Sunday 20 May 2012

Patience is a virtue? or a great excuse for procrastination.. Hi all.. i'm back!!

It’s been awhile since ive posted anything, Oddly enough it hasn’t stopped me yapping!! I just haven’t put anything a paper (so to speak) that wasn’t related to my inches to completion studies. Can I just say I have little patience for referencing but I must try my best to make an effort to get it right. Patience.. Now that’s a thing I’ve been told many times I lack. But wow, I’ve had to find it from somewhere. So there. It seems I can be patient after all.. I prefer to see it as, I like to get things done.. .eager and excitable.. from time to time..Conscious of time...passionate if you like.. Not buying it?.. okay ... It’s work in progress.:) It’s said a lack of patience is a lack of trust in the universal order. Not sure I believe that completely but it does make sense. If we have complete faith in the universal order of things then there really is nothing that should come our way that won’t. I just wish it would hurry up!! No... I take that back. For truth is we never know what’s destined to come our way.. and there may be times you wish it wouldn’t. I’ve been enjoying reading everyone’s posts whenever I can in the meantime, and Mr Chrome has returned back from his trip with some great vibes... and great tunes must I say!!.. Loving it Chromey. I’ve missed my blog. I’ve missed talking into the atmos... never knowing where my thoughts will land. Not knowing if anyone is listening or is ‘feeling’ me. I’ve had weeks of serious stress, and seem to be coming out the other end. Home’s okay family’s okay friends are okay. Lots of people seem to have alot on their plate at the moment. I’ve lent on them a lot. Especially oddly enough one of my brothers ...who usually grates (I say that with love of course) I was going through a period (still do on occasion) of not being able to sleep. Was up at 6 'ish' on a Sunday in the bath thinking... I want to talk... NOW... ‘who’... (I thought) ‘on earth would be up at this time?’. Sent a ‘are you up’ text to my bro and yep... sure enough ... he was up with the larks. Talked for well over an hour. Now... I’m back to dodging his calls again lol.. I kid of course :) Not sure when my sleeping pattern will return to ‘normal’ (whatever that is)... don’t you just hate it when no one else is awake at 4 in the morning. If I ever live with anyone in the future, hopefully I’ll sleep.. otherwise he’ll get earache ( again... I kid) Truth is, I’ve had some great clarity during those odd moments, mixed with bouts of insecurity. Hey...who cares... we’re all human right? Missed y’all...yeah I’m still around


  1. haha, gracias bella! suffering the blues big time. Missed you Lady D, my morning prose. I'm with you on the sleep business, yearning for a good old bleary eyed, drag myself from bed morning. Apparently Malcolm X got by on just 4/5 hours of sleep (don't ask how that relevant to anything lol!)

  2. Interesting.. well Malcom had a lot on his mind I dear say.. lots to do with little time. :).. wonder how much the Obamas get. You missing 'home' a bit .. special memories huh:)