Sunday 1 March 2015


As political 'spin doctors' go.. Alistair Campbell I like..
Everybody wants to be a winner, I don't know of anyone who would admit to wanting to be a loser

But I suspect some winners are happy to 'lose ' on occasion, if the bigger picture remains untarnished by the defeat.. no?
Winning and losing is a strategic affair
There are times you ,may think you have won.. but have really lost, and visa versa
Anyway .. here's an excerpt from the book

Now on my list of books to read

"Winning is about not being satisfied with anything less than winning."

Here's an interesting comment coming from our ex Prime Ministers spin doctor :)
I think he's right - I think any leader that maintains leadership for a long period adheres to this.. maybe not overtly... but subtly

"A winner always remembers that his own survival is more important than maintaining the integrity of the democratic process"

"The Queen is one of the worlds biggest winners, though it has to be said, she only got the job through an accident of birth, and loads of of other people might have been as good if they had been given the same chance. but she's a great queen and i now love her a lot because shes a winner like me. We winners must stick together"

I will say this then... winning is also about luck. Some of us just get lucky

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