Monday 18 January 2016

Good morning world..

Popping in to wish you all a great day.x

I realized I'd overslept when the clock said 6:15...drat.

I'd lost my place in the bathroom
So I must now wait.
I suppressed the urge to grumble.. no, I want a great day..
So I told myself... It didn't matter.


The question I have is what to wear today. I dress according to my mood, more often than not..and tbh what is readily available...and quick. Thing is... Im not in any particular mood!. Pretty easy going at present.

Do you dress according to your mood...or how your work dictates?

Would it matter to you you lawyer wore jeans...or a suit? ( I'm not a lawyer)

For many of us it matters, as we've come to expect certain things.


Early mornings give us time to 'gather' to enjoy the stilliness of the morning before light descends is a joyous thing. Before our collective energy surrounds and consumes us... It's our chance to say..'hey'... to our our creator... With no fuss.

Good morning x.

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