Saturday 14 March 2015

I love watching people cook:) . ft Cassava Leaf Stew & Peanut Soup

..and I've picked up some great tips watching Youtube

I wonder how Desmond S is doing these days...

Apparently there are many ways to cook cassava leaf. I'm going to learn the Sierra Leone way, ( of course :) .. I'll have fish in mine possibly

Is there tripe in this version?.. yuck.
This is so easy to follow and the beat hooked me in but I'll pass on the tripe and try it with just cod or coley
One pot dishes are great . I think it looks fab at the end.

I've never made Fufu.. but I learnt a Gambian Peanut dish which I've made a few times (which is tasty)
The originators of Maggi cubes must be millionaires by now , they seem to be present in every African dish

I love thier aprons

For more on Leaf Stews [click]

and of course sounds tracks ... I heard this song watching someone else cook.. searched for it, and here it is...
Yes. I can cook to this too

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