Saturday 11 May 2019

Weekend WOW Factor - Nigerian Police Target Women & Elections In S.A

Over 100 women have now ben arrested in and around nightclubs in Abuja - many of those arrested are alleged to have been raped whilst in custody - aka bribed for sex for bail

The women are being accused of prostitution,or pubic nuisance, and whilst there is no law banning prostitution, it is seen as morally wrong - and - socially unacceptable, and is therefore prohibited.

Many community groups and activists were outraged that no men were arrested , including nightclub owners - only women. Since the 1st arrest, there have been small protests, but there is a sense among law-makers that the women are to blame.

One excuse for the arrests is that the women were dressed provocatively...
some attribute skimpy attire to a 'western life' were pornography can be seen roaming the streets - ha!
Well... I was out and about today and saw nothing like that at all... ( it was too boring sha... where are these entertaining displays?))


This is a statement by one 'official'...
'The ladies smoke indiscriminately, they smoke Indian hemp, they abuse alcohol and drugs. And while at this, they attract people of the opposite sex to flock around such areas'.

Lets be honest about the men that frequent nightclubs, or solicit mainly single women, - they are not just yahoo boys, poor street dwellers, or players, but also people of influence - regular folk, looking for fun, those who can afford to buy drinks for a woman for a night, or her company including sex - for several nights.

One could argue that prostitution has become part of the culture, just not talked about much. It has been deep cleaned and rebranded depending on who is involved.
Often, men pay women for their time, or buy them credit, clothes shoes and so on - it's business.

Whether a woman is dressed provocatively, or conservatively, if she's engaging in a sexual transactional relationship , it's prostitution.

Is this a frustrated 'band of brothers' picking on those they feel are powerless?

Therorectally speaking how can anyone design a system where women are often taught to be economically reliant on men, and then blame them for it?.

I swear one day Nigeria might just ban women altogether , heehee ;)

It's the same mindset that sees police shoot with impunity, and blame it on dreadlocks and tattoos.

So whilst police busy themselves with women in nightclubs .... a Chinese man was made chief in the north of the country.


Interesting. interview

The ANC have done it again!, they have won the 2019 elections in South Africa.

At a time where the EFF seems to be gaining ground, and are known as the fastest growing party in the country - in reality, it didn't show in the polls, and their results were disappointing.

Despite the charisma of Julius Malema, the EFF were not able to gain the commitment of the Masses.

The ANC won with a low margin of 57% - their lowest ever

The EFF came 3rd with just over 10%
In second place was the democtrac Alliance with 22%

Just 65% of the population voted.

President Ramaphosa has been given a chance to exorcise the ghost of Zuma style corruption...
now... time will tell

I was a bit disappointed for the EFF, they perform well and work hard, however, these guys are resilient - so I'm sure they'll continue to do so.
Malemã buried his grandmother today may she rest in peace

The ANC lost seats but the EFF gained, so it's good to look at the big picture
The EFF are engaged in a marathon - not a sprint.

If you watched the election count, you may agree that it was quite impressive.


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