Saturday 18 April 2015

Lazy Days

I'm very grateful to Ti for pushing me to go shopping yesterday evening because as a result.. today... has been a very minimal stress day.

Dinner's in the oven, and other than the usual clothes wash , I'm pretty much done for today.
That leaves me time to check out the news on-line, and catch up on a few things..
May even catch some Zzzz's

The sun is shining but there's definitely still a nip in the air


Still , it's a ordinary Saturday.. shoppers shopkeepers and buskers.. drivers, pedestrians and cyclists...
Plus an acapella rendition of 'Amazing Grace'. An amplified version.. but I couldn't spot the singer anywhere!

London looks nice in the sun.


  1. You have a beautiful smile, Dawna! Enjoy your leisurely day -- your weather looks nicer than ours today!

    1. Why thank you dear Debra! tis very kind of you
      I seem to be smiling a lot more these days:)
      The sun was lovely.. but brrrr.. it was still a bit chilly. Friend of mine calls it ..'fake sun'
      I'm looking forward to more sunny days that's for sure. Come on sun.. give some to Canada

  2. Dawna, you are as cute as a button! Nice to see a picture of you. :-)