Friday 3 April 2015

The President of Nigeria - Muhammadu Buhari

... and this is why, you should never give up on your dreams..

If you believe in, and want something strongly enough.. keep trying

You may just get there..
He did.

The 1st Lady

The Family

I'll be keeping an eye on Buhari

I'll be honest; not for his policies necessarily...
Just simply because he dresses so elegantly...
I love his outfits

With regards to Nigeria.. someone once said to me, that the problem with Nigeria.. is Nigerians
What do you think?

I guess that's just another way of saying.. the problem with the world.. is people.
.. and the problem with people.. is thier politics..

Just for the fun of it.. I'll also be on a Buhari smile - watch
He has a very expressive face. Something tells me he's a man of extremes.. I'll seek out the smiles.


  1. I have a Nigerian friend that is currently living in Canada to get an education. The stories she has told me!

    1. and yet there are some beautiful places there
      You know what I think.. I think if you have money you can live a beautiful life pretty much anywhere
      Poverty is what makes life really unpleasant for people