Saturday 30 November 2013

Just a thought before lunch.. on politics and people

Slums like these. (see video below)
The level of corruption is abysmal. You'd better be born into the right family, in the right geographical areas, with the right income base, if you wanna 'get a life'. ( as we would call it here in the West)
Does Kenya not have a functioning Welfare state?. If not, surely it would, at very least grant these people a basic standard of living.. a 'decent'home. ( as a starting point)

Whilst I suspect corruption would be rife in the administering of such funds, at least the people would have recourse.
Social mobility in many of the African states I tend to look at seem non existent. ( Most 'developing countries, and not limited to African states at all)

Despite the inequality gap growing wider in richer countries.. there is still a 'chance'.

Where I live, house prices.. even small ones.. are relatively very expensive... out of reach for unemployed, low or average wage earners.
0 contract hours (on the increase) jobs, are a sign of the times, and really do take the proverbial p... but a job is a job, and employers want to turn a profit too. They need to, to stay afloat.
Education, as a way up and out, is becoming increasingly expensive.
But still.. a 'chance'

The policy logic of the day, doesn't seem to be working well for the many, but it does seem to be, for the few.

To be fair, It's a difficult thing to get right.
Neoliberalism 'promotes' greed and immorality..
It is however.. seductive.

It plays to our weakest desires, our lowest common denominators, (yet on the positive flipside) our ambitions, and rewards us well, should we be in possession of the right cards, and have knowledge of how to play those cards.. play the game.
It helps, if you care little of others. If you're a little heartless bastard/elle S.T.S. (so to speak)

For a poor woman in a slum ( with no hope of social mobility) I suspect you may see why selling sex would appear one of a very limited number of viable options.
For a man, crime.
It's ridiculous. For so much wealth to be concentrated in the hands of so few ( Africa UK and beyond) when there is enough wealth in this world to oversee an elimination of slums altogether. But, I no longer think it's about money solely. Sadly I'm inclined to believe it's about how people think, and why, what they believe, and why. What they wish to conserve, and why. How they are prepared to treat each other, and why
Who.. they think, they really are.

Okay.. I need to watch a rom com this evening.

Another vid.. another angle, another issue

by Damian Clarke / Mohammed Adow

Abolitioning on Ask a Slave

I came across this comedy web series on US Slave Blogspot, so I checked out a few..

Ask a Slave is based on the actress' time working as a living history character at the popular historic site, George Washington's Mount Vernon. All questions and interactions are based on true events.

Real Questions. Real Comedy.
Learn more @

Director: Jordan Black
Writer: Azie Mira Dungey
Director of Photography: Ryan Moulton
Editor: Ryan Moulton
Sound: Johnny Shryock
Animator: Jamie Noguchi
Production Manager: Pamela J Peters

Lizzie Mae: Azie Mira Dungey
Featuring: Liz Brown, Daniel Robbins, Jeremy Rowley, Sarah Mickley Conron, Max Faugno, Haqq Islam, Jimmy Fowlie

Thursday 28 November 2013

Music and Culture

Spent most of the day reading, and keeping warm as I have a cold/mild flu. Still.. I shall get back to it shortly.
Do you know, that people, and cultures, really fascinate me. . and I'm not sure that I even know why.

This video by Stephen Marley captured my imagination, features some interesting historical footage.. ( some of which I've never seen before)
and it's a pretty nice song

More on those churches at Lalibela (Ethiopia)

For those who like Mr Tarrus Riley

finally, just because.. I love, love songs..

Tuesday 26 November 2013

Easy Tuesday

Tuesday evening yes, but it feels like Thursday, probably because I feel a little queezy. I hope i'm not picking up Ti's flu germs, so an early night is required.
It may also be a combination of a few late nights, and early mornings...nothing a couple of Paracetamols wont take care of I suspect.
Other than that all is well.

In a quiet and contemplative mood this evening.

Time to chill.. time to ...

Morning x - Peetah M

Monday 25 November 2013

Presidential Medal of Freedom - Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey was awarded the presidential medal of freedom last week.{click}
Apparently it's the highest honour for a civilian in the US
She looks very happy too
Bill Clinton was awarded also.. plus other notables (i'm less familiar with)

Here's wiki's list of other recipients of the award..
a real mix

Sunday 24 November 2013

Spotlight on Ras Michael & the sons of Negus & the work of Daniel Heartman

Artist Ras Daniel Heartman (1942-1990?) became hugely recognisable by his work. He captured the essence of an emerging culture, captured a moment in time.

He stared in the film the Harder they come, alongside Jimmy Cliff.

I know very little about Heartman. He seemed to shun the limelight.. however, his pictures continue to adorn walls and tea-shirts.

Toots & the Maytals

Jackie Mittoo

Singalong Sunday revival selection. ft Pluto Shervington

Loved these old funny story telling tunes..

Where did he say he was from?

Rasta's dont eat pork.
This story is a funny tale of a dread who's struggling to get by. He finds that after shopping, there's no money left even to buy a little herb, so goes to the butcher for the cheapest meat. Forbidden meat.
So bad does he feel about it, that he cant say the P word.. so calls it 'dat' instead.
We used to sing along to this song too as kids.

Rasta Ozzy from up de hill
Decide fi check 'pon 'im grocery bill
An' when him add up de t'ings him need
De dunny done wha' him save fi buy likkle weed
Him han 'pon him jaw, lord. Red him eye an' just meditate
The time is so hard lord, I man now t'ink 'bout emigrate
I mek up me mind lord I might as well go 'gainst I man faith
So a forward a market, I sight the butcher bwoy by de gate

( You wan' goat? ) No I might-a kill I queen
( Try de beef nuh? ) I no check fi no grass weh green
( Wha' bout fowl? ) What'cha know is time fi a change
( Me 'ave fish ? ) Got children out a dat range
( How 'bout de steak? ) What'cha know, me no sight me rate
( Try tripe? ) Bu'n me belly when I pull me pipe
( What about de pork then? )
Hush your mouth man, me brethren hear
Sell I a pound of dat t'ing there

So when the butcher pull up a stool
Begin fi question Ozzy how him so fool
What kind a sump'in cook in a pot
From him born him never did hear 'bout dat
Well what'cha know master, give I time mek'a try explain
It's just like a flim show
Fi protect the humble we change the name
I would have feel so cute
Fi come in and ask we some 'Arnold fat'
I and I feel safer if we change the subject and call it Dat
( Rpt Chorus )

Ozzy pay off de butcher bill
Tek de parcel and trod up the hill
Like a spite who do you t'ink him meet?
Rasta Jeremiah from down the street
Guidance me brethren
Is wha' you have in a dat dere bag?
Him kinda get frighten, and begin fi hide it beneat' him rag
That man no fear I lord
Mek we go up me yard and take a sat
Meanwhile light a fire
I will help you eat off de pound a dat
( Rpt Chorus )

Saturday 23 November 2013

Alan Watts - You're it..That

I hadn't heard of Alan Watts

But in searching for what I was searching for today, I came across his work, his words.

Enjoy your day all

The music accompanying the 1st video I liked so much that I looked for it also..

a few others

I just woke up in this frame of mind today.. feeling like this.
words and music..nice..
Hope you find them as inspirational as I do

Friday 22 November 2013

Songs for Friday - R Kelly

Happy Friday everyone x

I love this song

and back in time..
From the album R (1998)

and yes, I've loved this one also

Wednesday 20 November 2013


An american professor who lectures on Marxism poses this question to his students..
'If you didn't have to work.. what would you do?.. how would you spend your time.. your day/s?'

Then.. as the students begin to think about it, and come up with answers ( which takes a while) he begins his lecture.

On the way home I pondered on this..

If you could do anything at all.. whatever you liked.. what would you do, and why?.
Equally.. what wouldn't you do.. and why?.
A good way to discover who you are.. perhaps even the meaning, and purpose..of you

Ti thought it funny to throw two of his olives at me just now. "Clearly" I said " you have too many on your plate!. you're abusing the olives.. You see, maybe that's what happens, when you have too much of something".

Saturday 16 November 2013

The Butler

I went to see the Butler today.

To be honest, I thought about it all the way home

I found it to be a very moving film. A reminder of those amazing people who suffered so greatly, to make this world a better place. To stand for something, to risk it all, knowing the fight would be tough. The sacrifices made.. regardless of whether they towed the line.. or not. The 'internal' conflicts that arose, the very real, and very understandable..fear.

As I sat down I wondered why there seemed to be an increase of films of this genre.. you know.. African slave trade,racism, segregation, oppression,

But as the film began I wondered no more. We live with it's legacy. We live with it everyday, and to be frank, there are some things that shouldn't be forgotten. Some things we should never take for granted.
We need films like this, some of us perhaps more than others, I guess as a wake up, shake up reminder that there's more to life than bricks and mortar, materialism, greed, and superficial pursuits. Balance.. is everything.

We've come a long way in many respects..
Yet we've also lost a hell of a lot..
and yes I know.. not everyone will see it that way, but the 'truth' is out there, as plain as day

Tell you something.. I can't quite explain it.. but watching this film, made me feel glad.. to be me. I understood me.. that much more.
We hunger for more than food


Nice surprise to see the UK's Aml Ameen.. as a young Cecile Gaines, alongside an absolute stellar cast.

I would highly recommend this film
It will make you think if nothing else
After all..'What does it profit a man to gain the whole world.. but lose his soul..'
..This film has soul..

Couldn't leave it without a song.. so here's a song from the movie
Overall - The Butler? - 10/10.


Good morning all..

We're approaching that time of year...
Time for house clear-outs, winter cleans, and some Ray Charles for your musical pleasure..
Oh.. and a little Boondocks

and here's Ray

Monday 11 November 2013

Hope you all had a nice day x

Redemption song

Remembering Felix Dexter

by Harry Leslie Smith- RAF Veteran

By Harry Leslie Smith - Guardian Article

'This year, I will wear a poppy for the last time'

...Come 2014 when the government marks the beginning of the first world war with quotes from Rupert Brooke, Rudyard Kipling and other great jingoists from our past empire, I will declare myself a conscientious objector. We must remember that the historical past of this country is not like an episode of Downton Abbey where the rich are portrayed as thoughtful, benevolent masters to poor folk who need the guiding hand of the ruling classes to live a proper life.

I can tell you it didn't happen that way because I was born nine years after the first world war began. I can attest that life for most people was spent in abject poverty where one laboured under brutal working conditions for little pay and lived in houses not fit to kennel a dog today. We must remember that the war was fought by the working classes who comprised 80% of Britain's population in 1913.

This is why I find that the government's intention to spend £50m to dress the slaughter of close to a million British soldiers in the 1914-18 conflict as a fight for freedom and democracy profane. Too many of the dead, from that horrendous war, didn't know real freedom because they were poor and were never truly represented by their members of parliament.

My uncle and many of my relatives died in that war and they weren't officers or NCOs; they were simple Tommies. They were like the hundreds of thousands of other boys who were sent to their slaughter by a government that didn't care to represent their citizens if they were working poor and under-educated. My family members took the king's shilling because they had little choice, whereas many others from similar economic backgrounds were strong-armed into enlisting by war propaganda or press-ganged into military service by their employers.

For many of you 1914 probably seems like a long time ago but I'll be 91 next year, so it feels recent. Today, we have allowed monolithic corporate institutions to set our national agenda. We have allowed vitriol to replace earnest debate and we have somehow deluded ourselves into thinking that wealth is wisdom. But by far the worst error we have made as a people is to think ourselves as taxpayers first and citizens second.

Next year, I won't wear the poppy but I will until my last breath remember the past and the struggles my generation made to build this country into a civilised state for the working and middle classes. If we are to survive as a progressive nation we have to start tending to our living because the wounded: our poor, our underemployed youth, our hard-pressed middle class and our struggling seniors shouldn't be left to die on the battleground of modern life.

Full Article available [here]

Wednesday 6 November 2013

The sun shines in winter

I am

It's been a long day, but a good day.
A thoughtful day, and a day to be at peace.
I am reminded that there isn't a person on the planet that hasn't been hurt before
hasn't been let down before
hasn't been lied to before
and hasn't felt the impact of another's intentional or even unintentional spiteful act/s
Let them be
You'll be just fine
Somewhere on this blog is the saying that you should 'never take someones kindness for weakness'.. and it's true.

I spoke to a woman on the phone today, and she began to cry.
I will see her (all being well) tomorrow. I wont plan what to say.. I rarely do, but I know that the words (if they are needed) .. will come.
When I thought of her this evening, I thought of the phrase..'For even thought I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil'
I trust that all will be well for her, and with her.

I got to French class early tonight, and the hours went by quickly. Sitting in the canteen, I was able to take in the sounds of silence, even amidst the noise, and hear what it had to say.

I pondered on this today...

But is it?

It's a quote that is often misappropriated.. misunderstood
at it's worst.. it can open the door to selfishness.. and selfish inconsiderate deeds.
However.. when you love yourself.. as in the truth of who you are, everything changes, and you can truly extend that love
Find peace with it
After a storm there must be a calm
after the tears.. a smile returns
Look up, and let love.. real love, look back at you

The strength of a woman.. her softness, beauty.. wisdom.. ability to love, to care, our seeming complexities...the ability to feel.. is testimony to our connection to a higher power, one which goes straight to the source.
Many times I've been told.. not everyone who smiles at you is your friend.. and not everyone who scowls.. is your enemy.
The wisdom is knowing which is which
and that may take time.
Fun, funny fruitful and fearless
Love will never leave you

I know one thing.. which differs in essence to the above picture quote..
I am me.. and that's..enough.
Night x

Friday 1 November 2013

Spotlight on..Wizboyy

Other lives..

I came across this last night, thought I'd finish watching it today.

and this is on body dysmorphic disorder.. an interesting watch. The first lady seemed to be so distressed.


Bonne journée!