Monday 8 May 2017

Monday musings

I'm very tired this evening, I'm actually watching Masterchef ( which I Love ) on my laptop whilst laying on my bed. I hope I don't fall asleep mid-type or mid-watch!
I used a lot of energy today trying to stay warm. I'm here wishing it were possible to load the washing machine using the power of thought alone.
I'll do it... but it may take a mantra or two!


Singer? - Kiddus I

Possibly one of the greatest reggae films ever made, featuring some of the finest reggae musicians of the time.
I came across this clip again this evening.
Fond memory's of a film that depicted what many cite as the 'reality' of the music industry in Jamaica at the time. A humorous film and very entertaining. If you've never seen it, it's worth a watch. A young Gregory Issacs seems to steal every scene he's in.... may he continue to rest in peace.

Other great reggae themed films include 'Babylon'( UK) featuring Aswad and the mighty sound system Jah Shaka
Dancehall queen (also very entertaining) and 'Babymother' ( UK), ( soundtrack written by Ms Trilla Jenna herself) very talented lady.

Still. my top three are Rockers, Babylon and The Harder They Come
A mixture of the sociopolitical historical and cultural aspects of reggae music. Mixed with light hearted humour serious issues, and fun.


Today was just too cold.

I actually have some writing to do, but rest is on the agenda


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