Wednesday 22 April 2015

You can call me a social scientist , Culture? Ethnicity? Diaspora?.. that's me!... but not all.... of me..

My favourite of which is diaspora. My dissertation focussed heavily on the concept of diaspora, and it's the subject closest to my heart.

I have spots.
It must be because I'm feeling a bit stressed. I'm not a teenager #spotsbegone

I'm a bit annoyed with a few people at the moment, to the point where my blood is hot and the solution is often to cuss them back to hell where they possibly belong ( and stop them from trying to bring me with them)

I guess It's my turn to be upset today.

I'll shake it off... after all, the weather is nice... ( even if the sun is still a bit fake') and I have my health.. my life.. relative safety

I'm not fleeing for my life due to some pathetic political religious or ethnic war or conflict
I'm not being harassed by xenophobic arseholes who really should know better after years of being at the heal of another nation and getting their arses kicked on the world stage over and over

I'm not a sex slave, neither do I have to use my sexual body to earn a living . I'm lucky, I have food clothes and shelter.
I am functioning relatively well, and have love.. oh yes... how could I forget
that which is arguably most important i have left 'til last
I am filled with love

My ex sent me a message yesterday asking if i'm okay.
Oddly enough i was in a bad mood....
I'm sure men can smell it... like dogs or beavers.....


I have my graduation coming up on Monday.
I'm pleased to be able to share my day with one of the guys I studied community development with. He went on to to do a Masters in criminology, and I opted for culture ethnicity diaspora.

It's tinged with sadness because it marks a turning point in what was a long road. I am proud of my achievements, as I know the sacrifices I had to make, and I did work hard.
I could have worked harder perhaps...
but I did the best I could do , at the time.

I had always intended this year to be my rest year before embarking on my PhD.
I ended up taking a coaching course, so am now a trained performance coach.

I just have the assignments remaining.

It's cool.. so any world leaders that need a coach, call me.. I'll sort you out. and your entire cabinet lol! ( I jest . of course) but only partly

I kinda wish I had just gone straight onto my PHd , but I'll prepare for next year. I'm also toying with the idea of doing a postgraduate certificate in international development. That may make more sense given my aspirations

Ultimately.... none of this is free
It all costs money. So I will have to work out how, I can make my dreams possible.

I still have them you see..
Yet if I'm totally 'straight' this morning. What I need more than anything is to get away for a few weeks To travel abroad.

For if I ever intend to live anywhere other than the UK, I need to start to survey the lands

I wonder if 'Pan Africanist ' Mugabe has any land for me. UK born.. me?
Are we doing Pan Africanism any more?.. or is that a thing of the past... residing in that place where dreams reside......

I look at 'Africa' at 'Africans'.. and I often wonder.......


  1. Enjoy your grad ceremony on Monday! I hope you do get to travel, take some time for yourself and just have fun before pursuing further studies.

    1. Thanks Debra.. my chill out time inner clock is ticking furiously :)

  2. How wonderful to have reached the next accomplishment on your journey from dream to dream, Dawna. And kudos to you for going to your graduation! It's important to celebrate and mark these milestones I found myself trying to convince a niece and nephew to go to their graduations (one on my side, one on my husband's). Sometimes aunts are better at this than parents. And they are going! Enjoy yours!!!!

    It's not a bad idea to take a little breather. You've gone through a lot to get this point, and you've been working with heavy and emotional things. See a bit of the world that fills your mind and have some fun ~ come back refreshed and ready to go at it again. I think what you've done so far is awesome, and you've opened my eyes to so many things.

    1. True true Fundy, and many thanks
      I love graduations.. I'm glad your niece and nephew are going to thiers.... sure why not? :)

      I hate being bored Fundy - having fun it all sounds good to me!