Friday 29 January 2016

Chris Brown...Make Love


Chris Brown ft. Future : You did it

Friday ..a little tipple, music what else
May start tonight with sorting the place actually, clearing things out preparing stuff
Chris Brown has grown on me
I like the album. Crisp.
It's a Chris Brown night..

C4 Pedro - African Beauty feat DJ Maphorisa - Friday feeling

I've become a fan of DJ Maphorisa - (beats are hot). Then he is of the group Uhuru so that makes sense.
Yes TGIF, the weeks are going by quickly that I can't deny. We're almost at the end of the 1st week of the year.. I didn't make any hard and fast resolutions this time.
But evolving they are. It's been a slow start to the year in some ways.. way too quick in others.
Warming up
Happy Friday x

Wednesday 27 January 2016

Song of the day: Burna Boy - On A Very Good Day Ft. Wande Coal

Another nice track off the album. Perfect vocal contrast. Great combination
'On a very good day' has been my song of the day

Wow, It took me ages to get to sleep last night and when I did finally settle it was time to get up.
Anyway, good vibes and hoping for an early night . Time to unwind, listen to something uplifting and chill


Sunday 24 January 2016

Cdq - Nowo E Soke ft Wizkid - + Salaro

Feelin' da beat x2 . Not sure who the producer is though
I'd like to hear a singer on the second track for some reason.. I'm hearing a song strongly, more so than a rap

Weekend WOW Factor 2:.Mr Darcy will finish us all..

..and not in a good way :)

( Remember this character?)

I love a Rom com. But more often than not they're so unlike real life it's amazing. Rom com's are the dream... Real life is not a dream.
Real hard-core relationships can take work, and can often leave one wondering hey!..just where da f**k is Mr Darcy? ( snooty as he was)

(Not a rom com I know but the BBC did well with this one..funny too)

Where's the proverbial horse ridden by the tall handsome dude with lashings of cash..No backchat, and a desire only to serve?
Get thee behind me Rom-coms.
Deceive the masses no more. Tremble under the feet of the woke.. and charm us no longer with thou gloriously woven spell..

Well... Unless there's one on today x
(Told you I love them ..)
No.. I'll be strong, as today is for gardening. Unless my bed charms me back this afternoon.
How fabulously indecisive I can be.
No thats 'my'..perogative..

Weekend WOW Factor pt 1:The rich jist

People love money.
They love those who have ( more often than not) and those who they perceive as likely to have.
Also.. People love those who they feel can or will help 'them'...make money.

So does money trump race and/or class?

A friend of mine encountered some very iffy people. He went to an event ( he was the only black person there) and was undeniably treated as an outsider. No attempt was made to welcome him despite his attempts to get to know them.
They had already decided...he is not one of us.

Now these folk were just regular folk as far as I know. Lower middle class or aspiring ( everyone's middle class these days..)... yet thier behaviour made me wonder.

If he were to their knowledge rich and famous.. would thier attitude have been the same?

Why did they behave in such a manner?
And why did they assume (more than likely) that he wasn't wealthy?.. or wasn't ' one of them' ( aside from the obvious)

It would be too easy to say well...they have no blacks friends etc, so are uneasy in the company of black people..because in truth, they may actually have black friends.
Perhaps just black friends who they consider more like them. Not black at all. Who knows.
He said it knocked his confidence abit. I said...I understand, but try not to let it..

That they have made an assumption is entirely thier perogative.
He now has to work on.. trying not to care.
Blackness is less scary when accompanied by wealth..
In this day and age...wealth trumps race and class....but only just

Let's not be fooled.

Hard work that.. trying not to care.

A reflection of me

My garden is a reflection of me
My home is a reflection of me
My work is a reflection of me
My friends are a reflection of me
How I choose to love is a reflection of me
My thoughts and actions are a reflection of me

If all that I do, think and say ..if my actions and behaviours are all a reflection of me...
I really must reflect on that...
To ensure I'm ok with it all...and that I truly feel I can do think say and act in a way that keeps my integrity intact..

Easier said than done :)
Need to sort my garden today

Good morning all..
Happy Sunday x

Saturday 23 January 2016

Dj Maphorisa - Belinda (Remix) ft. Davido, AKA & C4Pedro

Mild Saturday in London
Nice to get a break from the icy cold chill and the rain for sure...
Good food and good music is the order of the day..

Hope you're having a great dayx

Thursday 21 January 2016

Can you read my mind..?

You can certainly try...

The burden of the unknowing.

There are times I'm convinced I have the ability.. or power to read minds.
Other times ( seriously) i'm not so sure... put it simply... I can't.

It's when I'm not so sure that my discomfort emerges.
Yes.. very disconcerting
Why did she say that thing she said...
or.. what's her motivation?
What the real story behind the smile...

Another aspect of mind-reading is ... intuition. Perhaps it all is
Much of what we say is non verbal.. we are far more articulate.. the less we say. We leak our thoughts, despite ourselves.
Indeed, there are times when I'm highly intuitive... other times not so.

Have you ever wondered how magicians do it?

But seriously, If you think about how many thoughts we have on an average day... filling the mind... can you image the mind filled also with the thoughts of others?.. Thoughts you really don't even want
Information Overload... especially if you consider the huge amount of random or pointless thoughts on any given day! ( no this isn't one of them - cheek!)

Would you want the power of mindreading?
Sounds great in theory perhaps but could be tough no doubt..

What's on the menu?: Manifesting Your Soul's Purpose - Dr. Wayne Dyer

Lunchtime special

Wednesday 20 January 2016

The lazy post

Man..It's so cold out , but is winter

There was a time when it was considered that our homes said alot about us. Whilst that may still be the case , these days it may be our whatsapp profile pics, or Facebook. There are so much more ways that we express our identity

Which area of your life do you feel most reveals your identity?
Recreational pursuits?
all of the above?
..or none?

Our identity..woven like a great tapestry
A rich mix

I'm always impressed by people who know what they want and go after it

For others... It can take awhile.. and that's fine
Often the joy is in the discovering..
Learning what makes us feel good..happy..content..relevant

Time gone by words were the preferred mode of expression. Now, pictures and selfies speak volumes
A reporter today spoke of the demise of letter writing...'snail mail'

I must confess it's been awhile since I've written a letter to a friend and just posted it.
Maybe we've lost touch with how good it felt to receive a hand written letter... Just talking about 'stuff'
Have the days of love letters gone for good?.. replaced by whatsapp or text messages..
Sweet sure... But lazy too.
Words cut short..brief..minimal effort some thought goes into it sure...but it's not the same
Ole skool style
Time for a revival?.. or accept defeat
Text me..
Hi hun...Hi love..
For me...nothing beats an old skool.. hello my darling.. I'm just writing this letter to...
Reminisce all you want Dawns.. Times have changed:)

As you can probably tell...It's a lazy mid week evening:) Chilling.
Should really just grab a book tonight
May just do that...
In the mood to read for pleasure
Before Bedfordshire x
Hope you've had a great day x.
Mine sucked abit later on as they clamped my car to rarse...
Excuse my Spanish x

Mami Wata

Tuesday 19 January 2016

Dexta Daps - Love the money

Oh boy... he of the sexy voice strikes again.. ( he sings...woowoowoo)

Is it a problem to be more educated than your man? ..

Awhile back I read an article which stated that black females with PhD's, were more likely to be single.
The argument was the potential suitors ( black males in this particular case ) would be less likely to be as educated, and as a result would feel burgeoning resentment and their masculinity threatened... and under attack

This led to an increase in single females, and an increase in females more likely to 'hide' their skills capabilities and education.

You can be smart.. or you can have a man... the old saying goes.

You choose..

So why are so many men threatened by women who are more intelligent than they are?
Is this intelligence measured by educations, qualifications.. or just down right common sense?

Historically, highly intelligent and successful men would have their pick of the bunch, ( so to speak) but tended to choose a woman who in many ways.. would be of no ( intellectual) threat to them. ( Having money was okay though)
Times have changed some-what ( quite a bit) but I wonder many women would be prepared to date a man significantly less educated than they are?
Does it matter?

I would say this... growing up I noticed a trend. and that 'trend' was that women seemed to be the most accomplished, and often...the men were lagging behind. Some had ambition ( fair enough) but many did not.
Yet the women.... would keep on keeping on... propping up the fellas anyway education or not, and risking the wrath of the gods by bucking the tradition of 'men take care of women'..
and this... was despite the fact that its often been said that boys... are the favoured child. ( the Princes in the Kingdom)

In the latter days of Rastafari many of the men acted as fountains of knowledge, and misinterpretations and re interpretations of the Pan African movement were rife. The women, were to sit a the heel of the 'king-man'and, be silent, and learn.
If the women learnt to much however..... in many cases...the men would beat them

That... Is a common story.
I've met quite a few women whose husbands wont allow them to study.. even to learn English ( In England) to help them to interact in society

What are those men really afraid of?

Here's an article on the subject by Faith Njeri Kibere [click]

Crossroads riddim: Kabaka Pyramid, Jesse Royal, Morgan Heritage & Bushman




Can you choose who to love?

It's often said that you can't choose who you love.

Most of us are fortunate enough to be able to choose what we eat, what we wear, our homes, our cars...and our friends. So why in some cases would some of those very same people say... 'we cant choose who we love'

One view is...Surely we can.... and we do
We take inventory of the attributes, we recognise whether or not there is shared chemistry and bingo... a choice has been made.
You either like this person.. or you do not.
Love is a choice... and as a choice, is often conditional

Another other view is.... surely we cannot

Those of that view may state that love cannot be constrained.. the heart wants what it wants. At a deeper level.. some say that souls-recognise- souls, and the rational mind is at a loss to control the souls desire... or destiny.
The rational mind has no power... over love.

Love as a choice.. is a gift, from one to another.. or.. to others
(A good example of non romantic love as a choice is perhaps charity work)

Yet, love devoid of 'conscious choice' is possibly the purest form of love. 'Free'...'unconditional', yet perhaps naive, and high risk
yes.. the purest can often be the most difficult..

love pliable as it is...can mutate.. it tends to, and is never static, but always in motion. The conditional can become unconditional and visa versa
Yet whatever the view...both... can reap great rewards...

Question... can you love unconditionally?

Good morning x

Monday 18 January 2016

Lutan Fyah - Life Means Everything

Hello again.. and welcome: Happy blogging birthday to me..

I missed my blogging birthday!

My 1st ever post on Because it Matters was on the 28th Dec 2010.
Happy belated blogging birthday to me:)
So much has happened since then.

Did I think I could ( or would sustain blogging for this length of time?) well... kinda.. yes.. I did. ( Although time has had little relevance and has gone by quickly)
I started blogging simply because I chose to. No coercion.. other than the urge one evening... and that was that

A space for my independent thoughts.. which continues to be so.

I enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts.. and my opinions whether you agree or disagree are my own.
I've had good days on my blog and not so good days. I pretend little.. and love lots.
Why fake it.
Where's the fun in that

Still ... fake it til you make it some say ... so I understand.

All in all .. 6 years on I remain happy in my blogging world...and in many ways it has become a most significant part of my life's journey.

My 1st post was called Hello world and welcome

Hello again world... and welcome

Good morning world..

Popping in to wish you all a great day.x

I realized I'd overslept when the clock said 6:15...drat.

I'd lost my place in the bathroom
So I must now wait.
I suppressed the urge to grumble.. no, I want a great day..
So I told myself... It didn't matter.


The question I have is what to wear today. I dress according to my mood, more often than not..and tbh what is readily available...and quick. Thing is... Im not in any particular mood!. Pretty easy going at present.

Do you dress according to your mood...or how your work dictates?

Would it matter to you you lawyer wore jeans...or a suit? ( I'm not a lawyer)

For many of us it matters, as we've come to expect certain things.


Early mornings give us time to 'gather' to enjoy the stilliness of the morning before light descends is a joyous thing. Before our collective energy surrounds and consumes us... It's our chance to say..'hey'... to our our creator... With no fuss.

Good morning x.

Sunday 17 January 2016

Selective memories..

It's how we cope isn't it..:)

For those of us who have given birth the pain fades quickly..overtaken by the joy..God willing of a new child.

Our memories can serve us well. They can teach us.. many things
We...on the other hand, often make poor students.
For girls?..We may choose to remember a shabby boyfriends behaviour, but forgive similar behaviour from a current one.

Why?.. perhaps the reason for that is we may just get fed up...may choose to simply accept some things as the norm and give up trying..
Change is possible some may think... But not in my time...
A bit like the whole put the toilet seat down thing. I many times can you say it before throwing your hands in the air in dismay!.. stating emphatically...' I give up'

Enjoy your dreams.. whatever they may be, yes...wouldn't want it any other way..
Our dreams our our own.. hindered only by percieved reality...
and our moral compass

One need not get defensive about them... Especially if they need no justification, and cause no potential harm to others
For me..that's something worth remembering

Our selective memories can be a source of comfort for sure... we turn to them when we need them..after all, some truths are too heavy a load to carry.
Lighten that load. Choose happiness.

Btw.. that seat?.. It can come down.. (or come off altogether..:)

Sweet dreams

Off to Bedfordshire x


It takes a strong woman to be a mistress. Or...a weak decide.

Me? .. I wouldn't 'choose' to be a mistress.. no *f*****g way excuse my French.

What makes it a part of some 'cultures' (patriarchy not culture) is quite reading Chimamandas book made me ache, as many of the women didn't even like the men that much. In truth they could have smelled of shit and looked like they just rolled out of bed.. and still...the women would smile.. and say ok.
Ok honey..

The reason I'm not sure if it's a strength or a weakness is because more often than not.. the women endure great emotional pain. In between the bouts of joy..feelings of oneness and pleasure.. the gaping hole (no pun intended)knowing he's making love to his wife..etc .. his real wife.. loving her in a way he'll never love another.. isn't funny

Show me a man that could do that and I'll give you a million pounds!

I have issues with it. Part of me sees it as complete female betrayal.. another part thinks something else entirely.

Men in favour of it like to throw the words 'female jealousy' around.. like air freshener.
But it's not that simple.
Men dismiss the female 'ache' because they don't feel it... and perhaps will never understand it truly
It's deep.. and some prefer shallow waters
..and who can blame them huh...

Let me try and explain it... The 'female ache' ...It feels.. like your soul is being ripped out.. no let me put it this way for the fellas... It possibly feels like someone's twisting your dick real hard..round and round..whilst puncing you systematically in the chest.. Whilst tatooing your scrotum.. and to top it off you're hungry as hell as you've had nothing to eat :)

Me?. No, it's not for me. Ive always felt I deserve 'better'.. ( whether that's true or not is irrelevant.. it was simply a feeling I had)... Besides..there's something about being a 'mistresses' however much you dress it.. that seems like a second class citizen.

For some men.. it's status
They're lucky. Some... Are very fortunate indeed.

At least for the women in the book they got something out of it..
That to me seems fair enough... Otherwise.. really...
Why bother?

Maybe... Maybe not
Money?... Makes sense
Transactional sex
*just remember ladies jollof rice and a cool beer just ain't enough...*

For others... They just waiting for the right guy... Who will commit.. and put an equal share on the table.. most importantly perhaps...
Be there
...and be loyal..

Btw... If God is a woman... Why don't men listen to us more...and do as we say? :-)

*disclaimer* some women say they wouldn't want a'man' full time. Just for occasional fun and company. Not for them the responsibility that comes with being a wife.
How true that is anyone's guess.
Sounds like emotional detachment to me
But I guess in reality...self preservation... Must come 1st.

Weekend WOW Factor: Americanah

Happy Sunday x

Well... how have you all been?
Good I hope

Me? I finally finished reading Americanah... courteousy of a long weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed it
Great writer.

The protagonist is a blogger funnily enough, bit like me...
Making shedloads of money from it... currently ..unlike me lol..
I felt a real connection to her pretty much from the start. That her love life was...hmmm...interesting.. was also quite amusing.
The story itself highlights very well the cultural differences often faced by Africans in America, and also in England. The hard fought battles for visas, an education and 'fitting in'
The politics of black women's hair was another aspect of the 'fitting in' process.
What I found most enjoyable perhaps was reading her potrayal of Nigerian culture. Differences between Igbo and Yoruba..
Through gritted teeth I read of the fat bellied and unattractive men happy to lavish thier mistresses with everything except what they truly wanted.

Once the tap ran dry the mistresses were often left to fend for themselves... Or quickly find another man.
What struck me was the overt chase for the 'holy grail'... Money.

The seeming lack of loyalty on occasion.. and the overriding embarrassment of failure.. being the force driving the many to achieve at all costs.

All in all... the story itself is a universal one.. of love, loss success failure and finding oneself.

Africans only become black when they come here is a common expression. What's not often explained is just how differently 'born and raised in 'Africa Africans' see themselves to UK or American even Caribbean 'blacks'(Africans)

Fear not though... I'll happily keep yapping on about that right here lol.

I felt transported to Nigeria this weekend. With a new found understanding of why some things are ..the way they are

Nigerian 'high society' magazines?...Chale! I don't buy them.
But I've read a few in my local laundromat. I say read... But in truth they're more of a 'look at me' showcase
I'm back in London now.. but my trip?... Wasn't half bad

Thanks Chimamanda!

Great read

Saturday 16 January 2016

Sweet central heating cozy and warm .. hug me tight as the day is dawn...(ing)

Yes... It's defo cold out. Hence my ode to central heating.. and duvet

It has been said often, and would appear true that you can't have a positive life with a negative state of mind
I understand that

Yet there are many who thrive on negativity in a way that puts that ideology into question. I think it depends...Ultimately on what makes you tick

I personally am of the thought that a positive mindset and attitude reaps the best rewards. It's not always easy perhaps.. but in reading recently, I was encouraged further by ideas and thoughts of others who have experienced challenges and overcome them.

Life as the classroom of which we attend in order to remember what our soul already knows..again is interesting
Why do we forget...?

We are amazing really

We get lost in all sorts of things..entanglements.. worry about things (in some cases) that we really need not..
'Worry'... I read.. 'is like praying for what you don't want'

However, a little strife from time to time...keeps us going. We strive for Zen perhaps.. but get those occasional bumps..Often when we least expect them.

Tip?... Become a better driver....


So I hear President Koroma is open to the idea of a third term in office. Apparently Ebola impacted on his ability to implement the many improvements he had planned in his prosperity agenda.

Well.. of course he would be.

I would be too...perhaps...
Paul Kagami had much to say about Burundi but he too is 'open' to the idea of staying on.
I find it amusing.
Power is suductuve and once had..not many want to relinquish.

Me personally.. I do would do my best IN office keep and honour my word
. Serve my constitutional time. It is after all quite a demanding job I suspect. I would aim to ensure I'll be ok financially, then step down. I would want my legacy as president to be a good one at worst..outstanding at best.
If the 'people' really couldn't find another leader and calls for my return became deafening then sure.. id consider it.
Question is... Is there really no other potential leaders who could do the job, as good..if not better?
And if not...why...


Back on the topic of positive thinking. When we vote... Do we vote because we want a leader out.. or because we honestly want the other person in.
If it's the former.. we risk not really exploring what the new offer really is.
Often the result being..same sweety.. different wrapper.

Also.. if we remain positive about our leaders.. would the result be a more positive and fruitful experience...

Personally...I don't think it matters much who is in power
What matters I think.. is what's in the minds of the people.. the masses

Leaders tend to respond accordingly... One way or another

Good morning x.

Friday 15 January 2016

My Africa..

So much things to say...
Bob Marley said it best..

Im not at a crossroads.. rather I'm closer to finding my lane.

I love Africa.
Yet I suspect you may have worked that out by now.
I feel a connection to a place I was never born in.. Never spent my childhood .. and didn't get to visit until my 20s.

I feel at home there. Felt at home in the carribean too kinda.. but perhaps not as much.
Yet..does 'Africa'.. love 'me'?
I have been blessed with the wonderful disposition of being able to confuse.
I look African. (Because I am..however mixed I may be)
In my travels so far.. most have assumed I was born of the counties I've visted ( not enough yet). Until they hear my accent.. or my language confirms my 'Europeanness'

Unable to place me squarely into a 'tribe' I become 'foreign'.
But not white foreign..No... there is a pecking order.. No.. just

When many think of Africa they think subsaharan... poor.. dark. Up north?. they think Arab..whiteness..

I've lost count of the number of people I've met who have been to Egypt.. yet don't for a minute consider it Africa...

Africa's seeming inability to recognize.. 'itself' stems from many things. One being... they too have been fed an idea of life outside of their 'parameters', which is often not quite accurate.. but perhaps the main reason is...Most don't get out much.
You need money and a visa to travel and many have neither.
It has been systematically designed that way.

As a result, many of us remain in.. not so blissful (yet it can be on and off)...ignorance.
I always encourage that 'Africans' visit the Carribean and visa versa. In doing so 'they' would see the existence of a commonality so far denied from thier experience. In doing so.. they too.. as I and many others have witnessed, will also recognize how West African cultures in particular, (given that they were the main trade routes of the trans Atlantic slave trade).despite the attempts to eradicate it.. has however.. been sustained.
Quickest routes.. ? folk tales...

(Wow.. did I just mention slavery?.. I rarely if ever do that lol)

It remains true that the best way to control a nation..its people.. is to divide them. (and keep them divided)
It was true then.. and it's true now.

So what is that road?
I'm feeling creative tonight..
I'll see
Pizza night.. x

Stronger Force

Have a great evening

Just call me whatever...

Why do we name our children so early?.
I began thinking of names while I was pregnant. I felt I could sense the personality of each child. I dont think I was wrong.. but what if those 'senses' were more about me?
My eldest has found a way to make his 'ethnicy' sounding name more 'conventional' now it's just 'biblical' I'm not offended. I understand. I 1st noticed the change on his CV. But he uses it always now when speaking to 'officials' anyone outside of friends and family.

I never thought at the time of naming..about jobs..cvs etc. Never thought about the snobbery or racism I'd known so well. For some naive reason..I never thought it would 'carryover'

Names are so important in our history..our culture. For so long.. many of us of African descent haven't had the'privilege'..of keeping our names.. knowing our names.. passing on our names'

Something so important.. yet insignificant at the same time.

Monday 11 January 2016

Feels good to ' just dance'..

Because it matters that you feel good...
It's important to be true to yourself.. true to others...Happy in your own skin
There is beauty..

Had a motivational talk with Ti
Givesy backsy time ( he's very good at it himself)
Uni stuff...hope it worked

We are all teachers and students.. we alternate.. fluctuate... Yet we are. Whether deliberate or not


Searching for the best afrobeat club in town...
My dream weekend job as a dj... perhaps awaits... If not, the vibes will suffice


Someone once told me in very general terms, we are not who we say we are.. but we are ( or become) that which we do the most. I think that's perhaps a little too simplistic but I understand. Watch my actions not my words' is often said. Yet nothing is static, actions are motivated by many things.
Perhaps some good advice I've recieved is guard your thoughts.. and who has access to them
Thoughts become things.. so think for best you can.


Singers huh... RIP David Bowie


We've seen a few.
We've been blessed by their talents, their gifts their insights.. and no doubt will continue to be
David Bowie was an Icon. A music Icon
I tried to explain to Ti who David Bowie was...

He didn't know.

I told him he was a big music Legend... I struggled a bit as I tried to equate him in terms of his star ratings to someone like Elton John..
'you would have really liked him Ti..' I said 'he was different , quirky, creative not afraid to be different'
In the end I just said.. 'you know Iman,, the supermodel whose make up I buy.. he was married to her'... ( shallow Dawna strikes early some mornings :) but he got it)

The penny dropped.. Oh yeah he said .. Wow

It when when Ti asked me who David Bowie was I knew something was up... so yes... sad to hear of the loss of David Bowie but what an amazing life he had. He light shone very bright indeed.
How amazing is it when the light of the gifted is un-dulled by 'humanness'..
Pretty cool

Of all his songs this one sticks in my mind any-time I think of Bowie.. it's all I hear...

Now on the subject of Artists.... whose light had shone bright. there was a film about Amy Whinehouse recently that I'm informed is definitely worth a watch.

Now with Amy.... it's this song for me...

Singers huh

Happy Monday people x

Sunday 10 January 2016

Weekend WOW Factor..'RED'

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn

How important is it to have people around you who support you..?
Most people would say it's very important...
Sure, it's also useful on occasion to have dissenting voices..
But lets be honest.. when you're trying to achieve something.. voices which are not in harmony, are rarely a help.. just a hindrance

Labour needs a unified party for sure.. those bleating on in opposition to thier leader publicly... cannot really be surprised to be shuffled out of position
You can't fight an enemy with an army at war with itself and expect to win

" come on guys.. give me a break..!"


If I were to talk.... I could tell many tales
Sometimes it's best to let things ride, hold your corner.. and your tongue.
Loving this track from Tiwa and Dr Sid


Little man says... " Hi Sherry Ellis.. thank you! Iv'e really enjoyed the books!"


Another two tracks i'm really enjoying... love this album


Tiwa Savage ft. D'Prince - Before Nko

Cute track...

Danagog ft. Davido - Hookah

Okay.. I'm loving the beat etc.. production
not sure what hookah means.. or if it means what it means in London
Hmmm.. new year same shit Davido?

lyrically you can't please everyone ....

It'll be interesting to see which artists breaks new ground with concepts this year...
If any
Nice tune though.. tough bass-line.. dance floor filler for sure

Sunday selection - Olamide - I Love Lagos

Saturday 9 January 2016

The 1st week...

...of the year has been an interesting one. Good music, early starts ( which im starting to enjoy) lots of reflection and contemplation.

Intent. In my actions I ask..what is my intent..what am I hoping to achieve... There's ALWAYS an intent.

My intent tonight is to relax enjoy a read..some music reviews and a drink perhaps.. :)
Why? Because it feels good

'Put God 1st' she said... Everything else comes after'..


Rainy days and Saturdays...

The heavens have opened!. It's raining...and it's lovely

Saturday has been pretty chilled... Just a day to read a bit and chat a bit.

I'm ready for some intellectual stimulation though, I miss uni. I have a few things on the boil so one step at a time. I was inspired truth be told by Ti's girlfriend.. who I discovered today is not only a professional violinist (which I knew) but also has an amazing intellect and a beautiful way with words.

I told my son (who was working out) that I didn't need abs training as my abs are fine! He said 'everyone needs it....It's your core'. True. And it's definitely good to strengthen your core.


A random woman in a lift paid me a huge compliment the other day. Very sweet of her.
The kindness of strangers huh.


Feeling fine.. Feeling musical..Feeling loved.
Everything is everything

Feeling like I really need to master uploading music from my phone ...!. Chale!

Hope you've had a great day...Whatever the weather x

Tuesday 5 January 2016


I'm lucky to have them .
We all are.
They ride with you through thick and thin. We laugh..cry..laugh again.
When you have true friends they're a blessing indeed. They don't gloat when you're down or envy when you're up.

Old and new...
Thanks for today x
That includes you my blog buddies

You're posts often make me smile

my bedfordshire post

Rant over I'm just chilling in my bed. I Intend to get an early night so I can get an early start again.

My chakras are imbalanced.. or so the test said.

I have an over active third eye which on the positive side means I can be insightful.. but on the negative...I may question too much. My heart chakra on the positive makes me caring...but on the negative give more to others than myself. It's quite interesting stuff..if you're into that.

I'm just trying now to relax..and chill.
Answers will come

Be good...night x

Hello 2016

It's too early in the year to be messed with.

I decided to up my game and get to work earlier. I did, I left in darkness and as a result of my early start was able to leave and return home in good time.

I've definitely had better starts to the new year but I'm determined to turn things around. I've gotten to the stage where my children now display the wisdom I hope I've had a hand in instilling in them. Thank God for that.
Me?.. I'm an optimist but I'm so pissed off at the moment. I can't understand why some take kindness for weakness but I'm done trying to figure it out. Why I'm pissed off is relevant yet also irrelevant.
I have no outlet for my anger other than to write

Love u blog

Gradually my self esteem has taken a bit of a beating what with one thing or another. Perhaps giving more than I'm receiving.. perhaps I've simply ignored advice. Again.. I dont know

But the ever faithful Ti reminds me of my talents, and the many things I've done and achieved.. And the many things.. idea's I have and am yet to achieve.

"Focus on that
Be selfish for awhile
Let no one or nothing drag you down. You deserve better.."

Yes...we all do

Hello 2016. Really.. you f*****g with the wrong girl. I'm ready to be happy.
Wiser, stronger, and richer in every way
I'm honest..I still prefer things that way.. trick is to be honest yet decerning.

Happy New year x