Saturday 20 August 2011

Nice to meet you..

Life is full of surprises.
You can meet kindred spirits anytime and anywhere... and when you do, the question is not why, but a feeling of acceptance of what is.
Had a great night last night, and the opportunity to meet up with two wonderful 'blog buddies', the beautiful and funny ChilledLeo (Happy Birthday), and the very tall and handsome Chrome(*blushes*)

Had a chance to chat over a game of pool; ladies won one game, Chrome won the other, and drinks. This was followed by some much needed food at an 'American style' diner..complete with 'straight outa Compton' style doorman!
It was a fun and friendly place but in truth, we could have been anywhere and I would have had a great time... as.. it's who you're with that makes all the difference.

I never thought, when I began writing this blog that I would meet such great people. I'm able to follow the lives of others in a way that's meaningful, and offers real insight into who we are as people.. across cultures, lands and seas. I look forward to the updates, and recognising the individual skills and talents each one possesses.

Nice to finally meet up..I'm up for a rematch anytime:)

*no longer just an animation:)*


  1. Hey I wish that I could have been there. Last summer I met a couple of my long time blog buddies in Memphis when I went there on vacation.

    If you're gonna go to an American style diner, then maybe I should go to a British style pub.

  2. Ahh Reggie wish you were there too!
    I like the British syle pub idea lol..with some real British style 'grub':)
    Any time you're in the UK

  3. Thank you for the bday wishes :)

    Awwwww Dawna sassy gorgeous lady 'Black Beauty'I love your post and likewise it was an ABSOLUTE pleasure to have finally met you too. Glad I wore those heels for sure lol.

    You are doing some great wonderful work there giving back to the community we could all certainly do with more generous and caring individuals like yourself.

    Yes we so thrashed Chrome no messing with these two chicks so watch out Mr!!!!...I say bring on a rematch already!!!!

    @Reggie it would have been surreal but very entertaining to have had your company too yesterday!!!