Monday 11 January 2016

Singers huh... RIP David Bowie


We've seen a few.
We've been blessed by their talents, their gifts their insights.. and no doubt will continue to be
David Bowie was an Icon. A music Icon
I tried to explain to Ti who David Bowie was...

He didn't know.

I told him he was a big music Legend... I struggled a bit as I tried to equate him in terms of his star ratings to someone like Elton John..
'you would have really liked him Ti..' I said 'he was different , quirky, creative not afraid to be different'
In the end I just said.. 'you know Iman,, the supermodel whose make up I buy.. he was married to her'... ( shallow Dawna strikes early some mornings :) but he got it)

The penny dropped.. Oh yeah he said .. Wow

It when when Ti asked me who David Bowie was I knew something was up... so yes... sad to hear of the loss of David Bowie but what an amazing life he had. He light shone very bright indeed.
How amazing is it when the light of the gifted is un-dulled by 'humanness'..
Pretty cool

Of all his songs this one sticks in my mind any-time I think of Bowie.. it's all I hear...

Now on the subject of Artists.... whose light had shone bright. there was a film about Amy Whinehouse recently that I'm informed is definitely worth a watch.

Now with Amy.... it's this song for me...

Singers huh

Happy Monday people x


  1. Yes, I was sad to hear of David Bowie's passing. last week Natalie Cole- this week David Bowie. I'm not gonna ask who else because it could be someone else even closer to my heart.
    The first newspaper article I wrote for my college paper was about David Bowie when he worked with Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards of the CHIC organization. Those were the days...Peace Be Unto Him.

  2. I am sad about David Bowie. I watched the DVDs of Live Aid last summer. David Bowie did a long set. I looked him up to be sure he was still married to Iman, and sure enough he was. Sam, who cares for my golden tresses, introduced me to Amy Winehouse's music. I watched the documentary about her recently and felt so moved.


  3. RIP David Bowie. I loved Amy Winehouse