Friday 25 May 2012


Poor Ian... how awful. actually held my head in my hands.. I got so drawn in.. All he's ever wanted is someone to love him. When are the script writers gonna give him a break?. In the 'real world' a man like Ian would have been snapped up long ago no?.. he runs his own businesses blah blah.. yes he can be a bit annoying... but there's worse I'm sure. Top acting though. I've missed a few episodes, but seems like the pressure of hearing a certain 'confession' is doing his head in.. Simon Ashdown.. best writer by far. anyway.. back to Comedy Central

A little more Ken Boothe..

Cool Summer Evenings

These are the evenings that make it all worthwhile. The easy summer breeze.. sound of children playing out late in the park, A cool drink, as the sun begins it’s descent. Wearing next to nothing in the privacy of your back yard.. no big deal to stroll out front same way.. Ken Boothe on my laptop. The stresses remain, yet somehow feel a little easier to deal with under the warmth of the sun ( little stresses anyway) Closest to life in the Caribbean we get right here in London. I haven’t swam for years and used to really enjoy it. I think if the weather remains as fine as this I may brave a dip. I’m a bit nervous as I don’t think I can remember how and may sink!

Speak Softly Love...Ken Boothe

Thursday 24 May 2012

Feed me sunshine..

Well the lovely summer sun is finally upon us. Hope it lasts awhile. Not feeling particularly buoyant, but I'm enjoying it anyway. It feels good to feel the warmth on my skin, watch myself transform from what seems like ash grey to brown again. A couple of people I know are vitamin D deficient, both women, both black. (not sure if there is a link but I have a theory). Another is also calcium deficient. She's not a vegetarian, eats pretty much everything other than pork ( as far as I know.) It seems our food may be lacking the nutrients of old. I myself have had a stomach ache for two weeks. Not funny, in fact quite annoying so gonna take a trip to the doc...when I can get an appointment that is. Fortunately I have some time off, so it’s probably the best time for me to sort things out. Maybe I’ll grab some sleep in the afternoon. I sound grumpy.. but I'm not really :). I love the sun.. it brings out the best in me I think.. can't beat a stroll in the park on days like this.. ( well .. I'm sure you can, but you know what I mean... It's a state of mind thing.. the calm.. the oneness) Enjoy your day.. enjoy the sun x

Sunday 20 May 2012


I can’t understand why people spit in their front or back bus stops, or pretty much anywhere really. Some ‘nice’ person spat on my pavement recently. So out came the Jeyes fluid!!...and a few choice words... not many actually, 'surprisingly'... said something along the lines of ... 'you can see why some neighbour disputes occur'... blah blah blah. I realise that for a lot of people it’s no big thing... but it makes me feel sick, and my stomach turns over in the worst way. If the person is unwell, elderly or infirm... okay... But fit strapping people?..'come on'.. it makes the place unclean. I’m deeply squeamish about that stuff As the title says... Yuck

Say my name...

My body clock is ticking. I keep it quiet with Irish cream!! Lol, seriously... I mean... what's that all about. I’ve had three already... all be it a long time ago... but still... I can barely look at a child without feeling overcome... with something. So... I stay away. I especially stay away from pregnant women, as it’s a little known fact that if a womans bum accidently touches the bum of a pregnant woman... if she’s not already... she sure will be pregnant in the blink of an eye. Don’t believe me??.. I do believe that children are best had when you’re young, despite the drawbacks that can occur. It’s often said that children don’t ask to be born, yet... there’s a school of thought that believes that children actually 'do' ask to be born... not only that , but they.. select their parents. Don’t believe that either??... I thought about the names that parents give their children and how it can reflect so much. You hear names such as Angel, Joy, Jacob, Moses, King... highly emotive and filled with aspiration. There are some parents that 'thoughtfully' choose names they consider to be middle class avoiding names such as Trevor...or Delroy... opting instead for the more sedate, Zac, or Josh ( both of which I quite like) Then there are sons who are named after their father... a sign that the woman was either very loved up at the time... or the man was very rich... yeah... deny that one.. ‘Senior!!’lol Still... regardless of your name, people from the Caribbean... especially those who still live in the Caribbean, prefer not to call you by whatever is on your birth certificate. No... They prefer to call you by your most distinguishing feature... such as....’Broad Nose Nigel’...’ Long foot Larry’... Big Bottom Brenda... ‘Ben’ Foot Bobby( usually a bow legged man.. not seen that in a while) ... how about Long Mouth Murva... ‘Bad Teet’ Tony’... ‘Broke Pocket Peter’... well get my drift.. My dad was known as ‘toothpick’, I wondered why the man at the door asked for one... did he have something in his teeth?... I’ve been referred to by a few names in my time... legs... slim or slim ting... marga gyal... and feisty gyal ( usually after a spurned advance.. go figure Yes... names... a disgusting habit, stop it immediately lol. Night x

Patience is a virtue? or a great excuse for procrastination.. Hi all.. i'm back!!

It’s been awhile since ive posted anything, Oddly enough it hasn’t stopped me yapping!! I just haven’t put anything a paper (so to speak) that wasn’t related to my inches to completion studies. Can I just say I have little patience for referencing but I must try my best to make an effort to get it right. Patience.. Now that’s a thing I’ve been told many times I lack. But wow, I’ve had to find it from somewhere. So there. It seems I can be patient after all.. I prefer to see it as, I like to get things done.. .eager and excitable.. from time to time..Conscious of time...passionate if you like.. Not buying it?.. okay ... It’s work in progress.:) It’s said a lack of patience is a lack of trust in the universal order. Not sure I believe that completely but it does make sense. If we have complete faith in the universal order of things then there really is nothing that should come our way that won’t. I just wish it would hurry up!! No... I take that back. For truth is we never know what’s destined to come our way.. and there may be times you wish it wouldn’t. I’ve been enjoying reading everyone’s posts whenever I can in the meantime, and Mr Chrome has returned back from his trip with some great vibes... and great tunes must I say!!.. Loving it Chromey. I’ve missed my blog. I’ve missed talking into the atmos... never knowing where my thoughts will land. Not knowing if anyone is listening or is ‘feeling’ me. I’ve had weeks of serious stress, and seem to be coming out the other end. Home’s okay family’s okay friends are okay. Lots of people seem to have alot on their plate at the moment. I’ve lent on them a lot. Especially oddly enough one of my brothers ...who usually grates (I say that with love of course) I was going through a period (still do on occasion) of not being able to sleep. Was up at 6 'ish' on a Sunday in the bath thinking... I want to talk... NOW... ‘who’... (I thought) ‘on earth would be up at this time?’. Sent a ‘are you up’ text to my bro and yep... sure enough ... he was up with the larks. Talked for well over an hour. Now... I’m back to dodging his calls again lol.. I kid of course :) Not sure when my sleeping pattern will return to ‘normal’ (whatever that is)... don’t you just hate it when no one else is awake at 4 in the morning. If I ever live with anyone in the future, hopefully I’ll sleep.. otherwise he’ll get earache ( again... I kid) Truth is, I’ve had some great clarity during those odd moments, mixed with bouts of insecurity. Hey...who cares... we’re all human right? Missed y’all...yeah I’m still around