Saturday 16 January 2016

Sweet central heating cozy and warm .. hug me tight as the day is dawn...(ing)

Yes... It's defo cold out. Hence my ode to central heating.. and duvet

It has been said often, and would appear true that you can't have a positive life with a negative state of mind
I understand that

Yet there are many who thrive on negativity in a way that puts that ideology into question. I think it depends...Ultimately on what makes you tick

I personally am of the thought that a positive mindset and attitude reaps the best rewards. It's not always easy perhaps.. but in reading recently, I was encouraged further by ideas and thoughts of others who have experienced challenges and overcome them.

Life as the classroom of which we attend in order to remember what our soul already knows..again is interesting
Why do we forget...?

We are amazing really

We get lost in all sorts of things..entanglements.. worry about things (in some cases) that we really need not..
'Worry'... I read.. 'is like praying for what you don't want'

However, a little strife from time to time...keeps us going. We strive for Zen perhaps.. but get those occasional bumps..Often when we least expect them.

Tip?... Become a better driver....


So I hear President Koroma is open to the idea of a third term in office. Apparently Ebola impacted on his ability to implement the many improvements he had planned in his prosperity agenda.

Well.. of course he would be.

I would be too...perhaps...
Paul Kagami had much to say about Burundi but he too is 'open' to the idea of staying on.
I find it amusing.
Power is suductuve and once had..not many want to relinquish.

Me personally.. I do would do my best IN office keep and honour my word
. Serve my constitutional time. It is after all quite a demanding job I suspect. I would aim to ensure I'll be ok financially, then step down. I would want my legacy as president to be a good one at worst..outstanding at best.
If the 'people' really couldn't find another leader and calls for my return became deafening then sure.. id consider it.
Question is... Is there really no other potential leaders who could do the job, as good..if not better?
And if not...why...


Back on the topic of positive thinking. When we vote... Do we vote because we want a leader out.. or because we honestly want the other person in.
If it's the former.. we risk not really exploring what the new offer really is.
Often the result being..same sweety.. different wrapper.

Also.. if we remain positive about our leaders.. would the result be a more positive and fruitful experience...

Personally...I don't think it matters much who is in power
What matters I think.. is what's in the minds of the people.. the masses

Leaders tend to respond accordingly... One way or another

Good morning x.

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