Monday 15 February 2021

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Friday 12 February 2021

Witty Minstrel - Be Proud (Remix) ft Magasco, Vernyuy Tina, Awu, Kameni, Gasha, Mr. Leo

Should Cameroon Ban Nigerian Music?

There is an increasing trend of 'ethnic supermacy' raising its head across the continent. Currently we have a growing call for a ban on Nigerian music in Cameroon.
Not for the 1st time have I heard this, and not just from Cameroon. Sierra Leone has in the past felt aggieved by the fact that 'home grown' artists , were being overlooked, in favour of 'Nigerian artists'.
Personally, I intentionally go out of my way to search for artists across the continent, who for whatever reason may not be 'internationally' known, because amazing music, and culture is just so vast. What would be more interesting perhaps would be if Cameroonians decided they would not support Nigerian artists due to the ongoing silence on the slaughter and marinalisation of Ambazonians ( English speaking Cameroonians) Now that would be powerful and engaging, but of course, how can they? given the growing sepratist agitations at home.
That aside, I think it is fair to say that Nigerian DJ's rarely play or pronmote artits from other African counties, some perhaps from Ghana, but not so much. They will howver, play music from the US or UK. The cultural revolution is upon us, and it's global. To ban Nigerian music IMO is a non starter. Simply work on promoting Camerroonian artists, and culture. The issue is that many artists would like to represent thier culture, country, identity. They also want sucessful careers, to be able to earn a living and live a fruitful life where they are able to take care of themsleves and thier famiies. In Cameroon, ( which was part of Nigeria anyway) Many feel as though thier culture is being lost, or that they are being 'colonised' by Nigerians Sound familair? So let us broaden our minds and ears and represent Cameroon music .. Before 'Nigerians' become the so called 'Fulani herdmen' for Cameroon....

Saturday 6 February 2021

41 Days til Spring

After a very busy week, sometimes you just wanna wear a nice dress, maybe even a glass of wine, and relax! No hate, no tribalism, just peace x.

Weekend WOW Factor: Does Nnamdi Kanu deserve an apology?

So Wole Soyinka stated that President Buhari should address the nation (Nigeria) Well....'To Address a Nation There Must 1st Be a Nation' no?. Wole Soyinka, in a recent interview with BBC Pigin, may have forgotten , not only that Nigiera is not a nation, but that colonialism was also the 'enslaveemt' of people on their own land. So this current crisis, really is not a new or unknown phenomina.
Anyway, this post is not to critique the great Wole Soyinka, but to take a very broad look at the current tensions in the country known as Nigeria.
'Definition of a Nation. - A nation is a stable community of people formed on the basis of a common language, territory, history, ethnicity, or a common culture. A nation is more overtly political than an ethnic group; it has been described as "a fully mobilized or institutionalized ethnic group" Tribal intolerance is a heck of a thing isnt it... Year on Year Biafrans have cried out Year on Year, Igbo's have shouted they were being marginalised. Well, perhaps now some will apologise to Nnamdi Kanu Whilat he may not always show restraint, may not always say the right things. at times can be downright outragious, he can also be very humerous, quick witted, and well read. What none can dismiss, is that he is a highly intellegent and painfully articulate. ..and to be fair and objective, he has been proven right many times over, with regards to the marginalisation of his people. Remember the proverb, 'Rain never falls on one mans house?' well, now.... those who had turned a blind eye to the cries of others, have found, or are now finding themselves in a similar situation, and are ironically speaking almost the same language, as the once riddiculed, Nnamdi Kanu.
Now the tables have shifted, and the Yorubas have their own 'hero' in Sunday Igboho.
To the untrained eye, it may seem as though Nigeria's current and ongoing tribal contentions could lead to a tribal war... reminiscent of the early posturing that had lead to the Rwandan genocide. However, I don't think it will. and nobody wants that. Period. Remember the old proverb, 'Empty barrels make the most noise? ( but will rarely make a move) which in this case may not necessarily be a bad thing... and there is... alot of noise. The world will continue to watch as 'Triberia' eats itself, and will continue to ask the question, why do people always seek a Moses... one single hero to rally behind, rather than making changes within themselves which will inevitably lead to real and genuine social change? Perhaps Nigeria needs less Lawyers, and more psychologists.... The historic divide and rule, and arbitary land partitions continue to cause unbridled upset generation after generation. Not all Fulani's are 'herdsmen' and 'Herdsmen' is just one of the problems that Nigeria has.. The ironly of a craving to eat cow meat, yet clear out the herdsman is not lost. I have no particular dog in this fight so to speak. My geneology is panafrican ( Maybe I'll blog more about that, but not today) Until such time...The pot that cooked me, held many ingrediants. Nigeria has over 250 ethnic groups, the 3 largest are Hausa /Fulani 27.4%,
Yoruba, 21%
and Igbo 18%.
That still leaves 247 ethnic groups rarely spoken of or represented. Fulanis are situated all over West Africa and the entire continent, yet for sone reason, the 'Nigerian special breed' of Fulani's seem to be shaking the table in a major way. Triberia, Triberia The brutaility must stop. Learn from Rwanda Learn from Marcus Garvey Learn.. from this point...ANYONE Just know that if one fails to build a nation with a population the size of Lord Lugards creation... what you tend to end up with, is an unrighteous mess.

Simi, Adekunle Gold - Bites The Dust (Live Performance)