Monday 18 January 2016

Hello again.. and welcome: Happy blogging birthday to me..

I missed my blogging birthday!

My 1st ever post on Because it Matters was on the 28th Dec 2010.
Happy belated blogging birthday to me:)
So much has happened since then.

Did I think I could ( or would sustain blogging for this length of time?) well... kinda.. yes.. I did. ( Although time has had little relevance and has gone by quickly)
I started blogging simply because I chose to. No coercion.. other than the urge one evening... and that was that

A space for my independent thoughts.. which continues to be so.

I enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts.. and my opinions whether you agree or disagree are my own.
I've had good days on my blog and not so good days. I pretend little.. and love lots.
Why fake it.
Where's the fun in that

Still ... fake it til you make it some say ... so I understand.

All in all .. 6 years on I remain happy in my blogging world...and in many ways it has become a most significant part of my life's journey.

My 1st post was called Hello world and welcome

Hello again world... and welcome


  1. Happy Blogoversary, Dawna! Wishing you many more. You are clearly a woman with a lot of important things to say!

  2. tnx Debra.. I feel like the queen what with 2 birthdays an all..
    I just talk alot... from time to time :)