Sunday 22 May 2016

Does Weight matter?

Love is simple.
People.. are not.

When it comes to relationships.. does body size matter?
In a recent discussion, I learnt that there are men who would leave a partner if they gained weight. (This is in male/female relationships).
Yet, for some reason the words 'you're too fat' or 'you've put on too much weight' rarely comes from the mouths of women towards thier male partner
Why is that? I wonder

Perhaps it's because in some cultures a man with a big belly signifies wealth and well-being.
Perhaps, the woman is thinking.. 'let the mo-fo eat ' then no other woman would want him' lol!.
Perhaps ... the answer is that women are less shallow when it comes down to it, and will tend to appreciate morals values and character, over appearances.

I hope

Big belly men - no problem mon [click]

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  1. That explains why Rick Ross gets all the chicks. :D

    1. Loool!! .. yes hahaa!

    2. Ermm not me personally tho Joe.. I like fit.. unless hmmm..ermm....argh lol!