Wednesday 20 January 2016

The lazy post

Man..It's so cold out , but is winter

There was a time when it was considered that our homes said alot about us. Whilst that may still be the case , these days it may be our whatsapp profile pics, or Facebook. There are so much more ways that we express our identity

Which area of your life do you feel most reveals your identity?
Recreational pursuits?
all of the above?
..or none?

Our identity..woven like a great tapestry
A rich mix

I'm always impressed by people who know what they want and go after it

For others... It can take awhile.. and that's fine
Often the joy is in the discovering..
Learning what makes us feel good..happy..content..relevant

Time gone by words were the preferred mode of expression. Now, pictures and selfies speak volumes
A reporter today spoke of the demise of letter writing...'snail mail'

I must confess it's been awhile since I've written a letter to a friend and just posted it.
Maybe we've lost touch with how good it felt to receive a hand written letter... Just talking about 'stuff'
Have the days of love letters gone for good?.. replaced by whatsapp or text messages..
Sweet sure... But lazy too.
Words cut short..brief..minimal effort some thought goes into it sure...but it's not the same
Ole skool style
Time for a revival?.. or accept defeat
Text me..
Hi hun...Hi love..
For me...nothing beats an old skool.. hello my darling.. I'm just writing this letter to...
Reminisce all you want Dawns.. Times have changed:)

As you can probably tell...It's a lazy mid week evening:) Chilling.
Should really just grab a book tonight
May just do that...
In the mood to read for pleasure
Before Bedfordshire x
Hope you've had a great day x.
Mine sucked abit later on as they clamped my car to rarse...
Excuse my Spanish x