Monday 27 April 2015

Graduation Memories Pt 2

I had a great day.
We really enjoyed every moment. The speeches were brilliant, and I couldn't have asked for a more inspiring day.
I loved my gown even more this time.
Next time god willing, it will be red.

I'm so very tired now, so will write about it another day
My bed is calling...sleep is what I need x

With my sister

Me and Ti ( the other 2 had to work.. they got the pics instead :))

Me and sis again....

Selfie time...

Me with one of my fellow students...

With Ti..

Just me...

In the cafe chilling...

We took so many pictures today... it's funny because I don't usually like taking pictures. However, today was an exception. Today was a special day

Happy Independence Day Sierra Leone! - Ft Various artists inc Emmerson - Telescope

54 years young.
With better days ahead.

Artists - Rozzy, Empress-Pee, Markmuday, Shuaibu, Arkman, Block Jones, Vision, Blesz, Future

Could I love this any more?.. nope #truetalk

I didn't realize there was a video for this song!
As conscious political songs go... this is one of my fav's from Emmerson

Full song
Very good bass player

Sunday 26 April 2015

Want some?

Sort your fish..

Sort your onions...

Add your red, yellow and green peppers

don't forget your key ingredient...

an hour or two later....

Hope they enjoy!

Happy Sunday all.. don't faint or anything.. but I'm off to church x

Saturday 25 April 2015

Jah Vinci - Dont Mess Around - 2nd song of the day.. hey.. you know me....

Love Jah Vinci too much
Boom tune

remix.. 'don't mess around, real ganster don't play around.. ina London Town, yeah.. in Freetown..'

We can play by the rules, or create the rules..

The London Marathon.. It's emotional

I have alot to do today.
I'm taking a break from world news.. and politics. I'm sure nothing much will change in a day. Dysfunction will continue as normal with smatterings of good deeds and love, just enough to keep us hopeful

My catering skills have been called upon for an event tomorrow. I'll be cooking some nice escovitch fish in abundance. Maybe I'll do a coleslaw and salad too.
For myself, I'd like to get an outfit - have a girly day.. but I may have to put it on pause as I cant see how I'll be able to fit it all in.
I deserve a treat, even if I do say so myself.

The best thing would be for me to begin early.

The London Marathon takes place tomorrow.

It's the one run Id really like to do someday. I say that every year.. train for a bit then stop.
Maybe 2016? who knows..
Good luck to all those running.

I love seeing the runners in costume.. it makes my day

It's emotional

To all who are running for charities to help others, your commitment is an inspiration to us all.
Have a great day.. have a great run


She said...
'I gave him everything Dawna..
I even bought him a house.
I purchased an expensive car and it turned out that neither of us could afford the insurance.
His baby mother ended up driving it.
Previously he said.. yeah.. you're gonna see much more of me when I'm driving... but I didn't
If I bought myself shoes he wanted shoes too
rings, gold chains.. you name it
every month there was something else..'

'Come on'.. I said... there must have been something he gave you'
'Yes'.. she said

Habibi ft Salim Sulaiman - Back 2 Love - Dawna's song of the day

So.... I was in a shop yesterday, and heard this tune in the background..
I was feeling too shy to ask them what it was, but, It stuck in my brain.. I hummed it into the app this morning and Shazam... it came up!
The only thing that got me out of bed this morning
A very cool track indeed. Nice and heavy on the bass, stylish vocals, nice melody.. beat on point, ( other than an English translation) what more could you want..?
So... here it is. I'll make it my song of the day
It's freakin' cool.

Good morning all.. It's SATURDAY!! x
Be good, and if you can't be good.. be careful
Shucks being good is overrated these days...

Friday 24 April 2015

Black Coffee ft. Hugh Masakela - We Are One

The sun shone today.
Pretty warm
On a day like this.. music like this.. feels like 1

Vybz Kartel - Money Love Song

I've never through about writing a love song to money...
It's a beautiful thing! :)
Vybz!! ( cha!! why you had to be so bad )

Reggae Mix 2015 [ January - February - March ] *Stars that shine the brightest*

Some days you just want the good music to flow..
What more can you ask for during those times than a nice riddim mix

I'm calling it my pre Salone Independence Graduation Riddim mix. Sure... why not.

Rest assured... that's not me in pic lol!

Nice 1 Bobbygeina

Nice mix ... I especially like this one

and this...
Good job Capleton.. cool n easy.. not too much hype

As sit-coms go you probably know by now that I really love King of Queens, Fraiser and Everybody Loves Raymond

This, was sad news today [click]

Condolences to his family and friends etc. Who knows why these thing happen. Indeed.. who knows


Those twins have always reminded me of one of my nephews

Thursday 23 April 2015

Jah Fenixx Ft. Lutan Fyah - I Can See

How many cows does it take to milk a baboon?!....Zzzzz

Busy as it was, today was a good day work wise
and now....
I have a few days off!

Remember I said that I hadn't slept last night

well now im really tierd....

I actually had a conversation on the phone with a friend...

and fell asleep ... mid convo..


the second time it was obvous

It was obvious as I mixed up two stories and was talking absolute babble

It's official..... I am really sleepy now


sleep tight...
I'm off to Bedfordshire..

We can't blame colonialism or the IMF for 'Africa's' issues.. when all that is required is a shift in mentality

Today is going to be a busy day.

So much so, that I actually couldn't sleep.
So now I'm tired, even before I begin.... and, I'll be honest, slightly delirious lol!

Good job Dawna.. start as you mean to go on

I did drift in and out of dream state on occasion... and ended up having a very weird dream. It was night, I was in a bed at work, got locked in the office not realizing everyone had gone, got scared, ran out, ran home through some dodgy back roads, came across a guy who in reality is my brother but we didn't know each other, and to top it all.. I wasn't even me.

Yep....Sounds like a best-seller.

I'm not feeling very eloquent today, but I did have a very interesting conversation with a friend yesterday.
We were discussing the colonial mentality and the dependency mentality.
Some may argue that the culture that underdeveloped nations have adopted of sitting, and waiting for a handout, is evident in the reliance on the IMF, Foreign aid, The NGO, the remittance.. waiting for the rice bag to arrive at the end of the road for collection (so to speak) ... not asking or knowing how it got there or why.
just.. waiting.

Seemingly powerless

We questioned why anyone would defecate in their own yard..
Why not a long drop?
Why are slums.. so dirty?
What happens to the mind in those instances.

International development tends to overlook the under-developed, or stagnant mind.
Rather it can compound the colonial and dependency mentality

My friend was sympathetic.. talked about western interference in oil/mineral rich countries...
Yet had to accept that government corruption was a choice.. not an IMF loan repayment requirement
had to accept that people have a choice in how they treat each other...

Had to accept that a shift in mindset.. in attitude... may yield remarkable rewards
Africa needs no external or western colonizer any more
It's deeply rooted in the psyche, and reproduced in the systems...

Wednesday 22 April 2015

Sierra Leone Music - 2015 Independence Mix

I guess they be getting ready for Independence day... April 27th.....
My graduation day
Hopefully Ebola free by that date

Nice one DJ Med

You can call me a social scientist , Culture? Ethnicity? Diaspora?.. that's me!... but not all.... of me..

My favourite of which is diaspora. My dissertation focussed heavily on the concept of diaspora, and it's the subject closest to my heart.

I have spots.
It must be because I'm feeling a bit stressed. I'm not a teenager #spotsbegone

I'm a bit annoyed with a few people at the moment, to the point where my blood is hot and the solution is often to cuss them back to hell where they possibly belong ( and stop them from trying to bring me with them)

I guess It's my turn to be upset today.

I'll shake it off... after all, the weather is nice... ( even if the sun is still a bit fake') and I have my health.. my life.. relative safety

I'm not fleeing for my life due to some pathetic political religious or ethnic war or conflict
I'm not being harassed by xenophobic arseholes who really should know better after years of being at the heal of another nation and getting their arses kicked on the world stage over and over

I'm not a sex slave, neither do I have to use my sexual body to earn a living . I'm lucky, I have food clothes and shelter.
I am functioning relatively well, and have love.. oh yes... how could I forget
that which is arguably most important i have left 'til last
I am filled with love

My ex sent me a message yesterday asking if i'm okay.
Oddly enough i was in a bad mood....
I'm sure men can smell it... like dogs or beavers.....


I have my graduation coming up on Monday.
I'm pleased to be able to share my day with one of the guys I studied community development with. He went on to to do a Masters in criminology, and I opted for culture ethnicity diaspora.

It's tinged with sadness because it marks a turning point in what was a long road. I am proud of my achievements, as I know the sacrifices I had to make, and I did work hard.
I could have worked harder perhaps...
but I did the best I could do , at the time.

I had always intended this year to be my rest year before embarking on my PhD.
I ended up taking a coaching course, so am now a trained performance coach.

I just have the assignments remaining.

It's cool.. so any world leaders that need a coach, call me.. I'll sort you out. and your entire cabinet lol! ( I jest . of course) but only partly

I kinda wish I had just gone straight onto my PHd , but I'll prepare for next year. I'm also toying with the idea of doing a postgraduate certificate in international development. That may make more sense given my aspirations

Ultimately.... none of this is free
It all costs money. So I will have to work out how, I can make my dreams possible.

I still have them you see..
Yet if I'm totally 'straight' this morning. What I need more than anything is to get away for a few weeks To travel abroad.

For if I ever intend to live anywhere other than the UK, I need to start to survey the lands

I wonder if 'Pan Africanist ' Mugabe has any land for me. UK born.. me?
Are we doing Pan Africanism any more?.. or is that a thing of the past... residing in that place where dreams reside......

I look at 'Africa' at 'Africans'.. and I often wonder.......

Tuesday 21 April 2015

On being straight

I'm not talking about being heterosexual.. sorry those of you that were hoping for some banter on that
It's about being authentic.
It's about being true to your word and leaving little to misinterpretation

A friend of mine finally approached a guy that has been flirting with her for months.
As a result of her conversation he said he just wanted to be friends
She was upset as he had pretty much implied he really liked her and wanted more than a friendship

I was upset for her, as I don't respect people who play silly and childish mind games

He was not being honest
Maybe he has a wife at home?
Who knows. All I know is .. he hurt my friend, massaging his ego and for what?

Be a man of honour... or call yourself no man at all

Monday 20 April 2015

Yudala - TripleMG - Ft Iyanya, Tekno, Selebobo, Baci, Mystro

Iyanya & Diamond video shoot

Spin around 3 times & Point

Ti finally sorted his voting registration
'So who you gonna vote for?' I asked
'I dunno know yet..' he said
Greens.. mi hear say dem a legalize it
Eh?!..Ti.. you don't even smoke
( he likes to joke around does Ti)
'Who knows.. maybe I'll vote conservative..'
I sighed..
He continued....
'Actually.. now I've got the power (he wishes) , who knows what I'll do with it, maybe Conservative,. maybe UKIP... BNP ...
..Just get in the booth and spin around a couple times..
..see what happens...'

Heaven help us....
and that's where our little chat ended.. :)

I did ask him who put the X's on his shoes though... need I ask.. really

X marks the spot

Cat consultation..'What do you think Rocky.. you like?'

Rocky says...'meow..your taste in shoe style is like your taste in political parties.. a lil bit iffy....'

Ikes Ft. Maleek Berry - They Know (Wan Mo

Good morning all x
Last day to register to vote in UK apparently..
If you haven't already done so

Sunday 19 April 2015

Konshens - Jah Never Leave My Side

Happy Birthday Son - ft Ziggi Recardo & MI CASA

I'm up early as per.. but this time it's because it's my son's birthday, and I'm baking a cake, and cooking a nice meal
He's my eldest.
The father of little man

..and little Miss

Time freakin' flies people that's all I can say.

He's in his late l-a-t-e twenties now.
29 I think. lol! Seriously.. I've lost count. They be big that's all I know.

I remember very clearly having Ij, and I also remember during labour wondering what the fuss was about.
There is something to be said for having children quite young, in terms of mindset anyway. You haven't had time to build up FEAR.. you lack KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE

That changed by the time I had Ti. ( I remember that really HURT. lol!)


I've grown up with my children. I was pregnant with Ij and at the time was still performing. I wrote songs with him beside me, and did pretty much whatever I had to do with them all by my side.
Of course once you have more than one child they pretty much entertain each other.. three? and it's a veritable playground. ( there's a tip mums)

I wanted to have 6 children
I have 3.
I blame the men:) They were aresholes lol!
Nah.. (well they were) but to be fair I guess they were just young too.. they were much older than me.. but, young still.

There you go.

Happy Sunday all x

He's very talented Ij. Pretty good on the piano. Pretty good music producer. Will he do anything with it?...Who knows.
He really likes house music.
I really like reggae.
Let's compromise
Reggae it is.:)

Besides...there's something about cooking to Reggae..

On my return I really want to write something about South Africa and violence. On 'Africa' and Violence.
It's pissing me off now.

Big Time.

Thank god for music..

Saturday 18 April 2015

ZiGGi Recardo - Got it right here

The Battle for Africa [Aljazeera People & Power]

AVI ft LXG - You love Nor Dae Bend & Famous - Komot Day

I really like LXG
Nice tune
But why they call Nega Don Nigga Don?

Lazy Days

I'm very grateful to Ti for pushing me to go shopping yesterday evening because as a result.. today... has been a very minimal stress day.

Dinner's in the oven, and other than the usual clothes wash , I'm pretty much done for today.
That leaves me time to check out the news on-line, and catch up on a few things..
May even catch some Zzzz's

The sun is shining but there's definitely still a nip in the air


Still , it's a ordinary Saturday.. shoppers shopkeepers and buskers.. drivers, pedestrians and cyclists...
Plus an acapella rendition of 'Amazing Grace'. An amplified version.. but I couldn't spot the singer anywhere!

London looks nice in the sun.

2FACE ft Wizkid - Dance Go

We so funny sometimes..

A friend sent this to me this morning..
So funny!

Then I saw this (below) and laughed too hard this afternoon..

'you change you know an its not for di beta.. '( bajans!! holla! lol)

He's great with the accents..

Hope you're enjoying the WEEKEND!

Love the Bajan accent..

' I'm sorry Jesus but you cannot judge me'
'Yes I can..'

'Hey.. no you can not'.

Thursday 16 April 2015

9ice - Aiye Familete Kintuto


OBV - [If you're black] say... ' If you don't register to vote you're taking the colour of of Britain'

Firstly. respect due, Operation Black Vote is a great organisation.
I attended a workshop with them once and found it very useful/enjoyable
But what utter claptrap.

This Ad ... intended to encourage black voters, is downright silly.
Well... lets just say.. i'm sorry.. it's just plain silly [click]

They look damn well ridiculous,.. and they would not encourage me to vote one jot!

Sol Campbell

David Harewood

Tini Tempah

Ade Adepitan

I notice they're all men.
Nincompoops. :)
Maybe I just don't get it.

Sierra Leone President Ernest Bai Koroma on the economic impact of Ebola. [VOA Interview]

Eddie Murphy - Oh Jah Jah & Red Light

I still struggle somewhat to associate Eddie Murphy with being a Reggae singer.
I think Eddie Murphy... and I think 'Coming to America

Great film..

or Nutty Professor
another great and funny film

Yet... in truth.. It's a really good song, and he's very good at it
Don't judge a book.. huh

Snoop makes me laugh..

Hezron - Knocking at my door & Message from The Grave

He's a naughty guy this Hezron :)
Cute .. but naughty

I will say this about Hezron. Inho he's actually one of JA's best vocalists of a certain genre, so this song ( Knocking) really does not showcase his voice. Given the right song Hezron's up there with Beres.
( I think so anyway.. potentially)
Just a bit of fun I guess

This song ( Message) shows it a bit more
It's in his tone, depth and slurs

Awaiting the album

Ciara - I Bet

I really like Ciara
I'm sure I've said it before, yes, she is a great dancer.

Thursday already. Sure. Time flies when you're having fun
Drags like f*** when you're not

Happy Thursday all x

The acoustic version is even nicer

Wednesday 15 April 2015

Women.. when we gonna behave...

We just cant catch a break huh

We're either too fat to skinny too pretty too ugly too young too old too tall too short, too feminine not feminine enough, too smart too dumb too chatty not chatty enough ... on and on it goes.

Three stories caught my attention over the past few days
Story 1
Visibly pregnant girls are banned from returning to school in Sierra Leone. [click]

With the end to the Ebola crisis in sight, schools reopened this week across the country, with students finally able to resume their education, unless... they're pregnant. There was no entry for 'visibly pregnant' girls.

A worrying statement I read, offered a rather depressing viewpoint. It read of an uneasy tale of implied 'worthless bad girls' setting a bad example, and not wanting thier extending stomachs to encourage the 'good girls' into becoming pregnant also ( probably written by a man)

In truth, a point raised that I really couldn't argue with was that of vomiting being quite common in pregnancy ( yes it's true) , and under the circumstances, should that occur in schools, it could cause quite severe panic among both students and parents.. as such a symptom is also prevalent in Ebola cases.

Yet we should remember...
Pregnancy is not a sin.
It's not dirty
It's simply, new life

However, school girls getting pregnant should be (and rightly is) cause for concern. A greater concern could be if the fathers of these babies are much older men taking advantage, and If the girls have been subjected to abuse or rape.
Because... if large numbers of these pregnancies are the result of abuse or rape.. the girls should not be punished further. A pregnant girl or woman can still learn
Heck.. most pregnant women have to work throughout their pregnancy.. no one complains about that. Cha .. give me a break

But.... I'm torn.. you see, I do understand.
Schools do not want to 'normalize' under-age pregnancies, and admitting visibly pregnant girls would surely do that.
Yes, I can relate
...but I got pregnant just after I left.

So.. A young woman getting pregnant is an issue huh.
Oh the shame of it
But ... what if a woman is 65?
...Errrm.. Oh .. the shame of it :)

Same sweety.. different wrapper

Story 2

Well apparently it's irresponsible , selfish, and no doubt this old 'hussy' needs to be hidden away also.. just in case she enourage other 65 year olds to do the same [click]
Well... she has done it,, and she looks healthy and happy to me
The only thing I'd say is.. if it was IVF , does that mean that she didn't get to enjoy the sex?. ( or did she?) She must really love being pregnant


Story 3 ....
Tess Munster ( Unfortunate surname)
Size 24 and a model [click]
Tess is 5ft 4 and very large
She's also very pretty and very curvy

I understand her success in being signed to a top mainstream agency, as she is unusual looking and very shapely
Women's bodies have been under scrutiny forever.. and that will never change
Best to fall in love with the shape you have...
There was a time when very big women were considered beautiful.. and in certain cultures they still are
Then.. very slim or skinny women were all the rage..

But tell me...Whose beauty standards are we being judged by anyway
We're all attracted to different things...!

As women we need to fight on to redefine the so called 'norm'.
... and keep doing it.. until we're free to simply be, and live our lives as we choose
After all.. they just be playing us.