Tuesday 17 May 2016

Happy birthday dad

Today would have been my dad's birthday

Well, it was my dad's birthday..
I'm not sure if there'll ever come a time I wont miss my dad in some way. Every so often.

I have good memories though :)

He helped me move into my 1st flat.
and then... my second
helped me decorate
helped me sort my garden out
lol helped me alot huh

pity he's not here

But I remember things that he told me ( that in some ways maybe only a dad can) that I didn't quite understand then

( my dad and my uncle)

but his words make sense now

He was a no nonsense kinda man, but very playful too.
Helped alot of people, had alot of 'friends'
Never forgotten dad

Thank you
you were the coolest


  1. Aww what a cool tribute. I miss my Dad too. But it's nice we still have the memories isn't it?

  2. Oh, Dawna. These days are bittersweet aren't' they? (It would have been my mom's 70th on May 5th.) I am glad you had a good and kind dad who loved you. Like Joe, I am so glad we have memories that stay with us.