Friday 12 February 2021

Should Cameroon Ban Nigerian Music?

There is an increasing trend of 'ethnic supermacy' raising its head across the continent. Currently we have a growing call for a ban on Nigerian music in Cameroon.
Not for the 1st time have I heard this, and not just from Cameroon. Sierra Leone has in the past felt aggieved by the fact that 'home grown' artists , were being overlooked, in favour of 'Nigerian artists'.
Personally, I intentionally go out of my way to search for artists across the continent, who for whatever reason may not be 'internationally' known, because amazing music, and culture is just so vast. What would be more interesting perhaps would be if Cameroonians decided they would not support Nigerian artists due to the ongoing silence on the slaughter and marinalisation of Ambazonians ( English speaking Cameroonians) Now that would be powerful and engaging, but of course, how can they? given the growing sepratist agitations at home.
That aside, I think it is fair to say that Nigerian DJ's rarely play or pronmote artits from other African counties, some perhaps from Ghana, but not so much. They will howver, play music from the US or UK. The cultural revolution is upon us, and it's global. To ban Nigerian music IMO is a non starter. Simply work on promoting Camerroonian artists, and culture. The issue is that many artists would like to represent thier culture, country, identity. They also want sucessful careers, to be able to earn a living and live a fruitful life where they are able to take care of themsleves and thier famiies. In Cameroon, ( which was part of Nigeria anyway) Many feel as though thier culture is being lost, or that they are being 'colonised' by Nigerians Sound familair? So let us broaden our minds and ears and represent Cameroon music .. Before 'Nigerians' become the so called 'Fulani herdmen' for Cameroon....

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