Friday 31 May 2019

Political Expulsion for Alistair Campbell

Jeremy Corbyn expelled Alistair Campbell from the Labour Party.
Is it time for Jeremy Corbyn to expel himself?

'Middle class socialists don't like the poor - they just hate the rich..' - Jordan Peterson

Why didn't President Buhari deliver an Inaugural Speech?

President Buhari took the oath of office at his 2019 inauguration, and most surprisingly, did not deliver an inaugural speech!

Unike President Ramaphosa recently in South Africa, there were no rousing words of a better country, nothing to rally behind, no thanks, no words of encouragement, nothing.

Despite the pretty uniforms on display, it really felt non celebratory in many ways,and lacking the attendance list one may expect for an inauguration.

Could it be because his Presidency is being challenged in court?

Whatever the reason, the speech was missing.

President Buhari looks and sounds like man man who is tired of his people.
In his recent NTA interview, much of what he said was that the people he presides over, lack discipline and self responsibility ( if you read between the lines)
Like a father who throws his hands in the air and despairs at his unruly children, the President's message really is, those who know better do better - and he cannot be expected to be In all places at all times - watching over the decisions individuals may make, and correcting them every step of the way.

The President's body language comes across as 'these people are heathens...and are beneath me'.

President Buhari's morals and values matter to him, and as he is now presiding over a democracy, he cannot enforce his beliefs or values, on anyone.
A question people should ask is , did he perform better as a military leader?, and if so , why?

President Buhari appears to be giving the people what he beleieves they deserve, based on how he perceives their behaviour.

I could be wrong of course, but the President looks as though he has fallen out of love with the people he is there to serve.
The question is - is he right?
Or should he, as a leader, still speak to his children and continue to guide and lead them - no matter how disappointed he may be.

Arthur Mutambara | We Should NOT Embrace a Closer African Union - Oxford Union

Wednesday 29 May 2019

May 30th 2019 - Biafra Remembrance Day

Biafra declared itself independent from Nigeria on May 30th 1967 , just 7 years after Nigeria gained independence from Britain, and a brutal civil war commenced.

Political turmoil, coup and counter coups laid the foundations for the heightened political turmoil which led to the strengthening of ethnic divisions, and intolerance, quest for power, leadership and autonomy.

Why not remember the Biafra War?.
In order to know your destination, one must know the route. Such a day can act as a reminder not to return to a time where intolerance was the order of the day.
To identify persistent issues, and seek resolution.

As with all wars, many innocent people lost their lives.
Yet just as Rwandan's honour a remembrance day to mark the genocide which took place their soil, Nigeria could also commemorate the civil war - look for ways to heal, and recognise the brotherhood and sisterhood that a country needs to become a nation.

Saturday 25 May 2019

Steel Pulse - Cry Cry Blood

Weekend WOW Factor - Africa Day!

Today is Africa Day, and I've just watched the inauguration of President Cyril Ramaphosa. Winner of the 2019 elections is S.A.

I enjoy a bit of pomp and ceremony, like most people, and shared a giggle when one parachutist landed on his head ( he wasn't harmed .. so don't worry - I'm no sadist)

As many South Africans celebrate the inauguration of their president , I reflected briefly on some of the issues that continue to bedevil the content.
There are many great things taking place across the continent, but prevailing issues often overshadow the good work that is being done.
China - 'the father of our modern Africa', has showcased what having a strategic plan and good head for business can do, but this father is not there to teach or protect.

Xenophobia - tribalism - corruption - colonial mentality - poverty - lack of education - poor health care - unemployment - kidnapping - jungle justice - child marriage - gender inequality - little manufacturing - poor infrastructure - lack of security - are all areas that require action.

Eastern DRC have been battling Ebola for months now, yet nevertheless less, fighting continues, fighting which most of the world, now seem to have become immune to.

Many Nigerians are disgruntled as what they consider to be President Buhari's preferential treatment of Fulnai's - further agitated by the Federal government's sponsoring of a Fulani radio station.
I can see both sides of the debate - but ultimately these ethnic divisions are getting out of hand..

The OAU had a vision, and despite the rocky roads, I do believe that change is on the horizon. To be fair, it could go either way - either a change for the better as more and more people grow in their conscientization - or a descent into anarchy.

The increase of suicides in Nigeria has ranked it the third leading cause of death
At some point it may be useful for serious investment into mental heath services, and an overhaul of how we think.

Yet here's a funny thing

Africans in the diaspora tend to have a very different view of the continent. There is a romanticisation of the motherland, that I believe can only be fully appreciated by those who have never had to endure the reality on ground.
A child taken from its mother will always love the mother

Yet that romance serves a useful purpose - in order for positive change to occur - one must first have a beautiful vision.

Happy Africa Day!

Monday 20 May 2019

Rewind (back in time special) Tiwa Savage & Flavour:)

Back way back..

Small Island Made Me Cry ( a bit)

Showing at the National Theatre, I went along to see this much talked about play.

I immediately felt at home.

Recording studios and theatres, I just love immensely.
As the seats filled, I thought of my own writing projects, imagined filing the National with words I had crafted.
( I daydreamed... and I digress...)
The sound of the sea filled our ears until the final seat was taken, the lights went out, and the performance began.

Written by Andrea Levy, Small Island won the Orange prize for fiction back in 2005.

For anyone who hasn't read the book, please do so. I read it many years ago ... enough distance however for me to be able to watch with fresh eyes.

The stage management was beautiful, slick and effective, however it was the story that captured my heart.

It's the Caribbean migrants story, the story of a changing Britain, history and the present all rolled into one.

I cannot praise this play enough... I laughed , and as my title indicates, had times when my eyes simply welled up.
Trust me, it's emotional.

The baby born towards the end is us - it's where we took the baton.... and here we are.

Two small islands.. Britain and Jamaica collided, when subjects of the empire boarded ships to start new lives...
and the rest they history...

It's a play that leaves you with many questions - yes, but also a deeper gratitude for those who despite the hardships they faced, managed to retain their humour , compassion and dignity.
Now you don't have to be African Caribbean Black British (or however you define yourself) to appreciate this play, but if you are, you may find yourself feeling increasingly proud of your history, and your culture.

Wonderful job by the writer director cast and crew.
A wonderful tribute and legacy to the amazing and talented Andrea Levy, who died just Feb 2019.

Rating? - Ten out of ten - go see it if you can

Tuesday 14 May 2019

Tarrus Riley feat. Stonebwoy - G.Y.A.L.

Sun is shining...Enjoy your day x

AAC In-Fighting

Tribalism is very destructive. It's non progressive. A relic of colonialism that only serves to divide and spoil.
That's enough on that for now.

I wanted to say a few words about the love of power and position.
Power corrupts (if the ego is not managed ) but absolute power - corrupts absolutely.

How is it possible for such a new party as AAC, to be engaged in such dire in fighting already.

What appears to be an action taken out of jealousy, fractions of the AAC party suspended party founder, Omoyele Sowore.

The counter action was for those involved in the coup, to also be suspended..
With all these suspensions taking place - who will be left?!.
Those clapping in the audience?

Omoyele Sowore started the party, and made real impact in the 2019 elections, as did other new hopefuls, but perhaps, as so many other activists and leaders before him, failed to do his due diligence on the integrity of those given significant roles In the party.

Appointing friends from ones school days, may not always be the best idea, when you're trying to achieve something. Yes ideally, one could assume that they will be loyal, as you have a shared history, perhaps they were cheerleaders anytime you spoke, sycophants....but, it's not always genuine... as Sowore is finding out.

I guess it's not unusual in politics for backbiting, and power grabbing, but it's a shame.

Oddly, those present at the meeting, clapped and cheered on hearing this strange speaking man declare Sowore suspended.
No loyalty?.
It's not looking good for the party, as it's too early for that kind of confusion- it simply puts the credibility of the party in question.

Perhaps this is why Buhari won the election. People feel that he is who he says is, and is not likely to change. Like it or not, knowing that, gives people a sense of security, in a land that faces security challenges... paradoxical I know.

Who will join AAC with people like that in the party?
It lacks class, and discipline.

I think it's essential to have the right people at the core of any party - without that, it's only a matter of time..

I'm just an observer - but Nigeria's problems are not due to lack of money... but a lack of trust.

Nigeria really doesn't need a Chinese Chief to win at this game we call nationhood - just vision, love, and integrity.

If you must dine with the devil... use a long spoon

Regardless of everything - it was a wonderful campaign.



Saturday 11 May 2019

Weekend WOW Factor - Nigerian Police Target Women & Elections In S.A

Over 100 women have now ben arrested in and around nightclubs in Abuja - many of those arrested are alleged to have been raped whilst in custody - aka bribed for sex for bail

The women are being accused of prostitution,or pubic nuisance, and whilst there is no law banning prostitution, it is seen as morally wrong - and - socially unacceptable, and is therefore prohibited.

Many community groups and activists were outraged that no men were arrested , including nightclub owners - only women. Since the 1st arrest, there have been small protests, but there is a sense among law-makers that the women are to blame.

One excuse for the arrests is that the women were dressed provocatively...
some attribute skimpy attire to a 'western life' were pornography can be seen roaming the streets - ha!
Well... I was out and about today and saw nothing like that at all... ( it was too boring sha... where are these entertaining displays?))


This is a statement by one 'official'...
'The ladies smoke indiscriminately, they smoke Indian hemp, they abuse alcohol and drugs. And while at this, they attract people of the opposite sex to flock around such areas'.

Lets be honest about the men that frequent nightclubs, or solicit mainly single women, - they are not just yahoo boys, poor street dwellers, or players, but also people of influence - regular folk, looking for fun, those who can afford to buy drinks for a woman for a night, or her company including sex - for several nights.

One could argue that prostitution has become part of the culture, just not talked about much. It has been deep cleaned and rebranded depending on who is involved.
Often, men pay women for their time, or buy them credit, clothes shoes and so on - it's business.

Whether a woman is dressed provocatively, or conservatively, if she's engaging in a sexual transactional relationship , it's prostitution.

Is this a frustrated 'band of brothers' picking on those they feel are powerless?

Therorectally speaking how can anyone design a system where women are often taught to be economically reliant on men, and then blame them for it?.

I swear one day Nigeria might just ban women altogether , heehee ;)

It's the same mindset that sees police shoot with impunity, and blame it on dreadlocks and tattoos.

So whilst police busy themselves with women in nightclubs .... a Chinese man was made chief in the north of the country.


Interesting. interview

The ANC have done it again!, they have won the 2019 elections in South Africa.

At a time where the EFF seems to be gaining ground, and are known as the fastest growing party in the country - in reality, it didn't show in the polls, and their results were disappointing.

Despite the charisma of Julius Malema, the EFF were not able to gain the commitment of the Masses.

The ANC won with a low margin of 57% - their lowest ever

The EFF came 3rd with just over 10%
In second place was the democtrac Alliance with 22%

Just 65% of the population voted.

President Ramaphosa has been given a chance to exorcise the ghost of Zuma style corruption...
now... time will tell

I was a bit disappointed for the EFF, they perform well and work hard, however, these guys are resilient - so I'm sure they'll continue to do so.
Malemã buried his grandmother today may she rest in peace

The ANC lost seats but the EFF gained, so it's good to look at the big picture
The EFF are engaged in a marathon - not a sprint.

If you watched the election count, you may agree that it was quite impressive.


Monday 6 May 2019

Burna Boy - On The Low

I've posted this one before but you know something.. I love it sooo much.. and it's been my travel song for ages..

Kudos Burna boy..
this one hits the spot

Bisa Kdei - Asew

Bisa Kdei - Bra

The Upright Man

Bank holiday, and a day off for some of us..

After raking leaves from my lawn ( which needs fertiliser) I watched a few documentaries one which I gravitated towards purely because I had wondered recently..

...'How is it possible, that Blaise Compaoré could be responsible for the assassination of Thomas Sankara, lead a coup, and govern Burkina Faso ( winning the peoples vote in democratic elections) from 1987 until 2014, and the people remain silent for so long?'.

Blaise was the best friend of Thomas Sankara, his confidant, his comrade. They met at military school, and after leading a coup to oust the then existing government, Sankara became President.. it was 1983.

Thomas Sankara renamed Upper Volta, Burkina Faso, the country as we now know it.

It's not news that betrayals in government are common place, but for a man as popular and influential as Sankara was, it's notable, that the people were silent...

( Sankara with wife..)

I believe silence can be a response to colonial trauma, where fear of speaking out can be very real.. but ultimately, it was the youths that took to the streets in 2014, to oust Blaise, who is alleged to be exiled in Ivory Coast.

France backed the coup which ousted Sankara, which I guess isn't unusual, as Upper Volta was a French colony.

We tend to romanticise our fallen revolutionary leaders.. but here's why the cap fits in Sankara's case..
Sankara was an anti imperialist.
He refused IMF loans, and embarked on a number of developmental programs to enable the country to become self sufficient.

(...pic with Fela)

He believed in women's rights, called himself a feminist, a pan africanist, outlawed polygamy, forced marriage and FGM, cut ministerial expenses, drove a basic car, and banned 1st class flights for ministers. He developed food programs, embarked on land redistribution, constructed roads and railways. he was handsome, and loyal...

..So loyal in fact that when warned of his former comrade and best friend's plans to harm him, he refused to believe it.
I'm sure there's much more to the story, especially as the only survivor that day was his chief of security....

Anyway, Burkina Faso means the land of upright people

..pic with wife and family

Sankara was known as the upright man

I guess, being an upright man, was seen as a revolutionary act

instead of commonplace...