Saturday 26 July 2014

What's Up Uganda - ' Hello' a Ugandan musical ( and dance) showcase ft Mose Radio, Bruce Melody ft Fille & more..

Here are a couple of videos that I enjoyed watching this morning - Ghetto Kids Dance


and.. [click]

Here's the official video Eddy Kenzo - Sitya Loss [click]

Pretty cool dancers..
.and nice Arsenal shirt :)

I've been abit lazy in not looking up the meanings but the videos all tell a story

Nice chorus

Finally for now.. I Love them all but this one has captured me most..Neera - by Mose Radio

Friday 25 July 2014

Dorobucci - Highlife version

Probably the best song to lead me into the weekend. I'm looking forward to getting some rest over the next few days. Hopefully now i'll be able to focus my mind better.

I'm even looking forward to catching up with the Prince this weekend too, time permitting.
All in all.. the mission.. and I wish to accept it.. Is to de-stress, unwind.. and reconnect with myself

Enjoy yours

Dorobucci - Don Jazzy plus more..

First verse - Don Jazzy
Chorus - Reekado Banks
Second verse - Tiwa
Third verse - Dr.Sid

I think..
Fourth verse - Koredo bello
Fifth verse - Di´ja
Sixth verse - D´Prince

What does it mean [click]

As for Doro..?
It actually says it in the song .. like 'I am'.. but it apparently also means something that is great! "Anything that makes you stand out is your Doro"
So its not an Occult song as some people were suggesting

I like it. But then I like Don Jazzy mostly. He's one of my favourite Naija producers , with those beats, and that very sexy voice he has
Well all...Its FRIDAY!
Thank f*** for that.
No disrespect to the other days( love you an all) but you sure wore me out.. so I'm glad that it's almost down tools time

So.. I was wondering.. what's your Doro?

Happy Friday

It is Friday isn't it!?.. not some weird joke

Thursday 24 July 2014

Majek Fashek

In an article I've just finished reading I came across the name of Nigerian musician and singer Majek Fashek. I read up a little bit more about him, and listened to some of his music. He sounds so much like Bob Marley.
Then I came across this article about him which is a bit sad. [click]
I wonder how he's doing now..

Info [click]


Patoranking ft Timaya - Alubarika

Song of the day - Patoranking - Girlie 'O' - ft. Tiwa Savage

Good morning!. Up Up Up and away

Tune too hot..

Christopher Martin - Just like you

Tuesday 22 July 2014

It's late

Its late,
I read about Eric Garner earlier this evening, in a slightly different Mail article to the one that's available now.
I don't think there's anyone who can read the story, or watch the footage, and not be saddened by it.
Condolences to his family and friends.
It reminded me of a story I read about a few years back concerning a very young boy of about 14yrs of age in a YOI.( Young Offenders Institute)
It's a story I keep meaning to tell in some way
I don't get it, I really don't.
I don't understand how a person can not know when or if they're hurting somebody.
Especially if told


Its late,

I know I shall have to go to bed as I can fight it no longer. Musically I turned to Beyonce. There have been many questions surrounding Beyonce of late.. is she a feminist?.. is she illuminati?.. is she a role model?...

Of her songs.. there is this one that I really like. It moves me to a place where for some un-explainable reason, I really couldn't care less of the answers to those questions.
There will always be questions.
and fortunately for us, in the absence of answers..
.. there will always be music..
Night x

Tuesday take away - Protoje ft Chronixx

To the Henry Family

I'm trying to work whilst Ti and Kai play Ninja in front of me in the front room.
I have a stomach ache and its only Tuesday. Out comes the Captain America shield.
What can I say.. but thank god for headphones.:)

In fact that song is to all.. Champion

the heat will knock them out soon.. well...either them or me

Monday 21 July 2014

Love letter to you

I've always enjoyed love letters.
These days they tend to take the form of love text's or love emails. I'm not talking about those of the 'wanna hook up' kind.. the show me your d*** or nice t**s type... No... I mean the simple 'thinking of you'.. or more.

I like love letters that are heartfelt.. conversations that are heartfelt.
I tend to be heartfelt on my blog talking to you.. although at times I may sensor
I also tend to be heartfelt when I talk to my sister. who has decided that I wear my heart on my sleeve/s etc.
She may have a point.

Anyway, I've had a few interesting encounters of late. life seemed to go on around me.. even as I stressed and wailed over my dissertation topic. The good news is.. I think I've finally found my groove on it, so will now power on. cry if you must Dawna.. just get it done.

I spent the day with my friend ( aka for the sake of this blog - the Prince) from Sierra Leone at the end of last week. ( do you remember.. we met at the Arsenal parade?) It was nice, and what's nicer is that we seem to get on.
the bonus being that I think he's very cute.

On Saturday I spent the day in the library. As it closed, I decided to walk a different route as I wanted to enjoy the sun. A few yards in, I heard someone call my name. It was a guy I used to see (to say hi) back in the day from Kenya. I was surprised he remembered my name, as I had to double check his. As we talked I remembered how much I used to like him. He was always one of the politest men I'd ever met. As we talked he seem to hold my hand forever.
So there you have it.
Just as I thought my life would be a series of meeting dishonest or unpleasant men, heart break and unsatisfactory relationships..
maybe.. just maybe..
my luck is about to change

Now... R Kelly is my other favourite RnB singer. I know people who stopped listening to his music after his personal scandals etc but i never have. Kelly has a gift.. and its a gift that I appreciate and love.
Hard as it is for me to pick a favourite R Kelly album.. this may actually be it. I guess it depends on your mood, but given the right mood its pretty nice.

If you have time, put it on play later and let it run.. or grab a copy via itunes.. it's perfect for any season really but summer and love songs tend to work quite well.

Now I don't know where any of this is going. ( If anywhere at all)

But perhaps the universe has decided enough is enough. Perhaps there may actually be someone out there for me?
What I know is..I could definitely write a book about heartache.. but in truth I really don't want to..
I want to be happy

and at the very least.. perhaps i've made some nice friends
have a nice day

Sunday 20 July 2014

Joe [re-played] wanna be your lover


Ti's grandad passed away. He was such a lovely man.. always so kind to me and Ti- RIP father Winston. I'm really sad about it. I'm sorry for pain they're going through right now. I should have went to see him.. I tried one afternoon at lunchtime a few months back but he wasn't there. Now I left it too late .

Weekend WOW Factor; TED Talks

Saturday 19 July 2014

Saturday selection.. remembering Joseph Hill..

.. with a few of my favourite tracks..

It's said ( or legend has it ) that when Joseph Hill ( lead singer of the band was invited to tour in Sierra Leone, he told the rebels that he would only come if they put down their guns.. they then declared a truce for the short time he was there.

Joseph Hill died in Germany during the last leg of the his European tour - 19th August 2006.

Thursday 17 July 2014

DJ Sbu feat. Zahara - Lengoma

Its a beautiful day.
I actually haven't slept. well not much anyway.. I saw in 1, 2 3, 4 and 5am
I couldn't sleep for some reason, for the second time this week. So i'm a little tired but will solider on. I think I haven't slept because my mind is/was racing and I'm overtired so a little restless
Wont be like this for long

I'l spend a little time in the library today - check out a park awhile to clear the mind a-bit and de-stress
I'll try anyway

This song found me today, it fit my mood.
.. and apparently, this song is about moving ahead despite setbacks, and is sung in Xhosa [source]

Music touches us for a reason
have a great day x

Look what I found..courtesy of MillionaireBoyzsquad MEBS - thanks

Abantu k’dala bend’valel’indlela
(It’s been a long time, people blocking my way)
Besisthi andiyonto, futhi ndiyaboniswa
(Saying I’m nothing and that it’s obvious)
Kodw’i ingom’engaphakathi kwam ibalis’ibali
(But the song in me tells a different story)
Nokuwa nokuvuka komntu nolonwab’olungapheliyo
(Of a fallen person, And a rising person and joy)

Nd’yathandaz’uyive lengoma (I’ll pray your hear this song)
Izovuselel’umphefumlo wakho (It will restore your soul)
Ik’nik’ithemb’elitsha (and give you hope)

Verse 2:
Kudal’usithi nyawo zam Ndikhokhele
(How long have I told my feet to carry me)
undise kwantliziyo ndise (To a place where only my heart knows.)
apho kungenjena (Were it not like this)
Kudal’usithi nyawo zam ndise Ndikhokhele
(How long have I told my feet to carry me)
undise kwantliziyo ndise (To a place where my heart knows.)
apho kungenjena (Were it not like this)
umphefumlo wam wahlukene (My spirit is broken)

Wednesday 16 July 2014

Fancy a drink?..

.. careful in the hot sun...
Now I was due to post this a few days ago.. here it is

Koffi Olomide is a singer form Congo.
and yes.. this song is about Beer. but not any Beer though.. Skol

He kinda reminds me of Fela .. you'll see why perhaps
apparently, my (not yet!) Fally used to work with him and wrote quite a few of his hits back in the day before branching out and doing his own thing.
If you drink Skol.. you may just love this, and perhaps you can film yourself doing the sexy Skol dance and send it to me :) Go on.. I'd so love it...

There's another song after Skol, which is all about... the cameraman :) (trust me)

Skol dance

[more about Koffi]

Tell you what, I finally got a chance to meet up with my new friend from Sierra Leone on Saturday and you know what he bought....

Anyway.. back to it

Tuesday 15 July 2014

Randy Valentine - Rat Race

The mission should you wish to accept it...Making Dawna smile

This is my absolute favourite song at the moment... and he's even got the car of my dreams in the video..[RR] perfect.

Middle aged white men

I've heard that phrase a few times over the past week.

Mainly in the context of the Conservative Party needing to get rid of them. Apparently David Camerons' cabinet reshuffle is an attempt to come across as a party of the people (all people that is) A party more reflective of the country it serves.

So William Hague is 'out' ( not sure about his politics but I do like him.. oddly perhaps he's my [only] favourite Tory) yet Gove stays?! [click]

Apparently - the phrase 'middle aged white men' has become synonymous with - racist elitist classist fudyyduddy old boys network bumchum club.
It has become synonymous with old Tory - whiteness and sexism - out of touch - and well past sell by date
Is that fair?

You see.. I know a few middle aged white men, who are not like that at all. In fact, they're okay people.

David Cameron apparently wants to bring in more women..dare I say a few black faces, and lords know who else to dress his multicultural - gender equal - conservative window.

No matter how much he dresses that window it will make little difference. There's an old Caribbean saying.. 'Same sweety different wrapper'
You see..members of the Tory party have already bought in to Tory party 'values' They may not look like 'middle aged white men', but they may have an alarming knack of thinking acting and sounding just like them.

I've known people to vote for the Tory party because they felt that doing so would grant them membership to some kind of 'special' club.. they saw it as an expression of social mobility. It's just one of the things that some individuals do, that they feel denotes social mobility. I usually roll my eyes at them.

Call me a cynic but I'm not buying it
reshuffle the deck as much as you like will do little to affect the racism, socially constructed economic disadvantage, and discrimination in our society brought about through the commitment to 'whiteness'
...and I still wont vote for them

However...I did see a really hot guy at one of thier conferences 2 years ago... but.. nope.. still wont
my father would turn in his grave...twice

Gosh I'm grumpy today :)

Sunday 13 July 2014

Weekend WOW Factor: It's the World Cup Final Day

Germany vs Argentina

Well.. it all ends today

Its been fun

Its been exciting

In more ways than one

..How will I cope not seeing Rio Ferdninand everyday (I definitely warmed to him)

I enjoyed the commentary!

and I'll definitely miss it

Brazil World Cup 2014

Its been great!

I heard a version of this being performed this morning on the Andrew Marr Show, by Jerry Dammers Special AKA ( Founder of the Specials)

It reminded me of when Sundays were traditionally Studio 1 days. Rice and peas and Studio 1. Heaven on earth
I feel a revival coming on

Well...what can I say but 'Good luck to both teams.. may the best of the best win!'

Saturday 12 July 2014

Fally Ipupa

Jermain Jackman - winner of the Voice UK - 'Hi bloggers'

When Dawna met Jermain, on a sunny Saturday afternoon

Here I am.. prepping *cough* Jermain
Don't ask me what my camera was doing?!

Take 2

He's very very polite.. and very TALL.

Whats funny is a man sat next to me on a bench and said he thought the 'Jacksons' were coming.. said 'wow.. they're pushing the boat out abit .. flying them over!!

This is my fav perfomance
All the best to him

T -Sean

In Zambia with T - Sean - Reggae / Dancehall artist (and some Afro pop)
Sean shall provide the backdrop to my Saturday tidy up.. get going Dawna..
Have a lovely weekend! x

Not sure what Boza means.. so not sure if this song is political or emotional. I've seen somewhere that Boza means.. lies

A little dancehall.. ( bad boy style)

You & I - John Legend

I fell asleep listening to this last night..nuff said

Friday 11 July 2014


This was an interesting week. Neither good nor bad.. it just was. For some reason I met a few people this week who have experienced great trauma in their life. Sadness. I found it a little bit difficult to deal with, but thier approach to their situations has been to get on with laugh, and to keep going. It's not easy to see or know of someones elses' suffering, and not be affected by it in some way.
I'm learning something.. I'm not even sure I know what it is.. but it's something.

I just sit, listen.
Sometimes I look at people as they're talking to me.. I may imagine them as a child..carefree, with the whole world ahead. I think of the sadness they try and hide.. or sometimes reveal. Each time, I can vaguely see a moment when they think of something or someone that makes them smile. I see it in thier eyes..perhaps a moment.. a memory.
Sometimes they trigger my own memory.. a moment.. perhaps I smile.. perhaps it's a sad memory
then out of the blue.. when I least expect it..they say something that makes me laugh out loud..
We laugh when we should cry.. could cry.. I guess that's why it's funny. It's out of place.

This week I was reminded to make the most of what I have.. appreciate those around me more.. people in my life.. the people I meet even fleetingly who leave me with something to ponder on, perhaps without even knowing
To moan less (I moan alot :))

Last week Duffys name came up in a conversation. this is my favourite Duffy song.
Right now I feel okay
Happy enough
Time to unwind now..

A look at Zambia with Kenneth Kaunda - 1st president of Zambia - and a Zambian music showcase

This is an interesting Interview.. a very good interview (left me with alot to think about)

I checked out a few hot artists and tracks
I especially like Judy - so i'll start with her..

Hope you've all had a nice week.. enjoy your evening.. the weekend is upon us x


..This one doesn't trust his wife lol!

Thursday 10 July 2014

Fally Ipupa - from the Democratic Republic of the Congo

loving his voice in this one - when the rhythm kicks in it takes me away..nice

cool dance

this man is so sexy I could watch him (and listen to him) for days..

Its not always easy to get a translation
but apparently, this song is about a man who feels that his love is being transformed to something unexpected. The love he had for his lady has turned into something negative and hard to deal with.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a multilingual country where an estimated total of 242 languages are spoken. Ethnologue lists 215 living languages. The official language, inherited from the colonial period, is French. Four indigenous languages have the status of national language: Kikongo, Lingala, Swahili and Tshiluba.
[source Wiki]

Lyrics ( closest I could get)

Azmack, is back!

bolingo ya pasta na biblia,
lelo ekomelinga django na munduki
bolingo ya mupe na chaplet,
lelo ekomi terroriste na ba bombe

ahh kombo mukuse, bolingo…
ba attentats ebele yeahh yeah,
lelo esiblé vie na nga sans pitié

ahh mutu na linga abwakelinga, sauvetage
nzonka atobola yango wow ohh ohh
na égale ya ba ngando na bima ndenge nini

muahh…. bolingo ya pelouse synthetique,
lelo ebongwani terrain ya milangi na mabanga

bolingo ceinture na loketo,
lelo ebongwani nango serpent
eswi nga, venin na yongo mbangu,
le temps ba luka antidote trop tard

kombo mukuse, l’amoul
ba dégats ebele yeah yeah yeah ehh
lelo ekangi nga n’otage, wapi yo

awa yo pesi nga le dos,
yeba soucis aza na nzela
ba pire petits né bas problemes
bango yo esi ba kani nga
souci na pensée, torture avant gout
avant liwa ekomi yanga

ahhh l’amour assassin
ahhh l’amour assassin

nami tuni est ce qu’eza se yo ou bien
ba changer moto nakati ya poso na yo

bolingo ekomi nausé na monoko motema
namiso ya love intello ohh yeahh
naboyaki ko yoka conseille yaba sense na nga
lelo nasuki par terre
affection eyibisaki motena na nga kala te souci ekoyindela nga
nakufi pauvre pona yo
na caisse ya motena zero ata likuta love te
nga na leli jusqu’au point maya miso esingi pardon
e reclamer perfusion awhhhnn
nga nazo kufa ehh

ahhhhhh ahhhhh
azmak abomi ngayeee ehh
ahhhh ahhhhh (a tuer ngayee)
ahhh l’amour assassin
nga nazo kufa ehh
ahhh l’amour assassin

bolingo ekomi moyen oyo ezangaki dans ma vie po ememanga vers liwa
oyo abaninga moyen yako kumba vers ba bonheur, ba sourire, ba plaisir à gogo
ba lié nga mbangu bitabé na avenue yaba makaku nasali ata seconde te
mokili epesinga loboko na banzaki au revoir nzoka ezalaki à dieu
ba effort na sala pon’ azmak
caresse, tendresse na pesa
afuti nga na ba chagrin
azmak azweli nga billet
destination lilita
or nga disciple ya love na ye
aaazzmak ahhh l’amour assassin

azmak a mitié nga na soucis
mboka provision bien beau mais appetit eza emprisonné
azmak abimi ne volontaire yako ponela nga cercueil
ya modele na ye avant ma mort
naaakomi epuisé, expiré, vie na nga ezo soin te
ahhh azmak, ba tindi nga, wapi, na liwa
ahhh l’amour assassin

bolingo eza ebale kitoko pona ko nager
mbe mbonge nango nde scandale

bolingo eza mopepe kitoko pona ko voler mais tempête nanga nde proooobleme

eza monduki ya ba tireur d’elite
soki ebraquer yo mawa ye trop
awa ebraquer nga, haut les mains, huhh, madame ne bougez pas, sort na nga ba fanfards padda paddaa eweelé

ahhh l’amour assassin
azmak abomi nga ehhh
ahhh l’amour assassin

azmak aza sexy ehhh
yaya na amélia na amanda makukula

ohh nga yo yo
na sengi mwa crèche ya love
azmak aboyi, alobi na nga zero
atakutu na leli, na mi bwaki, na mabele
ezo sala, yo rien

mwana maître wijo luabeya
mwana maman odée mabaya (na sengi mwa crèche ya love)
azmak aboyi, alobi na nga zero
atakutu na leli, na mi bwaki, na mabele
ezo sala, yo rien

azmak obomi ngaye ehh (ahhh l’amour assassin)
vie na nga passi yehh, o souffrance
(ahhh l’amour assassin)
nga nazo kufa ehh (ahhh l’amour assassin)
freddy et da silva sekera
blaise bapobola

Now...I'm not sure how correct this is( so forgive me if I'm wrong) .. but its an English translation I found.. ( see how I try and look after you!! :)

love between the pastor and the Bible is turned into django and a revolver
love of a priest and the rosary is transformed into terrorist bombs with
a short name if "love" but fills with attack
today she targeted my life without pity
the person I love sent me a lifeline in a hole filled with alligators river how do I get out
the love of a synthetic turf field is transformed into glasses and stones ....
the love between the waist and the belt is turned into my snake bite venom is very fast, the time that one finds the antidote too late
a short name but love filled damage my hostage
or are you?
now that you've turned your back on me know that grief is running his acolytes problems we already reached my thought tourture taste
ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh aaahhh love assassin assassin love

I wonder if it's always you, or if you have replaced
the love turned into nausea in the mouth of my heart, disgusting in the eyes of love
I do not want to hear the advice of my senses and now I find yourself on the ground
my heart was prevented by the condition that I would soon be overwhelmed by the worries
I die poor without a round in the body of my heart,
I 'I cried to the point that my tears have asked forgiveness and claimed infusion
I die
ahhhh ahhhh
my Azmak killed
the murderer love ahhhh
Love became the means he has missed my life to bring me to death
the other a means to achieve happiness, smiles, fun galore
as I was eating a banana in the avenue monkeys
I have not even last one second
the world my outstretched hand I thought it was to then review it was a god has
all the efforts that I have provided for Azmak, caress, tenderness j ' I gave it my paid with sorrow
Azmak took me a ticket the destination while I am the disciple of love falls
ahhhh assassin love

my Azmak mittee countries worries, my appetite ...... imprisoned
Azmak lent himself volunteered to pick me a coffin before my death
I became exhausted, expired, my life ....
love is a good river to swim my waves are its scandals
love is a good wind storms are stolen but his problematic
love is a weapon for sniper elite, but not when it is pointed towards you
now that she pointed to my hands do not shake Madame
my lot fanfare
ahhhh love the assassin
Azmak killed my
ahhhh love assassin
Azmak is sexy
I ask a little love Azmak does not, he answered my zero
even if I tear, I outwitted by land, it makes him no effect

I ask a little love Azmak does not, he answered my zero
even if I tear, I outwitted by land, it makes him no effect
Azmak killed my
life is a pain
killer ahh ahhh love

Great love evokes great passion doesn't it..

May D ft Oskido

I like May D
I like when he says.. 'hea-ba'

Good morning all..up up and away

"lets leave it like that.."

Roof top heaven

Love her 1st outfit

"me tek her to me room.. me give her di boom boom boom.."

( did he say have you ever seen a lion.. chillin' with a dog?!.. lol!!)

Okay, its been a close one but this last one is my tune of the day
All over you

On another note..I'll give you my Ethiopia update one of these days..

Have a great day x

Wednesday 9 July 2014

Emmanuel Jal - from South Sudan

TED Talk

'Born in a Nuer family in the village of Tonj, Warrap State in the Bahr el Ghazal region of Sudan (now South Sudan), Jal was a young child when the Second Sudanese Civil War broke out. His father joined the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) and when he was roughly seven years old, his mother was killed by soldiers loyal to the government.[1] He then decided to join the thousands of children traveling to Ethiopia seeking education and opportunity.

Along the way however, Many of the children, Jal included, were recruited by the SPLA and taken to military training camps in the bush in Etwas disguised as a school in front of international aid agencies and UN representatives, but behind closed doors the children were training to fight.[citation needed]

Jal spent several years fighting with the SPLA in Ethiopia, until war broke in and out, there too and the child soldiers were forced back into Sudan by the fighting and joined the SPLA's efforts to fight the government in the town of Juba. "Many kids there were so bitter, they wanted to know what happened to them. And we all wanted revenge."[2]

When the fighting became unbearable Jal and some other children decided to run away. They were on the move for three months, with many dying on the way, until they reached the town of Waat, which was the headquarters of a small group that had separated themselves from the main SPLA.

In Waat, Jal met Emma McCune, a British aid worker married to senior SPLA commandant Riek Machar. Emmanuel was only 11 years old then and McCune insisted he should not be a soldier. She adopted him and smuggled him to Kenya. There Emmanuel attended school in Nairobi. McCune died in a road accident a few months later, but her friends (Madeliene Bunting and Anna Ledgard) helped Emmanuel to continue his studies. However, after McCune died, her husband Machar did not agree with Emmanuel staying with him, and he was forced to live in the slums( maybe before he came to Kileleshwa).He stayed in Kileleshwa with other Refugees while attending Aboretum Sixth Form College' [more]

I'm looking forward to reading his book

The story of Emma Mcune is quite something. I look forward to learning more about her

BBC HardTalk

The day after the sorrow.. plus my song of the day - Character ft. Oskido & Mono-T "Inxeba Lendoda"

I wont go on about Brazil vs Germany.. it was heartbreaking. I am sad about it, and words are failing me
I felt they were the underdog and were rooting for them..hoping.
I clapped when they were able to get at least 1 goal.
Seriously?.. I nearly cried.
They were spared only by the final whistle
It's over.

Anyway.. here's my song of the day.
The melody is simply beautiful and the story is easy to follow. I hope you like it as much as I.

Have a nice day.

* can I just add after my navel gazing.. well done to Germany!! man..they were outstanding!!..

Tuesday 8 July 2014

Monday 7 July 2014

India's Untouchables'

"A tradition that goes on for generations, gets into the blood"

duration approx 30mins per video

"Self dignity and self respect is much more important than anything else.."

" .. we remain within our boundaries because, they are the high lot and we are the lowly ones.. its good to follow the rules.."

What value human life - one over another?
Caste Culture Colour Class?. How do you construct your life, choose your friends, your spouse, your partner?
Tradition, Tribalism, Religion?
Could you honour (and serve) a god' that didn't honour (and serve) you?..
Are you.. 'untouchable?'
Who decides your value.. you? or the society in which you live?

" Culture is a country's main asset .. you loose it.. you loose your country"

About the film

'The film introduces leading Benares scholars who interpret Hindu scriptures to mean that Dalits 'have no right' to education, and Rajput farmers who proudly proclaim that the police must seek their permission before pursuing cases of atrocities on Dalits. The film captures many 'firsts-on-film, ' such as Dalits being forced to dismount from their cycles and remove their shoes when in the upper caste part of the village.

It exposes the continuation of caste practices and Untouchability in Sikhism, Christianity and Islam, amongst the Community's in Kerala and within some of India's most revered academic and professional institutions.

In an age where the media projects only one image of a 'rising' or 'poised' India, this film reminds us how far the country is from being an equal society. Traveling through eight states and four religions, this film is perhaps the deepest exploration of caste oppression ever undertaken on film.

Stalin K is a human rights activist and award-winning documentary filmmaker. He is the Co-Founder of DRISHTI- Media, Arts and Human Rights, Convener of the Community Radio Forum-India, and the India Director of Video Volunteers. He is a renowned public speaker and has lectured or taught at over 20 institutions ranging from the National Institute of Design and the Tata Institute of Social Sciences in India, to New York University and Stanford and Berkeley in the US.

INDIA UNTOUCHED is Stalin's second film on the issue of caste -- his earlier film 'Lesser Humans', on manual scavenging, won the Silver Conch at the Mumbai International Film Festival and the Excellence Award at Earth Vision Film Festival, Tokyo, and helped to bring international attention to the issue of caste'

Funny story..

Indian guy asked me out a few months back. I told him to go home and ask his family if he's allowed to date black girls.
He said 'it's fine', he can.
I asked him if he could bring one home
He said 'yes'
I laughed
'Your mother wouldn't mind'? I asked
He said 'no, of course not'..
I asked him if he could ever have a serous relationship with a black woman
He said 'of course' he could
I laughed
He laughed too
We both knew that wasn't true
He said Caribbeans and Indians were the same, at least similar, the foods we eat, family values etc
He asked 'What about you?..I bet you couldn't
I said my family are not racist. Told him my family are very welcoming
He said I was making excuses, used the famous.. 'most of my friends are black' line
'Good for you' I said...'Keep away.. if you wanna keep your inheritance' I joked
He said I was cheeky
'So are you' I said.
..'and while your at it'.. I said.. 'Go and have a word with those guys in that shop and tell them to stop following us around..'

Funnily enough.. we get along.(as i'm sure you've picked up)
but underneath it all..are the very 'real' are very serious cultural divisions traditions and superstitions that if allowed to ..keep people apart

Sunday 6 July 2014

Am I meant to laugh hysterically at this?..

I can't wait to see this film!
Coming soon, I have a date with a large screen some popcorn and a big drink.

Weekend WOW Factor - sticks and stones bombs funny bones and horny bastards..oh and green eyed monsters and some sweet tunes. Now that's what I call a title!.

How do you deal with a man as sharp as...

Chris Rock - is funny as heck.

Longer version

I didn't get to see the whole show but it tends to repeat many times. I did see this though..
Don't worry about the sound, but when has this become appropriate for children's viewing? Seriously.. Wow.
I wonder if we'll reach a point where artists are just having sex on stage.. it's the next stage up anyway
Big fat zero.

" go ahead boy.. stick it in.. no-one's watching.." (I knew there was something missing from that freeze frame)


What do you say of the problem of Israel and Palestine

What can you really say to these stories now.
This one surprised me in that it made the news. But having checked on youtube, there are many many stories like this..
There's probably an Israeli bias when it comes to news reporting in the west ( dont know why) but to be honest the entire thing is horrendous - ticks me off.

'When 'peaceful people' retaliate' [click]


What can a wife do when her husbands world falls apart
..and what are we really meant to make of Rolf Harris?
Watching him on TV as a child really encouraged me to draw and paint, and though watching him, I developed an appreciation of art.

Russell Brand is right in that there is no joy in seeing an old man being sent to prison, it's pathetic. But as I've been reminded... for the victims, it will perhaps mean a great deal to them.
He looks like a creep in his mug shot.

The sexual abuse of children is an issue in our society. What is it about these men?
Will we ever reach a point in the development of our culture where sex with children becomes an acceptable part of life (again) ?
There are men who are sexually attracted to children.
In some parts of the world and in certain religions the boundaries are very different to ours.

It is abuse - akin to rape - as children cannot offer thier informed consent. It is an abuse of power and so much more. It often destroys the lives of those who were abused as children, impacting on their ability to build and maintain personal relationships, sexual and otherwise. It's not just sexual abuse it's mental abuse also.

Yet.. it lurks.. possibly everywhere. We're now being told of a dossier that has gone missing ' which alleges a child sex scandal in Westminster. no surprise there really.

That arse (Rolf). Possibly the biggest export out of Australia other than the phrase 'g'day'. He has embarrassed his wife for sure. still.. perhaps for him.. having got his rocks off all those years.. its been worth it.

We've had government reports on gun crime, on gangs etc. Time for one on these child sex abusers... along with recommendations.
I know what I see, but full profiles please

Brand.. how I wish we could act on these communal values, and that we could truly believe there exists something greater than ourselves.

How do you solve a problem like Somalia?
..and does the western world even care anymore?

This could never happen here and it not be a major news story [click]

How do you solve a problem like Os-car
Who ever says jealousy is innocent enough, hasn't lived much life yet

Apparently Oscar P was not mentally Ill at the time of the shooting.
No. Perhaps he was just very very angry [click]


How do you show the world that African music is so sweet..
Finally.. on a nicer note Davido won the BET African Act. Well deserved!!

That's it from me folks .. yeah..

In case you're wondering what that implied theme was about..
hee hee.. Good morning all x

Saturday 5 July 2014

What's on BattaBox? Nigeria Entertainment Channel

I selected a few :)

Some of these answers have surprised me..
I'm beginning to see why some people find single parent women an anomaly. It's taboo - in certain cultures women don't divorce. If I can offer my 2pence worth... Once the respect has gone.. really gone( however that manifests itself) it's over.

There does need to be a level of understanding. ( But you cant assume it will be there between two graduates.. or even non graduates)
But there's this long standing view among many black women especially that men do not like to go with women (black) who are smarter than they are) is it true? ..Seriously?.. I don't know.. I should add.. by that same token there are those who wont date a women they feel is not smart enough!
Ambition is a turn on for me.. too much information? heehee
Ironically Intellectual arrogance is a turn off
Smart - tick - Cute - tick - makes me smile - tick
But seriously.. don't ask me.. I tend to surprise myself

* If someone isn't 'enough'... they're probably just not right for you. (or they could be, but you'll simply never know it)

Noooo!! snake can never be a tasty dish

Love the definition of a real man..
I can imagine a number of tired of working hard on their own women shouting.. ticket to Nigeria please!lol

When the London Overground is running late.. spare a thought..

"UNICEF reports there are over 7 million orphans in Nigeria - 43 million in sub-Saharan Africa - which they describe as an 'emergency situation' ... so BattaBox hits the streets of Lagos to find out if Nigerians would be willing to adopt a child"

Bit sad this one.. some of the attitudes.. what can I say

"Its not as if you're gonna find another species of human being to date.. its still going to be the men .." lol!!
This is funny

Wednesday 2 July 2014

from Togo; Toofan & Lauress

BET Award nominee

Good morning everyone. Wednesday.. a new day, I'm up x

Toofan is a musical group from Togo founded in 2005 whose instrumental reported a new concept in the music of West Africa
The group is also known for a new concept, "Gweta," appeared in 2013 and whose gestures aims to "dodge jealous."
The group members are Masta Just and Barabas and composed the anthem of the African Cup of Nations football 2012
. [Wiki]

Wiki info about Togo [click]

Apparently Gweta means 'dodging jealous people'
Toofan introduced and popularized 'Obragada' as a style of music, which means 'I'm fine now.. thank me later..'
It's a mixture of indigenous music, funk rap, reggae, hip hop, rnb and comedy.


Perfect workout tune don't you think :)