Tuesday 31 May 2016

Jah Cure - Your Love

I-Octane - Love you like I do

Wally British - Main man

A friend of mine introduced Wally British to the conversation today.
Okay, she sure has lyrics.
Is black male masculinity in crisis? meltdown? confused.com?, was an aspect of the talk. So... I went in search of a Wally British to share.. just for the fun of it, coz y'all know how serious I can be. :)
Social media can empower. Wally has found humourous ways to bring up what can be tough conversations. I haven't seen many, but I suspect there are many women who would love to say this ... but for many reasons probably never would.

Christopher Martin - Pirate Of The Caribbean

On a rewind selection and certainly hoping we get a video for this

Rainy days and missing Rhubarb

Nice to see the rain, we certainly needed it. My garden did anyway.
Day off for me, and a chance to meet with my lecturer to look into futher studies, and to finish up writing some new tracks. Feeling positive about finding my flow again. I'll be a bit quieter over the next few days possibly just posting a few tracks for your listening pleasure. Sorry I haven't got around to visiting your Blogs and commenting but I will do soon.

I've got lots to catch up on.

My rhubarb has dissapeared! Plucked from its roots. It was doing very well out back but now it's gone.

The large tree out back is blocking the sunlight again so ill need a tree surgeon ( or whatever they're called) to sort that out.

Anyway, if I cook early it will mean more chill and music time for me, so ill take myself off to the kitchen shortly and deal with that.

Funny really, a day off is rarely a day off...but it's all good

A little extra me time

Have a great day readers x

Tessanne Chin - Love Suicide

Monday 30 May 2016

Legends of Reggae: A Review

It was a great night last night at the 02.
I arrived as I Octane was performing, perhaps a timely reminder that sometimes.. shows do start on time!
I was impressed by his performance, his professionalism and his maturity.
Hence to say, I Octane is definitely an artist of quality and talent in abundance

In calling three women onto the stage Octane showed the kind of respect which sometimes escapes other dancehall artists.

No 'skinning out' expected or desired here, just pure niceness all the way, without the x rated antics.

Respect to Octane for showing respect to the women.
I feel a crush coming on.

Junior Reed is an artist that I haven't seen for many many years; he looked incredibly well, and his voice was in fine fettle.
Unless you're a die hard ( so to speak ) Reed fan, it's often easy to overlook just how much he has accomplished in his career. However, as great artists do, he reminded us through song
He said something which I found interesting. He urged wives to cook decent meals for their husbands. 'Leave out the dead flesh' ( or something along those lines) highlighting the goodness in fresh vegetables etc.

If you're married to a Rasta or a Muslim.. wives.. I beg you please don't cook pork! ( and keep it out of the fridge)
( He didn't say that exactly.. I did)

Marcia Griffiths.. is beautiful.
In fact, this is the first time for me seeing her perform 'live', ( which has surprised many people) and I wasn't disappointed.
Marica's grace was there for all to see as she sang the songs we know and love.
Looking fabulous and in great shape in her stunning dress, she paid homage to the man she 'shared so many musical memories with' ( for those who may not know Marcia was one of the I threes) Bob Marley.
Hands in the air, her rendition of redemption song was awesome.
Young Gifted and Black, was a UK hit for Marcia alongside Bob Andy way back in the 70's. Last night, it sounded absolutely great; a reminder of just how long and varied a career she has had.
Marcia is indeed, the Queen of Reggae.

By the time Freddie emerged I though perhaps my feet were becoming weary.
I was wrong.
I jumped with joy to hear some of the finest reggae music that has ever been written.
It's fair to say that Mr Mcgregor despite his fame, has still managed to retain a level of humbleness that many newer artists could certainly learn from.
His soul shines bright
I guess he can be humble, as Freddie, has nothing to prove. From songs like 'To be Poor is a Crime, to 'Wine of Violence', he simply had 'too many' hits to choose from.
As the final whistle loomed on 'time', it was all I could do but look around and think..
These artists have touched, and continue to touch the lives of so many people. For the long serving artists like Marcia and Freddie, many have grown up listening to their music.
Thier music has inspired lifted and brought joy or comfort to so many of us.
We simply cannot thank them enough

I apologise for the picture quality on this occasion
Will try and do better next time

I Octane


Junior Reed

Freddie Mcgregor

Marcia Griffiths

There was a moment of reflection for me for my bro, who used to be my stage show companion.
As my last 02 visit he was with me.
I'm sure he was smiling down on me, urging me to do my thing and have fun
( and next time, would be great to see you on the line up too)
I had fun bro, for sure.


My ride having bailed last minute meant I was a lone 'solider girl' on this occasion
So give thanks to my colleague ( and her girlfriends) who just so happened to be passing by as I awaited a new ride home
Lunch is on me honey.

Sunday 29 May 2016

Weekend Wow Factor: Legends of Reggae tour comes to London

Big show tonight!

The Queen of reggae, and the legend that is Marcia Griffiths will be gracing the stage

This is for me a classic.

Good morning Freddie

Junior 'One Blood' Reid..

Yes, always perhaps better known for this much sampled song......

I Octane
Oh Yes, the cute talented and conscious artist from Clarendon
Enjoyed this studio rendition no end....

One of my favourite Octane tracks..

Hope you've all enjoyed your stay in London
Your time to blaze up London tonight!
Spotlight please :)

Good morning x

Key & Peele - Obama Meet & Greet

Don't know how I missed this one..
It's just too funny :)

These guys are something else

Is Britain Stronger in Europe?

Yes.. In many ways perhaps Britain would be...
However, that doesn't mean they would be any weaker out

In the interest of fairness I've decided to post a video backing the 'IN' campaign.

Tony Blair; speaking on Andrew Marr this morning spoke of the benefits of free movement of [European] people across Europe and the long and painful trading deal renegotiations that would occur should the public vote to leave.
Ideologically, if I truly felt European, If I was European, I would possibly vote to remain. As I would possibly think, more of the ways in which I as a European would benefit.
Not rock the boat, no pun intended and enjoy' whatever few benefits I feel I may be getting from the EU
Funding for charities and projects for those involved in that sector?, definitely a plus.

It would be interesting to know whether people will be voting based on what is best for the country.. as opposed to selfish reasons. ( Or both)

But here's the thing....I don't, not entirely feel European

London, is very cosmopolitan compared to many places outside of London, and especially places in Europe.
I've met too many people from 'Europe' who have told me of their experiences of blatant racism for me to ignore that issue.
Europe may be a trading force, but in terms of race culture or ethic relations, it still has a long way to go.
Perhaps it's because I don't feel European that this conversation has passed me by somewhat.
Yet as voting day looms, I do feel a little compelled to engage with it.

Of the campaign itself, the vote to remain campaign still tells us very little about Europe.
The Brexit campaign at least gives us a little insight into the workings of the EU.
...and it does come across as a very wealthy powerful and private club.

Ideologically, I'm a supporter of the AU, so by default, one would think I would also be a supporter of the EU
Yet whilst one is a no brainer for me.. the other... certainly isn't.
Africans are the least welcome of all migrants across Europe.
.. and that's just not cool at all.

Saturday 28 May 2016

Colors of Africa - Mafikizolo ft Diamond Platnumz & Dj Maphorisa

I'm in love with this song
I haven't heard much from the uber stylish Mafikizolo for some time but here we are

The beat is rock solid
Another great collaboration
Has a similar guitar riff to Soweto baby. Loved it then, loving it now

The video itself is also a great reminder that women don't have to present half naked and hyper sexual to appeal
Yes, just another reason to love it
and have a great weekend

Yemi Alade ft Flavour - Kom Kom

Nice collaboration

" If you love me boo.
like you say you do
you've got to show me boo
by the things you do.."


Well...Flavour seems to get fitter by the day doesn't he?

Korede Bello - One & Only

Korode Bello bio [click]

Friday 27 May 2016

Brexit and Bridget

Here I am caught between watching this and the Bridget Jones movie.
So I'm doing both!

Watching this made me truly realize just how little I know about the EU.

Chillin - Davido ft Akon & Runtown - TGIF Vibes

i can confirm that my potatoes are growing!... and... I need a new hose.
That important news flash aside.. how are you?
I nearly skipped this song but for some reason, stuck with it, and yes. it's actually quite nice.
A neat summer song.

TGFI!, its been a long one, so I'm looking forward to the weekend.
The sun's out, and I feel like chillin for sure
If they get the drinks the charcoal the fish and the meat.. I'll fire the BBQ this weekend, as there's no greater joy than cooking outside on days like this
Slight exaggeration but you know what I mean :)

Hello Friday.. god bless youx

Thursday 26 May 2016

Iyanya - Heartbeat & Talking Diaspora

Such a nice track

So there will be No Haiti in the African Union other than retaining its current position of spectator [click]

Reports are that the AU are considering the establishment of a 6th region which would include representations of the African diaspora from across the world

So is it a case of.... fair enough?

Well, yes and no
Yes because we no longer appear to have the kind of leaders who recognise the Caribbean and its islanders of African descent as their own kin.
It's quite funny for as intrigued as I am with Robert Mugabe even he had a word or two to say a few years back about jamaicans (men in particular) which proved just how un- clued up he remains with regards to the slave rebellions and anti colonial movements across the caribbean; Pan African movements that paved the way for and contributed to, the establishment of the Pan African congresses and Pan African sentiment.
To be fair, he wasn't entirely wrong about everything :)
More Islanders could also be more clued up also

No, instead, it really does appear that many of our leaders have become 'overseers'
...literally living in the big house.

In the main, our really great African leaders were 'bumped off' early. Ever notice just how young many of them were?
Potential.. squashed from outside, and also...from inside.
It didn't take Ghana long to turn against Nkruma...only to realise later that perhaps they may have made a mistake
Call it a lack of loyalty if you like

Our current leaders are doing the best they can
Although It doesn't seem as though Tony Blair's AGI has worked after all :).

Most of these countries are still underinvesting in health and education. Sustainable development goals a hard target for many to reach

Anyway... I digress

So... a 6th region?
YES - as it's better than nothing, question is, will it just be a seat in the gallery, or will there be any voting rights?
I suspect not.

...and NO - because it really doesn't go far enough. It's a baby step and not a bold move.
The African Union should be just that
The African Union.

Having said all that, one issue is the fact that Haiti remains one of the 'poorest' countries in the Caribbean.
They have their own issues too.
Each still needs to get their own house in order
Yet maybe, the best way out.. is together. After all.. Africa's progress can never be based on the success of individual countries alone. Africa's success will remain an ideological agreement which can only be followed by uncompromising action.

Nice 1 Iyanya

Tuesday 24 May 2016

The white English woman exciting the Nollywood film Industry

She drops it better than me lol!
I quite like her, she seems cool

It's interesting though, and just goes to show how we are able to select and acquire culture/s at our will.
However, the main reason for her fame appears to be her ethnicity. Her skin colour, and the fact that she hails from a small English town. For as we know, a black women hailing from an English town with the ability to speak another dialect would not raise many eyebrows.
Funny how things change, yet nothing changes
Some will call it cultural appropriation... but I wont even go down that road.
I will say however that the fascination 'Africa' has with Europeans remains intact.
Well done to her though... follow your dreams and whatever makes you happy.

What would Mugabe say I wonder

Sunday 22 May 2016

Demarco - Get Money


Big up harlesden man. NW10 long time - how's it?
Nice tune

2 hot tracks for Sunday - I Octane - Brave Heart & Munga - Talk Bad - Radio

Blazed these tracks up today - Fire
My neighbour's gonna help saw down my big tree

I appreciate that - I can do some things...but not everything baby

Does Weight matter?

Love is simple.
People.. are not.

When it comes to relationships.. does body size matter?
In a recent discussion, I learnt that there are men who would leave a partner if they gained weight. (This is in male/female relationships).
Yet, for some reason the words 'you're too fat' or 'you've put on too much weight' rarely comes from the mouths of women towards thier male partner
Why is that? I wonder

Perhaps it's because in some cultures a man with a big belly signifies wealth and well-being.
Perhaps, the woman is thinking.. 'let the mo-fo eat ' then no other woman would want him' lol!.
Perhaps ... the answer is that women are less shallow when it comes down to it, and will tend to appreciate morals values and character, over appearances.

I hope

Big belly men - no problem mon [click]

Google images

Article 2013

Thursday 19 May 2016

Christopher Martin - Take Me Back

These lyrics are something else, when hear what he's actually saying
Anyway, it's Chris, he's a don and I'm biased, nice tune

Wednesday 18 May 2016

Tarrus Riley - Don't Come Back

Another track on the Crown Love Riddim
Long time since ive heard Tarrus Riley like this.. lyrically strong.. nice track
Music maestro please

Infinite Waters diving deep once again :)

Two enjoyable vid's for the evening

Christopher Martin - My Love

Ahhhh.. love Christopher Martin fi real

Good morning my blessed people x

Tuesday 17 May 2016

Derrick Morgan - Tougher Than Tough


Happy birthday dad

Today would have been my dad's birthday

Well, it was my dad's birthday..
I'm not sure if there'll ever come a time I wont miss my dad in some way. Every so often.

I have good memories though :)

He helped me move into my 1st flat.
and then... my second
helped me decorate
helped me sort my garden out
lol helped me alot huh

pity he's not here

But I remember things that he told me ( that in some ways maybe only a dad can) that I didn't quite understand then

( my dad and my uncle)

but his words make sense now

He was a no nonsense kinda man, but very playful too.
Helped alot of people, had alot of 'friends'
Never forgotten dad

Thank you
you were the coolest

Saturday 14 May 2016

Phyno ft. Olamide - Fada Fada

Not sure if i've heard Phyno sing before.. far more used to him rapping

Nice harmonies on this track

Jah Vinci - Set Me Free

Loving this tune right now
" out clear"

Sunday 8 May 2016

Not the 'worlds best' gardener.. but I try

Thank you grass seeds for doing your thing!

It's coming along well ( remember I had dug it all up?)
If seeds were a metaphor for the way we think, whatever we plant ( or is planted) in our minds... will grow.
lol.. I so messed up that sentence initially!#sundrunk

Enjoying London today

Another Sunny Day

Nice day yesterday.. 'sun hot' again today x
London in the sun is a joy

Saturday 7 May 2016

Robert Nesta Marley

Listening to Bob Marley in the sun.. feels right
Loving the intro's


Infinite Waters - How to Sense Other People's True Intentions

Runtown ft. Wizkid - Lagos To Kampala

DJ Big N Ft Wizkid & Dr Sid – Erima

Love the beat!
Happy Sunny Saturday all x

Papa Dennis ft. KoredeBello - Wonder

For info on Papa Dennis [click]

London welcomes a New Mayor

( of London - minus the city)

We have a new Mayor of London.. yay
Sadiq Khan.
Good for the Labour Party, but in truth the position does seem a more diplomatic role, with a focus on promoting London around the world, perhaps involvement in transport.
I say that based on what I observed of Boris.

One thing Boris has is a big personality, he's a funny guy whether you agree with his politics or not
Sadiq, I suspect will humour us less, but if things continue to run well in London, all will be fine.

The campaign itself appeared to focus on the class ( and cultural) differences between the two most popular candidates; Zac and Sadiq
Sadiq's leaflet was clear. (Yet equally patronizing and somewhat off-putting.)

It said something like.. 'the council estate boy' ( as if boys from council estates cant grow up to become complete assholes, just like any other)
The implication ( as usual) was that Zac as the 'rich/privileged' boy would not be able to relate to ordinary hard-working Londoners.. unlike Sadiq
..but each played thier best card. With Muslim Sadiq viewed with suspicion from the other side

In theory.. perhaps it's true.
Perhaps one needs to experience a thing to fully appreciate the situations of others
Perhaps.. but no.. we know it's not as simple as that

So Sadiq Khan is Mayor.
The media spin is 'London appoints first Muslim mayor of a major western city'.
Who cares?
Exactly what is the point being made there?.

Ti made me laugh..
'So.. he won?... the council estate boy? ( as he's now known at home)
'yeah...it was either him or Zac goldsmith'
'Who?.. Zac?'
'A rich name like Zac?...Goldsmith?.. ahh.. you should have told me - would have voted for him!'

Ti's funny.


London welcomes Sadiq Khan
Congratulations.. we wish him well!

Wednesday 4 May 2016

The AU to welcome the Caribbean ? - ft Machel Montano

It's reported that Haiti is set to become an official member of the African Union (AU) in June.
Will it pave the way for other Caribbean Islands to also be recognized?.
It's a question I raised in a recent post.

If in June Haiti does indeed become the first Caribbean Island to be admitted, it will be a big step in recognizing and reconnecting the African diaspora across the Caribbean.
It's a significant move

Was a day for Soca - sun hot (ish)
well... it's warming up anyway

Monday 2 May 2016

Bank Holiday WOW Factor - Mali Music - Conqueror +


"more than ... a conqueror.."



The EU rebel

So chilled I forgot it was Monday!
Had a relaxing day doing very little:)
Just me and little man right now - he's on some educational game as I type.
My bro called me to talk politics. Trust me.. after the hellos he's straight in there. Any-time Any-place,
brexit or bremain is his favourite topic at the moment.

"How will you vote?"
" I don't know yet i've not really looked into it enough

Cue minor hysteria disgust and a long story - "arrgh okay I'll check it out!"

Then he sang me a song he's written about it - then forgot the words .lol
"Ermm ive heard it before you recorded it at mine remember?!"

Then after realizing I wasn't going to be his audience today ( he tried Job from the bible, and afrocenrism) he went on to tell me about when they first saw me - how loved I am and that they all spoilt me.
"Awww.. thanks" I said.. "I appreciate"
"Yeah whatever" was his reply.
Obama style mic drop- Phone-down
Hello?.. Hello?..

My brothers are so funny sometimes
The EU rebel ( apparently) :)
I really will look into it now though.. make a decesion, it's time

Mali Music - Beautiful

Mavado - Set The Trend

Jah Vinci - One In A Million

Conversations with god ( and I don't mean the book)

2nd day of a new month - bank holiday Monday.
I really didn't even realize I was getting an extended break when I took Friday off!

Setting goals has become quite common for me.
The ones that I complete with ease, seem to be the ones I'm most passionate about
go figure

I set time aside last year to do a few other things, explore and develop in other areas of my life.
The idea of setting aside anything is possibly a flawed concept.
One of my goals is to embark on my Phd journey. I was to meet with my former lecturer and I hope Phd supervisor last year, but delayed it until this year.

I guess one non academic questions is...
"Why?. What will you do with it once you have it?"
Answer - "I'm doing it for me - and completion is reward enough. I will learn a great deal, and will be in a position to explore fully and write about that which I love to talk and write about. Plus there's something about being an 'expert' ( so to speak) that appeals to me"

"So what?"
Answer - Errr, So nothing" (feisty god)

"Will you teach?"
Answer - Initially I considered lecturing p/t evenings - but the drive I had to do that has diminished somewhat"

"Not sure, perhaps my enthusiasm will return once I'm back in the saddle. besides... I like my evenings!"

"What do you want to research dear girl?"
Answer - "Now that's the part where I'm still a little unsure, and was perhaps the additional reason for my delay ( aside from love)
My areas of interest and definitely my strongest research area is in writing about Pan Africanism and the African diaspora. It formed part of my Masters dissertation and so makes sense to build on that.
Yet I also have an interest in war and conflict
How to countries rebuild trust after war? for example
How has Rwanda achieved this?.. have they really achieved it or is the fear of its return the major pacifier"

"Isn't Pan-Africanism an outdated concept?"

Answer -"In the hearts and minds of many it certainly isn't. Social media is awash with Pan African rhetoric. Perhaps it's being kept alive in the imagination - never to be fully realized in reality.
The AU does not include Caribbean countries ( despite the Caribbean being at the forefront of the Pan African movement) .. should it? if there really is a genuine will to embrace the African diaspora (as was mentioned in a recent post) why are their politics so distinctly .. separate"

Whatever I do, I aim to do alongside whatever else brings me joy".
So setting aside isn't really necessary.

"Are you sure about that?"
Answer - "It's a common notion that one should really focus on one thing at a time. But for most of us women, that's a luxury we've never been afforded".

"Do you think I'm a man?"
Answer - no.. but lets not go there...

What's important and perhaps more important, is being organised
I could be wrong, as most of the people I know who have completed a Phd have told me that they had little time to do anything else! but I'll see.
To be honest there are lots of things I'm working on and towards
but a girl needs to have fun too
So while it's okay to have goals and work towards achieving them, it's also advisable I think to keep a space for the unknown, and to ensue that fun... is at the forefront.

Enjoy being a woman, and a girl
Today for example - I just wanna chill in my yard, enjoy the cool air, have a nice meal, glass of wine, and a hug from some strong arms.
yes, that would be nice".

"Will you get that?"
Answer - will- I- heck. ...No, I'm kidding:)... most of that is kinda standard (apart from the arms).so sure , why not?. Anything else.. well... you know

"Love you girl"
Answer - "yeah.. love you too"

"Feel free to change your mind... you know how I roll :)"
" Yep... indeed I do"

Sunday 1 May 2016