Thursday 26 May 2016

Iyanya - Heartbeat & Talking Diaspora

Such a nice track

So there will be No Haiti in the African Union other than retaining its current position of spectator [click]

Reports are that the AU are considering the establishment of a 6th region which would include representations of the African diaspora from across the world

So is it a case of.... fair enough?

Well, yes and no
Yes because we no longer appear to have the kind of leaders who recognise the Caribbean and its islanders of African descent as their own kin.
It's quite funny for as intrigued as I am with Robert Mugabe even he had a word or two to say a few years back about jamaicans (men in particular) which proved just how un- clued up he remains with regards to the slave rebellions and anti colonial movements across the caribbean; Pan African movements that paved the way for and contributed to, the establishment of the Pan African congresses and Pan African sentiment.
To be fair, he wasn't entirely wrong about everything :)
More Islanders could also be more clued up also

No, instead, it really does appear that many of our leaders have become 'overseers'
...literally living in the big house.

In the main, our really great African leaders were 'bumped off' early. Ever notice just how young many of them were?
Potential.. squashed from outside, and also...from inside.
It didn't take Ghana long to turn against Nkruma...only to realise later that perhaps they may have made a mistake
Call it a lack of loyalty if you like

Our current leaders are doing the best they can
Although It doesn't seem as though Tony Blair's AGI has worked after all :).

Most of these countries are still underinvesting in health and education. Sustainable development goals a hard target for many to reach

Anyway... I digress

So... a 6th region?
YES - as it's better than nothing, question is, will it just be a seat in the gallery, or will there be any voting rights?
I suspect not.

...and NO - because it really doesn't go far enough. It's a baby step and not a bold move.
The African Union should be just that
The African Union.

Having said all that, one issue is the fact that Haiti remains one of the 'poorest' countries in the Caribbean.
They have their own issues too.
Each still needs to get their own house in order
Yet maybe, the best way out.. is together. After all.. Africa's progress can never be based on the success of individual countries alone. Africa's success will remain an ideological agreement which can only be followed by uncompromising action.

Nice 1 Iyanya

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