Friday 15 January 2016

Just call me whatever...

Why do we name our children so early?.
I began thinking of names while I was pregnant. I felt I could sense the personality of each child. I dont think I was wrong.. but what if those 'senses' were more about me?
My eldest has found a way to make his 'ethnicy' sounding name more 'conventional' now it's just 'biblical' I'm not offended. I understand. I 1st noticed the change on his CV. But he uses it always now when speaking to 'officials' anyone outside of friends and family.

I never thought at the time of naming..about jobs..cvs etc. Never thought about the snobbery or racism I'd known so well. For some naive reason..I never thought it would 'carryover'

Names are so important in our history..our culture. For so long.. many of us of African descent haven't had the'privilege'..of keeping our names.. knowing our names.. passing on our names'

Something so important.. yet insignificant at the same time.


  1. Both my daughters have had a whole selection of names over the years from strangers in the hospital at birth, to foster carers, then social workers, then us as adoptive parents. Now they both have names they've chosen. I thought it would bother me, and initially it did, like they were rejecting the names we gave them, but now I accept it. It's just a name after all.

  2. Yes Joe you're right..It is. I noticed it and was almost expecting to feel a certain way...upset or something. But no.. No big deal. After all by our deeds shall we be know. :).