Wednesday 31 August 2011

Happy Birthday Ti.!!. :D

Well.. as summer ends and the time approaches midnight.. it'll be my youngest sons 18th birthday..

He came to me not long ago and told me in 4hrs time he will be 18!. I have raised 3 children to adulthood (they are a joy) and I almost don't know what to do with myself:)
I'll cook a nice meal.. and some BBQ'd chicken ( If it doesn't rain) and I'll do what I do for all birthdays, and that is .. make a birthday cake. Everyone blows out birthday candles in my house.. that's the rule!

I feel a bit odd, happy and sad. He's all grown up.. all my children now (despite the fact that they will always still need me) .. all grown up.
It becomes harder to protect your children when they reach a certain age, in some ways it becomes a barrier..and you worry a bit because you know how tough and unfair life can be. Can be great too though I know! so I try to balance it out as best I can.

The fact that they are all grown means also.. that I.. am grown.
I have grown up with my children in a way. My Ti reminded me today that I had my eldest at 18.. "19" I said.. "No mum.. 18.. do the math!".
I was mature at 18.. but .. I guess I was young and didn't even realise it.

So.. This post is in honour of my son who in approx 3hrs will turn 18
A celebration of parenthood.. and all that entails..

Seems like not so long ago we were both into Green Day.. yep we had a Green Day phase, which was kicked started by Ti's love of the track 'American Idiot'.. we then did our research on some older tunes and that was it.. we were digging Green Day..big time.

This particular track reminds me of that time.. then it was about Chilly Peppers ( as in red hot!) and Green Day.. After 9/11 he asked me why things always seem to happen in September.. I said "Ti..things happen all year round".. then this track came out.. enjoy..

Of course as with most things when your growing up you will continue to have a fondness..but in my sons case his musical tastes changed and I will now showcase his fav artists ( blowin' up the bedroom speakers) right now.. In no particular order...I give you...





and of course ... Drake

Happy Birthday Ti.. luv mumxx

Security guards with a short fuse? and the usual suspects!..

Sometimes things pass us by and it's not until a person really 'kicks off' that we quesion why
This article is an example of how little it takes for things to turn nasty..
Sometimes we also forget that young minds are constantly being shaped

Thought of the day..Institutional racism..

Do BME staff working within institutions have a duty to confront racism whether directly affected by it or indirectly?
If BME staff fail to even acknowledge racism occurs within these institutions do they then become part of the problem?
Or do you think it’s an unfair burden to place on the shoulders of anyone?.., especially when all they’re really trying to do is earn a living!

I ask this for a few reasons, 1.After reading Lee Jaspers post I thought about my own experiences, and the experience of a relative of mine who worked in the prison service.
2. I also recalled several conversations I’ve had with people who work for institutions that most people would agree have serious issues with regards to race equality and the number who deliberately bury their head in the sand is disheartening, and if I’m honest, a little embarrassing.

The bottom line for me is we all have a duty, but… yet if racism is inherent, many will not perceive their behaviours/practices to be anything out of sorts, some will know (those in positions of power perhaps) and just not care…so …if you are BME you really should, if not for your sake then for the sake of others, say something.. At the very least... acknowledge it… silence in these matters is often taken as consent and approval... or an agreement that you really aint shit…and are powerless.
Say it aint so ..:) or as the book say's.. feel the fear.. and do it anyway:)
Perhaps you have more power than you realise.

The following is taken from Lee Jaspers latest post... check it out if you’re interested...

‘In August 2000 Martin Narey was the Director General for the prison service and he described the organisation as “institutionally racist” (The Independent, Ian Burrell 21 Aug). By 2005 with regard to the Zahid Mubarek racist murder he described Feltham prison as “institutionally racist” (The Telegraph, Sally Pook 8 Feb). In 2010 the Prison Reform Trust reported that “for many [BME prisoners], racism occurs frequently in prison. Whether among prisoners, or between prisoners and staff; over a third said that racist incidents happen often or everyday” (PRT, ‘A Fair Response’ 2010)’

Tuesday 30 August 2011

Music lovers..reggae shows for you to enjoy..:)

If you fancy an enjoyable night out.. why not try..

Freddie Mcgreggor at Hackney Empire
and Tarrus Riley & Beres Hammond

Go on..treat yourself.. feel the vibes:)

Ex wives & Ex husbands..friend or foe?

I admire anyone who can be friends with their ex husband or ex wife. Although - I do wonder if the amicableness( am I making up words today? ) of the relationship is genuine. Or maybe it's a case of keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

I don't have any strong ..feelings either way for any of my ex's; I can take 'em or leave 'em. We are friendly though but it's a very respectful friendliness. It never gets really meaningful or anything like that .. no way.. the detachment remains.

When you're with an ex and you're having a laugh or a chat, at some point, are you not reminded of the reason you're not with them? and if the reason is significant enough, would you even want that person as a friend.. could it be a genuine friendship?

I think it can be easy to forget in a relationship that a lover should also be a friend. Take away the physical and do you even like them?
Maybe I have a lot of 'growing' to do in that department I don't know.

Veering slightly to the left (on another note) ..I have noticed that women whose husbands cheated on them with another man, seem to be able to forgive more quickly than if they had cheated with a woman, and I suspect the same applies to men.
maybe it's easier for a friendship to remain in those instances.

Be interesting to know what you think..
How would you feel dating someone who is very good friends with an ex?

From the outside looking in, there is something quite special about Nelson and Winnie's Relationship.

Theirs is a relationship that is really quite remarkable, regardless of the powers that be.

Will Free Schools improve state education?

I'm still trying to work out why the govt cancelled BSF funding yet will fund Free Schools?
I want to 'get' the 'free schools' thing but at the moment I'm a bit of a cynic regarding this.. this article adds further doubt..and I feel not an example of the 'Big Society' as they may want us to believe.

Allegedly schools that are able to act more independently produce better results. Independent of what?. Surely they'll still be regulated, still follow the same curriculum?.. No?.
Will this autonomy encourage and permit further discrimination?
Jury's out for me

Sunday 28 August 2011

Fish can't fly...

Only a unique few.
For my SMS post today I wanted to talk about falling for an idea (your idea) of what /who someone can be. You know when you meet someone and begin to think how great the relationship could be if only they….. (fill in the blank)
Then, having to manage your emotions once the reality hits you that perhaps they never will change….never will be that person you hoped for.

Whilst it’s really quite natural to imagine what someone could achieve given the right support/backing (or even if they themselves were able to realise it for themselves) in fact, that’s quite lovely... to care so much to want to see a person fulfill their potential, but sometimes, I think some of us get a little carried away, and fail to see the person for who they really are.
Not what they have... but who they are, at the point of meeting. In the present.

Who they are will be a combination of choices, circumstances, experiences etc, all of which will make that person unique and interesting, and could provide you with an insight into their future plans. Yet, they should be able to tell their story without any help from you.
Tempting as it may be you cannot shoehorn someone into your life, to fit whatever mold you wish, (without their consent) and expect the relationship to be a happy one.
We are what we are, and one day the truth will out.

Falling in love with someone who has potential is great. Falling in love with potential is a little risky.
Take away the cynical approach of the allure of what your other half can ‘bring to the table’ put aside thoughts of economic gain and business like transactions, or even the desire for an elevated status through another and ask yourself. Who is this person, and why do I love them
You can't eat love that's for sure so I understand why many do the things they do, and say the things they say.. still..
Being kind in love, is also about being honest... with yourself.


Friday 26 August 2011

Girls and Goombas

I was trying to tell my son that women like educated men (don't ask why).. Ok..I think it's my way of motivating him..( wrong to use getting women as a bribe I know.. but have mercy - i'm running out!!) anyway.. he then decided to announce that..
" Women don't know what they want!!"..
"Yes" he went on.. " Nowadays girls say all kinds of things.. then they end up going for the thug, or the gang banging Goombas..!"
"What's a Goomba??"...I stiffled a laugh.. "You makin' up words again?"
"He laughed.. "google it!!"(the answer to everything!!)
I did..
This folks.. is a Goomba

Hmm.. "Are they educated?" I asked
"Do they look educated?" he laughed.. (don't ask!!)

Seems they're the not so smart characters out of some the super mario game
Funny thing is.. I thought they were quite cute!
Lunchtime conversations can be as random as they can be great pick me ups.

Notting Hill Carnival.. Jewel in Londons crown?

I read this article and thought how much of carnival I've kinda taken for granted.

Once we were old enough- the trek to Notting Hill became a family outing. It was also possibly the only time I ever really saw my 'god parents' as that was where they lived.. which proved handy the time there was a..err ahem.. 'disturbance' resulting in fires, bottle throwing, and a whole lot of running lol.. I laugh now but trust me.. at the time.. I was scared stiff!!

I used to love carnival. I never ever thought about the 'meaning ' of it or how it began.. as a little girl it was all about steel pans, and amazing costumes.. some that looked as tall as a house.. huge birds, and funny looking things that wouldn't have looked out of place on sesame street.... only they could dance.. boy could they dance!!.. a 7 ft dancing 'furry 'thing' is one of the funniest sights to behold.

As I got older it was all about sound systems and stage shows. Most defining memory was Aswads performance at meanwhile gardens one year... the atmosphere was electric..
I remember space, and being able to stroll around safely, enjoying the vibes, as people sat on doorsteps, cooked outside, people laughed, danced..and house parties seem to strike up anywhere.

I haven't been for years.
It changed. The route changed, the atmosphere became tense, and people are now herded into ridiculously tight spaces (kettling) and for someone (like me) who really doesn't like crowds, or more accurately doesn't like being stuck in crowded spaces, it's unpleasant.
Plus, was never much a fan of that 'walking dance' that soca sometimes asks of you!

Carnival really is a jewel in London crown, it's history of migrants, and Caribbean influences etc..does much to showcase the beauty of London and Londoners.. but I feel ( over the years) I'm not the only one that's taken it for granted..

If you're off to Carnival this year.. have a great time!!!:)

A leap of faith.. is that what it takes?

It doesn’t take much for me to dream. Always have, and I suspect always will.
Not satisfied with mere dreams anymore my motivation I suppose is to turn them into reality. Most, if not all of us have dreams, be they large or small, and a great deal of us share the same or similar dream/s..hopes for the future.

The year isn’t over yet, but already I’ve done a goal inventory check, and much of what I’ve planned at the start of the year is still there to do. Some things are a little out of my control (annoyingly so) but still, I’ll be doing my best to make the most of the remainder of the year.
What I do have( yet lack in equal measure I think) is courage. Maybe I’d become so accustomed to disappointment that I’d begun to call it something else, like… human nature, or expected!
But the impact of that is I avoidance, and to avoid something (for me) means no longer bothering to try certain things.
Well not any more.
For the remainder of the year my aim will be to take a leap of faith. To expect the best outcome, and not get sidetracked by the disappointment of disappointment

The excitement of turning dreams into reality burns as brightly now as it ever did.. surely there must be a reason for that
Happy Fridayx

Thursday 25 August 2011


It is reported that the reggae artist Sizzla was hurt in a serious bike crash yesterday in Jamaica.
To all Sizzla fans who have enjoyed his career thus far, this one is for you
Hoping for a speedy recovery

Good Ways

Wednesday 24 August 2011

Still down memory lane:)..ft Ray Charles..

I've bee loitering around on memory lane quite a bit of late - which has been nice as I find it helps to redefine my focus.

My dad enjoyed many things. He was a stamp collector and also enjoyed calligraphy,

He was also a big Ray Charles fan. Both my parents introduced us to Ray to be fair - and to this day.. every so often.. a girls gotta go vintage. Like when time now requires one to be a bit more studious.. again:)lol

'Take these chains' great tune..was release in 1963.
It music were a colour, Ray would be blue, for anytime I hear him, I picture the colour blue. Deep dark blue. Cool.. enjoy Blue.

I've got a woman urges you to shake a little more.. than your head:) lol

Poem of love

Through the mist I saw thee
In the rain you did shelter me
Through the storm you did console me
You offered me your heart

In the sun you did shield me
In the snow you did warm me
Through the fog you did guide me
I offered you my heart

Time aged me yet I did wait
Forgotten the game he loves me not
Put away thoughts of white dresses and rings
As unsteady in belief as a tightrope bridge

Still through it all was I destined to meet
Through the ups and downs
Things at their bleak-est
Cheer me up with a joke
Sing a lullaby softly
For you
Is this poem of love

Community Payback vs Big Society..

There are plans to improve Community Payback for ex offenders. Although I think that those who provide low to medium risk to the public, and are capable of more, should be offered a chance to do more than just manual/hard labour. Perhaps they could be given roles in retail, business, offices, etc. That way, both parties really benefit.

Lots of us have skills that could benefit others in some way and I was thinking that maybe , we all should find a way to pay something back. Whether it's supporting lone parents, helping kids struggling with school, anything really.

I think perhaps 'Community Payback' viewed as a punishment kinda makes a mockery of Cameron's idea of a Big Society

Is it a punishment to help others/community or something we should all be doing?

Tuesday 23 August 2011

A trip down memory lane.. ft the Mighty Diamonds..

The debut album 'right time' was released in 1976. I was 8. The Mighty Diamonds produced many great tracks but (other than country living perhaps) these are my top two - real revival selection...
Reminds me of .. growing up.. of.. family.
Of long white socks over the knee, (that lost elasticity way too soon)and pleated grey skirts.
Of over sized blazers, and red ribbons tied in bows
Of two 'inward' cornrows, and a satchel bag.
Of two parents homes, and Sunday dinners at the table
Of being told by my bro don't touch my records
and me touching them anyway..anytime his back was turned
Of staying out til sundown, on the corner at play
Of the little boy Andrew next door from Greece
Of Princess cars, and men in fur coats
Of long black silk gloves the older women would wear
Of the hot combs they'd use to press their hair
Of trilby's and suits, and shiny shoes
Of daydreaming at the window,
avoiding the news
Of writing poems in my school books, and decorating the margins
Of a trip to the seaside and bringing home rock
Or a trip to the funfair and winning a goldfish
Of singing along to every word
Chillin on the carpet...enjoy the music
Stacking 45's and watching them drop one by one, as each tune ends.. the needle descends
Of having ..not a care in the world.

Funny really...I wonder what my own children will remember..:)

Wakey wakey it's Konshens time:)!!..

'More like a sharing link, look out for one another link
It's not a cheddar link or a change link the weather link'!!

Like this line.. 'It's not a phone call or prison link... but ina trouble it's a reach in a less than a minute link!!'

Monday 22 August 2011

Random things.. and some 'old skool' church..blessx

This is available from the voice made me chuckle..RIP whoever it may be..

*bet you wont last til the end:)!!* p.s the volume goes up towards the end significantly!!

Things people say!.. teacher.. marking work..heavens above

Which begs the question; Is it naive to not expect or even accept that some teachers may have quite controversial views?, and will those views impact on the persons ability to teach? e.g would it be okay for a member of the BNP/EDL to teach in a multi ethnic school? How would you know?
I can see where there may be issues but what do you think?

Our first soloist inspired me to seek out some real 'old skool' church.. found Pastor Dewey Smith.. I could listen to him sing all day long!!

Mellow Monday..

Must try and relax a bit today!. Chill with a book and do a bit of reading. I still have a number of things to do before I'm back at work but today my body seems to be saying, don't stress, take it easy a bit, it's all good..

So yes, it'll be a quiet one.

If I can muster the energy I'll do a spot of gardening.

I planted what I think may be courgette or marrow awhile back but haven't seen any sign of them. In fact I'm not sure what i planted there so if you recognise this flower, and know what it is.. please let me know.

I have a feeling whatever it is, it's supposed to grow about ground!!

I've still got some painting to do etc.. I'll see if I can squeeze abit in later on in the week.. but that requires quite a bit more energy than what's on offer, so..for today, that's on pause

Thought of the day..could we function without rules?..

Is something always better than nothing?
If you oppose something, should you always have a solution in mind before you get rid of that thing you oppose, or should the focus be on removing that which is undesired, and then seek to find a new way/thing?

There are many situations to which this applies, governments, relationships, home renovations, friendships..

I know many people who say they are guided in life by their faith or religion and the 'rules' offered within, yet there are those without religion who don't rely on any set of rules, but perhaps are bound by everyday/common laws..
Without boundaries, structure, rules and regulations, could we be trusted to be kind and fair to each other, or would the absence of structure produce mayhem? would it create a void which will inevitably be filled by someone or something seeking to exploit?

Jay Z selection.. happy Monday all;)..

Sunday 21 August 2011

Porridge.. just how you like it..

Autumn is fast approaching and with that may come a need to get up that bit earlier to make yourself a breakfast that's both healthy and heartwarming, one that'll keep you going until lunchtime.
Oddly enough, this post isn't really about porridge. It's about the various ways people like it.
Some add sugar, others salt, other nutmeg, some .. a bay leaf, others honey, some cook it in a pot others in a microwave.
This post, is actually about relationships.
I thought about this, and why it can be difficult to give advice to friends when they're faced with a dilemma in their love life.

I kinda learnt a while back that it can be dangerous ground to say things like, 'he's a shit'.. or.. 'you should leave him/or her'.. these, I think can be definite no nos, even if it's true.
As what one person finds acceptable in a relationship, another will not, or as the saying goes.. one mans meat is another mans position.

Even if a friend is in an abusive relationship, your good intentions may be misconstrued, so you have to tread carefully.

My soul mate Sunday post is about how fortunate it is to find that special someone who just fits like a jigsaw, understands your unique likes and dislikes, and enjoys 'porridge' as you do

ps for a simple porridge recipe click here
Happy SMSx

Reality TV bites...

Cover your ears all those who can't stand reality TV, but I confess, last night.. I got sucked in. I'm gonna tell myself it was for research purposes, as it's good to be in touch and stay in touch with 'wos 'app-nin' but truth is... I laughed my head off at some points and have this real appetite when it come to human behaviour.

Show 1. Big Brother. day 1/2 and already the tears were flowing. Poor Sally Berco lol, nominated for eviction and desperate to stay couldn't contain herself! A dented ego indeed. ( wonder if her hubby will vote to keep her in lol!!)

In other news, the paparazzi guy appears to have sprayed on abs, over what looks like a bit of a 'tubby belly'!!( nothing wrong with a tubby belly..but.. who does that? :) oddly enough, it kinda works.. confuses the eye!! i'm sure I saw that device on dragons den not that long ago

But the show I really enjoyed last night ( other than Bridget Jones.. which I've watched 'hundreds' of time, and still cant get enough) was X Factor.

The auditions are always the best, very funny stuff. But the nicest thing was the panel. Great to see the new line up. Kelly Rowland ( Destiny's Child) Tulisa ( NDubs) Gary Barlow ( Take That) and errr Louie ( ok.. westlife and girls aloud manager)
They have a refreshing honesty and seem really up for fun

Due to other commitments I know I may not be able to keep up with the goings on.. so feel free to update me on any 'shenanigans'

Saturday 20 August 2011

Mistaken Identity..

Small children do make me laugh sometimes..

My brother was out and about yesterday when, a small child looked at him in absolute amazement, pointed at him and (tugging away at her mothers arm) shouted "look mummy!!!.. there's Rastamouse!!"

My brother said the lady looked at him with a little embarrased half smile, and tried to usher the child away, presumably just in case any offence was caused..
but as she tried to hurry away, the child just continued to 'walk backwards' arms 'a' waving and with a both happy and forlorn voice shouted, "byyyeee Rastamouse!!"
He thought it was hilarious.. as did I..
Well.. she wont see this post or possibly believe it, but this.. is actually Rastamouse!!

Either way, I get the impression her day was made yesterday!!lol

Nice to meet you..

Life is full of surprises.
You can meet kindred spirits anytime and anywhere... and when you do, the question is not why, but a feeling of acceptance of what is.
Had a great night last night, and the opportunity to meet up with two wonderful 'blog buddies', the beautiful and funny ChilledLeo (Happy Birthday), and the very tall and handsome Chrome(*blushes*)

Had a chance to chat over a game of pool; ladies won one game, Chrome won the other, and drinks. This was followed by some much needed food at an 'American style' diner..complete with 'straight outa Compton' style doorman!
It was a fun and friendly place but in truth, we could have been anywhere and I would have had a great time... as.. it's who you're with that makes all the difference.

I never thought, when I began writing this blog that I would meet such great people. I'm able to follow the lives of others in a way that's meaningful, and offers real insight into who we are as people.. across cultures, lands and seas. I look forward to the updates, and recognising the individual skills and talents each one possesses.

Nice to finally meet up..I'm up for a rematch anytime:)

*no longer just an animation:)*

Friday 19 August 2011

Gregory Issacs selection..

The suns has made an appearance, with no complaints at all..
enjoying the 'cool ruler', in our last few weeks of summer..

Friday roundup.. rasta vibes, rustic lives, pay rises and Big Brother b*****ks

Well it's Friday, and I'm not sure how I feel about the speed in which it's come around. I've managed to cram as many must do's into this week as possible so in that sense, I'm pleased and feel I've achieved a lot.
Still I aim to get beyond things i must do quickly, to things I'd love to do a little more leisurely...yet, time does not work that way.
Time just wont' wait for me, and has little respect for my feelings on the matter.
Over the past few days I spent a bit of time outside of London amidst the greenery of all that is country, and felt...'how lucky are those who live in that environment?'

I've never lived anywhere but London yet as more and more of us are crammed even closer together to provide what everyone wants and needs; a home, it's with a sense of 'wishful thinking' that I find myself wondering what it must be like to live away from it all ... in the country.

However, Truth is, I guess, once you have enough financial backing you can in fact buy that kind of space right here, and not have to go that far at all!!

So I guess what I was reminded of was not how lucky those who live in the country are, but just how much extra funds i really need coming in, and staying in!! funds to call my own to do with what ever I wish.
Some may say, well that's why you work isn't it?.. my answer would be.. for some folk yes, but in reality that number becomes less and less as time passes. That, is a luxury.. but... I'm working on it.

I'm tired, I look like I've been pulled throw a hedge backwards,my eyes? a bit puffy. Yet, I'm content.
Actually, I do know how I feel about it being Friday. It's cool, I hit a few targets, the sun is shining, and I'm grateful for what I have.

*Maybe next year I'll follow little Tommy Tuckers example and get the ****er outta here
I'm thinking Ghana, or one of the Indies would be my preferred choice, but we'll see how it goes*

This tune reminds me of a cool evening abroad. It reminds me of nature, and now whenever I hear it, it makes me feel good, makes me feel okay.

Lucianos version.. ft firehouse crew band.. Love Dean Fraser, If you fancy a concert from the comfort of your home..

Finally back to Coco Tea

*Finally Plus*, there's still alot of 'discussion' around the riots, bumped into The Mayor Boris Johnson on Mare St (Hackney)one morning being interviewed on the topic, very few answers, a man was sadly killed by a shark on his honeymoon, (yet people are still swimming in the seas apparently?!?)The jobless figure is up, students are scrambling to get university places before the 'mad' rise in fees next year, and Big Brother, started yesterday..and can I just ask, what the heck is the Speakers wife doing in there?!?, Hasslehoff's wife (ex?) looks like a lot of fun but other than that, it looks like it'll be a complete load of shite!! and better to be avoided. No black ladies so far but it's probably just as well, as the editors, usually find a way to take the P anyway, plus, they'd probably be first out and get booed.

Hallelujah-it's Fridayx

Tuesday 16 August 2011


'Clothes maketh the man, naked people have little or no influence on society', was a quote I always thought was my mums as she said it often enough! or was is my dad? actually I'm not sure now but I know i heard it enough for it to be imprinted in the recesses of my mind, it was, I later discovered, Mark Twain.

Why has that come to mind? well because anytime I pass through the city it looks like a sea of black and grey. Not faces... suits. Black and grey suits.

As I watched the people on mass from the 'vantage' point of the top deck of a bus, I initially though how like robots they all seemed. A sea of robots, programmed to do whatever it is they do. Then I wondered how they must feel, having to don this uniform every day, which, as smart as it is.. on mass, seems to extinguish individualism. But then I looked again.. harder.. some chatting away, other looking forlorn, each one a life of their own, friends, family, a boss, insecurities, hopes and dreams. Perhaps in jobs they've wanted all their lives. Perhaps in jobs they hate.

Such a hard environment. Does kindness have a place in the city, or would that be viewed as weakness?
I guess things always look different from the outside looking in.

Suits. What's really going on under there?

*oh, Boris's bikes are popular but looks like a lot of hard work to get 'em going*

Sunday 14 August 2011

Thought of the day..*Can legislation change hearts and minds?*

We have more mixed relationships than ever before. Yet reading through twitter feeds and listening to comments made during debates over the past week, it would appear that race relations are as bad as they were perhaps in the 70s/80s, if not worse. in some ways.
How is that possible???

Curtis Mayfield..People get ready..

"There's hope for all, among those who.. love the most"
Happy SMSx

Saturday 13 August 2011

You know you've met your match when...

You can take a back seat, not say a word and just know that your other half will (if needs be) stand up and 'represent'
How cool is that..

You're proud of what they say and do.. mostly:) and you know ultimately, you have one voice.
I suspect there are many ways to end that statement, some people are never really sure, but hope, and work hard to keep a relationship going

Ladies, what would it be/has it been for you?
You can join in too men:)

I wonder if at the end of the day it's simply knowing someone will put up with us and our little quirks:)
It's very sweet, brings out the best in us all!!

David Starkey on Newsnight last night..

Poverty Tour..Smiley & West

Good morning all - on this bright Saturday morn!!
There's a link to this in my Blog list under Community Village (thanks for the post!)but in just in case you miss it I thought I'd post it as well. Interesting debate - I and wanted to make it even easier for you to access
For the full interview (this is part 1) click on Community Village - or follow the youtube links.
Have a nice day

Friday 12 August 2011

The Good Cook BBC1 7:30pm.. Fridays.. take a peep next week if you fancy..

Two of my favourite TV chefs/cooks both happen to be men

The 'Good Cook' Simon Hopkinson

and Levi Roots

Makes me wonder if men realy are better cooks than us women!!

I do like the no fuss approach to great food!!
Both have cook books available in stores, although I learn better by watching!!

Best of British?..hell hath no fury:)...

Before I settle in for the evening, I was mulling over a thing or two as I made my peppermint tea.. bear with me..

There are times when I think, if you’re in a position of power, and you lose your cool, you lose your credibility. Cameron has lost his cool.
He appears to have spat the dummy out the pram and is stomping his feet up and down the stairs of number 10.
Why do I say that?.. well, because I’ve been watching and listening to him over the past few days. I‘ll be honest with you now and say, I’ve never really been anti Cameron, in fact there are times when I’ve quite enjoyed listening to him, and have often felt he has a point on a number of things. This is not one of those times.
Under Cameron’s direction a council has served an eviction notice on one of the 'London rioters', or should I say, the entire family. To remove the roof over a persons head is in my opinion, quite wicked. Some of you may say, well ‘that’s what has happened to the unfortunate people who lost their homes due to fires’, and yes that’s a great and tragic misfortune indeed. However, two wrongs?.

Think about it, how many of us actually know who we live next door to? How much do we actually know about them?
One of the great and wondrous things about our ‘communities’ is that people are able to reside side by side, without much aggravation, despite the fact that in some cases some of these people have committed deplorable acts in the past, but in the main we believe in rehabilitation and we believe in given people a chance. right?

There are things happening right now in places like Afghanistan that we really wouldn’t want to know about. But we question them not, we 'accept' them because it’s out of sight, its war, and people do unpleasant things during war, and that’s somehow become ‘acceptable’
I’ll be clear when I say this so no one misunderstands. I don’t agree with wanton acts of violence and destruction, which is another reason why I think that deliberately making a person destitute is not the way to go, you’ve got to be pretty heartless to do that. It's another act of violence in my book.
I hope the whoever has the final say will decide against

I’ve said this to a friend once who said that ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.. I said yep, that may be true, but in some cases, they’ aint’ a patch on some men. When they get mad.. they get mad!! Retribution , brimstone and fire

Making a bad situation worse?
It's just not cricket is it.

Ive worked out I dont much dig sulky men, passive aggressive men, jealous men, insecure men or angry men.
*Reminds me of a boy who lived round the corner growing up who just used to show off his new toys, try run us other kids over with his big 'racer' bike, and hit you when you didn't wanna be his friend:)

Barrington Levy Selection.. TGIF.. cool and easy love songs.. Levy nails it every time..

Ode to hypocrisy?..

An interesting article, well worth the read - by Peter Oborne Telegraph chief political writer - you can read it here

Thursday 11 August 2011

Adapting to change..

Adapting to change is difficult at the best of times but truth is we’re faced with it every day.
Some change is I guess quite minor, like the change of the brand name 'Marathon' to 'Snickers', or 'Jiff' to 'Ciff' (don’t get that one either!!)

There are the more superficial but nonetheless emotionally impacting changes of our appearance, e.g. weight loss or gain.. ageing.
There the changes in our status from single to married or married to single.
There are the changes in our income streams at times, and the fluidity of friendships or acquaintances.
There are times in life when change is the last thing you want, but could turn out to be the best thing you ever receive.
Could be a blessing in disguise.

I wonder what it is about change that often makes some of us feel uneasy at times. Is it the change we don’t feel in control of or didn’t request?. In short, perhaps a fear of the unknown?
Regardless, change is one thing that's inevitable.
How have you coped with changes in your life?.. any tips?

Tarrus Riley..'loves contagious'.. time to enjoy a musical ad break..

Eyes wide 24

I suspect there are people who don't usually watch the news or PMQs who are watching intently now
Not sure if it's a knee 'jerk reaction' but I'm hearing talk of curfews
Get the feeling life in London reached it's tipping point and has changed significantly
The weather's kinda cool but politics is hot right now

Well I never....

So, I have a dream I'm sitting at a business type meeting with a colleague or two and a few police. Nothing special, kinda reminded me of a place I used to work. Anyway, I get up this morning and my boy ( nearly 18) shows me a message he's received on his BB. My boy ( good lad) who hasn't left the house in days and has actually watched the carnage unfold on our streets on TV with me, is almost being accused of being involved!

Trust me, my boys never and would never be involved, in anything like that. Like his mum he has got an odd sense of humour:) which is not a crime.. so, he may have sent a joke to a girl in St Lucia telling her about what's going on here (UK)and the joke involved her, a Mellon and a couple of bananas!!..
When he said we may get a knock I thought he was kidding.. seriously.. he likes jokes
I checked the BB. He wasn't kidding.

WTF. So I'm now waiting for these folk to come and search my house for stolen goods.
Aint nothing here baby.
Will they think he looks like somebody else?
Can I trust them to deal with me and my son correctly?
I'm not pleased
I'm fuming
I'll let you know!

Wednesday 10 August 2011

Two great tracks from Neyo..

Away from the angry rhetoric.. somewhere out there

The news is gloomy, the economy’s in a mess , London saw riots, and a man can be extradited.
Not your usual mid week antics granted but still..It’s only mid week

I don’t smoke, rarely drink, so maybe a book tonight, a movie and chill
Bubbles? Perhaps! – maybe a fragrant oil instead as I find that really relaxing
Gotta shake it off – shake 'em off, shake it all off
Already I've become tired of hearing the angry rhetoric, hard line, lock em up an throw away the key comments I’ve been hearing on the news – not quite sure how I feel about our P.Ms statements, and many others, yet, nothings been said you wouldn't expect to be said to be fair.
Sad for the families of those injured, or worse.. no words can heal their pain

Now, I just wanna chill out and put all that to one side for tonight
A few words to kick start the process..


He made me tea
Cooked me a meal
Told me things I wanted to hear
He bought me gifts
Some large some small
Wrote me a sonnet
and sang me a song
He wrapped his arms
around my waist
secured me tightly in his embrace
He was there
I wasn't alone
He made me smile

We’d talk awhile
We’d laugh awhile
I almost thought we’d last awhile
We'd fight awhile
make up awhile
I became accustomed to him
Just for awhile
I liked him then
I like him now
But he’s not you
It would not do

ps England are winning at Cricket!

Newsnight with Gove and Harman.. robust policing +will we see an end to postcode 'wars'?..

Thought Michael Gove was quite rude to Harriet Harman on newsnight last night. Trying to score cheap points.

Most overused words of the past few days?.. condemn, criminality, community,.. phrase? feel the full force of the law.
Clearly the official line of the Gov' is ( regardless of the party) condemn the 'mindless violence' and let the country know we'll be using the full force of the law to deal with it.
Where's Bush the younger when you need him eh!! now that is a joke:)

I heard someone mention that the police are working with one hand tied behind their backs as they don't want to be accused of institutional racism etc.. oh how quickly it became a black thing. (for some) Clearly, for those people, the white faces amidst it all have become invisible. hmmmm

Now, I've heard the phrase 'robust policing' being used a few times yesterday. I wonder if that means that even the innocent bystander' may be charged with an offence (joint enterprise) if they fit the 'profile'

Now I've seen all sorts on the news, out there on the streets. I hope robust policing is not just another green light to police to continue to stop, search and taunt young black boys as if it's going out of fashion .. oh hang on.. if that's the case, then perhaps we've had robust policing for years!!:)

Now i personally abhor violence to be honest. makes me sad scared nervous and and upset. Yet i was quite scared for some of those youths when i saw them 'facing up' to the police in that way because... well just because
And besides, 'innocent' people are getting caught in the crossfire, it's dangerous and people are getting hurt. I'm not sure if giving the police the green light to use plastic bullets will help, or increase the violence - see article here

Yes the police have a difficult job to do, but you dont become a doctor if you cant stand the sight of blood. They are trained 'professionals. They are the people we go to in a crisis, or if we have unfortunately become a victim of crime.. sure. That's how it should be. We should be able to trust them, respect them, and not fear them. We need to feel as though they will not discriminate or practice blatant racism and discrimination, or worst use brute force against.. anybody. In short...we need to get along.
It can happen, and my hope is ( for those who feel far removed from that) it will.
The irony is, the London riots may just have saved a few police jobs! there were pending cuts to policing which our Mayor of London now thinks may not be such a good idea!!
The irony is, local vigilantes protecting their property may just say , 'hey.. this is the big society in action' they come here.. police or no police were dealing with this ourselves' what can Cameron say to that?!?
Oh what a tangled web...

The violence must stop, the stealing must stop, the victimisation must stop, the oppression must stop, the abuse of power must, stop.

ps the post code wars seemed to have taken a back seat for awhile. The youths out there appeared to have come from all areas - side by side. If nothing else comes from this I would hope it's an end to the so called 'gang /post code' wars.. now that really is mindless

*will this become a debate about morals?/values? If so, are our politicians in a position to manage that debate?

Monday 8 August 2011

My hometown!!.. riots in Hackney..spread to Croydon, Peckham, Lewisham, Brixton.. Birmingham...policy makers can't ignore this..

Watching the riots unfold in my home town is a sad affair. I didn't feel it would actually happen but it did. Boris has tweeted he's on his way back (UK)and will be in London by tomorrow. the home secretary states 'this is pure criminality', I've heard the phrase.. 'those responsible will be brought to face the full force of the law' too many times. To be honest... it irks me..

What's being dismissed as pure criminality, may actually be a symptom of a much deeper cause. Yes a criminal act is a criminal act, but this is a London thing, an urban thing, a..I've had enough thing..if you like. Communities, which have experienced injustice for many generations, whilst the rich get richer and the poor face the cuts to pay for them, this pressure cooker situation will out.

This is not a black thing, or a white thing, a young thing or an old thing.

This is not just mindless violence, people don't just willfully become lawless. If the powers that be continue to dismiss, ( yes in many cases very dangerous actions I understand that.. and wish it to end!) but to dismiss these people as mindless criminals, I fear they will miss an opportunity for real change, real dialogue, and real progress.
Cutting EMA hasn't helped. The pending rise in university tuition fees, will not help, the JSA sanctions, do not help. The lack of jobs and apprenticeships, does not help, flooding our 'communities, with fast food outlets, betting shops, and off licences, has not helped.

MP Simon Hughes stated it's not anger... feels it just young people sharing information through social networks, and feeling this may be a good way to spend the holidays. It's summer, light evenings etc.

I'm not convinced
But we're now experiencing some seriously..i don't give a damn uncontrollable anger.. and we're all touched and affected by this
Across London, fire is raging tonight, homes and business burning, very sad sights indeed.
A tough night ahead for our services, police fire and ambulance men and woman alike
Hoping that people stay safe tonight

'Are these my size??' she asks.. err.. 'Is that my reflection on CCTV?

One of the funniest things i heard from my sis yesterday was that whilst watching coverage of the disturbances she saw a woman, running away with a box of trainers from a 'store' stop, open the box, and try them on!.. who does that.. in the height of theivery??

What was she going to do if they didn't fit, take them back?:)
People sometimes do and say the strangest things when high on adrenalin
Like forget there are CCTV cameras all over the place

Another lady when being interviewed said something along the lines of, 'there's been a lot of investment in the area... there's even a new Asda that people are really excited about!' hmmm yummy, gotta get me some 'George couture'
To be fair she said a lot more but that's what made me laugh..

When asked why she thought it had happened she began quite strongly with... 'Well I think its..... 'well maybe it's because.. but it could be... but then again... errr.. to be honest.. i dunno!!'

Sunday 7 August 2011

North London ablaze!!.. Tottenham Riots

I can honestly say I never thought I'd see Tottenham ablaze last night!
Absolutely stunned.

So many accounts of what the 'tipping point' was, yet whatever it was, the full force of an angry people was felt last night by police and residents alike.
A burning bus exploded, cars set on fire, shops set on fire, homes on fire, and stores looted.

In North London, on what began as a calm and cheery Saturday, by night had become a 'battleground', with two sides. Police on horseback and riot police struggled to contain the violence.

I watched MP David Lammy today with what looked like tears in his eyes, unleash his impassioned plea for calm, whilst I clearly heard heard jeers of 'yeah yeah' in the background.

North London- was on fire last night..
The IPPC investigation into the recent death of a young man could take months..
The police are keeping them very busy of late

What next for the people, the families of those affected.. seriously distressing

*A side note is that, whenever people live in a community and believe 'I'm alright jack' or feel that the suffering of others does not , and will not affect them.. they are sadly..often proved wrong... we are all interconnected*

Saturday 6 August 2011

This had me running late today:)..Mis-adventures indeed..

Came across this on
I thought i'd hate it but ended up watching all seven episodes.. what do you guys think of it?'s not p.c but there are some really funny moments..
*not for the easily offended*
lovin' you lots.. smile and have a nice day

Friday 5 August 2011

Are degrees of comparison making people sad.??.

I was at a workshop yesterday and we were discussing the impact unemployment has on a person’s motivation and self esteem.
We talked a little about depression (in its milder form e.g. not clinically diagnosed but experienced none the less by the individual.
One member of the group stated were it not for degrees of comparison, people would rarely experience such feelings.
The point being made was that people often feel low when they compare themselves /their lives, to others. If they were to refrain from doing so, they would almost immediately experience a better quality of life.

I was thinking about that again today

There are apparently 3 degrees of comparison
Positive - sweet/the same
Comparative - sweeter/more than
Superlative - sweetest/the most
To be honest it’s very much a part of how we distinguish one thing from another in our everyday lives so could we really function without doing so... at all?

I think it’s definitely an ideal, a position worth striving for

An affirmation could sound something like
I’m sweet today, sweeter than yesterday and the sweetest I’ve ever been.
I’m smart today, smarter than yesterday and the smartest I’ve ever been

Oddly enough what's usually viewed as a negative, for some people, it can be used to their advantage - e.g - people feel good because they believe they are better off than someone else.. or, the suffering of others makes you realise you're actually not doing too badly after all..( it's just that there's little honour in that.. and it leans towards a more mean spirited viewpoint)

A person experiencing low self esteem due to unemployment may find it difficult not to compare, due to the constant reminders of the fact they are jobless. e.g the treks to the job centre, the stream of questions, the lack of funds, the feeling of being judged and found wanting, and the reality of a life lived with limited options.

Despite that, if they are able to focus on their unique qualities, abilities, and potential, and strive to be the best that they can be, it may help to minimize, and hopefully remove any feelings of inadequacy, in short feeling great, greater than yesterday, and the greatest they’ve ever been. A 'great' way to begin a new chapter of employment and hopefully a life with a 'few more' options.

*Why should anybody wanna 'be like Mike' when they can have it 'goin' on' for themselves*

Roger 'more love' Robin Selection..sending good tidings of 1ness..this cool friday morn:)..

Thursday 4 August 2011

Holiday firms gone bust, and crying babies!!!.. 'hope you're good at school and do your homework'...

On the news last night they spoke to a family who had to return home after it transpired that the holiday firm they'd booked with had gone bust.
Sad state of affairs. Whilst I feel it for the family what struck me was the little boy who was crying his eyes out, I wanted to reach in and say... 'get a bloody grip'!!

It made me realise just how lucky some kids are, to become so accustomed to flying out (i assume) that he was absolutely gutted his holiday was up the spout.
Surely if anyone should be crying it should be his parent/s??

Well I never. If that were my kids ( when they were that young age) they would have been like , 'Oh well.. that was a waste of the the taxi fare!!'.. 'ooh.. can we eat our sandwiches now mum???'... seriously...couldn't give a monkeys

Never ceases to amaze me

ps I feel a limerick coming on.. hmmm..
'Little Tommy Tucker.. spoilt little ...... 'x

Wednesday 3 August 2011

Rape, Somalia, Congo and weapons of choice..'I've heard them say'

I heard recently on the news that Somali rebels are raping women. This I guess isn't new, but what struck me was the fact that this is still going on despite the famine, and it's said that the attacks are being carried out on women weak from starvation.

I have heard some people say things like, 'rape is a 'weapon of choice in many of these conflict zones', and whilst I understand the phrase, I still can't get my head around it. In fact , when we say that, are we trying to intellectualise something we should simply denounce immediately as pure fuckery, or pure wickedness??

I have heard some people say that rape isn't about sex. How can that be?
Rape is all about sex, if it wasn't for the sexual act it would not be rape.
Yet, I guess, on the flip side, there are cases of these men using whatever instrument they can find to seemingly cause as much damage as possible. That- is beyond comprehension for me.

I have heard some people say it's about power. Again, surely if it were just about power one would perhaps subject these people to a life of servitude/slavery.

What is really going on in these places?. Is it the legacy of colonial rule? and if so , how, and when will it end?.
If it is, should we ( +french etc) have our troops there..constantly trying to help make amends?
Or is it best to leave well alone?

How will these men be made to pay for the terrible crimes they commit?. These villagers are not the enemy, in fact.. I wonder if these rebels really know who the enemy is, or if they're now locked in a cycle of violence, retribution, and plain old blood lust

Governments can't control these rebels and you may also wonder if they really want to. Who are the 'real' rebels anyway?.

Still, to debase women in that manner..seriously... I struggle to understand.. in fact.. it makes me sick.

I watched an excellent documentary about a doctor who is working with victims of rape, repairing Vaginal fistulas , I wanted to share it with you but could not locate it, however, this documentary sheds a little more light on the problem, as a starting point, this is on the war in the Congo, and the horrific reality of rape attacks

And whilst I wont go down the religious 'road' I would say that surely.. 'treating women bad.. makes god mad'... 'who-so-ever your god may be' It may initially sound like a trivial thing to say, but I say that because the irony is that in some of the most religious 'spaces' women are treated most appallingly. Not even as 2nd or 3rd class citizens, but practically inhuman.

Can somebody tell me where in the 'good books' this is written?
Even if it were, I would urge/beg for a moment to reconsider, for the sake of humanity... and common sense.

If as the song says 'the children are our future', what kind of future can we predict for our brothers and sisters in these combat zones? and do international 'investors' have blood on their hands?

Welcome to my world of paint;)...

I've actually finished the 1st coat!! to be honest.. it looks a bit like someone threw up on the walls.. hmmm 'skecthy' still... that's what happens when you have red walls, takes a few coats to get rid...
you like the marigolds??.. yeah baby.. sexy eh.. wrap these round

It might have been easier if I'd moved everything outside, but got fed up after a few items:)
It's seriously hot.. time for a break...

Feeling animated today..

I am not a cartoon
So don’t get me vex
A liberty you a tek?

Yeah me funny and mi cute
But me serious too
So when you laugh just remember
Me a no looney tune

I am not a cartoon
Not yesterday nor today
But like you’re favourite childhood character
Me lovable anyway

I just liked this pic.. it's like someone drew me:) yeah right.. I wish;)!!!Awww, I want someone to draw me:)is that odd?!?sounds a bit odd right;)

'Houston'.. we have summer..

Oh my gosh I love the sun
Makes my skin feel silky smooth (if I say so myself)
Slows me down a notch but in a chilled (no problem mon) kinda way

Feeling like this girl.. but with many cares in the world:)
cares? what cares you say!!.. cha.. no problem mon!!

Tuesday 2 August 2011

Some Ginuwine & get the energy flowing..

Fighting the urge to procrastinate..

My duvet said 'stay awhile longer'
My breakfast said 'don’t rush your food'
My bath said – 'enjoy the water'
The clock said – 'it’s time'

My energy said 'you need to recharge'
My dressing gown said 'you don’t need clothes'
The TV said 'watch me'
My clock said 'you blow'

My conscience said 'you know better'
My garden said 'sit in me'

‘No’ said I
‘Enough already’
The lure of nothingness so captivating
So blinding
That it’s with every fibre of my being that I finally get off this 'blinkin' chair
Turn off, ‘Everybody loves Raymond’, and start to pack away what I can

In short...I need to paint this room:)