Wednesday 30 November 2011

Thought of the evening.. Etons finest...

Question/s of the evening... exactly where is 'our money?' really..
Where will the UKs economic growth spring from?... and...
Just what is the date of the next election anyway...

Our current mess is not a great advert for an over £30,000 per year education..

Gosh... what gives...

I think therefore I am...

Someone asked me today if I saw the youtube clip of the lady on the tram in Croydon cursing the 'blacks' and the 'Poles' etc...
I said yes.. and we had a little giggle about it.. then we stopped giggling when we asked each other about the comments that accompanied it...

Wow.. there are some deep rooted issues out there.. not one or two.. but many...

Trams and trains.. go figure...

There was a woman on the train this evening laughing hysterically, real gut wrenching laughter, so much so I couldn't help but laugh too ( behind me bag..)
Laughter is infetcous..
Anyway.. I digress...
I wonder what life would be like if we all said what we really thought..
If we spoke freely about the things that reside on our minds..
Gave an honest answer to an honest question...

I wonder if we would witness an increase of trust and understanding
or.... if total anarchy would ensue...

I think about a lot of things...
some things are reoccurring... many things are...
I wonder what my thoughts say about me..

I think , therefore I am.....

Strike 1..

I was going to say something along the lines of...
'Around a third of those people out there striking over these f'in pensions possibly wont live to see much of the bastard anyway'... but I decided that may be a bit harsh.. and possibly incorrect... so I wont

There is a serious point to that display of what's oddly known as black humour and it's this...
Life is what happens when you're busy making plans....
Live in the now..

Strike 2
I suspect a large number of people on strike today arn't actually doing as badly as they may think..

Many will have jobs (that goes without saying given the nature of the strike I guess)... own at least 1 home.. own at least one car.. and holiday every year... sometimes... thrice..
Compare that to those without jobs.. struggling to pay their bills.. heat their homes.. buy food... can't afford a pension... struggling to keep a roof over their clothes
In that light... things must look rather different right?...

So whilst some may say that today was one of the the largest displays of worker solidarity seen in the UK for some time..
One could also argue it was in fact one of the largest displays of utter selfishness...

What's that I hear some folk say.. cut welfare.. just don't cut my pension..

Strike 3 aka .. how to spend a strike day...
Option 1 - a.m - Get up early, get washed and dressed..go out..stand around in the cold, shout a bit, buy a coffee..march a bit... and go home

Option 2 - a.m - Stay in bed... watch TV... eat cheese and cracker's whilst enjoying a glass of red..
in the warmth...

Hmmmm... wonder what the majority did..

Just so you know.. I'm not anti strike...absolutely not..
I'm not sure but perhaps there's something about this particular that's grating on me.. ( just a tiny bit.. I'm yet to fully comprehend what it is..)

Don't get it twisted... I get the argument.. I really do.. and yeah yeah. the bankers the corp's the govt.. yes...but... still, there's a human story running parallel to this.. that is just as important...if not more so..

Happy days..Happy coalition days..

Did I strike?...

Anyway.. hoping for a Uturn.. who wants to work in their old age eh?.. 'You give your more to receive your less' as Marley would say...
I have a feeling that some people have become accustomed to it.. still I know.. it doesn't make it right

Feel free to tell me off:)
Up the workers?..

Sunday 27 November 2011

Toni B

Stevie Wonder Selection.. Loves in need.. Happy SMSx

Some interesting clips..

It's a close call.. but this very simple song may just be my favourite Stevie Wonder song of all. Reminds me of one of the best school days, long white socks pleated skirts and 'sharp' blazers, hot dogs after school from the ice cream man !?! and cream cakes..

Yes it may be... but then there's always .. Lately...

Mary J

Saturday 26 November 2011

A Movement in time.. the story of the MetB.P.A

Tales from the cript..

Missing my blog - been so busy trying to get a few things done..
Nearly there now.. who hoo.. I'm very pleased
I'm now about to write something on the MetBPA, looks very interesting actually - I feel a glass of wine will be a nice treat for later..

Esp as I just done burnt my veggie burger.. tastes like ash.. argh.. ( kwap we eat eh Reggie:)

Anyway... treat yourself while I'm gone.. I'm armed with my pen.. and I'm going it

Back later..

I will be done :)

Catch up with everyones posts:)..

Wishing George Michael a speedy recovery.. our George man

Mail article

Wednesday 23 November 2011

Press TV; Racism in Europe; &.. Gender Equality


Is Gender equality a myth?

I attended a recent lecture on gender & discrimination where it was discussed that; whilst some men earned £36 an hour, some of the lowest paid women were earning £6.78...

In terms of economic inactivity,( where the women neither work or claims benefits) 79% of them were of Bangladeshi background, 42% Africa, 29% Caribbean and 25% white...

As I said then, this could mean several things... either that their husbands are so rich that they don't need to work, or culture dictates that the women's position is in the home, even if the husband earns very little (if anything)

It's a difficult one... but when you look at those stats again and equate it to ill health etc... it may be possible to work out which is which..

Also (which possibly isn't news) it turns out that when a man has children it has no impact on his career whatsoever, his work life balance remains steady at 90% and rising, whereas for a woman it drops to 50% then crawls back up to 80% once the child turns 18yrs ...and on that note, whilst 61% of all lone parents in Britain are female, only 5% are male..

( Yet this is also where gender inequality gets a bit skewed in my opinion, as I don't know many women who would walk away from raising their children..)


Despite being qualified men still dominate in managerial or leadership positions whereas women are over represented in adminsiative .. men on average earn more than women, same jobs, same qualifications, which is changing.. but slowly...and then... when you talk about women, you also have to talk about *race...

Gender equality is not homogeneous..
So whilst I am a woman, racial disadvantage will potentially have the greatest impact, and 'womens rights' seem reluctant, or oddly silent on that particular issue

So gender equality? .. do they mean me too?
I don't think so.
Are black women the known unknowns?
Can racism also lurk behind gender?
How would you know?

Still, this isn't a gender battle..
Women and men are fundamentally different, and there are times when the equality argument loses itself. A woman raising her children is of no less importance than a man earning millions for a FTSE company...
Question is... do you believe that?

Perhaps, that's the real argument..
It's a matter of value, where we place it, and how that value can be compensated in real terms.
What measures are in place to ensure that a woman is not disadvantaged because she has children?, or has spent time raising them? ( and in some cases supporting her husband)

I remember in France a while back a woman in Sarkozy's cabinet going back to work days after giving birth..

I wondered what she thought she was doing (I was confused.. was it some kind of women's lib stance?)or what kind of employer did she have, to have made her feel that pressure to return under those circumstances..
Did she choose it?
Who knows?.. If memory serves me correctly.. I have a feeling she got fired shortly afterwards...

Not all women have children, true..
But depending on how you see equality, it will always be equality for some, but not for all.. e.g more women in the board room doesn't necessarily equate to improved and fairer lives for women..depending on who those women are... it may simply mean... more women in the boardroom.

Anyway... I digress big time...

What I wanted to show you was this...
An independent review has been carried out by Lord Davis into women on boards and the aim is to encourage FTSE 350 companies to aim for 25% female representation by 2015... and this... was the launch...


Have a nice day

Tuesday 22 November 2011

Be Smart - Kymani- Tarrus- Romain- Ken Boothe.. Antique Riddim

Yes -Be Smart
Don Corleon riddim of the year?


Best love?.. that old fashioned antique love.. real love

Quote of the day.. "The weather's not great here, but this is home..!".. ft Race in Britain Gallery..

Online Gallery

Ten Brits born the same year as Stephen Lawrence
What is Britain like for them.. The Stephen Lawrence Generation

Monday 21 November 2011

Thought/s of the day.. friendships..

Each time you make a 'new friend' it can be a doorway to either 'heaven or hell'...
which is why sometimes in your dreams, prayers, hopes or affirmations... it pays to be specific..:)


A friend is natures way of taking care of you... making sure you are never alone


A friend in need... is a pain in the ass ( not my own words.. but a joke i read somewhere!!)


A final thought...

If I could have a million dollars today.. or one true friend.. I would choose the friend.. because then I know... I would be far richer.. beyond the million/s destined for my bank account anyway:)

Have a nice day.. be a good friend x

Juniors Story..

Just stumbled across this online (as you do)
(Poor sound quality thought.. I'll upload a proper copy of the play..when/if I can..)

Short film ( 10mins) Is Croydon Racist?..

50 Cent.. Best friend..ft Olivia

Friday 18 November 2011

A good laugh works a treat...

Some people are natural jokers... even in the midst of their despair they can make you laugh...
I was talking to a guy a couple of days ago, who was moved off incapacity benefits to Employment Support Allowance (I don't know why, as he's lost the use of one hand, is partially sighted and has mobility issues)
He was telling me that he had his benefits cut, then was granted £40 a week to 'get by'...
He launched an appeal against the ruling and luckily was told that it had been successful...
As soon as he heard, he went to the market and bought two big suitcases planning what he described as an "effin' trip to Manhattan baby"....sure his payout would amount to thousands...
When he got the money, he was awarded a few hundred pounds!... most of which got eaten up by rent arrears...

The guy says "all di suitcases dem a do is look pon me!!... hungry fi travel!!"

"Effin tings dem jus a clutter up me yard... di bastards!!!"

I couldn't help myself... I just burst out laughing...
Funniest thing I heard all week...

The truth will set us free...

Sometimes in life the hardest thing to do is to accept what we see.

Maybe it's because we want to see the best in people or a situation ,that we refuse to call a spade a spade.
There are times when we make excuses for a persons bad behaviour or blatant rudeness and I'm not sure why..

Is it because we hope that others will give us a chance if and when we behave rudely in future..?

I've come across enough wolves in sheep's clothing over time to be able to spot them early. Yet, deep down I always hope that I'm wrong..

Yet increasingly, ( is it the recession?) there are those who pretend to be something they're not.. for reasons unbeknown to me the truth of who they are seems to scare them witless. So what tends to happen when your worlds collide is that you end up on the receiving end of lies or thier unresolved issues ( which they may be desperate to suppress)

So let's look at it another way.. the positive way...
(close your eyes and think it better (--)... count to 10... okay... now.. open them
(00)... anything change? didn't think so...
You see positive thinking is a powerful tool yes. But you can't 'positive think' a door mouse into a lion.. anymore than you can 'positive think' a gay man straight.

Positive thinking has it's limitations.

So why do we opt for the rose tinted lens?...
Is it natures way of protecting us from the harsh realities of life?..
Is it just purely because deep down we are nice people?.. ( even if occasionally trapped in a cycle of bad behaviour and the odd evil deed lol)

Can you ever be too nice for your own good?

How can we ever 'fix', that which we pretend not to see?
Surely acceptance is the beginnings of the beginnings of love

Moral of this tale?... Be nice.. be truthful.. be yourself :)
Enjoy your eve x


Nice song.. nice guitar riff..
Time to chill..

TGIF.. Lil Wayne.. How to love

A modern civil rights movement?..( a heated debate;))Ft.. Cornel West

The edited version

The 'Occupy' protests..

Thursday 17 November 2011

Blatter Blunder.. and more..

I've been hearing about what the boss of Fifa said with regards to racism...take a peep if you haven't already heard

I have a feeling that some Footballers/supporters may think he has a point...
All's fair in love and 'football'

Until the players walk off, games are stopped mid way if needs be, clubs are fined and supporters banned.. I fear the 'Lets' kick racism out of football' campaign may be a campaign that lacks teeth..

What if it were the other way around?.. and black players and supporters began hurling racist abuse?.. would a handshake suffice?.. come-on...all these huge salaries being banded about... and still.. common sense seems to have gone the way of Englands successes in the world cup lol...
gotta love football...
I'm sure they'll sort it out.. somebody!!..quick.. score a goal already!!...


David Starkey was embroiled in another 'controversy ' quite recently describing Britain as a white monoculture..

Starkey was 'misguided' about the riots, sure.. and what he described as some kind of black culture 'infecting/corrupting' British society... he was laughably wrong.. ( To be fair, he's entitled to his thoughts)

Funny really, because one could argue that whilst black Caribbean African immigrants who came over in the fifties, were a respectful, well mannered, hardworking, family orientated bunch who usually raised their children to be equally respectful, work hard at school, aim high, two parent homes etc... some of these standards may (not saying they have:))...just may... have slipped over time... and if so... why?

Is assimilation always a positive thing?
Doesn't it depend on what you're assimilating into?
What does assimilate mean exactly.. and can a minority culture assimilate into a dominant culture, if that culture doesn't want, or even like them?...
To assimiltae successfully if that be the case.. would mean that the minority culture/s.. would have to 'not want/dislike itself!!'... ( and what would that look like??)
Are there preferred aspects of British culture that minorities are 'expected/encouraged' to assimilate into?

I'm playing with you I know...but it's food for thought..

Here's the thing...when does a person stop being an 'immigrant' and become a true Brit?...
When they win gold at the Olympics or some other sporting fixture?... when?

It's almost amusing...a bit like a marriage gone bad isn't it.. two sides squabbling over who is to blame.. etc.. what a joke... ( kiss and make up alreadylol)

Yet truth is.. it's not really that amusing... it can be quite worrying

You see the thing is we should really be trying to seek common ground, leave out the colonial crap.. empire is over.. and Starkey and co..seem to be struggling to get over it...(and what that meant)

Still... there's still the matter of the IMF..

Not everything he says is wrong though... no one is always wrong...
For example.. outside of London/ Birmingham etc it it is predominantly white... and I'm sure there are a large number of people who feel that immigrants should make more of an effort to 'forget about their culture' and assimilate..

Whilst the head of the EHRC may not think he's racist.. I'm not as sure...
Equally I'm not sure what 'putting our islands story at the heart of the national curriculum' means..!?! .. I'm sure all will become clear...'s good he's speaking up... better out than in I say... for oh so many reasons....



Nearly had me in tears..
Alfie basically told his wife that she could sleep with who ever she wanted as long as he didn't find out.. :O
So.. he's given his wife permission to cheat on him for the rest of their marriage as long as she stays with him...

How many men would do that?
I know women have been known to do it...

Seriously... I don't think I could.. never want to ever be in that situation ( and anyone who would want to 'put' me in that predicament never cared about me at all).. No no no no no sir- ree... that is a recipe for disaster in my book.. you can never feel secure with that person..
Feel free to enlighten me if you've done it and it works:).. ooh juicy!!!

If that had to be the case.. I'd rather be 'Kat' than 'Alfie', any day of the week:)
Although if a man tells me he doesn't mind, i'd think he doesn't really he can't win.. nope, best to be faithfull and be done with it..

Over and out............

Tuesday 15 November 2011

Common Selection..

Counting down from 7.. the hottest Common tracks ( for me:))







and the hot Number 1 song is.... enjoy:)

Racism, may be seriously bad for your health..

At the moment, no one is able to tell me why being of African or Caribbean origin makes a person more prone to high blood pressure ( As stated again in this article) It's actually listed as a 'factor' alongside smoking, or high salt intake (how odd).. no really.. it is!.. see

So.. being of African Caribbean origin is as bad for your health as smoking? lol I jest of course, but until someone else can give me a scientific explanation based on real analysis ( Chilled, you're the scientist .. what say you??) I'll propose a theory.

Stress, and long term anxiety triggered by a result of prolonged discrimination/racism,etc.. and even the suppression/internalisation of anger... may actually be at the root of the problem.. no?

Okay.. here's the thing..
I know people with HBP.. who grew up eating a very healthy diet in the Caribbean.. continued to eat a very healthy diet here.. 5 a day? all standard stuff.. natural, ital 'n' vital ( if you get my drift) so... what gives?

There doesn't appear to be much information available on the physical effects of being subjected to prolonged racist or discriminatory behaviours.. but it may just be possible that .. those 'little' incidents that Caribbean/African people experience on a daily basis may in fact be killing us... consistently reducing the life expectancy of what would otherwise be .. fairly healthy people....

So.. some people really should come with a health warning!!.. (or carry a card that says .. prolonged exposure to me may cause sickness).. yeah still kidding.. but.. hmmmmm

Hey, if that be the case.. maybe racism should also be listed as a factor.. as it's not necessarily being BME that's the issue.. the issue is.. what you are then subjected to in the course of your life as a result.. yeah.. that'll do you in!!

and... on that cheery note..

Who's looking forward to the Christmas holidays??:)...
Just bought a nice red table cloth:)
Bring it on.......................

Cool movie recommendations:D...Brown Sugar...

I seriously need to catch up on the movie front as there have been some great movies out...but Brown Sugar, is one of my all time fav's...

And ... waiting to exhale...
Real cosy night in films..
Great movies

Monday 14 November 2011

A good theme song is worth it's weight in gold:)..Kelis & Cee-Lo.. Lil Star

I love a good theme song me.

What's a theme song?.. oh you know.. the songs that we may play over in our minds, the little tune in our head, on our lips that get us through the day, or the hour, week, or even year

Songs that trigger our emotions, trigger happiness, remind us of people we enjoy, get us over heartache, or share our joy of new found love
Songs that keep us going when we're tired, inspire us, and fill us with hope..

Putting aside the fact that I adore Kelis's jacket in this video , I fell in love with this song the very first time I heard it.. ( going back a few years now) I stumbled across it again and yes.. still love it..
Especially right now.. when I am a bit tired, could do with a big bar of chocolate, glass of baileys, ( putting the books down ) and enjoying the splendor of a fully functioning surround sound TV, snuggled in a 'duvet with hands and feet' ( whatever they're called, and receiving a very nice and very big hug... accompanied by a few nice...(and honest) words...
you know.. the type us girls tend to fall for..:)

(damn I must be tired!!)

Busta Rhymes...

Thought of the day: Ethnic cleansing..

Policies, plans and proposals seem to be coming thick and fast these days and it's hard to keep up..
For example, changes in education, welfare, housing.. ( things that affect the majority of people the most, also seem to be the things that most people have little say over, or knowledge of)
Still... today on the news it was reported that a council is 'exploring ' a policy to evict people who fail to find jobs ( In a recession at a time when jobs are scarce)
You can read about it.. here

I think that everyone should be concerned about this ..

Also, it's worth considering the stats, that black people are historically and factually less likely to be offered jobs ( especially well paying jobs.. for a variety of reasons.. I'll be fair and say one reason could be that they lack the necessary qualifications.. but we'd then have to ask.. why?)..and as a result this policy (if it goes ahead) could impact on BME's the most. Which is not only racist, but could also be described (unfortunately) as a form of ethnic cleansing.

Last year, there were murmurs of excitement over that little known 'Localism Bill' which at the time was sold to 'us'as putting more power into the hands of local residents with regards to what happens in their communities..
(That was the common soundbite anyway)

What has happened to that?

If anyone knows how local people can use the Localism bill.. I'd love to know..
I think now more than ever, it may be time for residents to talk to local councilors..( and visa versa) in the hope of fair representation, as the bill has definitely given more power to someone.. but it doesn't seem to be local residents.. I'm not great at maths.. but ( nowadays) more power to someone.. means less power to someone else

Thankfully and hopefully, not all councils will adopt this stance..
However, a question worth asking is.. why.. if one knows the potentially devastating outcome of a policy..( and the impact it could have on certain groups) why..would you want to push it though..? What is the motivation behind it?

and ..are the councillors representative of the community?.. what community?

Shopping while Black : Another social experiment

What would you do?...

It's interesting.. some people did to be fair.. but most people didn't do or say anything... it's not just 'bystander apathy'

One guy actually said something about the shopper probably .. "playing the Black card".. aka 'the race card'.. while his girlfriend, who 'didn't see or hear anything':) said nothing.. (didn't even look around)

Before you all think..this is out of date ( true it's an oldish vid).. the last time I was trailed in a shop was early October 2011, in Croydon... didn't look suspicious.. and just so you know how messed up this has become.. the security guard was black

on another note.. an amusing bit was when the security guard said .. " what do I need Ebonics!?!"... the script writer had a sense of humour

Sunday 13 November 2011

Love me, love my mind;oops!! or not!!; choice (as always) is yours: Introducing..'The unequal society'

I've heard it mentioned a few times that guys don't much go for girls who think, or have opinions.. so... in honour of that, for my SMS post today I've decided to do some thinking, which I'll share with you:)).. because I love youx
I’ve been reading an interesting book about unequal societies called the 'Spirit Level'. It talks about the fact that we live in one of the most unequal places on the planet, where the top 20% earn approx 8 times as much as the lowest 80%

Despite our ‘wealth’ living in the West (and I’ll focus on the UK) we are at our most anxious, depressed and insecure than ever before.
We eat more, drink more, smoke more, (including narcotics) have the most meaningless sex, and have a terrible record of maintaining relationships and marriages.

( which may actually sound like heaven to some of us!!) still...

This gives plenty of food for thought, and I have to say... I got it. Here is a book confirming much of what I’ve thought for a while, whilst giving me new insight into things I would have never even considered.

Paradoxically, despite being at our most anxious we are also more likely to report feeling at our most ‘confident’
Sound odd?...
Well not when you think about it...
The more anxious we feel as people is the more likely we are to ‘talk ourselves up’, play make believe, act as if..... que... positive affirmations, NLP, coaching, and the plethora of support out there, all designed to ‘teach us’ confidence, and how to live a ‘happier’ and more fulfilling’ life.

But it’s not real.
It’s false confidence; or what the book calls... insecure high self esteem... ‘Threatened egotism’
They may appear real... but in truth these tactics treat the symptoms, and not the cause.

So, what is causing us to be anxious in the first place?
I’ve thought about this and included a few of my own... I’m sure more can easily be added to this list...

Being unemployed
Not being able to read or write
Lacking credible qualifications
Not having nice things like ‘your neighbours’
Being in debt
Not having friends
Not having anyone to talk to
Not being listened to
Feeling unsure
The look on a person face when they look at you and you know you’ve been judged unfavourably
Being single
Being in an unfamiliar environment
Being a woman
Being black
Being Irish
Being white
An unhappy childhood
Feeling unwanted
Being disrespected
Feeling unappreciated
Feeling undervalued
Not having a purpose
Lack of trust
Being lied to
Divorce (or marital breakdown)
Not feeling liked
Being overweight
Lacking social capital

Yet all of those things on their own – still won’t trigger insecurity necessarily..
How we feel about those things go hand in hand with how unequal our society is..

Apparently, it’s all about the way we are viewed by others, our ‘Status’ in society...
Where we sit on the sliding scale of social mobility...whether we are mobile... or stagnant and festering at the bottom with 'no hope' of reprieve.

In an odd way ‘we’ are responsible for the anxieties of those around us..
How we treat each other is a very simplistic way of putting it
(yet we cannot and should not abdicate personal responsibility)

You see, most of us will be unaware of that, but having said that, there are people out there who will deliberately cause anxieties in others... why? Because it feeds their ego and the need they have to feel superior... why? Because they too are insecure, hurting, lacking in something, and have found a quick fix remedy that works for them...again, treating the symptom, and not the cause.

Our government, and dare I say the international world is concerned with economic health and well being... not the heath and well being of its inhabitants/citizens... despite the fact the ill health’ comes at a cost.. and the ‘richer’ we get, the more unequal we are, the sicker a society we become.

What's that you say?.. our government, the polices, and the ruling classes are making us ill?

Now there's a thought

Happy SMS y'allx
and remember..

You are great

Saturday 12 November 2011

Miles Away..yes I could be.. should be.. maybe1 day.. you'll see..I am. Ft the greatness of Madonna..

Could that have been my shortest ever blog poem?

Enjoy your Saturday eve..x

My No1 Madonna song; for me.. yes.. this song is mad cool..

Remembrance Day: Fighting a war on two fronts; the African American/ B.C Soliders who fought in WW1/2

Yesterday was remembrance day.. when we honour and remember those who fought, and died in WW1 and WW2, although.. the day has also been extended to remember those who have fought in more recent wars..

I don't normally wear a poppy but for some reason this year I actually gave it some real thought. I thought also about my great great grandparents, uncles, who may have fought in the war and how very little I know about them

The racism we see today in to some extent, is possibly mild in comparison to what these soldiers would have experienced..
Britain says very little about black soldiers from the Commonwealth who fought in those wars.. let's hope a moment of that minutes silence was in honour of them to..

Fighting a war on both fronts were the Buffalo Soldiers

African Americans were subject to terrible discrimination which also meant they were often ill equipped with the resources they needed to fight

So.. we remember them too... and how odd it must have been to fight alongside, and for a country who treated them often, as subhuman, with little respect or care afforded to them or thier family..
To be segregated into all black regiments..
What an odd, terrible, shameful, yet fascinating time in our history..
We remember them..

I found these very interesting videos, which (although brief) I hope gives a little insight into the African American, Black British WW1 WW2, and American civil war experience

In 7 parts..

Episode 7


Tuesday 8 November 2011

Michael Jackson..ft that Motown 25th performance

Off the wall is my favourite MJ album followed closely by Thriller..
These particular songs being the ones I love the most..

Chris Tucker is funny..

"I think we should just 'beat it!! the girl is 'dangerous'!! shamon!"
Always liked this video(extended is a mini movie:).. always liked this song..

Live forever..

Someone told me recently that what makes life special is the knowledge that it ends
"Imagine", they said.. "if it went on and on forever"

What would you do?

When you look back, it's rarely with anger.. sadness maybe; sadness of missed opportunities, lost loves, people no longer with us, lost dreams,
Anger I think it definitely one of those emotions to be felt in the present.. it can move you to do really great things, or at least.. try to!, anger can propel you forward like nothing else.. and then one day..when all is said and done.. you look back

Sticks and stones...

It's alleged that Kitty (Xfactor) called Derry( from the group 'The Risk'.. also from XFactor) an evil black *******.. I read somewhere that he made a formal complaint to the shows bosses and that the matter has now been resolved
btw.. 'The Risk' are now out of the competition!

John Terry (allegedly) made some kind of racist comment towards another player ( Football) and I also heard today that Tiger Woods Caddy ( Golf) called him a black 'something'( not superstar!!...smartasses:))) in another 'racist remark scandal'
Again..from what I read the matter has been resolved there also
Am I missing something?

Is there something in the air?

Good to hear all these matters are being 'resolved' but what does that mean exactly..
It sounds like it means the person who was insulted has forgiven whoever did the insulting

But should the onus to forgive and resolve the matter really be on the person insulted, or the person doing the insulting?

Name calling may be child's play to some extent because in life you can never really know what another person is thinking.. even if they're happily eating lunch opposite you..

You can't legislate against thought

Then there are degrees of racism
You know the " I'm not a racist but..
or...the classic " I cant be racist I've got black friends"

Really?... name them!..age?, their children?.. where do they live?, birthdays? fav food, colour, style, family, where did they grow up?, school?, ever been to your home?, ever been to theirs?, what they do for a living?, who are their parents?, they married?, ...
Even if the answers came thick and fast.. and there was evidence of a 'genuine friendship'( not just 'some bloke I see in chippy' , or 'someone I see in the canteen at work') .. it wouldn't always be conclusive

If I hear any more derogatory remarks ima call it an airborne virus..
but unlike the flu 'Lemsip' wont ease that pain, but like the flu, left untreated it could **** you up

Think I'll get though the week?

No chance:)..

Ali & Frazier.. Boxing Legends..

The excitement, the humour, the drama, the intrigue that surrounded boxing at that time was off the chain.. entire families would watch Ali & Frazier.. complete with in-hse commentary..
That for me can never be recaptured.. those were special times.. historic times..those were the days
RIP Joe Frazier- Boxing Legend

Sunday 6 November 2011

In memory of Delroy Wilson & Gregory Issacs.. the way they were..

Fantastic footage of two of the greatest(and much loved) reggae artists
Gregory really was 'the cool ruler'.. effortless

I'm loving these old films and historical docs
With age comes a special quality
Time teaches us so much

Racial discrimination in everyday experiment..

Originally previewed in '91

A UK discussion..

Does my bum look small in this?:))

It’s not only women who are insecure about their bodies
Men are too
Men fret about beer bellies and sagging chests
Things not being big enough or small enough (depending on what it is)
So why does it sometimes seem as though they don’t give a damn?
Well...perhaps they're just able to deal with it better
But then truth is, there is really little pressure on men to look any particular way with regards to their bodies.
For example...a suit can hide a multitude of sins and it’s also (in certain sectors)a bit of a power symbol
So its win win for those who wear them
Also, I think that women are very kind and understanding about these things
So when a woman loves a man she really doesn’t see his physical imperfections
Or she sees them and loves them anyway as they are what make him... him
I think I told you the story about this guy that dumped his long time girlfriend because she put on weight
That’s not cool
What’s my point?
That as women we shouldn’t always be so hard on ourselves
And if a man wants to judge you harshly on your outside appearance
Tell him 'jog on'... or get naked if he’s brave enough

So if you’re in a relationship with someone.. help them to feel good about themselves
Because, when people feel good about themselves they tend to take better care of themselves anyway

So...the point of this tale?

Be nice to your partner
Happy SMSx

Say it aint so..

That differences you see have blinded you to what is real
Prevent you from accepting that not everything and everyone
must be the same
To get along
Love has tried in vain
To counteract
That old and weary prejudice
That’s still intact and resolute
For you
It is your truth

Set free by mindless bureaucrats
A way of life is sort beyond question
or reason
No opportunity for freedom
No desire for comparison
Self expression be denied
For in your eyes
It is the gospel
So you’re hostile
Yet uncomfortable
Reigns within

Be your own king
Or queen
Be the piper
Dance to your own tune
Time will come
When you will find you
Recover you
Uncover you
Accept you
And let it be then
That ignorance is replaced
With knowledge
And bravery

Saturday 5 November 2011

Nigel Farage has been quiet of late..

I wonder if some people are thinking .. hmm.. he may have had a point..
I don't know .. seriously I'm lost on the Europe thing..but... is he cussing everyone to their face?

What a thing..
What's even funnier is at the end of his "Who the hell do you people think you are!" speech.. the chair says....."Thank you!"

The evolution of Rastafari. Religious Hardtalk (Jamaica) ft Mutabaruka (4 yrs ago).. and..(30 yrs ago) Darcus Howe is;The Devils Advocate..

In 9 parts..

Devils Advocate.. in 4 parts

Thursday 3 November 2011

Vinyl connoisseurs;Treasure Isle & Studio1

Some good crackling at the start of these classics.. two of the these tracks

A roots reggae selection.. ft John Holt.. a feast..going back in time...

There may be better ways to enjoy a rainy thursday eve indoors .. but a musical trip down memory lane suits me fine..

Wednesday 2 November 2011

Thought of the day...Boys are made of sawdust... are they not?

On the stroll home yesterday two conversations struck me, not that I was deliberately ears-dropping or anything:)..

Conversation 1: Three young boys between the ages of hmmm say... 7 and 10yrs
One boys says;
“Jesus is gods son!”
One of his 'mates' snapped at him, “No!!, they are two different people you fool, you think you know but you don’t know, you don’t know nuffin.. when you become a big man... then you will know!”
As I said... between the ages of 7 and 9

For a moment I wondered, what our children would think if we didn’t indoctrinate them early with our own beliefs.
What if we let them grow, with a free mind... scary huh...
Whist it’s an interesting notion... I suspect not many people would want to risk it
Should parents teach their kids what to think?, how to think? or why to think?.. or perhaps all three...

Further on down the road but not much further..............

Trust me: as god is my witness:) three grown men, standing by a car having a chat

Conversation 2:
“That’s what I wanted man ... trust me... two cars, house...picket fence the lot”
I thought eh!!!... who talks like that? I don’t know if it’s my imagination or what but I could have sworn as I walked past I heard him say... “then I went jail!!”
Don’t quote me on that but all I know is I really wanted to join in their conversation... “hmm really?... so you guys think like that eh... and I thought you were all made of sawdust!":)

ps errr I think I quite like boys that are made of sawdust.. that picket fence stuff unnerved melol.. don't expect to hear that from some old Skl G looking dude