upset Elton John.
Both designers (who are openly gay) are not keen on same sex marriage or IVF. [click]

This was apprently Elton's comments regarding the matter, on Instagram

“How dare you refer to my beautiful children as ‘synthetic’,” he writes. “And shame on you for wagging your judgemental little fingers at IVF - a miracle that has allowed legions of loving people, both straight and gay, to fulfil their dream of having children.”
: “Your archaic thinking is out of step with the times, just like your fashions. I shall never wear Dolce and Gabbana ever again. #BoycottDolceGabbana.”
[click for full article]

Elton & his partner David

Designers D & G
Are they the same guys that said they didnt want black people wearing their clothes? not sure

Seems we're all a bit sensitive these days
hey.. I know I am :)

Never mind Rocket man.. sticks and stones may break your bones but words can sometimes be overcome with a shopping trip
Enjoy your family.

Good morning all.. have a great week x

Sunday 15 March 2015

Knighthood Meets..ft HennyKnightz

Ti and his crew

Yemi Sax - No Competition

Yemi Sax - You Are Not The Girl

Weekend WOW Factor - Is Sierra Leone about to enter into another crisis?

'All of life is politics
None shall escape its clutches'

Ebola presented Sierra Leone, and Sierra Leoneans with a great challenge.
But its greatest challenge did not begin, neither will it end, with Ebola.

The news of the Vice President Alhaji Sam Sumana's self quarantine after it emerged that one of his body guards had sadly died from Ebola, was a troubling development for a country that was seemingly breaking the back of the disease. A disease which is even harder to treat and overcome, for those poorest in the land..

However, it was last weeks news of his sacking from the ruling party which caused even greater dismay.
I'm sure many would ask, 'What could the Vice President have done to warrant such a seemingly callous and ill timed expulsion?. Surely a man in quarantine would rather receive prayers and best wishes, and not the sack.

Vice president ( on the right) with President Ernest Bai Koroma ( centre) and Ban Ki Moon ( left)

Reported reasons for his dismissal include, lying about his religion, his educational achievements, and being a chief instigator of civil unrest in his native Kono district.
Perhaps the most telling accusation lies in the claims that he was setting up his own political party to challenge the APC.
It must be re-stated however, that these remain allegations, and are yet to be proven

There are some who will wonder why ( considering previous corruption claims against the VP) it took the ruling party so long to oust him [click]

There are others who will claim the allegations are untrue and a malicious attempt to get rid of a popular influential, and potentially powerful man.
Wherever the truth rests, I fear it will never be found.
At least - not yet.
Like many African countries who have struggled with post colonial independence, transparency has proved to be a difficult beast to capture.
So has trust.
A residue of fear, and a culture of corruption has plagued these countries, and will continue to do so. Countries that ironically, have been a bread-basket, and great supplier of wealth to and for multinationals.

The latest twist to this tale is that the Vice President has fled his home, is in hiding, and is now seeking US asylum, after his home was reportedly stormed by the military, who unarmed his security on Saturday morning ( yesterday) . [click]

This is a messy affair.
One which if those involved are not careful, appears to be fanning the flames of discontent across the entire country.

So, what next? [click]

From the outside looking in , the expulsion of the VP would appear to be misjudged. Many will have sympathy for a man who appears to be very popular among the people, and by all accounts, has been kicked - when down.
But for others, his expulsion may make perfect sense, and be seen as excellent timing.

I will say this.
Good looks, charm and popularity do not fix roads, provide 24 hr electricity, or create jobs.
They do not build homes, hospitals, schools, or educate the masses. They do not guarantee a fairer distribution of wealth, end corruption and international mineral exploitation, end FGM or support women's rights.
Values will.
Both men have been at the forefront of politics in Sierra Leone for some time, yet when Ebola came knocking , it revealed gaping holes in services, that shocked many. In other words, things fell apart.

When will our African leaders learn to stop fighting each other, and pour thier energy into re-building thier countries?.

It's absolutely crazy.
Whoever the next President or Vice President will be is of little consequence.. if it's business as usual.
Better an ugly man (or woman), with a real commitment to helping the country than a sweet talking handsome rich charmer, who will do little or nothing to help those who need it most.

Sierra Leone is either at the brink of complete triumph, or utter despair.

* Hope the VP is safe and well

btw - Where's the opposition in all this.. and how come they so quiet?

I hope they resolve thier differences

Happy Mothers Day Mums! Xx - ft Naeto C ft Flavour - Kiss Daniel

Saturday 14 March 2015

Black Coffee & Nathan Adams - Afraid Of The Dark

Heavy K ft Mondli Ngcobo - Mzwangendwa - Promo

What a great track. Due for release next month, and an early contender for song of the year for me.
Will definitely come back to this.
Heavy K makes good music for sure

I love watching people cook:) . ft Cassava Leaf Stew & Peanut Soup

..and I've picked up some great tips watching Youtube

I wonder how Desmond S is doing these days...

Apparently there are many ways to cook cassava leaf. I'm going to learn the Sierra Leone way, ( of course :) .. I'll have fish in mine possibly

Is there tripe in this version?.. yuck.
This is so easy to follow and the beat hooked me in but I'll pass on the tripe and try it with just cod or coley
One pot dishes are great . I think it looks fab at the end.

I've never made Fufu.. but I learnt a Gambian Peanut dish which I've made a few times (which is tasty)
The originators of Maggi cubes must be millionaires by now , they seem to be present in every African dish

I love thier aprons

For more on Leaf Stews [click]

and of course sounds tracks ... I heard this song watching someone else cook.. searched for it, and here it is...
Yes. I can cook to this too

Out with the FUNK & In with the FUN - Sun's Out!

I got a reality check from my sister that had me spring out of the mood I was in.
'Be GRATEFUL for what you have' silly cow ( she didn't say the last bit :)

So, my mission today - which I choose to accept - Is to not worry about things that I need not worry about , to be happy, and certainly not invite any old stress in to ruin my day.
My weakness.. ( 1 of - which I discovered and suppress) is clothes shopping. I may treat myself to 1 pretty and cute item.
But I'll seek to find joy in whatever I do today. even cleaning. x
I'm a thinker... but even thinkers need a day off....

Praiz - Heartbeat

Praiz - Sisi ft. Wizkid

Kiss Daniel - Woju

Good morning
Have a great day x

I can't sleep!

My insomnia is back. Not in a major way but I sleep a little then wake.
I think it's stress.
I'm working quite hard at the moment to move things forward but it feels like an uphill struggle

I need some time to meditate, and take stock.

This rock feels like I've been pushing it for too long.
This hill feels like I've worn a groove in it.

I must be doing something wrong.
I know I don't need to work any harder.
I do believe that I need to do things in a different way.
I need to think in a different way.

I'm still stalling on the business front etc and that makes me feel like crying.
My desire is to invest in something. To be self sufficient

'What am I not doing?'
I know that I cannot continue to do things in the same way and expect a different result

I have my graduation coming up. The costs of the day reminded me of just how much money ive invested over the past few years on my education.
I'm yet to use it
Apply it.
I'm grateful for what I have
.. but I have limited to no opportunity currently to apply my knowledge and skills to the full
It's frustrating
I intend to continue my education, yet my income needs to increase
Education is not cheap
Having ambition is not cheap
Having dreams - cost
Yet they are essential - to me.
I cannot imagine my life without them

These things are keeping me awake at night..

Tuesday 10 March 2015

Monday 9 March 2015

Vaults - One Last Night

I came across this track by accident and realized it was part of the soundtrack for Fifty shades of grey..I really like it.
I checked a few other tracks and it's a good movie soundtrack
Actually makes me want to see the film
DVD it is

Christopher Martin - Just Like You

Such a beautiful song - and beautiful video
Good morning x

Sunday 8 March 2015

Christopher Martin - Look On My Face

India's Daughter [documentary]


'India’s Daughter: The Story of Jyoti Singh (Banned By Indian Government).
Originally, the BBC had decided to show it on March 8, coinciding with International Women’s Day, but suddenly decided to advance it even as a storm was raging in India, saying it will enable viewers to see this “incredibly powerful documentary at the earliest opportunity”.
“This harrowing documentary, made with the full support and cooperation of the victim’s parents, provides a revealing insight into a horrific crime that sent shock waves around the world and led to protests across India demanding changes in attitudes towards women,” the BBC said in a statement.
The story of the brutal gang rape and murder of 23-year-old medical student Jyoti Singh on a moving bus in Delhi in 2012, and the unprecedented protests and riots which this horrific event ignited throughout India, leading to the demand for changes in attitudes towards women. The film examines the values and mindsets of the rapists, and interviews the two lawyers who defended the men convicted of Jyoti’s rape and murder'.

You can watch the film on Vimeo [here]

Witness Aljazeera - Poetic Pilgrimage


'This is a universal story about friendship, love and idealism, and two young women finding their place in the world.
Muneera and Sukina are Poetic Pilgrimage, Britain's first female Muslim hip-hop duo. And this is their personal, spiritual and physical journey.
As a tour of the UK takes the women into diverse communities, they remain undeterred by the fact that some Muslims consider music and public female performances to be forbidden.
Instead, their music guides them to new discoveries about their faith, as they learn that they share their journey with other Muslim women around the world, and explore their desire to reconcile their conversion to Islam with their strong feminist sensibilities and Jamaican roots'.

Women in Reggae ft Queen Omega - Queen Ifrica & Alaine

Ahh the Music Industry.
It can be a tough place for women... but it can also be deliciously liberating
and thankfully, women have increasingly pushed on through to gain a greater voice.

Here's featuring two popular roots reggae artists.. and my current favourite female.. Alaine - enjoy

One of my favourite reggae rhythm tracks of all time.. I think its party time - Heptones..

I love this song too much

Busy Signal, Nah Follow Dem

My fav dancehall man

Happy International Women's Day!: Some cool poets, On development - a message from the UN Women's Executive Director- and our Deputy P.M

Excerpt - 'In 'Africa' 70% crop production depends on women but they own only 2% of the land'
Great speech

A message from Nick Clegg

Friday 6 March 2015

President Jose Mujica - [Aljazeera Interview]

Maxi Priest - Holiday

You are what you think...?

Its often said that you become whatever you think about

Maxi priest - None of Jah Jah Children no Cry. TGIF. Poltergeists.

This track was originally made famous many years ago by Ras Michael and the Sons of Negus

Maxi's version is nice
The instrumental intro is a winner

Praise to the most high it - is - Friday.
I'm still battling ( but will overcome) an odd aura. A strange unsettling energy that like the ghost of Christmas past decided to pay a visit and haunt me.

Stay away from poltergeists.. they tend not to mean well

Have a great day x

Thursday 5 March 2015

Brinsley Forde - Shewodum

Brinsley Forde. Aswad's original frontman - singer guitarist and main songwriter
Brinsley has a talent for writing songs like this. For me, Aswad without Brinsley just wasn't ( isn't) the same
Still.. people move on, and it's great that the band has continued without him.. and also that Brinsley has found the studio again.

Today has been a busy and productive day.
But I am overly emotional ( well, a bit anyway)
I'm restless, and keen to have some 'me' time
In addition, I have a few writing projects I really need to work on, but I keep procrastinating for some reason
I simply need to focus and commit.
I just need the time to think
I'm upset with myself
What's stopping me?
Especially as writing has become second nature.. a little like breathing (but not)
Yes, I need time to drink,errrm I mean think...
That.... plus a push.

Anyway, I hope you all had a good day.

Liberia is on a 42 day countdown after the last remaining Ebola in-patient was released today.
That's pretty amazing
Here's hoping for them.

I want to say something about Penis size.
There's so much more to making love than the length of a man's Penis.
Men shouldn't get too 'hung (no pun intended ) up' about it
Work on that which you can change.
Focus on being loving, and the love making will be beautiful....

I'm sorry, I have nothing for the too big group. I'm no expert.
I have a feeling both extremes may face anguish from time to time
Do your best. Fret not.

I-Octane - Badman Rules & Laws

Wednesday 4 March 2015

Ebola; from emergency to recovery

For my post this evening I'm not going to say much.

I'll begin my post by saying how encouraging it is that cases of Ebola have reduced significantly across all affected countries, although there has been a recent surge of new cases in Sierra Leone. Hopefully, zero cases will be realized soon.
It couldn't happen soon enough.

At a recent conference in Brussels to discuss Ebola and the economic recovery of the affected countries , apparently the Liberian President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, stated that;
'the recovery from the epidemic would require “significant resources, perhaps even a Marshall plan”, adding that “additional resources” would be needed from the European commission, the IMF, World Bank and African Development Bank.

If these 'additional resources' is code for more money I'm just flummoxed.
I'm flummoxed because more Aid has already been pledged to these countries quite significantly.
I'm flummoxed because even though schools have begun to reopen in Liberia, 'more than half of those schools have no water supply, and while 57% have a toilet, it is shared by an average of 100 children'.

I'm sorry but that is appalling.
Would President Sirleaf have been content with her child/ children being educated in such an environment?
What has previous aid money been spent on?.
What have they been doing?
I have many questions but the most basic ( which many people would also query is ) . How long have these schools had no water supply, and inadequate toilet facilities. Seriously, how long...and why?

Will the 'significant increase in resources' be used to carry out work which should have been carried out years ago?.. or be used to tackle Ebola?

The children sadly orphaned by Ebola face an even bleaker future than most, if these people don't get thier 'stuff' together.

Despite what was reported, I don't think these countries necessarily have a funding shortfall.

I think there may be an issue in counting, managing , and monitoring, the funds that are already coming in.
.. and perhaps an even greater problem in terms of remembering who and what the money pledged is intended for. For whatever reason that may be
I'm being cynical perhaps... but in truth, unless the additional aid money coming in gets to the people it's pointless.

On a positive note, I think it's fantastic that the conference has taken place, It's a good thing. It really is.
I think a local spokesperson/s should have been invited, because conferences such as those can turn into a 'talking shop', filled with the exuberant misuse and abuse of language and rhetoric.
The people in the affected countries don't need another report

The people need the money that comes into their country to be spent on rebuilding infrastructure etc, and creating real opportunities for sustainable employment .
I really hope that the actions and possible solutions ( if any) discussed will be taken forward [click]

I'm quite disappointed with these leaders.. but I suspect you already knew that :)

On another note.. I wondered where David Miliband had got to...
good to hear from him
he may need to get back here and support his brother...

I had more on my mind than I realized


The only other story that caught my eye in the news was the story of the woman who divorced her husband after a week because his penis is too big.
That's a shame. Must be really big.

have a great evening x

Ruff N Smooth - Dance For Me

A very uplifting track.
...and the windscreen washer guy looked genuinely happy!

Nero X - Osey

Aww Ghanaian guys are the cutest dancers
Nice tune
A new day.. what will it bring.
1st up.. some good music
Happy day to you x

Another great tune..
Reminds me of Castros jealousy for some reason


In the News

UK Politics - Nigel Farage's immigration points system?! - Massive fail ( anyway.. aint we already got that had that, or tried that.. )
There we are ....making out like we own the place.
A criminal conviction In America seems to annul your human rights completely - at least in law enforcement and in the media
It's a thin line
... that's enough news...

I'm Loving Nero

Pimpinaa - Obrafour ft Bisa Kdei

Heaven - EL & C-Real - ft Gemini

Asa - SBG (Satan Be Gone)

Tuesday 3 March 2015

Talking Blues - Bob Marley

There's a young homeless woman I pass on my travels on a regular basis.
I think I've mentioned her on this blog before
She's usually very polite, and chirpy. I remember passing her one freezing cold night, and she still said 'hi babe'.. and 'have a nice evening' to me
I really don't know what I'd do if I saw someone beating.. her. hurting her.

I hope my humanity ( or lack of) bravery ( or lack of) is never put to the test

Maybe I'd just bawl like a baby
Maybe not
Who knows

Maybe my ability to be brave or humane is put to the test everyday, in subtle little ways
In which case its probably.. massive fail Dawna.. must try harder :)

Not heard Bob for awhile

2015 Winner of the Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership

I can honestly say I have never heard of The Ibrahim Prize before..
How lovely!
..hey.. I'm a girl.. say Prize to me.. and I will get slightly excited

Namibias President Hifikepunye Pohamba...has just won it [click]
I don't know much about him but this brought him to my attention
Congratulations to him!
It's a good thing to receive

This is what's said about the prize

'The honour is the world’s most valuable individual prize, gifting the winner $5m over 10 years and $200,000 a year for life'
Click [here] to read why he was considered a worthy winner

'The Mo Ibrahim Foundation was established in 2006 with a focus on the critical importance of leadership and governance in Africa. By providing tools to support progress in leadership and governance, the Foundation aims to promote meaningful change on the continent.
The Foundation, which is a non-grant making organisation, focuses on defining, assessing and enhancing governance and leadership in Africa through four main initiatives:'

The Board
The Partners

Hifikepunye Pohamba Biography
A very impressive CV

I wanted to post something a little nicer..

So here are some pictures .. of Kittens

'Almighty father... give them a hand.. and me a piece of string.. Amen'

'When are they gonna stop.. and smell the roses....'

'Have you read the news today...? '

Seriously... I'm very disappointed with that balloon release... abysmal!'.....

Can you believe it

I saw this on my phone last night

WTF is going on in America
Why would the Police shoot a homeless man 5 times!?.
how many police to 1 man
They tasered him
then shot him
the police are OUT OF CONTROL in America
They need to get those guns out of thier hands.

Music & Politics...9ice

I've been lazy with my searching for my translations..Still, I love his voice..
9ice sings predominantly in Yoruba, feel free to offer a translation if that's your language

I remember I mentioned yesterday that musicians were world leaders....
They are so, simply doing what they do, educating and healing, through music
..Giving people, hope, joy, happiness, strength, and the will to go on
..often they are thinkers.. problem solvers, humanitarians
People love them as they bring beauty to life
and what is life.. without beauty?

We want to shower them with riches, for thier contribution to life is great indeed
They are of the people,
They share thier souls inspiration
..make no promises, and rob no one
They can insight war... or peace
Musician's are world leaders through thier ability to influence
A musician , can be a party's greatest opposition

Politics... is a whole different matter
Politics is not for the faint of heart
Politics.. is not beauty
Politics .. is war

Whether the transition to Politics would be as harmonious as the music they make is unclear
Maybe Fela would have made a great President..
We will never know
I feel his influence was greatest, just as it was

9ice has in the past stated that he intended to leave music for Politics.
I'm not sure what he's doing currently

'Yes, I want to leave music for politics. Next year January, I will be 35-years-old and I’m not praying to still be in music at that age. I am serious about politics now. If you listen to my music, you would notice that politics has been part of me; it’s in my blood. When I started initially, I talked about being your brother’s keeper, and that’s why I studied Law at Lagos State University before I dropped out to concentrate on my music career. I hate when things go wrong. When two or three people are having issues, I love to get there to settle their differences. I have passion for politics and it has always been in my blood'.

He lost in the primaries [click]

9ice try.

But if it's in his blood as he says, he'll find a way
I see little beauty in Nigerian politics. But what do I know
I personally will miss his voice

Monday 2 March 2015

Girl talk

I miss-understood my friend today when she said men always say she's fat
I tried to console her by saying .. 'noone says your fat!'re not fat..'
She said ,.. 'not Fat.. PHAT.....
Yep...... PHAT
oh okay .. I said..' nothing wrong with your ego today:)

We were talking about men.
We love to.
It's fun
We talk about everything, but mainly men, politics, spirituality/religion, raising children, money, work/career, music
the focus is now on her love life.. and finding her 'Mr right'.

Personally, I have no major specific physical requirement ( other than a present penis) for a man
I'm very happy with my love anyway , but for the sake of conversation here...what I mean is...I don't dislike fat, tall, short, slim.. I tend to focus more on the character and personality..
I need someone I can respect.
Physically... hmmm sure, yes 'EYES' draw me in.. ( the eyes after all.. are the windows to the soul)
Something kinda sexy.. like a boyish charm

My friend is not so flexible.
...for her...He has to be buff. Firm, Well toned, Muscular, Fit.
When we explored this requirement further it turns out that the reason she has become this way, is due to years of being objectified by men with regards to her own ( very sexy) physique. At some point she simply decided, to turn the tables and say ... 'well... let's see what you got then.. lets see how fit you are!'

She has zero interest in any man who does not take care of his body. ( or so she currently believes...)

This made me wonder...
Do we really treat people the way we are predominantly treated.. whether we realize it or not

I'm hormonal. It is possible.
I am a little moody this evening. ( inwardly)
In fact...I'm so freaking moody I'm going to bed early.
I do not trust myself not to allow my moodyness to impair my judgement
.. thereby being snappy at someone else
As usual I have things on my mind anyway, but add hormones to the mix and it can be a lethal cocktail
.. that and wine.
Have a good night x
I'm off to Bedfordshire... soon enough

The funniest news headline I read today was... 'Mugabe Eats A Zoo!'

So OTT, It made me smile...
Courtesy of the Independent [click]

Zoo aside, the 'party' looks incredibly miserable!

Where are the smiles.. the joy? the laughter?
Does he never smile?
and where on earth did the (reported as costing ) million dollars go?

Cant be on cake.. that cant be more than £100 per cake.. can it?!
Unless they were piped with gold, and studded with diamonds?

Perhaps there was some beautiful splendor somewhere else... off camera.. because I cant see where that money went.
lets see....
91 balloon release ... £30?
Meat - £300?.. in fact no.. the meat was donated

Marquee... £ 500 ?
Masked Dancers.. £150 each? that a million yet.. no ? okay.....

I should really set myself up as a party planner.
I quite enjoy it
I could have put on a nice bash for him.. cut the costs in half, still earn a good wage , supply some great tunes, 'tun up' the vibe a bit, BAN any kinda 'political talk', and everyone's a winner.
Everyone goes home happy.

Mugabe's 'party' looked like a political rally, with some very glum looking faces

I'm VERY disappointed with that balloon release - abysmal! ( btw.. you're meant to set each one free so they 'fill the sky.....)
The entire staging of the event looks unprofessional and cheap
If that 'party' cost any more than £5000, I'd ask for my money back
Brass band? (ahem..very African) costs? for the entire band?... £1000 - let them split it as they will
Dance troop? ( a little messy but enthusiastic ) £1000 - split it as they see fit

Is that a million yet?..
No.. oh well ... perhaps the costs were over inflated

I sure hope so.. otherwise they were robbed

To reach the age of 91 is a great achievement and a blessing for anyone..
that bash looked so lackluster.. even I'm upset about that
I hope he enjoyed it.. but I'll be honest.. he did look seriously grumpy :)

Presh ft Davido - Say Dem Say

World leaders should be musicians
in many ways.. musicians are world leaders :)
Don't vote for anyone who doesn't love music... or who can't dance lol!

Thank god for remittances!.. plus more from - What's Up Africa

I used to think of accountancy as a boring profession
Nope, 'accountants' run the world
They may be boring yes, but they sure be useful
I need an accountant :)

If the African diaspora ever tire of 'filling the gap' left by governments inaction to ensure its citizens are fully supported. It could be absolutely devastating. Fortunately, the ties that bind are strong.. and people still care enough about each other to send that vital money home [click]
Remittances are the only thing keeping many afloat...yet, many governments seem somewhat tunnel visioned with regards to the diaspora, not fully tapping into what could possibly be one of its greatest resources.
For some, perhaps, remittances relieve them of the responsibility to do better.
Who knows.

What people don't want to see is the flaunting of excessive wealth of NGOs or Politicians among the poorest communities. It confuses people as to how it can be possible. Huge and deliberate wealth inequality will destroy us all if we're not careful:)
The abuse of power, and exploitation of citizens leads to a very unhealthy culture of mistrust, insincerity and manipulative behaviours.. across the board
Yes... i'm cheerful today :)
I am actually lol!.

Lol!! ' Yes so ah, I can tell you who's 'aving affair wid who...'
All the crucial stuff

Have a nice day x

Sunday 1 March 2015


As political 'spin doctors' go.. Alistair Campbell I like..
Everybody wants to be a winner, I don't know of anyone who would admit to wanting to be a loser

But I suspect some winners are happy to 'lose ' on occasion, if the bigger picture remains untarnished by the defeat.. no?
Winning and losing is a strategic affair
There are times you ,may think you have won.. but have really lost, and visa versa
Anyway .. here's an excerpt from the book

Now on my list of books to read

"Winning is about not being satisfied with anything less than winning."

Here's an interesting comment coming from our ex Prime Ministers spin doctor :)
I think he's right - I think any leader that maintains leadership for a long period adheres to this.. maybe not overtly... but subtly

"A winner always remembers that his own survival is more important than maintaining the integrity of the democratic process"

"The Queen is one of the worlds biggest winners, though it has to be said, she only got the job through an accident of birth, and loads of of other people might have been as good if they had been given the same chance. but she's a great queen and i now love her a lot because shes a winner like me. We winners must stick together"

I will say this then... winning is also about luck. Some of us just get lucky

Never lose hope..

In times of trouble, or hardship,
when faced with adversity or uncertainty
never lose hope

Today my prayers are with those facing difficult times
If hope is what you have at your disposal, choose hope
..and if prayer gives you comfort... Pray


I was inspired by my father in law to read Plato
I can honesty say that I've never really read Plato before
So, I've been reading a little on and off, this weekend
.. and am quite taken with the prose
Made me think more of others

"Hope, he says, cherishes the soul of him who lives in justice and holiness and is the nurse of his age and the companion of his journey; --hope which is mightiest to sway the restless soul of man."
- Plato -

PSquare - Collabo [Official Video] ft. Don Jazzy

I'm still loving this track in 2015.. and waited a long time for this video - yay :)
3 men at the table.. that's hilarious
I highly rate Don Jazzy!
Great producer.. not bad mover either

The sun is shining..! Good morning x