Sunday 29 May 2016

Is Britain Stronger in Europe?

Yes.. In many ways perhaps Britain would be...
However, that doesn't mean they would be any weaker out

In the interest of fairness I've decided to post a video backing the 'IN' campaign.

Tony Blair; speaking on Andrew Marr this morning spoke of the benefits of free movement of [European] people across Europe and the long and painful trading deal renegotiations that would occur should the public vote to leave.
Ideologically, if I truly felt European, If I was European, I would possibly vote to remain. As I would possibly think, more of the ways in which I as a European would benefit.
Not rock the boat, no pun intended and enjoy' whatever few benefits I feel I may be getting from the EU
Funding for charities and projects for those involved in that sector?, definitely a plus.

It would be interesting to know whether people will be voting based on what is best for the country.. as opposed to selfish reasons. ( Or both)

But here's the thing....I don't, not entirely feel European

London, is very cosmopolitan compared to many places outside of London, and especially places in Europe.
I've met too many people from 'Europe' who have told me of their experiences of blatant racism for me to ignore that issue.
Europe may be a trading force, but in terms of race culture or ethic relations, it still has a long way to go.
Perhaps it's because I don't feel European that this conversation has passed me by somewhat.
Yet as voting day looms, I do feel a little compelled to engage with it.

Of the campaign itself, the vote to remain campaign still tells us very little about Europe.
The Brexit campaign at least gives us a little insight into the workings of the EU.
...and it does come across as a very wealthy powerful and private club.

Ideologically, I'm a supporter of the AU, so by default, one would think I would also be a supporter of the EU
Yet whilst one is a no brainer for me.. the other... certainly isn't.
Africans are the least welcome of all migrants across Europe.
.. and that's just not cool at all.

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