Monday 31 October 2011

More black families needed for Adoptions

I had no idea the number of successful adoptions was so low; of the 3,600 children in care under the age of one, only 60 were adopted last year!

The P.M now wants to get tough on councils who may be under performing, and there's even talk of the private sector taking over if councils can't deliver. article
Whilst the private sector is clearly very popular with the government at the moment, I'm not quite sure how that will help.. as it sounds as if what's really needed is more families who are able to adopt.

I know that the 'Voice Newspaper' runs an ad continuously inviting people to foster or adopt, and suddenly, I see the real significance of those ads, as a recent report claimed that black children are 3 times less likely to be adopted

Culturally speaking there was a time when black families were quite willing and accustomed to taking care of children who were not their own, but these are very different times

Perhaps the issue is economic.
Perhaps the issues that the black community face prevent them from being able to offer that lifelong commitment
It's not clear

I have heard it mentioned a few times that ethnicity is not important in adoption and any willing parent of any background should be able to adopt a child from any racial background

Perhaps (for potential black adoptive parents )it's important to find out what the actual barriers to adoption may be and then work towards removing them
Working on the eradication of racism might be a good place to start, but children need homes now, and I doubt that's a conversation the government wants to have

Some say love is all you need, and I suspect that if I were a child in need of a home, I too would really... just want a home, someone to love me, anyone, to love me regardless of their ethnicity

But yet, there's a part of me that asks, Is love always enough? For example, there are some parents who are feeding their children the most unhealthiest of diet,crisps, chips, processed food and fizzy drinks, resulting in obese kids with potentially major problems in the future.
There is no doubt they love their kids, but clearly that's not enough.. is it?

If parents are adopting black children I would at the very least expect them to have an awareness of the ethnic/ cultural background of the child, have a diverse mix of friends and relationships which include black people, and know that racism is real, and not be afraid to discuss it, and have the skills to advise on how best to deal with it.
( Yet to be fair, and to be real, no parent will have all the answers.. and we all make mistakes regardless of our backgrounds)

Trans racial adoption will always be a contentious issue, this article explains some of the issues often discussed

If I had a big enough home with space I probably would ( at the very least I'd consider it) and I suspect there are many people out there who would too.. if they could
And then there are those who may be skipping past those ads like I have done for years, without really realising what they're about

The first steps to anything is awareness I guess.. and hopefully, now, with it being so much in the public eye.. more families will be able to come forward..
Some kind of financial support should also be made available these families/individuals, who would make great parents, but who need it the most
Another incentive could be to re-house lower income families in larger.. more family friendly homes (with gardens!).. but again.. we have a national housing shortage that needs to be tackled

It's a difficult one, but my personal feeling is; every child deserves a home, and to be loved, and if that love is strong enough, the problems that arise will be dealt with accordingly, whatever ethnicity of parent you have

Never been a fan of Halloween

Every year on Halloween I turn off all the lights in my house (as much as possible anyway)and hide..
No not from the 'Goolies and Goblins'.. but the kids trick or treating!
How mean am I?
I've never once given them anything:O!.. I used to think it was purely because I don't believe in Halloween, but I actually think I maybe a bit scared of them to be honest...imagine..little taps on the door all late in the evening..dressed in some scary outfit threatening to pelt my door with eggs if I don't comply!!

Heck.. I'd hide like a mother***** ( if you know what I mean!!)

Well, I thought I'd brave it.. had a change of heart
I played along and had quite an enjoyable time... and how cute were they in their outfits? very cute indeed!! ( don't quite get the panda bear outfit though!! seriously.. come on mum wha gwarn.. poun' shop run out!?:))) i'm kidding, they were all adorable

In fact it got me thinking.
Maybe little activities like this is exactly what we need to keep our communities together, make our neighbourhoods the kind of safe havens we want them to be, sharing in something

The children ( hopefully have something to look forward to and feel a sense of 'place' and belonging, it's nice to see the parents enjoying the time with the children too..

I must be getting soft!!
Anyway.. all my small change has gone so it's ... lights out.. til next year:))

Sunday 30 October 2011

Flavour N'abania

ooo.. such a rich mix of music:)
this song's just so cute
I could dance to this all night

Hey Chrome, I love this one so much, but .. translation please:).. is he saying what I think he's saying!?!:))

Jay Z & Kanye 'Watch the Throne'

Two standout tracks off the album.. a 'must purchase' album..'modern classics'
JayZ & Kanye..on point

This track takes me far away.. So many images.. as if I'm watching a movie
Songs like this inspire me to write


Life really is Whenever, Wherever, Whatever
*Yes, goes on*
Be kind, be good, be real

Happy SMSx

Saturday 29 October 2011

Reflecting on the week...The Saturday playlist.. ft Brandy.. then and now..ish:) & Donell Jones

After a busy week you really don't want to exert yourself too much do ya?

I don't anyway..I really want to be kind to myself:) fortunately I have scheduled mainly study as my pursuits for today:) If I can concentrate that is:)

I had an interesting and busy week.
Quick story..
A few months back I watched a video featuring the 'Hackney heroine' which was posted on the Guardian website.

This lady had been invited to attend the Tory conference and her experience, filmed (I'm sure can still be located on the website if you'd like to see it!..Ah found you go then!!)

Anyway, at one point during her conversation with her 'guide' she referred to herself as living in the ghetto.
Her guide asked her to clarify " So you describe where you live as the Ghetto?"
"Oh Yeah!" was the response.. or something similar anyway (cant recall word for word at this point)

This lady lives in Hackney, and it was a bit of a head scratcher for me because I have always lived in Hackney and never once viewed it as a Ghetto.

Suffice to say I didn't agree with much of what she said (which is okay) and if i'm honest found it difficult viewing

Anyway.. to continue...I met a lady last week and when she told me about herself she again referred to where she lived as 'that Ghetto'( and pulled a scornful face to boot!)
What's going on?
I asked her about that, and to explain to me exactly what made it ( Hackney) a ghetto. Me being me, I also threw into the mix what she thought about gentrification, and asked her what in her eyes made one area a ghetto and another not.
Just so you know..her answer, by the way, wasn't money:))

I kept it casual as it was just a passing discussion but I wanted her to think about the negative labels she may inadvertently be placing on herself and the area she lives in.

Or.. perhaps I'm wrong.
Maybe most folk do see Hackney as a Ghetto, which as a label will appeal to some and not to others

Maybe ghettos ( in general) are fine, (and are capable like other slums I could mention of running themselves in their own way)
Is a Ghetto a Slum?
What makes a ghetto a ghetto?
Is it the place, or the people, what??
Bearing in mind a place is static, and it's people who bring life, community, fluidity to such places..

I'm going to keep on asking these questions whenever the issues arise..
For example when people say unfounded negative statements about people who live on housing estates, or make assumptions about single mothers

( don't get me wrong.. I'm the queen of assumptions so I aint judging... I'm just asking:) because I'm curious.. and think that often, we just don't think past our noses sometimes)

Anyway.. I began to realise that maybe I live very much in my own world and in my own head, and see things very differently to those around me..

There's alot to be said for being a bit of a day dreamer:)


So what's happening in my world today?
Music and study.. whilst trying to banish the remainder of my cold to oblivion and get my energy back

I was reminded by my sister yesterday about how important it is to have the right people around you (yeah...If you're lucky enough)
As some can motivate and inspire you, whilst others not.

My thought of the day..
Change really does begin in the mind
you are defined not by where you live or what you have.. but who you are

Enjoy the selection....

Thursday 27 October 2011

Vybz Kartel.. make up to break up..

Must say Vybz music has really grown on me..
I really like this.. and the way he plays with his voice ( not as evident in this tune.. but he does)
Lyrically he's on point.

Skin bleaching? .. *shrugs* There's a post about bleaching on this blog somewhere.. including a documentary.. hey...enjoy da tune..
It's my tune of the day:)
Vybz? my guilty pleasure..

3 from the Message Riddim

Nice and easy tunes..
What caught my ear.. " War is not a nice thing!" (Pressure)
You'd think as a people we'd know that by now.. yet.. perhaps not!

Loving Kymani's version..

Tuesday 25 October 2011

Do we live in a post racial society?..

I was having conversation with my brother yesterday and the subject came up during our debate about the BBCs mixed Britannia season which I said I serously didn’t get the point of, and though was a wasted opportunity.
He seemed to have enjoyed it though, but went on to say the show was a few years behind as colour doesn’t really matter anymore... I think he may have said ‘much’, in fact, I hope he did because if not I’m going to have to remind him that he’s still unemployed despite looking for a good few years, and in fact one could argue that his ‘blackness’ has had him living precariously on the fringes of society for some time now.. Anyway... I digress

When Obama came to ‘power’ (and I use the term loosely) many said this was further evidence of the fact that we live in a post racial society.
Watching debates about adoptions, it’s a subject that’s thwart with much contention, whether or not it’s important for a child to be raised with a sense of cultural / racial awareness (or at least be raised by parents who are aware of cultural and racial differences, and have the skills needs to address these issues as and when they arise.
Then you have those who claim mixed relationships are further evidence of a post racial society

Then there’s my favourite, which comes from my brother who says very factually;
“You have arseholes of every race... every nationality... and then you have some really nice people... again of every nationality creed, colour whatever.. it’s deeper than that now

Well... yes...and no...

Today, I’m going to leave with two very simplistic examples of why we do not
1. X Factor; Misha – was accused of being Overconfident, which quickly turned into... she’s a bully.

2. The Apprentice (the Boardroom) Mohammed was quickly accused of being aggressive... despite the fact that he was acting in an almost identical fashion to the other boy( James I think) who many would have seen as an assertive go-getter
(Both should have been fired in my opinion... thought the show was great by the way) but that’s not the point.

I'm not saying that anyone Black can never be aggressive, or, be a bully ( that would be silly) I'm just asking why their behaviour ( common for most) is quickly judged/viewed in this negative way

The point is that racial stereotyping e.g. (black people still being views as aggressive, overconfident bullies) still exists... and that... is not post racial
Is it?

Simplistic yes.. but why complicate things?

Sunday 23 October 2011

Documentaries.. ft..Montserrat..

One on the Irish connection ( I love old documentaries!)

Must be feeling a little better..

I somehow managed to get the flu so everything aches, but this (today) has been the 1st day I’ve been able to sit up without feeling too bad

Nick Ferrari ... arrrrrh
He was on the BBC showing little compassion as per usual. Regarding (so called) 'problem families'

Why? .. well because Eric Pickles( Communities!?!..oh dear) is suggesting a scheme that will attach each family to a worker who will (according to Ferrari) "get them up in the morning!”
“So what if they’re poor!?!” he squealed “What are we supposed to do about it?.. give ‘em even more money!?!
It’s ‘that’ Sunday morning programme.
And oddly enough it’s making me feel better:)!. That I have the energy to care again is actually a good sign lol

The first question was about Gaddafi.
But I’m not going to talk about Gaddafi

I am going to mention the girl that got married at St Pauls on Saturday
The bridesmaids on the miserable did they look?!?

Everytime the news clip showed the bride comming out of the car the camera also scanned the bridesmaids.. faces of thunder lol.. maybe it was cold!.. maybe they were upset at having to look at the anti capitalist protestors ( I guess no one wants that on thier big day!.. only it was the brides big day.. and she was still smiing)
Her dress however was very nice

Being unwell gave me the chance to study a bit
Made of dent on my literature review and regained my focus back to what really matters.

If I have the energy.. who knows.. a poem may appear.

My thought for SMS is.. love someone who will take care of you when you're ill!!.. yet unfortunately love doesn't always work like that does it? How great would it be if it did
Big hands - warm heart - cute smile = elixir to the poorly
Happy SMSx

Wednesday 19 October 2011

Yes.. it did pass:).. + the sounds of Morgan Heritage

I took the day step by step, minute by minute hour by hour.
Did all I could, completed what was possible, and accepted what wasn't..

Recognised I may be a bit run down, and that I'm definitely missing the sun..
It's cooolddddddddddddd

But I'm back now, and it's warm inside..

Remember that assignment I said I coasted a while back and felt bad about it? well.. been riding my brain for weeks so when I got home and saw the envelope I took a deep breath...I hadn't even taken my shoes off before I ripped the envelope open....turns out.. I did pretty darn fine!!!:)

So that was a bit of good news
Also had a great session tonight at Uni with a representative from Race on the Agenda who cleared up my confusions regarding Equalities Law Policy and practice..
Excellent.. now I can get on with it.. have a bit more faith in what I know.. and work on what I don't..

Now.. roll on tomorrow... but not before I drag my duvet down in front the box, have my dinner and watch something enjoyable..

Warm nights.. and the sounds of Morgan Heritage..yummy

You all have a nice night:)x

Mid week blues:( + Nicki Minaj Selection...

Feel a bit crappy today, but I should at least be thankful I'm not being evicted by riot police and the rest like the travellers at Dale Farm!

That's pretty terrible to say the least. They should be allowed to stay in my opinion. Why are they moving them again?

Anyway.. back to my mood..
I don't know.. I think its the best mood to have possibly.. just let it all wash over me like a wave of sorrow seeking a home.. Hey... maybe if I stay still long enough, it will pass by without much fuss...
land on someone else... *sorry someone else but we all have our time right!?!*

It's days like this I appreciate music even more..
I get music..
It gets me
No crap
No complications:(

I aint a chess piece, aint too complex..aint a puzzle, so what!?!

Funny, whoever's reading this must be thinking; what a what what!??!
It's cool.. I don't expect you to get that..:)..heck.. I don't even get that!!

I'm a bit fed up, but it'll pass

Enjoy the Nicki Minaj Selection (a few of my favs).... and enjoy your day:)
*makes sign of the cross* lord carry me through

Tuesday 18 October 2011

Equality/Free speech and ..*kisses teeth*

I’m reading a book about equality and I’m getting distracted as I feel there really may be no such thing.
All men, contrary to the universal declaration of human rights, are not born equal.
If that were true, women in war torn countries would have access to the same services and enjoy the same rights as I do
They don't
We wouldn’t have a monarchy either...
We do
So...I’m struggling with equality a bit.

Equality as an aspiration... how about that?
Hmm maybe...
Then again, is that fair? Is it fair for someone who does nothing and contributes very little to society to enjoy the same benefits of wealth etc as someone who does... then maybe the reason they cannot contribute is due to inequality in the first place.
All things being equal... I think it kinda sucks
All things being equal... I have got to make sense of the nonsensical...
(hmmm... wonder if there's any Baileys in the fridge!!!)

You know what? ... I think it may be a misnomer, complete equality; as it must require some form of inequality somewhere down the line...
What other word would best describe the concept of equality
When I’ve cleared that up in my brain I’ll complete this assignment!!...
Damn girl... get a life!!!:)

Another thing that’s bugging me a bit is free speech
Sometimes you wish some folk would just shut their yap
Shut their yapperdy yap with duck tape if needs be!!

I guess you may be thinking..hmmm odd thing to say for someone that seems to have an opinion on everything.. right!?!
Well yes and no...
Yes it may seem like an odd thing to say... and no I don’t have an opinion on everything:))... most things yes... but not everything...

Some folk talk purely to show off... got a point to prove, trying to imply something 'off key'... which reminds me of an annoying schoolyard game ...many moons ago... where one person may just roll up a newspaper and clout the back of someone elses neck.. ( ever so gently like:)
And then there are those who talk without thought, and would struggle to remember what they said 3mins later
Then there are those just talk for talk sake...
Okay... I’ll be fair... sometimes a little white noise is called for
So far all relatively harmless stuff...
Then there are people, who use their words to corrupt, mislead, confuse, destroy, and the one that may irk me the most... manipulate for their own selfish and ill judged ends.

What inspired this questioning over the rights to free speech?

Watching a news report this morning of a church that allegedly encouraged members with HIV to stop taking their medication with a view to god healing them, only for them to die what appears to be as a direct result of not taking what was prescribed by doctors and may have preserved their lives.
Free speech is okay, if people can be trusted to not take liberties
Yet people cannot be trusted and will take those liberties whenever they see fit

Stories like that irritate me

Thought of the day 1


Women will get along fine and dandy but if there's a man involved they'd rip each others eyes out and not break a sweat.. men don't do that stuff... why not?


Thought of the day 2
Nothing is fair in love and war

Studio 1 presents Johnny Osbourne..

In my humble opinion some of the absolute best ever reggae records came out of studio 1

I don't think any other producer (great as they are) has been able to create a signature sound in quite the same way as Coxone Dodd did.

There's a CD/DVD available.. The Studio 1 Story... well worth a watch

Monday 17 October 2011

Ms Dynamite selection..

Seem to be promoting/profiling the ladies strong today!!

I'm struggling to recall the sample that's used in this track.. anyone know? Is it an old reggae track?..Please tell me if you know it's buggin' me not being able to work it out:)
Anyway.. quite like this... very catchy.. nice 1 Ms D

Come a long way ...

J Cole.. can't get enough..

This tune definitely took the chill off this morning!!.. okay.. off I go...............

Remembering Deborahe Glasgow

Enjoyed that Mighty Diamonds tune so much I thought I'd revive a few more..

Do women feel the cold more than men?...

Ok, it's really cold now, so cold that the heating had to go on as soon as I got up, which means I'm gonna have to put it on timer now to avoid that horrible biting air in the mornings( If I can remember how!! all these years and it still confuses me...)

Funny, I could hear on the TV they were discussing/trying to find out whether women feel the cold more than men
Answers included;
"Well that's he's for!"..(woman)
"Yes, but maybe that's because they just feel less in general!" ( woman)
"Maybe were more hot blooded!" (wink wink.. (man)

If they really wanted to find out, they could compare the heating bills of single men against those of women
( hmmm but that research could be flawed as some of these men may just be staying over at girlfriends houses gobbling up the heating there:)

I was thinking that if the reseacrh did uncover that women felt the cold more than men, they could lower the cost of fuel for women claiming gender equality rights or something like that..:)

Sunday 16 October 2011

Reggaes Gone Country..

I cannot tell you how much Jim Reeves got played in our house growing up.. I have a feeling it was the same in West Indian homes across the UK..
What is that??

The was another guy with a saxaphone.. Al something.. big star in our house ( for the elders anyway) be fair nice tunes

Ooo.. Baby Boys on 4music!!..
nite nite:)

I could have told you..ft .. the Mighty Diamonds revival selection

Great tune from the Mighty Diamonds..

Yes it's quite late today.. but for my SMS post I thought I write a poem about things that are sometimes left unsaid.. I was inspired by that lovely M.D tune that made me think about stuff

I was thinking that sometimes it's hard to put the right words in the right order to convey the right message. Then there are times when it's not what you say which holds the real truth, but it can often be found it what is not said

But we do that don't we.. we filter.. all the time..
Can you imagine if we lived a day without doing that?
Reminds me of the film liar liar, where Jim Carey had to tell the complete truth all day:) what a drama!!
How exposed we'd all be!!
Could be quite funny though
Anyway .. I digress..

Hope you enjoy the poem
and I hope you have enjoyed your dayx

I could have told you I miss you terribly
More and more each day
As my eyes awaken to the thought of knowing
I have yet another day
Where the chances are I may not see you even if I wanted to
Partly due to the demands of life
Partly commitments that bind
Regardless of whether or not you are on my mind
It tortures me

My stomach churns
It aches and with a dull thud
It’s almost as if my heart will break
Feel it best to understate
Not mention the desire to hold you close
Comfort you
Caress you
Help you feel the way you should do
As you never thought you could do
To see my reflection in your eyes
To love you and only you
I could have told you that
But I didn’t

Saturday 15 October 2011

Ky-mani-Damien & Stephen Marley.. enjoy

You know even if you're in love with someone this tune brings you right back and reminds you of the fragility of it all.. good tune:)


My youngest has a girlfriend, which is really sweet and I’m very happy for him.
He's a lovely lad.
Yet ironically, ever since, we haven’t been getting on so great. Well it’s okay , but there has been a bit of ‘lip’ on occasion, a bit of cheek, which I’m not keen on, plus on a few occasions he’s waited all day to finally decide he wants to go out (when it’s late and dark) to a friend’s house.

That annoys me. It annoys me because his friend ( who I know well) now lives in a very dodgy area, and most people (all apart from my boy apparently) know that fiends come out at night.
He’s annoyed with me because he says I always put a damper on things... I’m annoyed because I thought he would have more sense, and the things I’m saying to him quite frankly, I shouldn't have to be saying at all... he should know.( he didn't just meet me!)

I asked him if he wants a parent who gives a damn or one who doesn’t give a damn.
According to him it’ll be okay because his mates recognise that he shouldn't be travelling late, so will pick him up in a car, driven by an older brother. (Like that’s supposed to make me feel better) I told him straight a passenger in a car has no power or control over anything, if the driver decides to take a detour; you’re stuck with it, (you'll be detouring too).. etc etc...
(I mentioned something about him being a puppet and others pulling the strings which didn’t go down too well.. especially as I did the actions!!)
Yes he’s of age. Yet for me there’s naivety, and then there's stupidity... and I’m struggling to work out which one I’m dealing with.
Yes I’m annoyed.

To be fair, when I was 18 I didn’t really listen to my parents. But it was a very different time, and I kinda ‘knew’ what I wanted etc.. I didn’t lack direction or drive, so my parents need not worry about me doing certain things. But looking back they must have been very afraid for me. I wasn’t even living at home then, I was long gone and with my children’s dad. ( which didn’t go so well)
I did take silly risks back in the day, and had no real sense of fear.

A few weeks ago his dad said I shouldn’t worry about these things, which I think is easy for him to say as he’s never really parented. He came up with some 'Christian type' reasoning of how he’ll be okay blah blah... no freakin’ help at all... as again I felt that would just make me look like the ‘bad guy’.
I never set out to be popular parent, just a parent, and being a parent sometimes means you will be unpopular. I feel he should have backed me up.
But then, maybe he has a point; maybe his laissez-faire’ style is the way to go.

Okay enough. If he wants to go, I’ll let him go.
I guess that’s what happens with kid’s right. At some point, you just have to let them go.
Is that why some of us start having children again when we thought we’d quit?
The upside is, I have me back... and my time really can be my own
Maybe I should just focus on the positives, and have faith I’ve raised a young man with sense
Parenthood eh.. who knew

(now that's off my chest..normal service shall resume after this post!)

Imagine.. we were all like that once...

My grandson is like the energiser bunny.
Thought I wore him out today but as soon as we got home pretty much all the books colours and toys were out
The settee became a trampoline whenever possible, and I’m pretty sure he talks non –stop, to me and to himself...around me
It’s so funny to watch him

He’s now at the age where he’ll ‘read’ a book to himself, before demanding I ‘read it!’... if and when his imagination dries up..
Can’t believe I actually uttered the words... “Shall we turn the telly on for a bit?”lol
Thank god for CBeebes bedtime hour...
I have a plan... pretty sure after his bath tonight he will be out like a light...
I bought him this book with a puppet hand... so now he’s got the puppet talking to me... “Hello Nanny!! It’s Kyan!” hmmm..pretty sure it’s a taking puppet hand... but hang on a minute I was meant to being doing that !!
He loves it... result!

I do like Toni Braxton..enjoy:)

Friday 14 October 2011

Thought of the day.. men and their mates..

A fine bromance!!

If you don’t get alone with your husbands/boyfriends best mate, will it eventually signal the end of your relationship?
Guys who’s more important to you.. your wife/girlfriend.. or your mate/s?

Forcing parents back to work..right or wrong?

The end of a busy week
So busy that I fell asleep mid conversation on the phone yesterday
I remember my name being called repeatedly and realised I had no idea what was happening.
Which is a bit rude actually, but I wanted to talk, so tried to hold on despite my increasing tiredness... probably best to ‘fess up' in future and postpone the call!

Anyway... thought of the day
Should parents be forced to look for work once their child/children turn 5? Or will it create more hardship for families who are already hard up?
Consider if you will wealthy families who can afford home help, or two parent families where the main breadwinner earns enough to enable 1 parent to stay at home.
Is is fair? And what impacts most on a child's development? having a parent at home (nurturing) or knowing a parent works hard to earn a living and 'contribute to society?

Wednesday 12 October 2011

Yes It's dire but keep the faith..

Apparently 1 in 5 16 to 20 year olds are unemployed ( over 1million)
500,000 more children to be plunged into poverty by 2015


perhaps oddly, I have this mad urge to hear return of the mack..enjoy

What can you do at 5.30 in the morn?..

What can you do at 5.30 in the morn?
Make dinner
Wash dishes
Maybe think about things
Just try not think about him
Some people head for work
Others long since left
It's a time of day
I like the best

Think about why you couldn't sleep last night
Your mind tossed and turned
Who won that fight?

Man... I'm too lazy to rhyme
Too tired to take care over every line
Everybody loves Raymond's on TV
I do enjoy that show
I told you i couldn't be asked..
To maintain a flow
and now know
So tell me
Now do you believe...

It's so quiet here
Dark outside

What can you do at 5.30 in the morn?
Whatever you like I guess

As most of my neighbourhood sleeps
Most of my neighbourhood.. still at rest


I won a prize at @ Chocolate Covered Daydreams

I'm so happy about that

It's a book called Sex Love Liberation written by her daughter Ev'Yan
Now, no one can ever say I haven't used my time wisely!! I'm doing my homework as it's important to me
I'll post a short review in the not too distant future!!
Yay to me:)

Tuesday 11 October 2011

Thought of the day.. in difficult times it's good to have a laugh ..

So...I hope I can make you smile with this...

Last year, Comedian Tim Vine won a prize for the funniest joke at the Edinburgh Fringe.

The joke was ...

"I've just been on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday. I'll tell you what, never again."

This year it went to Nick Helm with:
"I needed a password eight characters long so I picked Snow White and the Seven Dwarves."

Hmmm it took me awhile to get that one.. nar..I prefer Tim Vine's joke which was beaten into second place:

"Crime in multi-storey car parks. That is wrong on so many different levels

So?.. did you smile? ..:)
Feel free to share a joke with me..
We can smile together:)

Girls talk..

Sometimes it's nice to talk to other women about 'stuff'
You know.. the type of 'stuff' women can't always talk to guys about as .. well quite often it concerns themlol

But sometimes it's other things.. learning how to manage.. keeping or making a home.. being a parent.. studying.. juggling.. whatever it may be

Women see things ( experience things)differently to men..
And whilst I really enjoy and get on with guys
Sometimes.. you just need to have a good old bawl on a girlfriends shoulder.

Then there are times when you want to mope about forever in a dressing gown and drink baileys..( not that I do that lol) and they'll tell you straight.. get your shit together

and no matter what you're going through.. trust me.. one of your female friends will have been there before and worn the tea-shirt.. or.. they would have been through worse!!.. and they'll stand there looking as fine as candy with a big smile that's infectious..

When it comes to emotional stuff.. why I do believe women may have the edge..

Thought of the day..Can anyone ever really have too much money?

I've heard some people say that although they play the lottery they wouldn't want to win too much money!!
I don't get about low aspirationslol..

I'm kidding, really.. each to their own I guess.. but...surely it's up to you what you do with it, how much you keep, how much you invest, share, or give away..
Exactly how much is too much?

I promise you I could get through £1million in a day. Easy.
and so.. I suspect.. could you.. yes you.. reading this now!!!lol
Don't believe me?.. okay..try me:))
I'd take the challenge.. it'll be like watching a live rendition of 'Brewster's millions!!'

Some people say money brings misery, can bring out the worst in people, or those around them..
well.. so can not having it I suspect!!

I don't play the lottery, mainly because I don't like losing. So in the past, whenever my numbers didn't come up, I felt I had lost..(which I had duh!!) wasn't even so much about the money, I also felt like a fool for getting my hopes up!

After all.. who can resist the lure of the lump-sum eh?

The lottery's not for everyone.. for those who are looking, who knows where your riches will come from!!.. quite often the answers can be found within us, if we care to look.. if we care to believe it so..

p.s If you did win huge amounts.. would you go public?

'Mis-adventures' cont...

The comedy web-pisodes returns...

If you remember episodes 1-7 are avaiable on this blog ( here!!) and on youtube

The next episodes..

The cast

Sunday 9 October 2011

Cardiac Strings Riddim ft T. Riley & J Cure.. nice:) Gyptian ..Vybz..Rio Riddim..

Thought of the day... I don’t get Asian... racism*

I’m talking about people from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh etc which some of us rightly or wrongly tend to place together as Asian. ( No offence meant) Unless were completing forms and require more accuracy.

Anyway. Quick story (although I have many)
My sister went to a jewellery store in Tooting SW London. It’s the kind of store that you have to press the buzzer to enter the main store. Anyway, there were about three members of ‘staff' at the counter;one woman and two men, fairly young 'ish' wouldn’t buzz her through. Before you ask... the store was open.
She was upset when she got back to the car, I was annoyed ( wanted to go back but she said no)

Another quick story..
I remember once having a small crush on a guy who worked in my local store (straight from Pakistan he was... Kenyan Asian family) the tallest(about 6.5) darkest, most 'handsome'ist' dude ever, seemed to like me too... anyway... overheard a conversation between them (men of the fam')... in short... ‘It’s not allowed’

Oh go on then.. another tale...
There’s a well known cosmetic store ( who shall remain nameless) that black women frequent for skin and hair care products ( they sell other toiletries too, but they are well known for black beauty products) I had to have a word with the cashier once as I got so fed up of being followed around like a common thief!. It broke the ice, and they are okay (ish) with me now... they just follow other black people instead lol. Before you say it.. no..I’m not being paranoid. I have seen white shoppers go into that shop and nobody move. Enter the black and they move faster than Usain bolt:)
My question is, what is that about?

Especially as I’m looking at people whose skin is as brown as mine in some cases darker, in some cases lighter. Is it a colonial legacy thing? Is European'ness' the measure of all that is right.. and good?
Most overt physical differences may be hair? perhaps.. but there’s something else going on and I want y’all to think about what that may be and get back to me.
I assume my Caribbean 'ness' will include Carib/Arawak DNA/heritage,among others but why do some people not want to accept their African DNA?

You all have it.

*directed at African/Carribeans ( to state the obvious perhaps)

5 cool quotes from Steve Jobs..

I must admit to knowing very little about the life of Steve Jobs, despite using his products daily, and perhaps without even realising his influence on the world.
I have since come across his very inspirational words, and insight, and thought I'd share a few..

1. "Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn't really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That's because they were able to connect experiences they've had and synthesize new things. And the reason they were able to do that was that they've had more experiences or they have thought more about their experiences than other people."

2. "I'm as proud of what we don't do as I am of what we do."

3. "A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them."

4. "Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected."

I think the quote that resonates with me most at this moment in time is this one...

5. "Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don't lose faith. I'm convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did. You've got to find what you love. And that is as true for your work as it is for your lovers. Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on. So keep looking until you find it. Don't settle."

I made him dinner..

I made him dinner and he didn’t like it
I could tell by his grimace but he tried to hide it
With a smile he told me it was great
So wonderful he didn’t anticipate
That anything could ever make him love me more
But now he did
That's for sure

I made a comment and he didn’t agree with it
On and on I went totally sure of it
I asked him what he thought and he just said well...
Clearly it’s important to you I can tell
He told me this with a twinkle in his eye
Ended by saying my oh my
It's like god sent an angel straight from the sky
Never did I think I could love you more
I was wrong about that
That’s for sure

I wore this dress that appealed to him not
He didn’t say it
Instead said he forgot
Just how gorgeous
I could be
How lucky he was to just to have me
Said he never thought he could desire me more
How wrong he was
That’s for sure

You see this man is just so kind
loving and gentle
With a beautiful mind
No matter what I do
Or say
He’ll love me anyway
Come what may
So much so that I’m so proud
To say I love him back
This time out loud

Happy SMSx

Saturday 8 October 2011

Pinch me..

Pinch me
I have no tears left

I have fought battles and wars
Those of my making
And those not
I have substituted my heart for my will
My will for my faith
My faith for my desire
My desire for my need
My need for my hope
They all came back to me
Yet not broken
I have loved and won
Loved and lost
Trusted and been deceived
Deceived and been trusted
I have emptied my soul
To replenish it again
I have stayed awake for days
And have slept for days
I have cried a lake
An ocean, a sea
Been overcome by the kindness of strangers
And the wickedness of friends
Show me a sad movie
Sing me a song
Write me a love note
For I am not made of iron
or wood
or steel
I am only human
I am really just a girl
But pinch me
I have no tears left

That's all..

I don’t want to talk to you
I just wanna make love to you
Talking is futile
Understanding often takes awhile
Touch is instant
Feelings pleasant
Unencumbered with the potential for misinterpretation
It’s simply fornication
No religious interpretation
Only sensual escalation
Pulses’s fibrillating
Is it getting hotter?

I’m not sure that I like you
Don’t care to know the real you
A tangled beast
The true you
Every sinew of my being says
that you could never be the one I love
I don’t want to love you
I prefer to hate you
That way when I touch you
My feelings will be stronger
Physical hunger
For this crazy muther f******

Don’t ask me anything
Say a word or try to sing
I don’t wanna hear your love songs
Your voice truly annoys me
Irks me
Drives me crazy

Don’t ask me how I feel about you
I will never tell you
The truth will evade you
I’ve learnt it’s the best way with you
You see I don’t wanna talk to you
I just wanna make love to you
Hold me close the way you do

That’s all


I walk past Hackney Central; avert my eyes from the homeless guy on the street;
Ignore another guys pleas for “spare change please!”; and another’s hopeful glances filled with a desire for quick and easy sex.
It's okay.. we've all gotta dream..
I notice a group of drinkers by the park benches; how happy they all look; how dirty they all look; I imagine they would treat me with far more kindness than the guy in the suit that just stepped off a bus apparently unaware of the mother and baby in front of him
He didn’t apologise; no time I suspect...guy has a train to catch

I walk along the pathway near Sutton Square and get annoyed as a cyclist comes too close, too fast, for my comfort
In my mind I curse all cyclists, fearing them more dangerous and less courteous than the drivers they fear... and they curse.
As I reach the zebra crossing I wait for a car to stop. One driver accelerates, passes by; in my mind I curse him too; call him an arsehole and possibly racist.
Soon both sides have stopped and I am free to cross. I do so tentatively, looking out for rogue drivers; not quite trusting both sides.. enough; I don’t trust anymore.

The sound of youngsters permeate the silence, and smart red jackets dazzle me as I make my way though the tribe. I hope they look back at their school days as the happiest days of their lives, as I sometimes do. Yet I wish them years of happiness ahead, as they become the men and women of tomorrow.
There aren’t many people outside the mental illness centre. The weather's changing so I guess they're inside, keeping warm, at least I hope so. I hope so because I remember last winter seeing a woman with huge drooping breasts and no bra, walking aimlessly around in the freezing cold with nothing but the flimsiest top and ill fitted pants on. It's as if she'd lost everything.. the day she lost her mind. I wished she had a coat; If will alone could produce will be done that day...but it wasn’t to be. I pray she finds them both this year.

I walk past life and death, and feel energised. Grateful to be on the outside right now .. heck, I've had children in that hospital... my dad died in that hospital.

Chatsworth Road
In the week it’s filled with cultural diversity; weekends... not so much. I pass my favourite greengrocers, and then remember I need onions and go back. I pick up a big bag and share a joke with the cashier as a police siren drowns out our voices and almost changes the mood. I watch the van turn the corner I need to walk down. We agree something must be happening ‘down there’ in my mind I pray they're not headed for my home.
I take my change and walk on. I avoid looking at the group of guys on the corner. Every day I see them, every day they see me. Still... their presence makes me feel safe; like... brothers.
Over the weeks a lot has changed, they’ve turned the space into a small business, it’s all taxi cabs and fruit and veg now, imagine...and all that time I thought they were just chillin’

I’m almost home and I’m grateful.
The police van has found its destination and I can relax.

I love walking
This, is my neighbourhood ,

Friday 7 October 2011

Only you..Jah Cure..

Get that Friday Feeling

There’s something to be said for behaving badly.

By that I don’t mean unprovoked rudeness, or being disingenuous but, being a bit, well ...*naughty!!!. ( but nice!!) How dull would life be if you never let your hair down... ever?
It’s customary on Fridays to ‘get that Friday felling’
So... have fun this weekendx

*varies from person to person, but ultimately, something that makes you feel good and causes no harm!

Thought of the day..Loyalty

Often its not until you lose it that you realise it was even there

Loyalty, like many things.. you don't know the true value of it til it's gone - but why is that?..Why does it take a loss for us to recognise a gain
Don't wait until it's too late to appreciate who, or what you have

Thursday 6 October 2011

Sold Out..

I left it to the last minute to buy my concert tickets - now they're all sold out!
That'll teach me..
Anyway - a few nice memories accompany these two tunes..enjoy
Beres Hammond....
If you're fortunate ( and more organised) enough to have tickets.. enjoy the show - and write us a review

The show's on Sunday - so if by now and then I get a ticket - I'll be able to write a review myself

I may take in a comedy show instead this month.. better check the listings..
It's been a busy and tiring week.. so a little fun is on the agenda.. what the doctor ordered

Labour: in touch with the people?

(I'm going to skip past the fact that there was the most gorgeous looking Somali/Caribbean looking guy at the Tory conference which the camera focused on a few times lol:)) and get straight to the serious/frivolous issue of Labours connection (or lack of) with the people (right now)

I think Labour may have a branding problem and possibly an ideology problem at the moment, and unless it's sorted will spend years in the political 'wilderness'

Say what you like about Tony Blair but he did re-brand labour successfully (in the early days)
I watched most of both conferences.. (skipped the Lib Dems) and all I can say is .. bloody heck Labour.. raise your game!

Ft Deliciously swanky:)

I really enjoyed reading this post by ChilledLeo called Coat of Arms I thought I'd share it with you!. Women eh.. interesting..
I liked the definition of jealousy ( being unsatisfied with ones self.. although I suspect that's not restricted to women right?)

Another post that for some reason has stayed with me ( stuck in my brain abit:) was one of Chromes a few weeks back. If this is the reality, are political parties ( as we know them ) soon to be defunct? A figure head for something much more sinister perhaps?
Not sure, but it makes interesting viewing check it out!

Thanking y'all for your insight..x

Tuesday 4 October 2011

What is man? ft Delroy Wilson selection..

A friend of my said that (in his opinion) men are not celebrated anymore. Masculine men to be precise.
He said he felt that the requirement for men now is to behave in a less overtly masculine way, and that to be masculine was to appear brutish and primitive.

I asked him if he felt we are witnessing the demise of man as we knew it? the feminisation of manhood
He said yes.
I felt odd. I wondered what part I (and other women like me) may have played in all this.
How my little demands for a more sensitive man may have impacted on the grander scheme of things.

Hey, I quite like masculine men.
But I like masculine men who are in touch emotionally, and are comfortable with being sensitive, and having, and sharing feelings

What on earth can be confusing about that?

I felt for him in a way. He misses the role models he has enjoyed in the past. Swimmimg in new waters.
The re-classification of man
He felt that as a man, he... was old news
Old news?.. never!!

Same chocolate different box for me though..slightly more variety.. perhaps
Fret not dude.. a man still running the country right? :)
Man. Annoying my brain ...and keeping me awake at night:))

Monday 3 October 2011

Pleasure Riddim Mix

The following song and video makes me laugh.. that chorus is so quirky I ended up playing it over an over.. arrr enough lol!!! Translation.. he thinks she's cheating
They'd fit in easily as a couple of characters on Eastenders, sign 'em up BBC

Sunday 2 October 2011

Classic roots reggae selection ft..Burning Spear..

Thought of the day..

Do gay men fret, worry and complain about the same things us men dating women do?, or, do they(as men) understand men, better?
Does a man act differently towards a man, than he would to a woman, because he's another man (not because he's gay)
If so, I would love a G,B.F (gay best friend)
I have a feeling my understanding of men would go through the roof:)

Maybe though, they're just as confused as we are!!.. and if so, that would scupper that plan:Dx

Why didn't he call !?!...

If you Google the words, Why..Didn’t..He?...
The number 1 question that will come up is.... Call!!

Even if you just type in; Why.. Didn’t?( and stopped there)... He Call is top ten!!... number nine to be precise.

My Soul mate Sunday post today is in response to that (clearly very popluar) question.
Ladies (and maybe gents) I will confess that I too have tortured myself over that question in the past.
Not often, but enough to know I never want to do it again!!... so.....
If you never read a book about it, watch a film about it, or Google it(again and follow the links!) my answer is simple.
You will never know.

Once the object of your desire hasn’t, or didn’t call, whatever the real reason may be, chances are... you will never really know.
Even if you ask him outright... chances are, he will not tell you the truth. Who knows, maybe he's just as confused as you are!!... had no reason... just didn’t bother.
So, when that horrible feeling engulfs you, and you try to figure out why, just remember this...
It doesn’t matter.

There’s an old saying, what is for you, won’t go by you
And in this context I guess what I’m saying is; If you are meant to be together, you will, if not, fret not, something, or someone will come along to make you think... missed phone call? What phone call?

As women, we tend to over analyse things at times.I think it's in our nature.
But I’m not going to over analyse this
The answer to that number one question is ... don’t know

If you want to know how to handle the feelings that arise, that’s another story.
My main tip would be... keep busy, stay happy and live your life.
You are lovely and lovable, 1 missed call doesn’t change that
In short. One missed call does not a disaster make:)
Men get scared. Besides... he may just need time to come to terms with just how great you are
Be happy girlies
You will get your phone call!
Trust me..
Happy SMSx

Saturday 1 October 2011

Cee-Lo Green & Gnarls Barkley..

Hello October

Hello .. I'm Dawna, and I'm a Libran:)

I enjoyed my birthday yesterday( I think as you get older you appreciate them more:)) my day consisted of me lazying about in the day... a lot(after cooking etc).. and making a cake ta-dah!! ( just a pink version of the one I made my son on his b'day).. the writing's a bit neater though) then I enjoyed a spot of late night bowling:)
The wine was courtesy of my lovely colleagues.. which was so strong it sent me to sleep for at least an hour!!! but that.. for me .. was perfect!!!

Tasted good too!!!

Hello, I'm Dawna.. and I'm slightly gullible:) can be shy, can be bossy, can be lots of things..

I enjoy reading about the character or personality traits of a Libra woman
quite funny really.
Most of the time when I read about Librans, I do recognise myself... but not always:)

I can't say I'm totally swayed on astrology, but I wouldn't dismiss it all either..
It intrigues me, as often, there does appear to be an element of truth in it:)

Hello, I'm Dawna...and I'm wondering if I can still get away with the wearing of shorts:D I flapped about all day.. hmmm leggings or no leggings?... in the end I decided .. no leggings.. too hot for that!!

Hello, I'm Dawna.. nice to meet you:)

Thought of the day.. the language of love..

The language of love can be hard to understand
and difficult to communicate

Unlike other languages it can be spoken without words
It is often told through feeling and action
The language of love is an emotive one
Sure we try and put it into words like love and care
But those words can be spoken yet be truly devoid of feeling
Those words can sometimes be meaningless

What is harder to fake is emotion
And although we may try and mask our emotions behind our actions
The emotion still remains

Yes the language of love can be difficult to understand
What will you be saying today?

Revival selection -Mighty Diamonds.. Tell me what's wrong

Who polices the police?..

If you've time..have a read of this article in the Guardian see what you think