Tuesday 14 May 2019

AAC In-Fighting

Tribalism is very destructive. It's non progressive. A relic of colonialism that only serves to divide and spoil.
That's enough on that for now.

I wanted to say a few words about the love of power and position.
Power corrupts (if the ego is not managed ) but absolute power - corrupts absolutely.

How is it possible for such a new party as AAC, to be engaged in such dire in fighting already.

What appears to be an action taken out of jealousy, fractions of the AAC party suspended party founder, Omoyele Sowore.

The counter action was for those involved in the coup, to also be suspended..
With all these suspensions taking place - who will be left?!.
Those clapping in the audience?

Omoyele Sowore started the party, and made real impact in the 2019 elections, as did other new hopefuls, but perhaps, as so many other activists and leaders before him, failed to do his due diligence on the integrity of those given significant roles In the party.

Appointing friends from ones school days, may not always be the best idea, when you're trying to achieve something. Yes ideally, one could assume that they will be loyal, as you have a shared history, perhaps they were cheerleaders anytime you spoke, sycophants....but, it's not always genuine... as Sowore is finding out.

I guess it's not unusual in politics for backbiting, and power grabbing, but it's a shame.

Oddly, those present at the meeting, clapped and cheered on hearing this strange speaking man declare Sowore suspended.
No loyalty?.
It's not looking good for the party, as it's too early for that kind of confusion- it simply puts the credibility of the party in question.

Perhaps this is why Buhari won the election. People feel that he is who he says is, and is not likely to change. Like it or not, knowing that, gives people a sense of security, in a land that faces security challenges... paradoxical I know.

Who will join AAC with people like that in the party?
It lacks class, and discipline.

I think it's essential to have the right people at the core of any party - without that, it's only a matter of time..

I'm just an observer - but Nigeria's problems are not due to lack of money... but a lack of trust.

Nigeria really doesn't need a Chinese Chief to win at this game we call nationhood - just vision, love, and integrity.

If you must dine with the devil... use a long spoon

Regardless of everything - it was a wonderful campaign.



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