Tuesday 30 June 2015

For the 1st time

Can you see my cherries?

No, that's not a euphemism.. I really actually have cherries growing... for the 1st time...

Can you see my banana's?

lol.. again not a euphemism.. if you look closely I have tiny bananas ( steady on)
not for the 1st time.. but they always bring me joy...

You see this rose bush?
This is the 1st time in years it has given me more than 2 roses! ( they are red and beautiful.. bad picture though - sorry)

Also for the 1st time, I have pink roses ( they look white in the pic). I thought the bush was dead.. it clearly isn't

These are mos def white

I have learnt that 'greens' will always grow once planted. year after year after year.
I do nothing.. yet they grow.

If you look real close here, you may see some apples. Again, 1st time. When I bought the plant a few years back my brother said 'oh.. when you see white flowers. pick them off'.. so I did . turns out they were the apples!

It gave me no more after that.. until now

You know...I stopped watching and waiting for them, fretting over them, and look at that...they did what they had to do in thier own sweet time
Summer evenings....

Enjoy yours x

Randy Crawford

A few tracks from one of my all time favourite albums.
Well...It's not raining here, but nonetheless.. a great song

The one with the great intro ...and 1st line

Here you are.. 'you bring the sun out'...

Title track

Okay, time to get it together for the day

Luv ya

Fally Ipupa - Original

MoeLogo - My sweetie - Bunny Mack - My sweetie my sugar

It's warm in London!
Gonna get warmer

'MoeLogo is a talented male vocalist who is fast becoming a household name within the music industry. Originally born in Lagos (Nigeria), he relocated to London with his mother and siblings and it was there he fell in love with music. MoeLogo grew up listening to the sounds of R. Kelly and Usher, who sequentially became part of his daily routine as he liked to imitate their techniques as a method to develop his own vocal range. At the age of 14 he became a member of his school choir as he enjoyed singing for fun; using that opportunity to explore and train his voice.

In December 2010, he gained notoriety during a performance in Gambia with Jamaican reggae artist Busy Signal, winning a crowd of 60,000 people with his admirable panache and eclectic sounds'.

Remember the original?

Bunny Mack Cecil Bunting MacCormack) is a musician, singer and songwriter from Freetown Sierra Leone. He is best known for his song "Let Me Love You".
I have no idea where he is now.

Have a great day x

Sunday 28 June 2015

The Weeknd - Rolling Stone

I wanted to find a version of this song minus the swearing but I couldn't'
I love the song, the melody an all, so here it is.. I apologise in advance
I'm on a mission not to swear or use profanity.
It's not really nice.
It's not very ladylike either tbh.
I only really swear if i'm like.. red hot angry..
So.. I'm finding ways to channel my anger so it doesn't blow like dynamite

It's rare that I get really angry.. but.. I want to stop, I want to be better. Ease up on the self taught French ( if you know what I mean)
I never ever used to. One day I think I just woke up and thought f**k that, you're gonna get it if you mess with me.
But, times change, people change
That said, perhaps it's time to make a few changes ( again). Give the soldiers some annual leave.
Be a different kind of woman
I got this now
Also, It's Ramadan.. and I'm trying.. believe it or not

I also chose the song because of the words.. I got you...

You know, I do believe that other than the words I love you.. the words.. 'I got you'... are possibly the most amazing and reassuring words one can utter to another
It's not always possible.. but in some way.. knowing the other would even try.. even wants to truly be there for you
That's nice
through the ups and downs..
the roller-coaster which is life..
I got you

Just another day..

A Chinese woman came to the door asking if it was my address. I said .. "who wants to know?".. then.. "hang on a minute.."
I shut it.
Turns out .. Ti had ordered Chinese.

That boy, I tell you :)


Then he offers me a prawn cracker
" No thanks..I don't eat prawns!.. or Chinese take aways!"

How long has he lived with me?
Does anybody actually know me around these parts?


My day has been a funny kind of day.
Started with the usual lovely hormonal imbalance of a woman enjoying the joys of being a woman
Happy, then sad, then happy, then in pain.. yeah ... live up!

Then cleaning all the dishes Ti and co had left for me overnight.. then scrambling today a meal for later.. the token rice n peas and some kinda veg dish

Then blogging of course, and watching debates

Then stressed.. then feeling like kwap. Then looking in the mirror, then looking away

Then eating chocolate, and drinking almond milk
then feeling militant and wanting to change the world for the better and honestly believing I could lol
then relaxing in the tub
then feeling better
A bit of G Porter..
A chat with Mr K

All lovely stuff

All in a days work


Us women.. we multi task

Now I could use a nice massage and a cuddle. Let someone else work out how to put the world to right
I just need to try and manage my corner!
That will keep me busy enough for sure.. it has so far..

Have a nice evening x

Gregory Porter - Wind Song

Weekend WOW Factor; I forgot to say... ft Gregory Porter - Water under bridges & No love dying

Good morning all

How rude of me to just launch into a post about unsettling events without even a good morning salutation.
Well.. you should know me by now. Sometimes I'm over zealous.
.. and for others.. the morning may not be so good, due to said events..
Surely what may have been a good week for some.. was not for others...

People go through so much. Endure so much. do so much in a lifetime that it's not until a period of reflection that it becomes clear.
I sat down to write something really nice, romantic even, but this is what came out.

Don't worry.. I'll get back to romance soon enough!


Noted Article this week

'The Marikana massacre is a tale of utter shame for South Africa'

Interesting watch

The battle for 'hearts and minds'..

I watched a debate on TV this morning on muslim extremism and combating hate. A woman said that hate has resided in the human mind forever, that we cannot confront hate ( of whatever kind ) with military power

The talk continued on with regards to whether we need to exercise more soft power, ( diplomacy, relation building understand etc as opposed to hard power ( guns, bombs, drone attacks etc)

I'm not a fan of war.
I'm also not a fan of human beings being used as 'cannon fodder' for countries who value not their lives, but exploit their ignorance. What's sad is the number of increasing attacks on innocent people. The attack on the mosque during Ramadan in Kuwait? the attack on tourists in Tunisia? ( to name only two)
All of this surely contrary to the rules of engagement.. no?

It's quite worrying actually.
What's worrying, is that ask your average person what it's really all about ....
.. and see if they know.....

Most people have no idea
If there's a 'real conversation' taking place. it's taking place in secret.

What we may find is increasing xenophobia, anti migrant attitudes, tougher immigration policies, increased racism, and increased surveillance for all... [click]

.. yet still not know what's going on

Saturday 27 June 2015

It's okay to feel okay.. feel Pride. ft Years & Years - Shine

Today was Pride in London and tomorrow UK Black Pride [click]

I hope the day went well, a beautiful sunny day it has been in London, and may the sun continue to shine with fervour

I beleive in Ubuntu... and I also feel we all need to feel okay with who we are.
It's okay, to feel okay
Perhaps we could all do with feeling more 'pride'. Sure. We are here.
We are here to experience life. We made it this far.
We learn, we grow.
We find our individuality
We discover differences within us, between us.. and yet we also discover similarities.
We are all human
and we all want to be happy


In sickness & in health - plus a Saturday music selection - ft - Charlie Wilson

I read an article which discussed Sierra Leone's president Koroma's routine heath checks abroad. Germany apparently

In the main, It's difficult to disagree with the author. [click]
For any president or world leader - It's unfair if under your watch, health services are ( reportedly) very poor and substandard for regular folk, yet you travel abroad to ensure that you have no need to endure it.

I think it's important to have confidence in the services of your country.. and use them.
If you do, others will happily do the same. In fact, if people know VIP's will be visiting, they tend to raise their game also. So on many levels, it's effective.
I also think it's important to fully understand the plight of the people.. that you remain connected with them.

It's funny that the article chose to use David Cameron of an example of a leader that does not 'distance himself' from public services!.
The author is probably unaware that David Cameron and co are on a mission to drastically reduce public funded services.

It's also funny because... that pic was probably a photo op no doubt, and in my view David Cameron and most of our current leaders have little clue at best, and absolutely no idea at worst, what life is like for those who are not as privileged as them.

Also I'm unaware of David Cameron's children attending state schools!. I'm not convinced they do, but to be honest I'm not interested.

MP Diane Abbot was lambasted for sending her son to a private school,. after making a big deal about other MPs who do that, (stating on one occasion that they should send their children to state schools blah blah),

Come the hour come the day ... she didn't 'risk' her child's education by sending him to a state school ( with the rest of the riff raff?)
What is sometimes overlooked I think is not necessarily that the state school's are inadequate, it's what being able to send your child/children to private school says about you.
It's classim, and it will always stand those who can afford to play that game, in good stead later on.
Lets face it, if I told you I went to Cambridge or something, it would sound quite impressive.
It has long been clear that if you can afford to pay for the best.. you pay for the best.
I personally have no issue with that. What I do however have an issue with is when the best is denied to others, in order to serve ones self

There is no way leaders should be going abroad for heath checks whilst their own country has dire health services. It's a little immoral, definitely unethical.

But let's be honest.
If you and I were in a position of power, yet powerless ( seemingly) to make the changes required to improve the lives of the majority of our citizens, but we knew also ultimately that we needed to take care of 'self', and we could afford to do just that.... would we not do the same?
Human nature.

I personally, (I hope) would do everything I could to raise the level of services for people. Health education , jobs, investments. Policing , security... (phew!... there are so may things to consider with regards to running a country). I would do it all so that I could sleep well at night, in the knowledge that I could enjoy my 'privileges' without generating public anger.

(..and if you examine what I've said.. reality is, that's me, being quite selfish)

President Koroma does not own Sierra Leone
Neither the people can stake much claim
The IMF & World Bank do
Investors do.
Or so it would seem.

What we can hope for at best, is that post Ebola ( lord how long now) the country will be able to reconstruct a positive national identity. Find a way to tell of its history, from a position of strength and not weakness, that the country is able to eek out the best for it's citizens when contracts are being commissioned; and subsumed by debt or not... it's manageable, and the country can truly be a beautiful place to live.

It could be one of the nicest places in the world to live, or it could be one of the worst.
Change and commitment ( like most things) begins in the mind

Charlie for the day

and a Charlie for the night

Happy Saturday all x

Flavour - Power To Win

Friday 26 June 2015

Song of the day - Chronixx - Give me a try

This is a nice way to ask a woman on a date.
Be respectful.. write a song maybe!. can't write a song?... then play a song!. Find a song for her to make her smile. Be humble, be honest, open and true lol
Make an effort.. it's sweet. It works.
I like it anyway:)
Of course I do


After watching the documentary 'miners shot down' I came away quite shocked by what I saw as a series of poor decisions in regards to how best to deal with the striking miners, and of course.. the brutality of the poilce ( who were following orders it should be said) If I'm honest also, I came away thinking that Cyril Ramaphosa, was not an innocent man, but had let the miners down badly. Very badly.

Well... apparently he's been cleared. [click]
Watch the film.. see for yourself [click]

I don't have all the details of the case, but I will say this. Poor people rarely get justice.


TGIF ft Alaine & Favourite Boy

cool n easy
No hype, just keeping it real.
Lovely sunshine yesterday, and looking forward to the weekend break
Things slowly easing up a little, getting things done slowly but surely.

*Nice shoes Alaine*

Have a great day all x

Tuesday 23 June 2015

Life need not be a sprint

Well done .

Good day today. All things considered
"Sun is shining, weather is sweet..
makes you wanna move.. your dancing feet" - thanks Bob.


Walmart stopped selling confederate flags huh
Nice gesture.
People still buying guns though.
If there not hunting animals to eat then why?.
For protection some may say
For protection

Have a nice evening x

Just an ordinary girl

Is there any such thing as an ordinary girl or boy man or woman?
Is anybody really ever just 'ordinary?'

.. and my dears, there's nothing wrong with that.
Until the day you wake up and think.. hey!!! Is this it!? Seriously?!
In may ways we strive to be ordinary when we should really be aiming for extra ordinary. Ordinary with that extra bit of stuff that makes us feels utterly GREAT!!!.

Anyway. I'm off to work.


Who do 'black lives' matter to?

Good morning London & beyond.

I'm feeling somewhat better even if I could use more sleep but evidently... I'm up.

Age and maturity are funny things aren't they.
as in.. maturity is not age related.. certainty not always.

Aside from that, I wanted to say something about violence young people and race.
On Saturday my nephew was stabbed. He's okay physically, but mentally/psychologically he is not.

As upset as I am about it, I can't say that I'm entirely surprised. He's a lovely lad, but I don't know what's going on these days. ( rather, past few years)

As you can imagine his mum is very upset, and as a single mum ( his father is my brother) she has been the one to pick up the pieces ( as single mums do) ( although my brother disagrees).

Why am I telling you this?

Because there is a serious lack of respect for the lives of black folk, even among black folk. Young black folk, and even old.
From the UK to US Africa and beyond.

Now clearly, violence is not an issue for Africans alone. History proves this, our media informs us daily, and we see it every day. Great nations have been built on violence, and continue to be sustained through violent means

But here's the other thing.
If that gunman we've heard so much about lately were Muslim the narrative would be very different. Pretty much all muslims would be viewed with an air of suspicion., possibly even disliked
If we operated on a like for like basis all US police would be deemed racist and guilty until proven not guilty and so on.....

Yet, this is not the case is it
Violence tends to be racialized, sanitized at times..depending on... your 'race'
Lone gunman... blah blah... yet with views shared by countless others no doubt

When it comes to violence, Africans at home or abroad always seem to get the raw end of the deal

Africans in America are certainly getting their arses whipped that's for sure... again

And then in some cases, in other pars of the world, we be busy whipping our own arses.. so accustomed have some of us become to the belief that 'black lives don't matter'

It's a sickness I tell you

Monday 22 June 2015

Multi tasking ft Alaine

Sick bed for me today.
No , no need to feel sorry for me, it's okay, and happens to the best and worst of us.
It's life :)

I have many things on the go at the moment and for a brief second.. I became very aware of them.
I think it's like 'real life 'circus' juggling'. The moment you focus too hard on the fact that your'e juggling you lose the rhythm and drop the balls. Try it.. it's true.
My task now is simply to regain the rhythm.. ( take some iron and get some rest!)

Been feeling a little rough for a few weeks now, so every so often I succumb.

Anyway, enough of that winging:)... as

All is well
It's serves us well to stop awhile and remember all is well
As sure as the sun shall rise and fall
we know all will be well
To smile is easier than to frown
A genuine smile filled with compassion and understanding
A smile that denotes we've overcome
and remembered all is well

my favourite girl

Okay, back to Bedfordshire x

Friday 19 June 2015

Lauryn Hill - Feeling Good

Just too great Ms Lauryn...
Also, check out the guitarist at the end.
Made my day/evening x

..walk by faith .. not by sight

This is pretty much my favourite Jonny Osbourne tune
I haven't heard it in a while so thought.. hey why not

Debra had me thinking about religious hypocrisy
I often wonder how some 'Christians' can denounce homosexuality yet eat pork... but I'm sure someone can tell me
I wont be too hard on anyone, as I, like others.. pick and choose scriptures on occasion

I will say this though. People often condemn countries like Jamaica or Uganda and brand them 'homophobic. Yet can we blame people for observing their faith?
Surely the issue is really simply one of religion, and how in our current and changing times, we can square the circle.. if we really need to at all.

It's probably best to simply live and let live.
Harm no one, and follow your path

There are many things that we do that contradict the things we say we believe in.
A married man or woman can recite vows to stay faithful, yet cheat (just for example)
In the holy month of Ramadan ideally there should be no war's, fighting, beating or killing in predominantly Muslim or Islamic countries...
Yet if I turn on the news I have a feeling there is still a great deal of harm being inflicted on others...

I believe that war (like sex) can, ( and possibly has)... become a global addiction ( and very lucrative..)

I have decided that 'Why'.. is the most profound question anyone could ever ask
It's certainly the most perplexing

Why do we really do, the things that we do

We are not perfect beings.. is the only thing I can say
I know I certainly am not

We try.
Some harder than others .. perhaps
But ultimately we try.

I did succumb to the news yesterday and the story which grabbed me most was of the number of 'displaced' people , across the globe.. due to war.
Surely we are reaching crisis point.
The tipping point

The number of people living in 'camps' is startling
South Sudan really is eye watering... when you consider why they began fighting in the 1st place [article]

In fact.. it upsets me to such a degree that I will really have to remove Creflo Dollar from the wall of shame, and replace him with...
guess who...
2 men will share the honour for awhile... again.


The other story was the comments made by Dr Denis Mukwege
He really is a bit of a hero of mine. I have alot of respect for him
when will somebody listen [click]

Men have an extraordinary capacity for war
Denis shows they also have an enormous capacity for peace, and to love and care

One day maybe.. we will all do better, honour our faiths, try and be as true as we can, and pray for guidance
For real
Have a happy peaceful and thoughtful Friday x

M.anifest - Forget Dem

Happy Friday all x
it looks set to be a bright and sunny day *hope so*

Sunday 14 June 2015

In conversations with : ft - What's Up Africa.. a language miracle (circa 2013) & Chimamanda Adichie: Beauty does not solve any problem

Two great interviews for different reasons :)

Happy Sunday all x.

"I see you".. yeah..that's nice

PSquare - #Free4Fans


R2Bees - Makoma

Heart & Soul Pt 2 : the I am notes..

How old am I?
I'm not old yet

My favourite colours are pink, yellow and blue ( not together) depending on my mood

I went to school in Hackney, and feel I learnt very little. I learnt more at home. Starting with reading and writing.

I taught myself to play the bass. It was the 1st instrument I ever owned
I also taught myself to play the guitar ( nothing fancy.. I can get by)
I love parks and open spaces.. mostly I like beaches on warm days
I love to look at the sea, yet the vastness of it also scares me
Strong winds make me nervous

I don't eat what's often termed 'sea food' no prawns.. clams, crabs.. nothing like that
I do however, eat some types of fish

From the age of 16 til my mid twenties I ate neither meat or fish
Looking back I was so skinny at one point it's unreal ( felt great though.. and not tired at all)
My 1st love was athletics. I could run for miles and not stop. It was most freeing feeling I've ever experienced.
My second love was music
3rd?.. writing.

I don't eat pork for 'religious' reasons. I deem it an unclean meat that should not be consumed by humans
Most 'Christians' now disregard the old testament. But I still hold on to that belief.
I was raised a Christian but adopted the Rastafarian faith aged 15. My beliefs have evolved somewhat since then and now it's a blend of several.
However, I'm not offended if someone calls me a Christian, and neither would I be offended if someone called me a Rastafarian, or even a Muslim
I love god.
I can drive but haven't owed a car for 6 years. I decided to spend the money on my education instead ( ..and no...I couldn't have both)
I enjoy gardening, cooking, and hosting. I love cooking for guests.

I love children
I'm passionate about Africa
I'm a socialist ethical capitalist Pan Africanist humaitarain ( again.. a mixed bag)
I'm a card carrying member of the Labour party ( and quite frankly I'll soon be asking for my money back)

My worst habit is nail biting. I stop , then start, stop then start.. geesh.. what's my age .. five?
I love being in love. Being single has it's benefits sure but I'm a Libran. I'm built for love and partnership. ( I thrive better that way)
Don't believe me?.. check my Libra profile
I'm romantic
I rarely lose my temper.. but when I do it's pretty fierce ( that's why I prefer not to lose it at all) You've been warned.
I like myself. I like the person that I am and the values that I hold.
However..not everybody will like me ( for whatever reason)
I hate feeling cold
One thing that really annoys me is being lied to, or disrespected ( pls see the earlier statement about temper)
Nandos is my favourite fast food joint
I'm 5ft 8. Most of that is legs.
My dreams reside in my heart and on my bucket list
I'm shy (sometimes)
I believe men as the traditional 'provider', should love, take care of and protect women
I believe women should love and take care of men (
( ultimately I believe that people should take care of each other - whatever the relationship make up. No abuse.
Love is precious.. a gift, and should never be taken for granted)

As you've probably guessed.. I'm heterosexual

I refuse to write about Caitlyn Jenner (oops just did) as I simply don't get the fuss.. and can't understand why anyone watches the Kardashians
If I ever do start watching.. please know that my own life has descended into utter shit

I'm worse at maths now than I was 10yrs ago. But with awareness and confidence , and downright necessity.. it's picking up again
I would do a teacher training course but it's so expensive and time consuming and unless I'm going to really work as a teacher... pointless. At this stage of the game.. my strengths lay elsewhere.
I'm very focussed
..and can be very kind
I can also be moody, emotional, impatient, irritable and depressed

I don't like obeah voodoo witchcraft or whatever you wish to call it. Why?.. I love god, and too often it's used to harm others.. due to 'jealousy' or 'badmind'
e.g.. Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world.. but well known for the practice of voodoo. Why are the witches not casting spells that would raise the country out of poverty. Improve the lives of the people? .. what are witches doing , that they cant use their skills for good?.
Best to be avoided methinks

I think many women are naturally psychic
I think Robert Mugabe is my secret ( not any more) leader crush ( as in I've noticed that I tend to defend him alot!)
I would like to live in Africa.

I believe that musicians are a gift from god.. and potentially the most influential among us
If I could earn my living in music or journalism I probably would - although I would always be committed to helping others and the development of people, communities and countries

If I were to die tomorrow, I'd probably say .. okay.. I'm happy. I didn't get it all, didn't find it all.. but in the main, I had fun

Heart & Soul pt1: The view from the hill

Good morning Sunday

I've been avoiding the news lately, rather, I've been a consumer of the news on a casual basis.
Much of it comes up on my phone these days.
I don't watch much Television.
I see it, hear it, but have much of it pass into the night and new dawn without much ado

I'm aware that today African heads of state will meet for the 25th AU summit, which is being held in South Africa [click]

I hope something real and tangible comes out of it.
That's my opinion on all meetings to be honest.
I sometimes wonder how honest these leaders are with each other when they meet. Do they ever say.. 'hey... get your shit together.. you're letting the side down!'..
or are they more... well...'diplomatic'
Are they 'British' about it

The Summit

When: 14-15 June 2015
The official opening ceremony will be held on 14th June starting at 11:30am
Highlights for media on the 14th will include:
• Welcome remarks by H.E. Mr. Jacob Zuma, President of the Republic of South Africa
• H.E. Mr. Robert Mugabe, President of the Republic of Zimbabwe and Chairman of the African Union, declares the beginning of the Session
• AU Anthem by a South African Choir
• Statement by H.E. Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, Chairperson of the Commission of the African Union
• Statement by H.E. Mr. Mahmoud Abbas, President of the State of Palestine and Chairman of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Executive Committee
• Opening Statement by H.E. Mr. Robert Mugabe, President of the Republic of Zimbabwe and Chairman of the African Union

I would love to hear Mugabe speak to be honest. ( hopefully they will upload his remarks online) Of all leaders, he is the one I seem to study the most.

Agenda 2063:

'Agenda 2063 is both a Vision and an Action Plan. It is a call for action to all segments of African society to work together to build a prosperous and united Africa based on shared values and a common destiny.

In their 50th Anniversary Solemn Declaration, the Heads of State and Government of the African Union (AU), while acknowledging past successes and challenges, rededicated themselves to the continent’s accelerated development and technological progress. They laid down vision and eight ideals to serve as pillars for the continent in the foreseeable future, which Agenda 2063 will translate into concrete objectives, milestones, goals, targets and actions/measures. Agenda 2063 strives to enable Africa remain focused and committed to the ideals envisaged in the context of a rapidly changing world'

I question myself as to whether or not I have a romanticized view of Africa
An idealized view

It was the topic of a discussion among students a few years back.

Quick story.
My class was very mixed. However, I would say it was predominantly female
I wondered once where the Pan Africanists were.
I took a law module and bingo.. there they were.
The study of Law.. is clearly very popular. The module itself was social justice.
I was at home there.

Anyway, I thought about this as many Africans are finding life extremely hard on the continent. To be fair it's quite hard right here in the UK, but at least we have strong infrastructure and services to protect our most vulnerable. It doesn't always work.. people fall through the net but it's better than nothing at all
How long we will be able to retain these services, is anyone's guess.
Our conservative government is keen on cutting back on any expenditure which is used to assist those who need it most, and facilitate social mobility

Anyway.. I digress.

If I'm ever accused of having a romanticized view of the continent, a view from the vantage point of living in the west I'd say this
My view is a hopeful one
The continent itself is a beautiful one, and holds many diverse customs and cultures.
I don't like them all
But I like some.

I prefer to be hopeful as opposed to hopeless.
Hopelessness is the enemy of freedom
and the mother of pain

A great deal of the pain and suffering that is being inflicted upon others is being inflicted by others.

Natural disasters aside ( and environmentalists can argue what causes some)
The issues, are man made.
Man has caused them
and man can fix them

Social capital is not really being utilized to the fullest... perhaps.
Those who can help each other.. often don't'
yet those who can rob each other .. often do
That's not a government policy

That's a choice that we, as people, make.

Choices which are in no way restricted to the continent.

I try to take a balanced view. To see the good and the not so good. I also try and remember that my view as I've stated is from my own particular vantage point
call it.. the view from the hill if you will

Knighthood. - HTCAVTKI | #IamKnighthood

Saturday 13 June 2015

Bisa Kdei – Kafra - & a thought about Accra & A Knighthood

I could listen to Bisa's voice all day

Hello there
It's gotta be an early night for me. Chill, read, think , reflect... relax.
My stomach retains stress so if it plays up it means time to unwind.

I'm a bit behind with my Twi. but Kafra apparently means I'm sorry.

Then I thought... one thing I didnt say anything about recently was the accident that occurred in Accra Ghana.
People sheltering from heavy rains and floods were sadly caught unawareness by a massive explosion as a nearby spark ignited leaking gas, which ripped the place apart. [click]

I'm sorry about that [click]



Congratulations to Lenny Henry on his pending Knighthood [click]
Very happy for him, well deserved


When I think about life and death I think of Dr Cornel West and his pragmatic approach to it all
Today I thought.. that's one thing we all have in common.
We are all dying. Life is simply a process of dying.

but love makes it all worthwhile..

PSquare ft. Dave Scott - Bring it On

Pretending to be Black?... #transracial

I ignored this story when it first appeared
Then it was all over the news.. and I could ignore it no more

'Black' NAACP leader outed as White' screamed the headlines
#transracial .. was being touted as the new 'trans' thing



Well... 'pretending' to be black doesn't seemed to have harmed her career
Seems like a nice lady
She's white, but has been pretending to be a black fair skinned women. ( Well.. she certainly understands .. the issue of colourism in Black lives that's for sure :)
After all, lighter skinned black women are often preferred.. ( It's a slavery & colonial thing)

I know women who have selected light skin men to have children with because they didn't want thier children to be dark, and I know men who have chosen white or light skin women to have children with for the same reason.. plus more
Good luck with that.. whatever makes you happiest

I guess they felt and saw the occasional pain of 'blackness' and wanted to spare their children the agony... who knows...

Personally speaking .. I quite like a man who appreciates a strong dose of Melanin.. just as I do. I wonder why :)

So.. cultural appreciation, or cultural appropriation

Seems to me that the only people who don't 'pretend' to be black .. are those who are black
or is that true?
There are those among us, who will 'tun up' thier 'blackness' when it suits.. or at least. try and find it.

Ironically perhaps, I also know many black people who are 'not black'.. or at least, refuse to be called black , or are seemingly unwilling or unable to reconcile thier blackness in a white world
'Call me a man'.. they say.. or just call me 'John'
Funnily enough.. the majority of the worlds population is non white
But white privilege still reigns supreme... and If we're honest..we know this

It seems to me that the individuals who benefit least from being black .. are those who are clearly.. and visibly .. black .. or African shall I say.
Don't believe me?
Watch the news.. or...
Look at the music industry
Black artists have historically been passed over for white artists who... 'sound black'
Are you following this?!

So...can someone be transracial?
It's a good question
If someone can be transsexual then it begs reason that they can be transracial no?
In a word... no
Understanding the issues and prejudices faced by people of visible African decent.. black Africans across the diaspora.. is still very different from actually being black and living a life of one whose skin is dark.

Even the life of one who is mixed race ( one black parent and one white for example) will differ considerably to one who has two black parents..
well.. yes and no..
Being black and being dark is different to being black and being fair
Michael Jackson was wrong.. It does matter.. whether it should or not is a different matter, but in this world.. right now.. it still does.
It's a slavery colonial thing
Trust me
I got this

Besides..skin bleaching creams are not popular for no reason

Thursday 11 June 2015

Romain Virgo - God Inna Me Corner - & Stick by you

Featuring some nice cameos.. inc Busy signal :)
Romain appears at the end

'God ina we corner'..


The female body - how times have changed - and will change again - music by Fally

As I wait for a new album from Fally, I indulge in and revisit Miktisa.

The week is winding down.
Been a busy one
I'm up early and sleep starts calling in the afternoon, energy levels returning later in the evening

Social media was awash with comments about Snoop calling a women 'thick'.. meaning meaty or' fit'
What I found amusing was when he said .. 'look at the shit on that critter'
Sexist or not.. it was kinda funny.
It's Snoop

During a bit of female banter the other day one woman said to another 'hoola hooping trims your waist..'
the woman remarked that if it would give her a big bum then she'd do it... ' I want a big bum!' she said

Times change huh. Big bums are in fashion.
Chicken pills and surgery
Big bums are big business
I wonder what the next trend will be
Imagine. some people dying travelling across the Mediterranean in over crowded boats for want of better life, others dying for the want of a big bum

That's life baby
In all its partial glory

Good morning all, and...have a great day x

The changing shapes of women

Wednesday 10 June 2015

Christopher Martin Interview

On being 'a do right girl' - living in the now - and dealing with the negatives

Ti has eaten all the banana's I need for my breakfast drink
"who eats 4 banana's in one day? " I asked him
"It wasn't me!" he said
"Sure" I said.. "The fairy's ate them. Go buy my bananas".

Anyway.. that riveting story aside , I've decided that I really need to live in the now.
Eastern philosophy talks about the power of now.. and NOT projecting too far ahead

It was something my sister said recently actually, that made me think about it
She said I should be happy. Not worrying about this or that. Although she said I should be happy planning , buying my wedding dress and all that I thought...

Actually, aside from work.. much of my stress is linked to things I feel I need to do.. and planning.
Whilst I continue to plan, ( as that's what I'm like) I will aim to worry less, about things that haven't yet happened.
Basically, try and enjoy the now .. more.
Enjoy being engaged, just enjoy my life in its current state.
I may not always look like I'm enjoying it.. and that's okay.
I just wanna be cool about things
Be real
Each day presents its own issues.. so why load more on top by bringing future issues into today.

Chill Dawna.. life will unfold, just as it should.


I try to be a 'do right girl'.
I try to learn about myself each day, and improve on my failings etc. Be happy, kind and loving ( you know the drill)
I accept I have failings, but as I mentioned to someone recently, I am committed to self improvement
I want to be the best version of me that I can
An enlightened me
I try to treat others fairly, and with love. Yet I also try to maintain my integrity, so if something or someone ticks me off, I rarely pretend to be okay with it, but will respond accordingly.
But ultimately. I try to refrain from lies, or what I would consider unacceptable behaviour, and... treat others as I would like to to be treated.
..Most religions have that fundamental principle
I try
I may not always succeed... but .. I try
I want to be .. 'a do right girl'


A guy I know who always asks when he can take me to lunch asked me about my fiancée ( I say a guy, but I reckon he's in his mid to late 50's possibly even 60's)
he pretty much noticed my ring straight away ( a few months back)
This time, he asked where he's from and when I told him he said....

'careful he doesn't already have a wife.. they tend to have wives back home'
He then went on to tell me a horror story of a woman who found out years later that her husband already had a wife. she only found out after he up and left her and the kids.. and went 'back home'
Well...thanks for that cheery story.. I thought'

Why do we do that?
I'm not sure that was called for or appropriate. But.... as they say
..you can't control what comes out of the mouths of others ( not always anyway)

How do you deal with negatives?.. and negative comments?
I try to brush them off.. but we're only human. They can hurt sometimes

I said very little after that. and that will be my stance from now on
Say little.. until such time

Good morning all .. have a great day x.

Tuesday 9 June 2015

Guess what....

I actually had a really good day!
I fought the blues and I think I won.. even if just temporarily

Yes... I care about myself enough to know that I deserve to feel much better than I felt
... and only I could change that
So I did

I have a slight chill and sore throat still but, I made it through the day ....

Go me...! I'm learning!

Captains Log - Stardate 9/6/15 - 60 seconds and counting..

I feel a little under the weather today.
A bit headachy with chills
I'm up early but will see how that goes.

I think I've caught a chill courtesy of the British weather.
It's bright but don't be fooled.
It's as cold as hell.
..Or Russia
( Is Russia cold?... looks it)
I'm also exhausted a bit fed up and running on empty.
I need a break and a holiday

I'm trying to perk up for the day ahead, but that may be a lofty goal.
Not my inner joyful self today
It will pass

Good morning to you anyway, hope you have a great day x

Back soon

Feeling blue for a minute...

I'll be okay though. Sure

but for now.....

Louis Farrakhan Interview at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1


Monday 8 June 2015

Life is but a soap opera.. ft Spade Again - 1 drop riddim.

I woke up early this morning, listened to my love's voice then went back to sleep
Another day.. another chance to pay the bills
I'm grateful
Today I did something different.
Usually when I wake up I put on the TV to watch the news. Yeah.. BBC.
This morning?... no.
I simply got up, ran my bath , blended my veg, and listened to Chris Martin.

One thing I know about soap opera's when written just right... is that you can tune in after months or even years of not watching... and pick up the plot immediately

That's life

Today's script?
Business as usual no doubt

My script?
Put it on pause and be happy.
The sun is shining and I can do without the drama. Even if just for one day

Life is after all... but a soap opera
I'm grateful for life
God bless you x

Sunday 7 June 2015

Akon Lighting Africa Initiative

Christopher Martin - Sweet Sweet Love

Revisiting one of my fav summer song's of 2014 - Easy to Love - Heavy K ft Bucie

Good morning

Has the African diaspora in Europe become overfed & lazy? - and will we ever really be.. post colonial?

I have admiration for African migrants
In the main.. I feel humbled by them.
Thier stories, thier passion, drive, enthusiasm, courage, hard work, determination, desire, vision, and patience.
The love they have for thier families..
Positive qualities indeed.

When I listen to migrants talk about Europe, and the life they will have on arrival, I sometimes think.. 'Hey!..I want that life, it sounds amazing!'.
Do I have that life and not realize?.
Am I unaware?
We cannot deny that Africa's colonial legacy, current neo colonialism, and ruthless capitalism continues to fuel the underdevelopment of many of the countries that migrants are fleeing from.
It sucks.. it may even sound cliche...but it's true.

But what about us, what about the African diaspora in the UK?
Life for Africans in the UK is a mixed bag.
In the main.. it's tough.

For many, the cost of living is HIGH and wages LOW.. you do the math
Some are doing .. well...okay
However... I'm beginning to feel... well...odd.

Those of us who live here have bought into the European dream.
Here it is...
job, house car marriage. kids. pets. annual holiday.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with the dream in itself, many.. in order to get it.. have found themselves in financial slavery...and how many are truly happy?
Although things are improving in some aspects, many are no longer free, to follow dreams or aspirations, and can just about take of thier immediate families, leaving little for anyone or anything else.
Unemployment, also remains an issue.
We have a generation of adults who were failed by a [then] racist education system

I have known people live their entire adult lives on state benefits. One impact of that is that some now have no real motivation to do anything or to break free from the trap they are in. Any skills they may have once had, are deeply buried. Alongside hope.
Do they know what life is like for thier African brothers and sisters back on the continent?
Not so much.. and visa versa
We remain.. ironically... in the dark.

When I listen to the migrants It upsets me. I also feel a little embarrassed.
I live here.
I really must and will do better.
Maybe I'm doing okay.. who knows. By what measure do we judge?

Perhaps some of us here, are no longer hungry enough.
Perhaps we are so under mental, physical and financial control, that we are simply blindsided
Perhaps we've become overfed and lazy
Perhaps we have become systematically, restricted from truly helping each other in the ways in which we may like
We have an impression of each other... and the truth is stranger than fiction
The European dream is really.. a dream
But if all someone has is a dream.. no one should take that away
What is the African dream?.. where is it?
We all want to be happy
That's all
.. and that.. is fair enough

Hope springs eternal
Perhaps I shouldn't be so hard on us. When they come.. they will know...

Weekend WOW Factor - African migrants: What really drives them to Europe? [Talk 2 Aljazeera}

Me - just fetching some water for the day...

Errm , not quite.. :)
Still.. Happy Sunday all x


Friday 5 June 2015

Relax.. it's Friday..

Time to unwind, and It's me and little man awhile.. chilling
He looked at me..

"Why you watching something boring?" he said

I laughed.. "It's not boring!" I said [documentary]
" It is.." he insisted
"Well.. I like this stuff.." - I said

He looked at me.. then back at his power rangers

Clearly a more interesting and fun option for a 5 yr old
Hmmm..bedtime methinks
..especially as hes commandeered my special corner of the sofa!

Have a great weekend all x

He said - "Europe is better than Africa.." - the life of an African migrant

"When Europe is hard... if, Europe is hard... back there (Africa) it is fire.. it's hell"

Indefinite military service

That's the push

The pull is the lure of a good life
an education..
A chance..

The life of an African migrant can be deeply distressing
Things are getting tougher
Prepared to die, many cross lands and seas
Exploited by people traffickers, treated poorly by 'host nations'

Europe simply has to take them in I say...
Will it be a strain on resources?.. maybe..
..but.. richer countries have exploited the poorer for some time now.
Let them come

We need to make it easier and safer for others to come here legally. But more importantly, their reasons for leaving their home countries surely is the biggest issue, one which needs addressing
We need ethical capitalism, ethical governments and governance
This simply can't go on.
It's everyone's problem.. or at least .. it will be.
Too many wars, too much corruption and not enough fairness, understanding and tolerance
..but you knew that already...

Ever the Pan Africanist, I call for African Unity... yes.. that beast which just seems so hard to tame. Fluid, like dry sand between the fingers

Who ( or what) is to blame for this mess?

When things go well.. they can go very well.
When things go badly, they can go very badly

Migrant Prisons of Libya: Europe or Die



Mama Knightz :)

Thursday 4 June 2015

Trust nightmares and babies

I read a book a few years back called 'A Question of Trust'
Without going into deep detail the basic premise of the book was that ' trust matters'... a great deal. Possibly more than we even realize at times.

I believe that trust underpins every aspect of our lives
and without it, we are in deep trouble.

We trust freely, until we feel that trust is broken.

If you consider for a moment the Ebola crisis. For many, the 1st reaction was to not believe it was true, or there were those who believed it to be little more than a government/s strategy to extract funds ( aid).. or on a larger scale.. others felt it part of a ( new world order) plot to reduce African populations significantly

We dismiss conspiracy theorists often
But why do we have them in the 1st place?. Because of history. Because of what has gone before us, and/or continues to occur right before our eyes.

If people cannot trust their governments, or leaders, it can be (is) a major problem.
People feel they have to watch thier backs, struggle to trust neighbours and friends, and dog eat dog can soon become the modus operandi.

I have learnt that trust is a precious gift that we give to each other. As precious as love.
We should aim tirelessly to never abuse it.


I had a nightmare.
The second in weeks. WTF is going on?

A week ago I dreamt that my mums neighbours home was set ablaze killing everyone inside.
It was arson.
I'm not going to tell you what my latest dream was about.
I'm unnerved by it.

I'm unnerved perhaps more so because I think dreams have meanings you see. That whole subconscious thing...
Our dreams can speak loudly to us. But sometimes it can be confusing to know which dreams are truly meaningful, and which are just 'house clearance' ( so to speak)


A friend of mine is pregnant... and she's in her 40's. ( just saying doc)
My grandmother had my mum at 47 apparently.
Lots of things can impact on fertility. Age is only one of many
Low sperm or old sperm, alcohol riddled or smoked out sperm doesn't help.
( there you go guys.. that one's for you... love ya :)
Thought I'd take the emphasis of the women for a change

Have a great day.

Maybe I'll try daydreaming. Of sugar and spice and all things nice, Of love and romance, good food, music, sunlit skin and sandy beaches...

I'm tired.

(I dream dictionary-ed it.. Arson represents repressed anger that needs to be released among other things.. Grrr.. yikes. I got issues:)

Tuesday 2 June 2015

Masicka - Such Is Life

Dre Island - On Time

Sierra Leone needs more maths & Science teachers,,,

So where do they seek to recruit from?... Bangladesh.
Of course. [click]

Aside from its renowned mineral wealth, and what I like to call 'the good old fashioned resilience and bouncebackability of the people .. I honestly think that one of 'Africa's' greatest resource.. is the African Diaspora.
Do they exploit this resource... aside from remittances.. No.

I have thought for awhile now about the cultural disconnect of many of us Africans born and raised in the west with regards to our county of origin. Little has been done to lessen the gap, which as a result.. can only widen.

I remember a time, when it was felt ( here in the UK) that more black teachers were needed. It was reported ( rightly or wrongly) that many black children were not doing as well as they could in schools. I recall a desire for more men to take up the profession as a form of positive reinforcement for black children ( boys in particular) for whom (it was deemed) thier cultural identity, and needs were not being met.

Fast forward to now (and a different country of course) and I can't quite understand why Sierra Leone, would choose not to widen its search for teachers.. beginning with the diaspora.
Surely positive reinforcement would be useful there too, and could only help the country to build a stronger identity, and the shared knowledge and experiences that would emerge could only be a good thing .. right?

Remember.. teachers are students too

To be fair (I try to be fair) I understand there is a shortage of maths and science teachers right here in the UK also. But I would imagine, that for some, the opportunity, to teach in their country of origin could prove a tantalizing, and life changing opportunity that they wouldn't want to pass up.
Opportunities, that some still struggle to get here.

So why do we do this?
Why do we fail to see ourselves as capable of solving our own problems dilemmas?
The neglect of the diaspora is a mistake at worst, an oversight at best. But with countless songs written about 'Mama Africa stretching forth her hands' perhaps the time has come for reggae singers to change the dialogue.

Mama Africa keeps overlooking us.
If there is a ministry for Diaspora then ideally they should be sending invites to the African diaspora. Invites to come along, help rebuild a positive narrative, learn about thier culture and heritage, and boost tourism also.
Change the picture
I have lost count of the number of times I've wondered why aid workers are predominantly white ( for example)
Do 'black people' not care too?
I attended a lecture once where this question was raised to the then head of MSF "is it institutional career racism?" ..
He recognised the issue, but there was no definitive answer.
Ultimately when one needs help, one minds little where it comes from. Perhaps.

and so it goes on...
I remember after the war, Britain looked to the colonies for help and support to rebuild Britain..
My own parents came here in the 50's and never returned to live in the Caribbean again.
Britain saw the value of the people, whether they were welcome here or not (initially)

So why cant more African countries do the same?

I remember HIM Haile Selassie tried it..
He committed land to the African Diaspora living in the west, and sent an invite to those who wanted to come.. "Come"

years later... we're still waiting for the others to follow suit

Maybe we're not good at maths or science?


Arguable Reggae musics biggest 'Africa ' anthem

RIP Garnett

Monday 1 June 2015

Random things I learnt today

If I want to eat fish with my dinner that is frozen. I will need to remember to take it out of the freezer, and defrost it. Simple, but true.
Hard food fried the following day and sprinkled with salt, is tasty
I really need to judge less, assume less, and try and understand more
I can flip out when PMT hits and I'm emotional
I can actually be quite calm, and have the ability to focus
I love
Ti likes making 'milkshakes'
If I don't waste time complaining when I get home about why the place isn't tidy and why Ti hasn't done something.. I can actually get it all done pretty quickly. Within the hour... dinner, house tidy, clothing in wash. Done. (I'll be honest .. there will be days when I will still complain, even knowing this)

I learnt that I still have alot to learn
.. and i'm okay with that

Breathing life back into Chivalry .. ft Chris Brown

This Facebook image...
It actually made me feel a little nauseous at first..
am I over the top?... yes...I know

It irritated me so much that I had to go back to find it again, read the comments, then copy and paste it here, just to moan about it again here in my spot.. lol.

The question posed was.. is this the shape of things to come..( someone said it's already here)
and what does this picture say to you..

It was mentioned that the man is the only one smiling, fully clothed and wearing shoes.. 'oblivious' .. the comment stated

It's an emotive picture.
I actually don't like it.
Both for what it says, and for what it doesn't

Sure you'll have men who would ride on the back of any woman like a mule.. for thier entire lives if the could
Some would make a career out of it ( I'm not sure they are truly happy being that way though)
But not all..

I'd like to think that even in this 'modern' day and age a man would look at that picture and feel appalled
I used to say that men of my dad's generation are a dying breed. but then I realized that oopps.. they actually are!
But you know what I mean though right
that 'old skl chivalry that I love ( and you read about in books :)

Well...some men are still like that... gentlemanly, old skl.. sure :)


Someone mentioned to me recently that they felt that the "so called women's liberation movement destroyed women".
It was stated that women have been tricked into believing they can have it all, but they can't.
This person said that thanks to women's liberation, women are now free to work their arses off, just as hard and harder in some cases than any man, raise children, do it all... that women have lost the right to complain about it, or even hint at the idea of being 'taken care of by a man' ( even if that's what they want)
This is.. ( I was informed) what women get for the want of thier so called liberation
Instead of being liberated.. women are in reality, more trapped than ever.
... and the most miserable set of women one is ever likely to meet, are the so called liberated ones....

I said.. "you don't like women very much do you" :)


Nice song
I'm going to bed with it later

Nice evening

Fresh new week - Fresh new month

Driving tests

I passed my test many moons ago.
In my teens and eager to get going. Thought my dad would buy me car but he didn't.

My 1st ever car was a red mini.. my brother gave it to me.. don't ask me where he got it from as I've no idea :)
I think he borrowed it from a friend, as I have a vague memory of having to give it back!

I haven't had a car for some time now though.
Funnily enough I still like mini's.. love the mini cooper these days.. looks cool

Maybe I'll get another car at some point, but it's not priority for me right now.
It took me 2 attempts to pass. 1st time I reversed up the curb!

Second time, by the grace... I stayed off the curbs and on the road. bingo
I passed.


Christopher Martin is fast becoming this blog's most featured artist.
Love him

I caught up with mine over the weekend.


Today it's reported .. is the 1st day of summer

Nope.. not where I'm sitting.
Come on warm sun.. we need you.. I need you


There is a doctor on TV telling women they should ideally have children in their 30's.
She said.. if you're ready, you have the right partner, if you're financially stable.. then don't delay
Well... why does she think women delay?

Nice one doc.

Pity there's no slap feature on the TV button

Good morning all.. have a great day xx