Wednesday 10 June 2015

On being 'a do right girl' - living in the now - and dealing with the negatives

Ti has eaten all the banana's I need for my breakfast drink
"who eats 4 banana's in one day? " I asked him
"It wasn't me!" he said
"Sure" I said.. "The fairy's ate them. Go buy my bananas".

Anyway.. that riveting story aside , I've decided that I really need to live in the now.
Eastern philosophy talks about the power of now.. and NOT projecting too far ahead

It was something my sister said recently actually, that made me think about it
She said I should be happy. Not worrying about this or that. Although she said I should be happy planning , buying my wedding dress and all that I thought...

Actually, aside from work.. much of my stress is linked to things I feel I need to do.. and planning.
Whilst I continue to plan, ( as that's what I'm like) I will aim to worry less, about things that haven't yet happened.
Basically, try and enjoy the now .. more.
Enjoy being engaged, just enjoy my life in its current state.
I may not always look like I'm enjoying it.. and that's okay.
I just wanna be cool about things
Be real
Each day presents its own issues.. so why load more on top by bringing future issues into today.

Chill Dawna.. life will unfold, just as it should.


I try to be a 'do right girl'.
I try to learn about myself each day, and improve on my failings etc. Be happy, kind and loving ( you know the drill)
I accept I have failings, but as I mentioned to someone recently, I am committed to self improvement
I want to be the best version of me that I can
An enlightened me
I try to treat others fairly, and with love. Yet I also try to maintain my integrity, so if something or someone ticks me off, I rarely pretend to be okay with it, but will respond accordingly.
But ultimately. I try to refrain from lies, or what I would consider unacceptable behaviour, and... treat others as I would like to to be treated.
..Most religions have that fundamental principle
I try
I may not always succeed... but .. I try
I want to be .. 'a do right girl'


A guy I know who always asks when he can take me to lunch asked me about my fiancée ( I say a guy, but I reckon he's in his mid to late 50's possibly even 60's)
he pretty much noticed my ring straight away ( a few months back)
This time, he asked where he's from and when I told him he said....

'careful he doesn't already have a wife.. they tend to have wives back home'
He then went on to tell me a horror story of a woman who found out years later that her husband already had a wife. she only found out after he up and left her and the kids.. and went 'back home'
Well...thanks for that cheery story.. I thought'

Why do we do that?
I'm not sure that was called for or appropriate. But.... as they say can't control what comes out of the mouths of others ( not always anyway)

How do you deal with negatives?.. and negative comments?
I try to brush them off.. but we're only human. They can hurt sometimes

I said very little after that. and that will be my stance from now on
Say little.. until such time

Good morning all .. have a great day x.

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