Saturday 20 May 2017

Sona - Ginger

My track of the week.. and very good performers..
Happy Saturday x

Sunday 14 May 2017

A look at Anxiety

The Money - Davido ft. Olamide

"You can wash up anyday.. not just on 'Mothers day'!"

Woke up this morning thinking perhaps it was mothers day again. Thought perhaps I didn't have one a few weeks or months ago, only be told I did... did I forget the cards?, and its not mothers day here but in America ( or elsewhere) dishes and cooking here I come then :)

Happy Mother's Day mums x

One Africa Music Fest - Wembley 2017

An amazing night!
back to back extravaganza, with some of the finest African artists, musicians and producers

So many highlights, including, Davido, 9ice, Tenko, P-Square, Casper ( South Africa) , Awilo Longmba ( Congo), and of course Flavour.
Phyno was outstanding, and Tiwa's performance was also very fine indeed

MP Diane Abbot showed up on stage urging the audience to 'vote labour!'
( That was a surprise :) )

Banky W made an excellent compare, and his performance.. polished!
congratulations on his recent marriage

DJ Spinall keep the vibes flowing all night with some very fine music indeed, brilliant!.

Sarkodie, proved why not only is he Ghana's no1 rapper but he's a pretty good dancer too
He's extremely talented.
..and.. cute.


Time constraints meant that Flavour's set was cut short as was P Square..
So many artists on the bill, and a slightly late start
A little more time and more Flavour would have turned Wembley upside down, but never mind...

Worth every penny

African music packed Wembley Stadium last night..


Congrats and thanks to the promoter for bringing the show to London..

I'll say this.. I just love this man's voice..
9ice..manages to make Yoruba sound so darn sexy



Energetic performance from Tenko ( who looks about 14!)


back in time Flavour... a nice singalong track on the night

So many to mention, but I'll leave it there for now

Happy Sunday
One Africa x.


Monday 8 May 2017

Busy Signal - The Reasoning

I don't know say to say about this offering from Busy Signal.
It's 'rude'.. but it works
Busy Signal... my occasional guilty pleasure. the lyrical flow on this is slick, ( even if he keeps banging on about his d***)
See what I did there?
Guess it's my time.. to rhyme

I think it's time for bed
Good night x

Monday musings

I'm very tired this evening, I'm actually watching Masterchef ( which I Love ) on my laptop whilst laying on my bed. I hope I don't fall asleep mid-type or mid-watch!
I used a lot of energy today trying to stay warm. I'm here wishing it were possible to load the washing machine using the power of thought alone.
I'll do it... but it may take a mantra or two!


Singer? - Kiddus I

Possibly one of the greatest reggae films ever made, featuring some of the finest reggae musicians of the time.
I came across this clip again this evening.
Fond memory's of a film that depicted what many cite as the 'reality' of the music industry in Jamaica at the time. A humorous film and very entertaining. If you've never seen it, it's worth a watch. A young Gregory Issacs seems to steal every scene he's in.... may he continue to rest in peace.

Other great reggae themed films include 'Babylon'( UK) featuring Aswad and the mighty sound system Jah Shaka
Dancehall queen (also very entertaining) and 'Babymother' ( UK), ( soundtrack written by Ms Trilla Jenna herself) very talented lady.

Still. my top three are Rockers, Babylon and The Harder They Come
A mixture of the sociopolitical historical and cultural aspects of reggae music. Mixed with light hearted humour serious issues, and fun.


Today was just too cold.

I actually have some writing to do, but rest is on the agenda


In Conversation with.. Little Man

My 1st attempt at editing. Took me all day, but after several attempts, I ended up with this. In conversation with little man, on a bright Sunday afternoon.

Good morning x

Saturday 6 May 2017

L.A.X - Run Away

Loving this track

Migrants Petitions and Collective Consciousness

My dads birthday month. 18th actually. Missed.
Left us quite early really considering, but his last days with us were special. He had a tough time with Parkinson's so it was a relief in many ways when he had to endure it no longer

Anyway, this is not a depressing post
It's all good.

Has anyone else noticed how shiny apples are these days?
Heavily spayed or GM?.
I have an apple tree, so if we get the sun and heat, I pray it will bare real apples!

Catching up on a few missed interviews this evening, and generally chilling.
Made some lovely Jollof, tasty sauce ( I think I've mastered that now) but the rice.... hmmmm.. gotta use another rice.


Diane Abbot will really need to 'steal' herself more than most, for many reasons.
One thing I'm not clear on is why 'anti Diane-ites' refer to her as 'anti white'.
She will openly call out bullshit, so maybe that's why.

But check this out [click]... unbelievable! ( but a little predictable)

don't go signing it now.. I'm just showing you the depth of unfavourable feeling
It appears many people still don't really understand racism
Or prefer to deny it

I have a change I'd like to make. I wonder If I can get enough signatures.
If I do it, I'll let you know, then you can all sign ... if you agree that is... or sign simply because you love me
Either way.. It's cool.


When Londoners complain about commuting.... consider these folk..
Libya is no easy place for African migrants
It's amazing really that Libya is almost not even seen as an African country

I'll share something funny with you, when I meet people from North Africa, they tend to describe themselves as 'other'. Sometimes 'white other', 'African other' on rare occasions, but that's often accompanied with unease. Lovely as they are, there is a serious continental north /south divide.
I should play with that more sometimes, smile and say.. oh so you're African!, greetings my brother!

I met a lovely couple recently from Uganda. Indian, Old enough to have a memory of how many 'migrated' to Britain. I got on very well with them.

If multinationals continue to deny opportunities to local labour in favour of importing their own work forces... skills and job shortages for local people will continue.
I'm not suggesting multinationals are solely responsible for increased migration, but we cannot deny their role win the matter.
Ultimately, governments have a duty in acting in the best interests of their people.

Jobs, Education, health, sanitation, homes, SECURITY


If we believe in the concept that 'we' create our reality.
Have you ever wondered how that plays out for those facing serious hardship?... trafficked as domestics or sex workers..?

I asked that once and was told it was a result of our collective consciousness
Weighing heavily on injustice and individualism

Wednesday 3 May 2017


Back in time

Beauty and the beast - ZABZ TV

Did anyone see the new version?... ermmm, I mean.. did anyone take their CHILDREN to see the new version :)... I heard it was ok.

Ayway...It's mid week.. heehee

Critical Options ~ Les Brown

Les Brown is 72 years old..
Going strong..
An amazing story of success and achievement, considered 'mentally retarded' at school ( he wasn't) , raised by a loving adoptive mother. His story inspires many. once married to Gladys Knight ( yes that amazing singer)

There are times he simply makes me laugh.. his own laugh is infectious.
Do you know how hard it is to live with 'integrity'?
But its a beautiful thing if one can muster the courage

11 funny signs that help you to recognise an election is nigh

Why 11?
Coz it's not 10.

1. People you don't recognise, know, or barely see in your local community, may knock at your door stating that they're from a particular party, and are working hard on your behalf representing you and your needs... the conversation (should you wish to accept it), may end with the line... 'so can we count on your vote'...

Response: 'Ermmm, sure, ok!', well you promised the others so you then decide to promise them all....

2. You may be shocked to discover the Liberal Democrat party... is still functioning.. with more than one party member..

3. There will be 'gaffs'(they're only human)

4. You are reminded that for many politicians, there is rarely such a thing as a straight answer.. to a straight question

5. You will hear the phrase.. 'A country that works for everyone'... alot!

6. You may begin to wonder.. exactly who will pay the Brexit bill.... [click]

7. Some politicians may develop a new found love for holding other people's babies, talking to young people, the elderly, the un-or underemployed, and so called 'ethnic minorities'

8. You may find yourself.. despite initially feeling quite nonchalant.. with a renewed interest in politics... ( or a burning desire to switch off completely)

9. You will hear the word.. 'we' a lot, as in.. 'we need to make a difference', which will either make you feel included ( Awww) ... or... want to simply chew on your left toe nail, mumbling we??.. since when do I matter in all this!'...

10. It may be suggested that we the public have a choice between, stability or absolute chaos.
How this choice is viewed will depend on;
Whether you believe it to be a true statement in the 1st instance, and ultimately, whether you believe in a fairer tax system and stronger investment into public service, which may boil down to a debate on that age old question.. should those of us who earn more.. pay more?.

In short, your core values, morals and beliefs may begin to feel somewhat exposed.....

Fret not darlings, you're a good person and won't be exiled to 'purgatory' for having an opinion!

11. You may find yourself watching the news like this...

Yep, it's warming up folks... :)
.. and I certainly don't mean the weather...


My eldest son made dinner... It was absolutely delicious..
Washed up an everything.!.. nice! I really appreciate that.. and shall fight the need to 'do something', in the kitchen tonight

Monday 1 May 2017

Saltfish and Bank Holiday 'tings' ft music by Adekunle Gold - Work

Happy New month

Bank holiday break and a chance to catch up with mum.
The morning looked very promising indeed, but initial appearances buckled under scrutiny as the weather quickly changed into a blustery rainy, dark grey cloud threatening to burst its contents any minute, kind of day
Well.. England we deh.

Still all was well, I was feeling level, and not even the weather was going to unbalance me. (today)

It was actually an interesting day in many ways. I managed to lock myself out of the house, with both me and Ti expecting the other would have the door keys only to realise that neither did!

The realisation that parking permits are about to be introduced on my road, (eliciting more cash) peeved me as I tried to find a parking space nearby to 'allow' the 'money guzzling' 'process' to take place.

But what was more interesting was the conversations enjoyed today.
My mum, had cooked us sailfish in preparation for our visit, but was minus the Ackee. Neither myself or Ti was willing to step back out into the rain, and realising this, my mum then asked if we'd like boiled eggs with it instead
'huh?1'.. boiled eggs??'.. 'where's that come from?'

'Which country combines sailfish and boiled eggs?', we enquired finding it somewhat amusing
Well.. apparently... none.
Turns out.. It's just my mum being creative

Of course.

But often, that's how it goes.
When we consider the 'story' of the 'dishes' we eat and consider cultural or traditional we may be surprised.
In some cases it could simply be that a woman somewhere just tried something different to feed her hungry family. and bam. It caught on.

Quite often, very few of us really know why we do the things we do.
We just do them, as our parents or parents parents did them..
but the salthfish and boiled eggs things?.. hmmm.. It can work I guess...

But I prefer Ackee every time


I love this song and now accompanying video

I love the lyrical sentiment, and the video is definitely right up my street, depicting real life and culture plus it steers away from the stereotypical gyrating women vibe.
To be fair.. the lyrical content of the song would not have suited that anyway but well done to Mr Moe Musa..

Great director!