Wednesday 31 October 2012


I usually hide from the local kids trick or treating... seriously creepy. Cute.. but creepy.

Maybe I’ll buy some little sweets for them this time, and not be such a meany,
after all.. those pumpkin lanterns look really cool.. even though I’ve never made one since childhood myself. I tried once when my own kids were small and nearly cut me finger, so that put a stop to that malarkey

Remember folks...Witches and wizards don’t wait til Halloween to come out.
They’re out and about...all –the- time
Muwah ah ah ah ah ::-\

Don't eat to much chocolate.. save some for later

Chat up lines..

Do chat up lines still work?
Did they ever?.. really?

I've heard that a woman can tell if she likes a man and visa versa in the first few seconds of meeting.. sooner perhaps after the first few seconds of conversation
Chat up lines can be funny, and humour is nice
But chat up lines delivered seriously sometimes smack of insincerity.. so may not work at all.
The most effective approach seems to be no chat up line at all. Just a genuine interest in the other person. Good listening, eye contact, and regular conversation. No bravado..
It's still a chat up.. just with no line

Tuesday 30 October 2012

One Wish

If you had one wish .. what would you use it for?.. and why?

One of the things I've come to realise over the years that if you have no clear knowledge of who you are, or hold a vision for who you want to become, others will readily fill that void for you.
In your ‘absence’ others can create 'you', and an entire life and character for you, which can then in reality make your ability to be self actualising/self defining very difficult.
It’s easily done. .. but it’s rarely achieved without our ‘approval’.

It’s easily achieved when 'we' fear our internal power, or feel over years of conditioning, that we are not up to much.. not quite right.. not quite enough.. leading to the 'need' to continuously prove ourselves.
Tiring stuff huh...

Each one of us holds a unique key.. which when when found can unlock a whole world of adventure, of 'our' choosing .
When we go to have our house keys cut, we don’t hand it over and then say.. "give me any key back!".. we’d never get in.. right?..

Well... many of us may be trying to use the wrong key.. never quite gaining access to who we really are... outside of that invention.. created by others.

Monday 29 October 2012

Big families are us...

The governments 'unofficial' 2 children limit on families?
Thinking about it, I can see the argument from both sides, but it’s an uncomfortable proposal. (for me)

From my experience, women/people have children for a number of reasons, but I don’t think they do so consciously thinking... I can do so as the state will pay... or rather - 'let the state pay'.

The reasons I’m familiar with include
A natural desire to reproduce/have/raise a family
‘accidentally’ getting pregnant and deciding to keep the baby and be a mother/parent
And of course.. falling in lurve.. and a desire to create life with the one you love and see yourselves and your love reflected in your creation.

When we begin to put a price on life it gets murky.
So how far should the state intervene in family life choices?
It's difficult as there are times when the state has to get involved, and in those situations we understand and appreciate it, especially when the outcome is positive.. but can 'it'go too far.. and how far is too far?

Britney.. Sometimes

Seem to be in a pop mood today. ( hmmm blame those pesky JLS boys)
An old favourite of mine from Britney.
It's a nice song.
There's a reggae version but frankly.. I prefer this one. Sorry Sanchez.

You've got mail

On the news today it was stated that 1 in 4 people are afraid to, and do not open their bank statements.
I can relate. I didn't open mine for four years, in fact... I only began to open them recently.

Why didn't I open them?
Quite frankly I just got pissed off.
I got pissed off because my bank seemed to feel the need to write me and charge me for ‘their pleasure’, for very minor things.
I got pissed off as I could see what was going out and coming in was arse about face.
I decided I didn’t want any distractions to me achieving what I wanted to, and the bank were becoming a very big and unwelcome distraction.

Then, slowly... it became the elephant in the room.

The freedom and power I initially felt of not opening one letter, spread to all letters... and believe me when I say I-didn't –open- any- letters.
Sadly, what began as freedom begun to feel like a noose around my neck.
I confronted that demon a few weeks back now. It wasn't easy.
But I'm glad I did.
Someone had (what felt like) 'a go at me', made me cry, couldn't sleep.. and I felt that I was somehow letting my mum and family down.. After all.. I was always the one most likely to succeed... at everything.
No pressure.. just how it's been.
It was confusing for me and made little sense, as I've always felt incredibly rich.

Anyway, I got angry with myself, got tough with myself, as my ego doesn't like the feeling of being looked down upon, especially when it knows it is capable of, and worth, so much more.
I called a friend who said if I needed her help she’d come over. Knowing that support was available should I need it, was a comfort, yet it turned out I didn’t need it. I woke up the following day, got the pile of letters and began to open them.. one- by- one. it felt great
Most were reminders, insurances expiring, statements, new cards random everyday things.
Somehow, I was cradling a fear that I would open a letter and my world would fall apart. That I would owe the bank millions, and bring shame upon my family.
My creative mind the better of me.

I really needn't have worried.
To hear that 1 in 4 people may actually feel, or be going through what I went through reminds me that we are not that different in many ways.
We fear losing our possessions
We fear shame
We panic, over paying the bills, or making the money stretch to cover everything.
We worry.
We fret over the unknown
and shame and expectation heightens our fear.

In truth, we really needn’t worry, as the worry is always worse than the reality.

A friend of mine has decided to throw away 2 items( possessions) every week.
Yesterday she spoke of the attachment she had formed to being head of operations, and how she began to lose herself to the status of the role, and the income it brought with it.
Having purchased several homes, one is being repossessed. Whilst others may freak out over such a thing, she is as calm as you like. In fact, happy to see it go. It’s one less thing to worry about, and in fact, we tend to only live in one house at a time.
Other homes we hope, may generate an income. Provide for us in our old age.. should we ever get there... and should the stress and cultivated misery not kill us first:)
But... that’s not what makes us happy.

I was happiest when I didn't even have a place to live. I was optimistic, hopeful bright eyed and bushy tailed. I was doing things that I loved. I felt I had everything, and more to come.
You see what often occurs is that others project their expectations onto us.
Yet if we asked ourselves what would truly make us happy, if there were no shame attached, if we felt we couldn't let anyone down... and we wouldn't be seen as a failure...We may be surprised with the answer.

Happy Monday x

*disclaimer - this post isn't entirely accurate. I did open anything that began with the words; To the parent or guardian of.... oh and birthday cards.. you know.. important stuff

N Sync

I was reminded of this group today by the JLS song..
I guess I was a bit of an NSync fan (from time to time)

Hottest girl in the world.. JLS

Must say I do like this tune..
Reminds me of Justin Timberlake from back in the day

Warmed me up a bit
nice one boys.. and.. errrm.. thanks?


Hope all manage the N.Y storm well

Insomniacs...dreaming of shopping

Hmmm should have got more sleep perhaps.. still, I'm sure the cold will wake me up fully.
I worked with an 'insomniac' many years ago.
We used to meet on the train, she was always on time, always reading her book, and as calm as you like.
I remember feeling the whole story seemed quite incredulous, but she explained that whilst she rested.. she didn't actually sleep and hadn't done for years.

I know that when I'm tired I can feel a little grumpy, so imagine if I hadn't slept for years??
Well.. oddly enough I actually sleep less now than I used to. I know when my body needs rest and try to get it when I can, but I'm not keen on being dictated to with regards to when I should sleep, so if I'm not tired.. I don't.
But there are times when I could definitely get back to bed..
and if I'm honest, that time is now.... but .. I wont.


Nearly time for a bit of a winter shop..
Keen on a new wardrobe.. and looking for some nice boots this season.. and.. surprise surprise.. I feel a pull towards.. Topshop:).. Westfield definitely has it's charm also..
Pretty stuff.. shiny things perfumes and tinsel..
Sugar and spice and all things nice..
Nice to indulge now and again..


I am my beloved and my beloved is me
I am the sun the moons and stars.. in his eyes
In mine he is water fire earth
I glisten like a diamond
Precious as a pearl
Solid and rooted
Yet fluid in nature
Together we are the universe
With the ability to change
So sometimes I'll be fire
and sometimes.. he'll be a diamond
It doesn't matter
because I am my beloved
and my beloved is me

Being fearful..

I say being because fear is often acted out.. it really is a state of being. e.g I may feel fearful, but it's not until I act fearful, will that fear have any real power.
Fear can creep up on you at any moment if you're not careful... old fears can resurface, therefore it's important to keep check, and put them in their place if and when they do.

Fears like... what if.. ( followed by the worst case scenario)

A friend of mine reminded me (yesterday) that fears that act as a permanent blockage in a life, will continue to show up or remain unless or until (it)..they're faced, and dealt with..

Late night musings..

No matter what the question is.. the answer is always love.

I enjoyed this video, which I stumbled across.. as you do
Gosh it's Monday.. better get to bed soon

Friday 26 October 2012

A Glen Washington moment..

for the record...
I think Daniel Craig is now the best James Bond we've had.
Looks like a top movie


It aint complicated..

Freedom to be, freedom of thought, freedom to do

True freedom is self mastery.. the Knowledge of self.
Which isn’t what others think of you.. but what you know of yourself
In freedom it may even be possible to love being in bondage.... as in freedom, it would be your choice.
Nelson Mandela and others like him, knew a greater freedom while incarcerated
For in prison the value of freedom is known

What freedom do you long for?
I suspect you’ll find It’s yours for the taking.

Friday lunch treat.. Morgan Heritage

Its been a long week,(yet time seems to have sped up) lots on, not over yet

Wednesday 24 October 2012

Daniel Bedingfield's finest love songs

Haven’t heard these for a while, until I entered the coffee shop this morning.. ahh yes Daniel Bedingfield.. 'If you’re not the one', as love songs go, what can I say... It’s way up there.. for me, and I'm sure many others.

This one may have the edge for me though.. only just..
It’s the guitar.. his voice.. words

Here it is...the type of song women picture at weddings isn't it.. or just one of those daydreaming

Sunday 21 October 2012

Affairs of the heart .. Damien Marley

Finally.. Ce Ce Peniston..


Delroy Wilson

The law of the jungle..

Can attack the immune system.
A build up of stress is definitely something to be avoided.
Many things can cause us to experience stress, and watch out... it can be a creeper.

London buses/transport can equally affect the immune system... those little germ riddled spaces/incubators... for sure... I've had to take LT a few days now, so i think there maybe something in that.
Today, I'm really gonna try... 'bringhappyback'. Yes... bringhappyback is where you say sod it.. I'm okay.
Gonna forget any woes and be joyful. Focus on that which brings me joy.
Today, my aim is to refocus the mind, and be content in who I am, as sure enough, when you feel under the weather, the law of the jungle says you can become prey to predator’s lol. Even those you don't think will eat you, will begin to look at you and think.. hmmm (she's wounded)..maybe a little nibble.. fill me boots!
So, not seeking to become prey, my aim is solely to get better. . as quickly as possible.

For as the law of the jungle states.. the fittest of the fittest and all that malarkey

The myth of unconditional love?

Been up since 5.30am. Early...too early. Felt too ill to sleep. Popped to the shop to get some more lemons. Shopping in the dark as the country sleeps.
Well before I clamber back to bed, I thought I’d write a little.
Wanted to talk about unconditional love. Yes, that thing many of us seek, yet take for granted once gained. You see it takes a level of maturity I think, to recognise it, and see it not as a weakness, but as a thing of great beauty. I think it takes a level of maturity to control the egos attempts to ruin it, or make a mockery of it.
But what exactly is it?.

If a man (or woman) beats up on their partner for example, should they love unconditionally?
Can a person expect to receive unconditional love from another if they themselves are not capable of such a thing themselves?
Perhaps it's the absence of expectation, and is simply an overwhelming will to love.. a natural state of being.
In the main, most people would say unconditional love is when a person loves them, or they love another... flaws and all. Loves them even if they act up or play the fool... makes mistakes... argue. But what about if a man (or woman) loses all the joint funds on a bad business investment...makes it back... then foolishly loses it all again?
How do you know if unconditional love is what you have for a person?
Do we love people for who they are.. or who we hope they will be..?

Well... unconditional love does not mean that no other emotions ( such as anger) will be experienced.. but love provides a light.. understanding.. reason.
It calms anger and heals wounds
Would it be fair to say unconditional love is love? And anything else really isn’t love at all... but something else entirely?

If a person abuses that love, perhaps it's simply a result of them not having the ability to receive it, to understand it, mainly because they may just not be ready for it, not mature enough for it, feel threatened or intimidated by it... as one can only receive what one has the ability to feel, see, know, acknowledge or give also.

But is it overrated?

For example... a plant will only grow on condition that the conditions are right for it
A cup of tea will only taste sweet on condition we add sweetener to it.
To that end, we only grow as people on condition that we are open to it, or else we remain stagnant, unless of course we are forced into action by drastic earthly or unearthly forces out of our control.
So can we be loving and that not be reflected in our actions?. I think not.

Many of us manipulate it..fear it, question or doubt it.. instead of just letting it be.
Love is felt from the very soul..surely 'mans' greatest quest.. and greatest achievement.

So my question today this Sunday morn is... do we truly love... or simply just expect to receive it?

Happy SMSx

Saturday 20 October 2012


Great. I’m ill.
Ill or not I still have to do some shopping today, and carry on as usual.
Last night I remembered when my parents would travel from their home to mine if I were ill.. and bring me soup.. and Lucozade.

I don’t expect that kind of thing now of course, but whatever happened to that.
What's happend to us as people?
No care anymore
No love
No sense of... let me make Dawna something as she’s tired, and now.. she’s ill.
Just . no. sense.
Unfeeling is how we are at times.

Tell you what. We can read as much as we like about love, or science, or anything. . fill our heads with knowledge on how to be.. what makes marriage work, and all that kinda stuff... but it’s nowt . Absolutely nowt unless experienced - actioned.

Yes... I’m sick. Did I say?
Better get ready.

Friday 19 October 2012

Weeks over..

Struggled through this week,
Bit tired (carrying too much stuff around) and a bit run down perhaps (hence the vitamins)
Still, I got through it... now just wrapped up nursing a slight sore throat and the chills.
My ideal evening would include a glass of Baileys (been awhile) and snacks... nice music... and browsing the box. Maybe even snuggling up with the duvet watching a movie till late. Not sure what I’ll do, but its Friday, and I’m feeling lighter.
The weathers changed but other than that things are pretty much same as usual.

I suspect I'll just have an early night..

Bill Withers..

Men can be...

Moody too sometimes.

Seriously...they can.
Moodiness is often associated with female behaviour, and to be honest fair enough. Yes, it can happen.
on the hour?... no!!.. be fair.. perhaps only every other
But we need to break the myth that men are not some of the moodiest gits on planet earth.
They’re moody for all sorts of reasons, sports, food, you name it... sitting in traffic, getting lost, having to ‘deal’ with our ‘so called' moods.
Yeah.. to be sure..Moody men are no picnic.

But I find it’s best when you, as ‘Steven Amos’ says, "find the funny".
Try and find some humour once the initial mood has passed like a blizzard,
and chances are they.. like us.. may not even remember what they were moody about in the first place, or why it was the most important event since earth's creation.

I guess what we all want is to be being able to work out what is 'just a mood' ( for men and women) and when there may be a real issue, or genuine unhappiness.

Happy Friday y'all xx

Thursday 18 October 2012

Ms Independent..

Yes things can confuse at times
This time last year nowt was confusing.. and food was cheaper.
Still, I'm in the place I had visualised myself being in, ( less messy perhaps) so there is something to be said for creating an action plan and positive visualisation... Or perhaps just plain old focus.. divine intervention ..

What ever happened to the show wife swap?
Did you need to have a husband to take part?
The walk to work was interesting, changed up my route a bit. Strange.
I ask of others that which I can or will deliver also.
But not always, as with life it depends on the context.
Reason and intent.

Anyway.. those were some random thoughts!.. back on point
I wonder about this independent woman thing.
I think there’s a difference between being self sustaining and selfish.. overburdened or supported, alone or accompanied.
Yes.. there are pros and cons on either side I suspect..
Still, I also wonder if the less we need each other the more distant we become, ( emotionally vacuous folk, struggling to truly connect outside of texts appin' and email.. hey..does anyone write letters anymore?) and just to be clear by need I mean recognise that we are interdependent on each other ( and there’s no shame in that) , and we aren’t necessarily meant to go through life alone.. ( and not.. as in I need a beer!)
Also, independent thought is something I think we should all strive towards. The fight against being programmed, to be able to resist at times, think for ourselves, share our thoughts, and not have husbands or boyfriends, or even mates, chastise you for it.
I like that kind of independence.. I’m happy to receive support in all other areas.. why not?.. we all human).. just as I give in return.. I aint selfish x) so...form an orderly queue..

Imagine a world without Image?

A moment.

There tends to be pressure on women to look good... ish.. right?
But is the pressure in our ( womens) heads?
I say this because who really notices, and how important is it?

Well it’s all subjective anyway and different people like, or find different things acceptable, desirable, presentable.. or ‘right’. I think in the main it depends on the role you do, or the day you have planned, but I wonder if the same applies to men.
Well a few years ago I may have said no, but nowadays.. yes.. to a point.
I think there is a certain amount of pressure on men to look either smart/professional ... or trendy.
Outside of that they are labelled goofballs, naff, geeky or told they have no style or swagger ( dodgy term I hear) .. and women either spend their time ignoring them.. refusing dates, or resign themselves to saying yes, then spending a lifetime trying to transform them (whilst secretly resenting it)

Style over substance has little value I know, but we can’t kid ourselves that we are not influenced by image.
We should however question and try to wipe the slate clean in some cases, as there has been an element of brainwashing carried out the vast number of us.
I’m not keen on certain body shapes on women ( even if it were my own?)
Mainly if it seems to scream.. lazy .. or greedy, or undisciplined... or just plain slack.

But I have to check myself and not judge as I honestly believe that body shape may simply be hereditary. I say this as I’ve seen some very hefty people with very hefty children.. with very hefty parents of their own.
My argument to myself and a friend was that it was hereditary, but then the counter argument was that they simply ate the same (junk/processed) foods, and lived the same lifestyle.

I have no issue saying fat or out of shape etc, as I find that when it comes to me people rarely hold back calling me skinny or whatever they feel. I don’t mind, I am. As are they... fat.

Yes all is beautiful I hear you say.. but I ask you.. do you really mean it?

Wednesday 17 October 2012

Wednesdays wonders..

I’m lucky. I don’t need anyone to think for me.
But if I did I would worry slightly.
I would worry because I’m not sure they would act in my best interests, or would even know what my best interests were.
But if they got it right I would be forever grateful.

I’m lucky.
I have a roof over my head and I know where my children are
If I didn’t I would worry somewhat
That we may need help and not find it.
But if I did, I would forever grateful

But what is luck anyway?
Some say it’s when the universe seems to correspond and align to your betterment,
Some say it’s has a lot to do with the energy you emit
Maybe luck is winning the lottery
Meeting the ‘right guy or girl’
Getting a job you love
To be honest, it’ll mean different things to different people
But when you consider the kind crap that could go down... best to be thankful if you’re spared

Never sell your soul...

Okay class.. here I come... x

Sunday 14 October 2012

Being in love..

There is nothing better than being in love
It fills you
Being in love is a state of being
Love itself will do as it pleases yet can only reside where a place has been set for it...uncluttered and unfilled with negative emotions
Love can demolish all negative forces
Overcome obstacles
Its riches are worth more than earthy riches
They say you have no need to search for it..
Let it be.. it will be there
Once you find it.. cherish it.. like a plant.. nurture it
It will nurture you in return..

Happy SMS xx


I was raised a Christian by my parents, grew into and through the teachings of Rastafari in my teens, and have browsed through various scriptures of other faiths in my time, and in them...the eating of pork is always an abomination.
That's a strong word, but our scriptures do tend to love a strong word or two.

Still.. ever since, the eating of pork has always struck me as odd, surely if you're conscious you wouldn't eat pork right?.. well I've since met people who appear fairly conscious but still eat pork. I struggle to marry the two.

I know many cultures eat pork, for example many Chinese dishes incorporate pork, and in black African and Caribbean cultures pigs feet and god knows what else is considered a delicacy.. and in European culture bacon and eggs is considered a staple.

Food of slaves - pork was especially common.
'Chitlins' - pig intestines was used to maximise profits, despite the fact that pork harbours diseases, and most know that a pig is the dustbin of the farmyard and will eat anything.

Pork was real slave food.
What slaves ate

I know it's not the only thing they ate - but it lingered in a way long after slavery that I don't quite get. (perhaps like saltfish)

Argument against

I wish I could present a stronger argument as to why I think pork blocks your spiritual channels but at present I can't. Yet why did the early sages recommend avoidance?... perhaps it does something?...
Don't get me wrong.. I eat alot of 'crap'.. from time to time, and could be much healthier than I currently am , but.. pork?..
The day I eat that is the day you know 'chattle slavery' has returned... my life depended on it..and pigs can fly.
Let's hope neither of those occur.

Anytime I ask my mum or sister why they eat it they say.. it tastes nice.. hmmm juicy.. yeah well.. so's my right leg I suspect.. would you gnaw on that?

Who was I in a past life?...

Last night after watching something on youtube I began to drift off. In fact I did drift off, but instead of sleeping I began ruminating on something that I’ve pondered over for awhile.
Past lives.

I’ve always wondered who I was in a past life, have done since a very young age. Back in the day my parents mentioned my being like my fathers grandmother, but I think we were just similar.. and I not... an incarnation of her per se.
Anyway. I think I’ve narrowed it down.

Why?.. you may wonder does it matter about who you were in a past life?. Well, I think it can explain certain aspects of who we are as people.. our calling perhaps. For me.. anyway, all that aside.. I’m just interested.
But it’s confusing.

Okay here’s what I’ve got. I was a woman, born during turbulent times of racial conflict.
I've struggled to work out which conflict.. it's still a little hazy.

I was young, and deeply in love with an amazing man who was taken from me – either killed or imprisoned during the conflict...I , met my own similar fate shortly after. I think perhaps it was a fairly recent conflict. I was actually born in 68, so this may have occurred shortly before that... I’m drawn to Zimbabwe’s 1st or 2nd Chimurenga... so maybe then but I’m not sure.
This may sound odd to some people, but last night I felt sure that it directs not only my relationships in terms of the qualities I seek or gravitate towards, an the importance of them...right down to my career, passions in life.. opinions I have, and mission/calling.
As I said.. it's becoming clearer but still a little hazy.
When I have more I will share more.

Anyway... I found this site on the net and for fun followed the instructions to see what it would tell me about my past life.
Here’s what it said....

I don't know how you feel about it, but you were female in your last earthly incarnation. You were born somewhere in the territory of modern Iran around the year 1300. Your profession was that of a preacher, publisher or writer of ancient inscriptions.
Your brief psychological profile in your past life:
Artistic personality, always transforming the ugly into the beautiful, gray into bright colors. You would find an opportunity of creative self-expression in any situation.
The lesson that your last past life brought to your present incarnation:
Your main lesson is to develop magnanimity and a feeling of brotherhood. Try to become less adhered to material property and learn to take only as much, as you can give back.
Do you remember now?

Saturday 13 October 2012

Hugh Masekela

If anyone has time to go and see Hugh Masekela in songs of migration at the Hackney Empire I can really recommend it. Great show.. truly amazing singers

The vibe took me to this..
Enjoy honeybun

Friday 12 October 2012

The day of Venus

So it’s Friday.
I won’t thank god for it as an Atheist told me it was bound to happen.
Okay, that’s my Friday attempt at a joke now that’s over what can I say.
It’s been an odd week. Studying race, racism and this colonial stuff can be very contentious... seriously... which I’m told is a good thing... still, I’m enjoying it so far.
Housework took a bit of a back seat (the bare minimum this week,) so a quick blitz is now required, prior to a restful evening.
Life events...
Over the past week, I met a few people facing up to some tough times.. Mainly financial but they’re getting on with things thankfully.. well... what else can one do? all seriousness there are those who choose to opt out.. which is sad really.
I met a guy who just lost his job after 10yrs... decent chap, now having to deal with the reality of signing on, which can be hard on a person’s self esteem.. Perhaps even more so with men.. does seem that way from time to time anyway.
What the heck.. go with the flow my son.. aint nothing to be ashamed of.. and it’s just for a time
Anyone that judges a person based solely on their income aint worth a dime

What I find annoying sometimes if when I hear a woman say she wouldn’t date a man unless he’s earning big bucks.. It’s annoying because often these women aren’t earning a bloody penny!!!
I get the whole 'provider' stuff but still... feels a little unsavoury.

Anyway..Myself?.. Pretty busy I guess
I’ve wasted a fair bit of time whenever the opportunity has arisen to be frank, which may mean the gods are saying.. Don’t give her time.. for gods sake...she’ll only squander it.
Trying to encourage my youngest to get a job has become a full time job. My motivation and energy for that particular task is low and getting lower. My encouraging tone is becoming sharper by the day, Which means it’s time for me to stop talking before I lose control and start to use profanities that would shock the ancestors.
He’s doing well with his studies though so I guess that’s something, and I’m pleased about that.
Tantrums tiredness tiaras and tears about sums up my week.
Hoping to have a nice evening

Thursday 11 October 2012

Stars.. Cornel Campbell

Racism.. and the five stages of impact..

It's perhaps a bit of a stretch theoretically speaking... but I was looking at the five stages of grief and began to wonder if its possible to link it to the impact of racism short and long term.

Not only with regards to individuals, but an entire group of people.
The possible impact on the the 'black psyche' if you like...

I was speaking to someone the other day who said that some young people these days seem to possess a certain apathy.. it's acceptance but an acceptance leaning towards a more negative slant. A feeling of powerlessness.. but that can be said of some adults too no doubt

I neither agreed or disagreed .. I just listened

Just for the fun of it I'm going to tell the story of the UK black Caribbean experience of racism in simple terms

1950s migration - stage 1. Denial
1970s second generation experience - stage 2. Anger
1980's progression for some - Stage 3. Bargaining. For others Stage 2. Anger
1990's high unemployment - Stage 4. Depression
00's - class divisions Stage 5. - Acceptance

1. - Denial
This isn’t happening!...
2. - Anger
WTF.. you've got to be kidding me!...
3. - Bargaining
Okay.. what do I need to do...?
4. - Depression
I did all I could and still nothings changed....
5. - Acceptance
I tried.. yet little changed.. perhaps never will... from now on I’ll ignore it .. it doesn't matter

Like most things it's fluid, and people can enter into any stage at any time..
I had fun with that

Wednesday 10 October 2012

National identity

What is a national identity?

Is it the history of a nation, how it was formed/constructed... its stages of development?
Its inhabitants? customs and practices?
Is it a single culture or a multiplicity of cultures?
The food, religious practices, tolerances or intolerances.
And perhaps most of all does it matter... and why?

A national identity can provide its inhabitants with a sense of belonging, and its people with a sense of unity, a shared commonality.
When William Hague spoke at the conservative party conference he spoke with pride of Britain’s achievements at home and abroad, being a nation that is not prepared to sit by whilst people in other parts of the world experience hardship and injustice. It was a rousing speech
My question is, is a national identity greater than the individual identity of its inhabitants?.
Are there aspects of our individual identity that should be shed for the greater good of the nation?

Do we create a national identity or does it create us?
Are we made in Britain.. or by Britain?


Monday 8 October 2012

If not Ed.. then who for Labour?

I have heard and read a couple of times that Labour will never win a general election under Ed Milliband, and it made me wonder why?..
He ticks all the usual boxes..
He’s tall, well educated.. photogenic, upper middle class, male.. white.. has black hair.. ( has hair).. he says all the right things ( in the main) is non confrontational,... which made me wonder that it’s possibly not what he says...but how he says it.. in that... he has a lisp.

Could it be?
You may say we're not that shallow, and that we don’t discriminate against people with speech impediments, after all... look at Jonathan Ross, but I'm not so sure..
Politics is an odd business, and can bring out some odd biases that lurk unchallenged and unnoticed..

If it’s not that... then what is it?

Welfare.. blame.. and Torys

A cap for people on benefits with children?
Placing more children in poverty, and putting more children at risk?.
Welfare welfare welfare...
Not all the countries money goes on welfare.

The thing that I tend to find with the Tory party is (when under pressure) they tend to set people against each other.. the 'haves' vs the 'have-nots'..
the country's broke so lets blame those on welfare..

It's not nice, not honest, and quite distasteful
Divide and rule.. pah.. not convinced
Perhaps when George Osbourne decides there are more important matters than policing the nations bedrooms, we can be reminded of what was said when the the 'proverbial shit' originally hit the fan... and that was that we are experiencing a global banking crisis. when the Tories and Lib Dems clawed into power, the focus then shifted to Labours inability to manage the public purse.. ( rightly or wrongly) and now.. the focus ( and blame) is shifting to those ( least able to defend themselves) claiming benefits.

I dont know.. if it's not immigration ( and there are those who still link immigration to those of a darker hue, when in reality as far as I'm aware the majority of new immigrants into the country came from the E.U, and there is little that can be done to stop that.. which means any cap on immigration will have to focus on the 'others', making it quite a racist policy) ... its welfare. all divisive stuff.

When London experienced rioting last August David Cameron said..."In my very first act as personal priority 'is'... to mend our broken society – that passion is stronger today than ever"... he went on to say that... "Social problems that have been festering for decades have exploded in our face,"..
Well .. in my opinion setting people against each other is not the way to mend a broken society or strengthen ( multicultural mixed economy) communities.


I have a feeling I may be agreeing with Boris today though.. lets see.. I'm open minded.. and to be honest the people who seem to really be feeling the pinch are those 'middles classes' who do .. in the main.. work hard.. and bought into the 2.4 dream

Also..what of those 'care leavers' who find themselves dependant on social housing after leaving care.. under 25.. how will they pay their rent?.. Youngsters who have left home?..

If you're anything like me with little knowledge of government spending, this map is a great visual.. try find it online so you can see where the money goes.. although keep an open mind.. you can't always trust what you read etc..

Total Public Spending
in the United Kingdom

Central Government and Local Authority
-5yr -1yr Fiscal Year 2013 +1yr +2yr

Public Pensions £138 billion
National Health Care + £126 billion
State Education + £97 billion
Defence + £46 billion
Social Security + £117 billion
State Protection + £32 billion
Transport + £19 billion
General Government + £18 billion
Other Public Services + £25 billion
Public Sector Interest + £45 billion
Balance + £21 billion
Total Spending = £684 billion

Its funny really.. every time I say I'll take a break from 'armchair politics', Tory party conferences always seem to draw me back in.. more off key than the X- Factor, and definitely.. definitely .. more entertaining..

I'm not anti Tory by any means.. some of my favourite politicians reside in the Tory party. I quite like William ( "We have to get out of this post-colonial guilt" spoken in that odd southern drawl.... err.. no you don't!!) Hague, and (the one woman cabinet) Thatcher.

Bring back Thatcher!! I say.. and bring back Gordon Brown for Labour!!.. after all.. he didn't get much of a chance did he.. and for heavens sake.. bring on Boris!!.. get the show on the road.

I'll take a leaf out the the Tory mindset and announce...(loud trumpet) " Bring on the mansion tax I say... after all.. I don't live in a mansion.. and that's what it's really about isn't it?.. do onto others that which you definitely would not want done onto you

Gotta love the Tories.



Sunday 7 October 2012

Does anyone still 'do' Black History Month?..

Is it too genteel, too lukewarm.. dozy?.. Or is it a way to great way to get a message across, remind the younger generation of events in black history they may not hear about in schools?.. not forgetting us elders.. and others
What say you about BHM.
What has it changed?.. has it helped anyone.. anything?
Is it time to shift gear.. focus..

Don't really know where this post came from.. and this may seem like an odd mix..Isley brothers and old slave trade images... ( maybe it's some weird subconscious thank you to our ancestral freedom fighters... who knows)...but it's what I'm listening to , and perhaps thinking about right now so enjoy..
Happy Sunday xx

Oh.. and happy B'day bro..( hopefully you can still manage the odd rastaman skank :))

Man and boy..


Saturday 6 October 2012

A do nothing girl?

A friend said to me today, “when you don’t know what to do... that’s the time to do nothing”.

Growing up my mum used to say... “If you don’t know what to say... say nothing “... granted it was often after I may have said something silly, but there might be something in this 'do nothing' thing. Yet doing nothing, when all your senses urge you on, can be tough. It can leave you feeling exposed... like prey... Surely if you do nothing when action seemed required you’ll look like a fool no?.. weak no?.
Well I'm not sure yet. I'm undecided.

There are times when you’re required to think on your feet and act. When spontaneous reaction occurs it’s possible that it may the most honest reaction you may think, but not always. Yes in the case of danger, but no if your reaction is based purely on an egos response to a situation.
Sometime... thought is required.
If we feel we have been wronged in some way it feels natural to want to react. Yet by not reacting it can also prove to be the best thing as my friend said... to give it some thought... gain clarity on a situation first, as things are not always as they seem.
If they are... Time will reveal.

Monday 1 October 2012

Goodbye September I had a nice B'day.. got over my age.. hello October x

Good food, company, and back to back Dennis Brown..nice
25yrs ago I had my daughter on my 19th birthday.. so we both enjoyed our day

Ironically when you play this tune.. full bass.. it's a corker!!