Wednesday 24 August 2011

Poem of love

Through the mist I saw thee
In the rain you did shelter me
Through the storm you did console me
You offered me your heart

In the sun you did shield me
In the snow you did warm me
Through the fog you did guide me
I offered you my heart

Time aged me yet I did wait
Forgotten the game he loves me not
Put away thoughts of white dresses and rings
As unsteady in belief as a tightrope bridge

Still through it all was I destined to meet
Through the ups and downs
Things at their bleak-est
Cheer me up with a joke
Sing a lullaby softly
For you
Is this poem of love


  1. @Dawna that is such a heartfelt cheery poem I love it........:). It's a poem filled with many emotions especially of love and care for another. Ultimately not everyone is destined to love us the way we want but their presence in our lifes alone is enough!!!!

  2. you gotta do poetry slam. right I'm searching for an event ...

  3. Thank you ChilledLeo:) thank you Chrome:)

  4. super extra nice I love it