Thursday 11 June 2015

The female body - how times have changed - and will change again - music by Fally

As I wait for a new album from Fally, I indulge in and revisit Miktisa.

The week is winding down.
Been a busy one
I'm up early and sleep starts calling in the afternoon, energy levels returning later in the evening

Social media was awash with comments about Snoop calling a women 'thick'.. meaning meaty or' fit'
What I found amusing was when he said .. 'look at the shit on that critter'
Sexist or not.. it was kinda funny.
It's Snoop

During a bit of female banter the other day one woman said to another 'hoola hooping trims your waist..'
the woman remarked that if it would give her a big bum then she'd do it... ' I want a big bum!' she said

Times change huh. Big bums are in fashion.
Chicken pills and surgery
Big bums are big business
I wonder what the next trend will be
Imagine. some people dying travelling across the Mediterranean in over crowded boats for want of better life, others dying for the want of a big bum

That's life baby
In all its partial glory

Good morning all, and...have a great day x

The changing shapes of women