Saturday 6 May 2017

Migrants Petitions and Collective Consciousness

My dads birthday month. 18th actually. Missed.
Left us quite early really considering, but his last days with us were special. He had a tough time with Parkinson's so it was a relief in many ways when he had to endure it no longer

Anyway, this is not a depressing post
It's all good.

Has anyone else noticed how shiny apples are these days?
Heavily spayed or GM?.
I have an apple tree, so if we get the sun and heat, I pray it will bare real apples!

Catching up on a few missed interviews this evening, and generally chilling.
Made some lovely Jollof, tasty sauce ( I think I've mastered that now) but the rice.... hmmmm.. gotta use another rice.


Diane Abbot will really need to 'steal' herself more than most, for many reasons.
One thing I'm not clear on is why 'anti Diane-ites' refer to her as 'anti white'.
She will openly call out bullshit, so maybe that's why.

But check this out [click]... unbelievable! ( but a little predictable)

don't go signing it now.. I'm just showing you the depth of unfavourable feeling
It appears many people still don't really understand racism
Or prefer to deny it

I have a change I'd like to make. I wonder If I can get enough signatures.
If I do it, I'll let you know, then you can all sign ... if you agree that is... or sign simply because you love me
Either way.. It's cool.


When Londoners complain about commuting.... consider these folk..
Libya is no easy place for African migrants
It's amazing really that Libya is almost not even seen as an African country

I'll share something funny with you, when I meet people from North Africa, they tend to describe themselves as 'other'. Sometimes 'white other', 'African other' on rare occasions, but that's often accompanied with unease. Lovely as they are, there is a serious continental north /south divide.
I should play with that more sometimes, smile and say.. oh so you're African!, greetings my brother!

I met a lovely couple recently from Uganda. Indian, Old enough to have a memory of how many 'migrated' to Britain. I got on very well with them.

If multinationals continue to deny opportunities to local labour in favour of importing their own work forces... skills and job shortages for local people will continue.
I'm not suggesting multinationals are solely responsible for increased migration, but we cannot deny their role win the matter.
Ultimately, governments have a duty in acting in the best interests of their people.

Jobs, Education, health, sanitation, homes, SECURITY


If we believe in the concept that 'we' create our reality.
Have you ever wondered how that plays out for those facing serious hardship?... trafficked as domestics or sex workers..?

I asked that once and was told it was a result of our collective consciousness
Weighing heavily on injustice and individualism

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